Product Profile: DentalMonitoring and ScanBox Pro

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Product Profile: DentalMonitoring and ScanBox Pro 

Innovative solutions for better outcomes

Innovation is the motor that powers DentalMonitoring’s intelligent solutions, which leverage the technology of our digital age to empower dental professionals with enhanced insights, analysis, communication and treatment outcomes.

DentalMonitoring is a customizable, cloud-based platform for dental care, designed to transform the traditional practice model with its dashboard, mobile app and data analysis platform. When it is paired with ScanboxPro hardware, practices can remotely monitor all treatments of all brands to synchronize the delivery of care with the need for care.

DentalMonitoring’s AI-powered software is backed by a dental image database of more than 1 billion photos, and the solutions can help doctors identify more than 130 intraoral observations. ScanboxPro maximizes the quality of each intraoral scan to ensure practices have high-level clinical analysis on images and 3D fi les to remotely calculate tooth movement.

The app gives patients the convenience of instant communication with the practice via direct messaging. With automated technology, staff and patients can receive messages or instructions based on preset protocols doctors prepare in case the AI detects an intraoral event.

Amid these key features, DentalMonitoring’s solutions are constantly evolving, thanks to ongoing collaboration between dental professionals and more than 170 research and development engineers.

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  • Practice growth and optimization. Remote monitoring ensures in-person visits occur only when clinically necessary, giving doctors greater bandwidth to treat more patients with the same staff.
  • Patient experience. Patients deserve high-quality care coupled with convenience and constant communication. Remote monitoring caters to those needs.
  • Clinical data and improved outcomes. Doctors have a depth of data that can inform decisions and lead to improved outcomes.

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