Board Profiles: 5 Questions With Dr. Glenn Krieger

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Board Profiles: 5 Questions With Dr. Glenn Krieger

To kick off our series of board profiles, we opted for one of the most recognizable names in the modern orthodontic industry: Dr. Glenn Krieger, who practices in the Dallas metro area, teaches clinical photography courses around the globe, and founded the Orthopreneurs Summit and podcast, which focus on the business side of orthodontics.

You’ve earned a reputation as a successful multitasker: clinician, instructor, entrepreneur, podcaster. ... Where does your energy come from?
My main purpose is to help my peers (and anyone I know) live their best, most profitable, lowest-stress lives. So this is a passion project that requires little motivation for me. They say that when you do what you love …

Nowadays, what percentage of your time is spent doing clinical work in the practice, and how much is dedicated to building your own personal brand?
Around 15% of my time is about direct patient care. 75% is about helping orthodontists with posts, podcasts, moderating comments, learning about new products and technologies to bring to the ortho world, or connecting with my peers via social media, emails or text. Another 5% is spent trying to help the right orthodontist become partners with me in Smile Doctors and maybe 5% is about personal branding.

You spent 20 years in cosmetic dentistry before switching to orthodontics. What do you miss about the world of dentistry—and what knowledge were you able to bring into your orthodontic practice?
I miss doing molar endo! I know that sounds crazy, but it’s so relaxing; you see the results instantly and you’re helping get someone out of pain. I’d also lie if I didn’t admit that I miss a nice crown prep every now and then.

You mention a coach in your article in this issue about how orthodontists can “level up” their skill sets. What’s that relationship like?
I’ve changed coaches as my life changed. It used to be about performance in athletics when I was doing triathlons; then it became about growing a business, and then expansion, but now it’s about mental well-being and living my best life. As we change, our coaches should change to reflect that. I do well with accountability and that’s what a coach does. We generally know what we need and we see other people’s lives so clearly, but I love having someone who can see where I am and help me get to that next level.

When you’re not busy with all or any of the above, what do you spend your time doing?
Now that I’m an empty nester, I take every opportunity to do two things: travel with my wife and do my best to connect with those I love and care about the most, even if it’s been years since we’ve seen one another. I think when you hit a certain point in your life, you realize that while ortho is a great profession (and I view it just as that), life is really about the people you love and who have played even a small part in your life, and diving deeper into those relationships. As my mom says, “There are no do-overs when this life is done,” and I intend to make the most of it. Every day.

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