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1353 Marketing, Implants & Post-Op Recovery with Dr. Christian Yaste : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1353 Marketing, Implants & Post-Op Recovery with Dr. Christian Yaste : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

2/12/2020 3:00:00 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 107
Dr. Christian Thomas Yaste is passionate about using technology and finding cost effective solutions for dentists and patients. He has spent his entire career as a student of patient attraction strategies and communication skills for case acceptance. His greatest accomplishment, and what he is most proud of is having been a part of the development of an insanely awesome and successful dental team and practice culture!

VIDEO - DUwHF #1353 - Christian Yaste

AUDIO - DUwHF #1353 - Christian Yaste

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Howard: it is just a huge honor for me today to be podcast interviewing Dr Christian Yaste like toothpaste DDS he is passionate about using technology and finding cost-effective solutions for Denison patients he has spent his entire career as a student of patient attraction strategies and communication skills for case acceptance his greatest accomplishment and what he is most proud of is having been part of the development of an insanely awesome and successful dental team and practice culture career highlights include practicing general dentistry in Charlotte North Carolina adult dental practice focused on cosmetic sedation and implant dentistry graduate of the University of Michigan's School of Dentistry 96 two-year GPR at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte founder and partner a Ballentine center for dentistry and balint and Charlotte dental implant solutions he's a key opinion leaders for everyone I mean he's sown dental comet USA which was the I think comment his brother was bradler those were related back in the day preview imaging software dental cool top dental products faculty a product development and clinical structure for chrome glide well founder of next generation learning a teaching and sharing platform on Instagram implant compare he's a big-time national speaker no of you laughed at the at the the comet deal did you know did you know browser related oh absolutely yeah this it's an interesting story when you start first start working with comet they make sure that they

Dr Christian Yaste:  tell you that they're actually brass ler in Europe they're one of the biggest burn manufacturers in the world or the biggest but in the United States they had that drama that happened years ago and now they had to separate up and call themselves comment so companies they were brothers though weren't they

Howard: didn't one brother come to America and the other one stayed back in Germany was comet you know if that's the story then I haven't heard that version a little different well you know what Peter Braz leur that's the guy he wanted to go with after the convention that guy could drink you under a table he was so damn fun but it reminds me of the other one remember Adolf Dazzler left and his brother Rudolf Dassler led to Adidas and Adi Das and Rudolf to launch Puma so that was another two brother things from Germany so I'm at the end of World War two you couldn't really have a company named Adolf so Adolph Coors went to just Coors and a doll tennis shoes his nickname was Adi and his last name was a Dazzler so he changed that to Adi daus and his brother Rudolf was Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer survived World War two but he named his company Puma so yeah so anyway we got a sight tracked it on the the Puma brothers but I so how are you doing today

Dr Christian Yaste:  I'm doing great thanks Howard

Howard: this was a much better Super Bowl for you than watching when the Panthers were playing that really old guy who was that guy in a wheelchair for the for the Broncos Eli Manning where everybody said that the guy was too old and your quarterback was so young and so hot and he get oh my god and then he just dropped the ball in the in the deal I was thinking about that game so what are you I'm gonna I want to start by throwing you under a bridge all the babies who walk at a dental school they're 25 they got $400,000 students they look at a couple old farts like us and say yeah you guys got out in the good days now look at us when you went there what was tuition when you went to Nellis ago was a dollar 85 a year or what a head across two dollars okay and so so what would you say to someone who's 25 with $400,000 of student loans who graduated from dental school an hour ago and she's saying that you  had it easy and she's not gonna have it easy what would you say to her

Dr Christian Yaste:  I would say that we had it different would we head into heavy easier I mean it depends on how you look at it but I'll tell you Howard I am not jealous of these kids coming out of dental school right now we have an associate that has $400,000 worth of debt and my debt was close to about 60 it mat included undergrad when I got out of dental school so I work with a group of dentists that are 1 to 5 years out of dental school there you know it's a mentoring group and this always comes up and you know I don't know I think the most important thing about us to do is listen and then help them find solutions to their  problems and hopefully provide value to them in what we're doing in dentistry so that they don't get caught up in in a corporate world where they're not getting the right you know mentoring and coaching and things like that I think that's I think that's what I worry about more than anything is not them being able to pay their bills back because you know as well as I do you can you can make good money in dentistry but if you don't never learn how and you're not around the right people yet and that worked then it makes that difficult

Howard: you know seriously hey I got to tip my hat to you man I love dentists who want to spend their entire career I mean I give it patient attraction strategy because that's when you when you want to talk about marketing every dentist once to learn about marking because that's  the drug they get hooked on to you don't have to extend your hours you don't to take their insurance you don't to be nice you don't have to do anything right if your customer doesn't come back if you keep getting new patients and but when you also have focused your whole life on communication skills for case acceptance and that I don't understand because the dentist's tells you they don't want to sell dentistry they I mean you're teaching a subject where they say hey I'm excuse me sir Christian I don't want to learn this I don't want to present treatment I didn't go to school eight years to be a Salesman and so just shut up and then you decide no no I'm I'm gonna spend my whole life teaching stuff that dentists scream at me that they don't want to know but what was your next best idea when you decide you were gonna do that I mean what was your second best idea just up Moulins for free on Saturday boy

Dr Christian Yaste:  I wouldn't want to do that 

Howard: I don't get it because you know when you're when your four kids are turned into five grandkids you start realizing that someday you're gonna die and when your grandkids go to a dentist I mean if they go to me and I tell your five grandkids they each got a cavity and they all leave and no one gets a filled and they go to you and you tell me it's got a cavity and they all decide to open up their wallet and get it fixed well then you're an infinitely scale better dentist than I am and and the guy that didn't get the case acceptance he can say well I got my ma gdf a GED and who gives a GED I mean I mean my gosh it's there's no demonstrate if you can't sell it 

Dr Christian Yaste: right it to me it's more about leading people and you know letting them decide but you have to lead them and influence them down the right path it's much less about selling so you know I was really fortunate and met some great mentors very early on in my career that helped me with that and and guided me through that process of how to communicate with people and that's one of the reasons my My partner and I were very successful in our practice is because we didn't convince people they meet they had a problem convinced them that they needed to have dentistry done we were more of their adviser we we act more as a guide and then that way if people don't feel pressured and they end up doing what you you recommend 

Howard: so where do you think that comes from a dentist just saying maybe they don't even strike their case acceptance rate I mean it's they  don't even track this and when I tell him any benchmark stuff I mean where does that come from in health care that I mean I would think that if I was on the front line of this coronavirus they're all measuring it how many people how many patients how many people got treatment how many I mean they with the Ebola virus I mean during a Super Bowl wouldn't even drink Corona beer I only drank Ebola beer during a whole Super Bowl but what we're where does it come from a dentistry that you don't want to tell someone they have a disease

Dr Christian Yaste:  I don't know I mean we're not trained that way at least I wasn't in dental school I mean the old way of thinking is like I'm the dentist you know what I say you should do because I've got this education and I know a lot of dentists that have that chip on their shoulder never managed to flick it off but the patients don't care anymore they don't care who you are because they can go online and to the internet and find you know different things that will solve their problem or pick whichever dentist that has the best ratings or rankings so you don't have the same sort of power over these new you know the newer generations they the older individuals would do whatever their doctors said Millennials in and what comes next they think they think for themselves they they're not going to do it just because you have a DDS behind your name or all those other initials

Howard: yeah and I had some really  interesting dentists over the years telling me that they think the Millennials are so different I mean there's so much evidence that Millennials going to the dentist is different than boomers because boomers didn't have fluoride in the water and fluoride toothpaste and lost you know by if you're 64 years old in the United States you know 10% of it zero teeth if you're 74 20 percent of zero teeth and they've all had tons of root canals fillings and crowns a lot of this was failed and they all know what extreme dentistry is and that some of this stuff fails by some doctors then the Millennials come along with fluoride in the water and fluoride in the toothpaste and they just had sealants and a couple fillings and when you listen to them talk by researchers it's like if a 65 year old says oh my god you hear Henry had a heart attack oh where did they take them please don't tell me they took them to this one or that one or Chandler do they go to Mayo or did they go to the Aires a hardened suit you know something but Millennials are like you know if someone says their appendix rushed well do they get to the hospital I mean they just assume that all hospitals can fix an appendix I mean didn't didn't you go to doctor school for that isn't it a hospital so  they had such less intense dentistry that it's become a commodity so the boomers did so good at emergency medicine and dentistry that now the people that follow us just think the hospitals the hospitals a hospital I mean they're all the same right I mean if your appendix ruptures or you have a baby or heart attack isn't every hospital the same and there's good data for that by the DSO boys showing that Millennials are loyal to themselves and they want to office seven to seven 7 days a week that takes her insurance whereas the boomers are all like are you sure that little kid knows how to do a root canal I so it's very very different so what are you most yeah there's so many things I could talk to you about I mean my gosh I don't even I seriously don't even know where to begin with you because you're you're on the inside information on so many of these you work with so many companies that your access to information do you want to start with dental cool pioneers I mean well basically here's the websites here's the websites you got Ballentine dentistry you got Charlotte dental implant you got dental - cool you got patient magnet system you got chrome guidance smile you got a I had no idea my browsers start to cool because they're actually the ones that reached out to you I think to get me on this podcast and I found this value but don't don't fire city identical over just okay okay the demos

Dr Christian Yaste:  I talked to a friend of mine who's a working in he works with a lot of corporations within dentistry and he's introduced me to a lot of these companies and about two years ago he said hey have you ever heard of this thing called entacle and i said now what is it he goes man you should check this thing out it looks really wild but it's a it's like an air conditioner for your mouth I'm like well give me the contact information so I called them and I talked to the I think was the CEO at the time I said you guys in the dental space said well no we've actually just started to get into this we've been in the chemo therapy space for a long time helping cancer patients oral cancer patients that have oral mucositis during cancer treatment so I said well send me over some product let me take a look at it so I get this thing in the mail I'll show you what this thing looks like and it's this is it it's just a kind of a handle grip and it's on the inside it has water and on the outside of sailing so you put this thing in your mouth and it's got these holes in it anyway you put it in a freezer and I gave it to a patient we do a lot of all on for surgery in our practice and I gave it to an all out for patient I said listen I know this is a big surgery I want you to use this little mouth conditions air conditioner for your mouth is cryotherapy device and let me know what you think so three days later he comes back for his post-op and he says I said well how much how many opioids did you have to take you know I give him the lortab and they get the ibuprofen and all this stuff he says doc I only took it that one day I didn't have any problems after that well what do you think created that you just did with pain he says no I I think it's that little device you gave me so I called the company back I said give me a bunch of these things I want to do a little clinical trial in my office with this and so I've seen about 50 patients now that have used it and I've followed up with them I do before like post office with them and I go through some questions and I've been really surprised that every single one of the patients that used this has said that they thought that it was of some value to them so some people not as much but a lot everybody without exception said that they not it help so if you compare that to the 

Howard: it was one of those moments I always call it a flathead moment where you slap your head like why didn't I think of that I mean obviously I mean we always tell people to put ice packs on their wounds and III was the proud honored guy to be sitting at a bar one night for like three hours with these dentists arguing that one was cold was better one was warm was better one guy was saying that there was no difference in research there was just a change in temperature but basically this is just an ice pack for them inside of the mouth I mean it seems pretty pretty obvious now that what I don't it's one of those things where

Dr Christian Yaste:  I thought why didn't I invent this you know because on the outside I talked to a guy I found a guy online who done the most research with crowd therapy and dentistry and I don't remember his name it was real cranky old dude though from somewhere in the Northeast and I called him I said have you ever heard of this thing he goes now he says listen ice the only go only penetrates through 15 millimeters and there's nothing that will cool the mouth off you can you can do something on the outside but this is a dead field and I said man you should really check out this thing he's like I'm not interested okay but I mean I've had really good success with it I think it's it is one of those things where you have to you got to figure out how to how to how to make it either profitable or how to you know manage that part of your practice because it does cost about $59 a unit to buy this so you have to build it into the surgical fee or you have to just create goodwill if it costs $59 for the dentist to buy this in the little koozie and all the other stuff that comes with 

Howard: you know who told me about it and told me to get you on the show mm-hmm Michelle Rodriguez yeah Michelle is she's big-time with them yeah she's the one and I think she's got a thing for bald men well that would explain why she wanted to talk to me ah so but yeah but thanks Michelle that was the good deal um so um that is so dental cool pioneers I'm do you call that a well ears ears an in Sam I'm gonna say this carefully um I know my dental peeps right I I know counties I know they they don't like holistic stuff that's  just a bad word that's a fighting word that they're  not jobflex but I know in marketing that when you say that you're holistic it's really good marketing and when I listen to Dennis they're holistic because when you hear an old fat Dennis have a heart attack he doesn't start saying I want to take a bunch of pills he says I want to lose weight and exercise and all the holistic stuff right so dentists are always holistic they want to try to do things they don't want to be on polypharmacy and all this kind of stuff but would you call this a holistic approach you know I would dirty word is that a dirty word where you're at in Charlotte 

Dr Christian Yaste: not necessarily but I think you're right I think he carries it carries it carries a little stigmatism because then we started thinking about these giant vacuum units that we are supposed to be using to take amalgam out and some of the other stuff that that a hardcore holistic dentist might buy into and I'm not one of those guys but I do think that we need to look at alternatives and we need to consider especially with the you know this opioid you know crisis quote-unquote that we're in nobody's going to argue that it's better for people not to be taking those really because

Howard: I believe that opioid crisis is like everything it's an extreme exaggeration I mean all these cases of like opioid overdose they they never they never overdosed from vicodin they usually have six things in her bloodstream including marijuana and math and you know they're like Whitney Houston I mean she had you know six different things in her bloodstream III have oh he took he just died of vicodin from Walgreens I just and then when I do history when the British got to China the reports are any the lowest reports were that 10% of all the China just laid around and smoked opium and the high reports are 30% I'm I'm pretty sure 10% of Arizona isn't laying around smokin opium so you know - you know so it seems like it was a lot worse 200 years ago and it's a lot better today but that doesn't sell newspapers you know if it bleeds it leads so continue with the opioid crisis breathe 

Dr Christian Yaste: yeah that's what that's kind of why I call that I'm not trying to you know say that we're not with it then it shouldn't be more careful but you know what now we're I don't know if you are but I'm required every year to take a class for an hour of CE it has the only one thing and it's just about opioids and the class is the same thing the last three years I've heard the same thing so I get it but I think yeah politically there are class my dealers in the class – 

Howard: you know I love history and you know it's okay you know if you're gonna say something just just say but don't exaggerate there's no opium crisis even they talk about 50,000 opioid deaths list last year really in a population of 325 million I mean that's that I mean you had more suicides in that so you know so anyway but but I understand it media you know they gotta try to get you to click the lead but you but um the thing I would be more worried about though seriously for me is the taken the the tylenol and the opioids I mean because I have actually have a friend who's a next-door neighbor took two grams of Tylenol for a hangover and she had enough alcohol in her bloodstream and 1 gram is the max and she lost her liver and dried I am I'm really creeped out about acetaminophen but  you think this will reduce acetaminophen ibuprofen paracetamol all the stuff I mean 

Dr Christian Yaste: in my practice that's what I've seen is as we've handed it to patients as they've reduced their whatever drug that they're using for discomfort or pain or inflammatory response or whatever so you know it's it makes sense you know we use if you were to get a cut on your hand you put a bag of peas on it or ice pack to reduce the blood flow you know and just keep the swelling down and all that and we both know that you know swelling causes discomfort and these people have surgery in their mouth they're gonna get swelling so if you can put the cold directly on there it just makes sense and that's what I've found in my practice with using it so I'm I'm a big fan I really like it I think it's a great product it's a it's a niche product and it's something new so it's kind of cool but also those are the type of things that sometimes take a while to catch on 

Howard: you know you know the patient I feel sorry for the most I really think it is the oral cancer survivors they've been beat up by radiation burns mouth yeah and sometimes they tell you dude I it hurts to swallow water and that was the origins of

Dr Christian Yaste:  this product right it was it was designed by a cancer survivor yeah the guy who invented this was I think he had lymphoma and he was he was either getting a stem cell transplant or something but you know he went through the severe mucositis and he couldn't believe it there wasn't something on the market that dentists or doctors had invented to cool off his mouth so he went to the drawing board and this guy's an entrepreneur and he came up with this idea and they first approached the medical industry with it and went straight to the you know the the oncologists and it's been received very very well in that area and during my residency I remember treating these stem cell transplant patients and it was just awful the you know the the mucositis I mean there hold the whole line at their mouth would just disappear overnight during these things so anything we could do to help them but sucking on ice chips only goes so far you know it's not it's not a it's not some people can do so this is an easy thing they can put in their mouth and even I had a patient just recently it was going in for very rare type of cancer I said listen before you go into the hospital you come and see me and we eat one of these units because when you go in there you may not have access to to anything and you're gonna need this and it will help you 

Howard: so I want to switch gears completely because you're you're a humble guy but um you're a really famous guy I mean you're um most of them I don't know about that but no I mean most of the famous go I'm the only legend in my own mind and but almost all the cosmetic dentistry and dental implant procedures popularized on a extreme makeover the doctors I mean you were the doc doing that

Dr Christian Yaste:  well we got you know we started a practice I went from residency into a managed care platform for three years worked for a managed care company I kind of found out what I didn't like I kind of found out what-what I didn't like about dentistry so my partner and I have known each other since the eighth grade believe it or not so my part Joe and I had been together for a long time and my business partner I should say and he and I decided listen we could do this on our own or we can do it better and in 19 I think 19 or 2000 we started working on our business plan and by 2001 we started the practice here in Valentine in Charlotte and we just decided you know we're not going to deal with insurance we're not going to deal with this stuff we don't want to do we're just going to go nuts and do what we want to do and it was a bold move but thank God we did it that way I just said I'd never want to shake hands with a dental insurance company after working for the HMO and we do help people maximize their general dental benefits and we accept assignment now and do some things like that to help patients but I have stayed clear of signing up with any  insurance companies just for personal reasons not that I think it's wrong but it offered us an opportunity explore some  parts of dentistry that by doing marketing it forced us to market and by marketing we were able to open the doors to procedures that were like cosmetics and implants and 

Howard: mystery to me in the world when you tell Dentist 1/2 of America doesn't have dental insurance why don't you spend 5 cents of every collected dollar and go market to find those guys and they go nope and then the other half has dental insurance they say hey if you sign up with us you have to lower your fees a third ok where do I sign a third for half but you won't spend five percent on marketing for the other half and you obviously learned addition and subtraction in grammar school and you decided that you were gonna just spend five percent on advertising and go after the half that doesn't have dental insurance we spent a lot more than that but high percentage what do you actually spend it's

Dr Christian Yaste:  it's closer like last year was probably closer to about seven percent on our marketing budget

Howard: okay so what do you think the average dentists in Charlotte who signs up for all the PPO is what do you think their average fee reduction is from their original stated price way more than we end up doing on our first for the country it's 41 percent so when I get out of school the highest overhead was you know labor was 20 to 25 lab was 10 supplies for five now number one cost is a 41 percent adjusted production from your fee schedule to the PPO fee schedule and then 25 percent labor eight percent labs six percent supplies five percent facility so the number one expenditure in dentistry didn't even exist when I was in school when I got out of school yeah so you um you decided to we'll talk us through journey how did you get to be the guy for Extreme Makeover and the doctors well actually

Dr Christian Yaste:  we started when a stream came to makeover came out you know we were doing a lot of the same procedures that you know were offered there and we start we started marketing ourselves like that and then about read maybe for year three or four years ago I got a call from the doctor show yeah I thought it was a prank call but I get a call and I'm down in Florida with my daughter it I don't know it wasn't Disneyworld but it was some  other little theme park and this gal goes hey I want you to be on the doctor show we have a patient that lives in Charlotte I said Yeah right and I was really tempted to hang up when her with her but I stayed on the phone and I ended up calling her back and he sure enough it's the doctor show so there was a gal in Charlotte it was a bulimic severe bulimic and they were looking for somebody to help her and we had the opportunity to help this gal get a whole mouth completely redone we used dental implants and fp3 to to treat her and it was miraculous she was in just a wonderful story we had a documentary made on it  was it was great but I think we got there basically because we weren't afraid to try new things and you know I'm  kind of a guy that if you tell me to do something and you're really successful at it and I just do it and I don't try to reinvent the wheel so I try to look for people that are smarter than me and then I just do what they do it's really pretty simple

Howard: it's really easy for me to find people smarter than me I mean it's like me too I can find them everywhere but  it's about high self esteem for guys I mean because low self-esteem dentists and managers and CEOs they always hire young assistants that do what they're told and really high self-esteem people always want to be the dumbest person in room I mean I would never want to hire someone and then they're so dumb I'm telling them how to do their job I'm helping on my micromanaging I mean so weirdest thing a management if I find someone who's not very smart or good I spend all my time managing and I look like a fool if I find someone smarter than me I don't have to do anything in management and I look like a genius and an HR is the same thing in that football game yesterday you can say it was the stadium and the fans and the coach and all that kind of stuff like that but those players especially those quarterbacks make it happen and if you get the best quarterback like that kitties he was the youngest MVP was a youngest in the coin that one is Super Bowl I mean Mahone's and my god if you get the best personnel you don't have to managing you look like a genius and you win and then if he has someone always working with and you're always showing so I always when people ask me questions I asked him I say okay so you don't you don't want to do your job or you don't understand your job or is this like mental therapy where you just bounce I mean I mean help where are you coming with this because what I think you're saying is you want me to pay you money and then me do the job and where I'm thinking is I started this company and I'm gonna die and when Ray Kroc died McDonald's didn't shut down when Sam Walton died Walmart the founding father starts a company and his job is to transfer that to a founding management team that's not dependent on anyone and you can keep serving your customers as you go on and on so it's everything in business is just it's just HR so I want to say on implants or all because I mean I feel like in life it's not what you know it's what you know and who you know and my god everybody  that I know that's a mover and shaker knows you like Keystone didn't the Keystone just merge with pal top and your dental implant guru so you knew that so key so tell us what I mean Keystone and pallet op got married sweet work they merge the product lines or is it just two separate is it like Danaher spun off their dental Invista and NBC owns implants direct and noble bio care when Keystone and PAL top got married is it gonna be like noble bio care and an implants direct two separate companies with the same mom and dad are they gonna actually merge 

Dr Christian Yaste: I think it's probably gonna be more like that like the same mom and dad company I mean hell top has its own line and they you know pal top is made in Israel and they are supposed to have the absolute sterile list environment to make dental implants and that's their kind of their claim to fame and I think Keystone was looking to up their game and they really want it to be a more than just a B player in the market and right now you know they're not strong they're not you know Nobel and they want to they want to get up in there and be recognized for  what they do and they  have a really good product I mean I've been using their product for seven years now I've done some speaking for them and I like it I like their product a lot it's been a quality implant and I've used a lot of them so but yeah I think that's kind of where they're headed 

Howard: okay so I want you to put on your  dad hat let's say your 25 year old daughter just walked out of dental school and she's $400,000 in debt she wants to go learn implants and she says hey Dad there are 400 registered dental implant companies in the world and at the every-other-year biggest dental meeting in the world in Cologne Germany they had I think it was a hundred and seventy-five or crazy number of implant companies so is an implant an implant an implant she doesn't have time to go figure out you know all these systems you've been doing it for a long time titanium  helped her make this decision you know 

Dr Christian Yaste: what I tell my daughter is listen yeah not all titanium is the same however there's probably at least 20 reputable implant companies in the market the last thing I want to do is put a piece of titanium somebody's head that doesn't have some sort of reputation and then have something go wrong with it and then have a man oh you put some kind of discount you know crazy implant you know I mean I just don't want to I don't want to have that fight or that argument so I think you need to pick a company that has reputation and also one that's been around it's gonna provide you know a button it's and things like that in the future too we've seen implant companies come and go and then what do you do when the implant is no longer being manufactured and you need a new abutment or you need to restore something you then you've got to go with some sort of generic or you know and then it's not even cost-effective so my that's would be a my advice to my daughter's finding the implant company that you somehow resonate with maybe it's there to guided Surgical kits really easy to use or you like the color I mean I don't care Keystone I have my own personal reasons why I like them and why I've decided to use that as my main player implant in my practice I think it really just boils down to as long as it's got a decent reputation and people are doing Studies on the implants and people that are in the know are using that implant and having success with it that's what's a Gordon wanted to do

Howard: I lectured in Israel I think the week before Christmas and I got to I went through that that company - why did you like palatov dental top and Keystone that they got married though right that's the one we were talking about right right right so I was introduced to Keystone years ago when they came when my rep came by and really

Dr Christian Yaste:  I was loyal to the rep the rep was actually with saibra and so you know cybron went out and then he was all of a sudden the rep for Keystone I said well you know Rick and I you Rick and I get along really well Rick what do you got now and it showed me your new titanium and he showed me this tile oh it's called the tile of mats is a larger diameter implant from seven millimeters to nine millimeters and he said why don't you try this on an immediate extraction for a molar and I was like man I don't know that thing looks enormous I've never used anything that big but I started following their protocol for immediate low or a mediated placement after extraction for molars had a lot success with that and I had happy patients because we weren't talking about two different surgeries it was one so that's kind of how I got involved with Keystone and I still use that implant today I've used it it's helped me in rescue implants in the posterior maxilla and mandible and all on four cases and things like that so I liked it 

Howard: first of all when I visited on their facility the thing that blew my mind was on the way it was right next to Caesarea maritime that King King Herod the Great built in 25 BC can you imagine that 25 BC I mean that thing was so cool and it's like how did they build this 2,000 years ago I mean it's like when you see the pyramids but the thing that blew my mind at a palette op and which is now with a keystone is when they took me that uh that woman dentists there gosh what was her name do you know the woman dentist she's uh what was her name oh there it is uh Michael  you know but anyway it blew my mind because they're obsessed what you said in the beginning the cleaning protocol yeah and my god they just it was so crystal clear to me that that when you when you make an implant when you look at it it's just twelve or fifteen X there's all these titanium shards and all this crap all over crud that never gets cleaned I mean if you autoclave it or sterilized it you saw that crap there and then that crap if you magnify that it's got eukaryotes prokaryotes and fungi on it and they had this titanium cleaning deal which they didn't invent is it comes from the military industry making satellite parts so they knew they'd end up having to I think the story was something like they were making a part for a military satellite company and they just kept the tolerances for this military satellite or like a hundred times more than healthcare and if you think that's crazy let me tell you the reality right here in Phoenix Arizona so if you go to the Intel plant number one you're not gonna be able to get in you gotta have a friend of a friend and it's got to be a patient and when you go in there you go into a locker room you take off all your clothes you shower you put on a new deal you put on a head breathing deal all the things like that and when they're making those Intel chips that they can't have a human hair or a piece of dust or you sneeze on it Jan I mean I I mean it is just like I think the air is filtered down to I don't think it's a part per billion but it's a pretty damn close you know it's like over a part per minute so then you you get out at you you leave there and then you drive across the street to the hospital Chandler Memorial Hospital and here comes that cardiovascular surgeon pulls up in a Porsche and he gets out of the car was his Nikes on and he walks through bird shit dog shit horse shit rain water all the way the elevator he goes up there and he washes his hands for half an hour and puts on gloves and says okay I'm ready to go and anybody that works at Intel's like oh my god are you really gonna work on me in these and why don't we just go to a barn and we'll tell the horse and the pig to move over and then so I've seen this with my own eyes and I it's just that and then then you learned that 300,000 Americans go into a hospital each year in America and don't come out alive from a disease that they didn't have when they went into hospital so this this killing machine and then all through history you go back to 1900 1800 all the smart insulin intelligentsia said no don't go to the asylum have the baby at home your sake will take care of a home but if you go in there you'll never come out alive and that's what they were telling me down there they said this stuff that dentist our place in Jaws it wouldn't pass one military satellite protocol anywhere in the world so then when they start showing me how they cleaned it and then what that did to the success rate right out of the gate the  bone loss rate and everything you realize I and I'm not even talking about the shape of the implant that size that's right we're gonna talking about anything like that we're just talking about if you obsessively clean the holy living crap out of it so that when you go put it in the jaw there's nothing in there that's forn eukaryote prokaryote fungi metal shards you know all this stuff and it really blew my mind so what I mean I be upon implants a long time but um I'm really Pro implant and clear aligner because that's the only fees that the insurance company is not setting I know your insurance free but for the rest of the  dentists out there the implants and clear aligners is the only part of the market where they're not setting your fees so what is a 25 year old back to your 25 year old daughter just got out of dental school how would you recommend that she gets into implants where would she start what would stare 1b 

Dr Christian Yaste: I don't know I think I mean carefully first of all you know there's  a lot of programs out there what I would steer her away from is anything that from a from a biological standpoint so you know I don't I teach implants but I teach more work clothes and that sort of thing and I leave the biology part to guys that sit in you know small spaces and do research all day you know doctor Pecos is a well known for you know what he does and there's a lot of other implantology out there that have a lot of knowledge but I would say you know somebody who's who places I think the most important thing is what you want to learn about something go to somebody who actually does it you know if somebody's not doing it then then why are you listening to what they're saying I mean it's important to me to know that the people that I listen to in it that I'm then I'm learning from actually do what I what I want to do so I think that would be my first piece of advice is make sure that you you're not just listening to somebody who's getting paid to talk about something that doesn't have the experience with it and then secondly I mean just whatever is fun I mean I'm not I don't have a fellowship in any of these things I've gone to a lot of different implant programs and a lot of different implant to learn implants and a lot of over their shoulder and work with an oral surgeon actually so oral surgeons in a periodontist we're probably the most helpful people in mentoring me in implants because I just go to their practice and say hey I want to watch you for the next you know three four hours can you show me what you're doing and what's important and that was really a great education in implants was just watching these guys that have been doing it for years and years and listening to them and finding out okay how do you manage the problems in class I think that's probably the most important thing is don't do anything don't start a fire you can't put out if you can't if you can't manage problems with implants then don't do them but learn how to do that first and then start you know placing the implants so I do more websites 

Howard: you're on a chrome guided website what is uh what is the chrome guided smile comm and by the way this is no commercials no one's given me a dime that whole deal is Keystone Paladin they've never even advertised with dental town ever you know it's I my four kids are raised they turned into grandkids I don't have to hook for money anymore I used to have to dance on poles and I was a Google is your name I mean you really are a kid when someone says is a Kol I mean the biggest companies are talking to you and so what does Chrome guided smile

Dr Christian Yaste:  that's probably that's the thing I'm probably most excited about right now because I was very interested in about five years ago you know I wasn't touching these cases these all on four cases because I couldn't make any money at it and profitability is huge for me if it's not profitable then I'm not doing it so a friend of mine who's an oral surgeon said you know you ought to look at what I'm doing with all on for stuff and I said well as long as you can put the implants in the right place then maybe I can restore them and you know if I can come up with a way to make money at this then I'd love to do it and  make sure my patients are getting treated right so that was my entry into the all-on-four space and as I got in I started meeting more people that were doing this guided and I met a guy out in LA J Watson who developed this guide system called Chrome and before it was Chrome so it's actually a metal guide system that helps dentists do all on for surgery predictably as long as they ought to do implants you can predictably do this surgery and then the results are phenomenal and the workflow that we work that we developed for it makes it so much easier it's like it's almost just like painting by the number so it you know I've had a couple of courses on this and I get really good feedback from the dentist because dentists like systems they like they like like being able to follow this system and get to the end and go okay I'm done but just give me all the parts and line them up for me and then BOOM and that's what this does so it fits with what dentists like it makes us better clinicians it makes us it helped makes us help our patients better it's more cost effective it's efficient all the things that I'm passionate about when it comes to demonstrate so J Watson is the guy who developed the actual guide in in the chrome and it's very much like there's other guides on the market you know in sequence by dust no he's not he's an engineer so it's always an interesting conversation when I had with Jay because he's not a dentist but he kind of thinks like a dentist I mean he's really passionate and about people and making sure the patients get the you know patients are getting the best care do you have one next year 

Howard: I mean it's kind of like a yeah I don't have one sitting here but I can show you I can tell you what I can show you

Dr Christian Yaste:  uh let me see if I can walk you over - all right it is a very very cool thing this is this is the banner that was or that this was in our course and this right here is kind of it looks like can you see that yeah so this is the prosthetic this is the interim prosthetic this is the bone reduction guide that fits on the jaw and there's a little wafer in here and then there's other metal parts that actually go and fixate into this platform so again it's kind of a step-by-step process that Dentists can use to become you know they can get in the all on four space and they don't have to be worried about you know having a mess on their hand afterwards so I would really like it and the other thing is you can work with specialists too so you can become a you can be a restorative dentist and do this a prosthodontist if you follow the workflow it's still very efficient and then you're still going to get real predictable results even if you have a surgeon and a dentist working together on something like this so I like it so much that I'm starting to develop some content for them basically I'm trying to develop this workflow we've developed it actually a workflow that's simple for doctors to follow and that's what I really enjoy teaching is  the workflow and then also marketing and helping dentists to find the patients because you know big implant patients are not are not you know an everyday occurrence in a dental practice so you got to kind of go out there and hunt for them and if you don't know how to market your practice properly or you don't know how to market to these individuals it makes it a lot harder but if you're if you're wired in with a marketing company or marketing group that knows what you know how to do this and knows what you're after it makes it a lot easier plus you have to learn how to talk to these people it's a it's a it's a it's a different animal it's like someone that wants to go by you know a Hyundai versus somebody that wants to go by and you know top-of-the-line mercedes-benz they're looking for two different things the Hyundai owner just wants to get from point A to point B the guy that buys the you know 150 thousand dollar Mercedes he's looking to make it he's a different buyer and that's kind of how dental patients can be - and you know I'd have to look up last year's number say 7% at least seven percent yeah that is pretty that's pretty cool so

Howard: so you're obviously would much rather spend seven percent and get these ideal patients you want and basically what you want is what bigger complicated implant patients

Dr Christian Yaste:  I mean I like those type of patients because it's so much easier - well there there's it so it's not the same old grind so you know we've been doing I've been doing this you've been doing this probably about ten years longer than I have Howard I've been doing dentistry since 1996 and I'm you know I've kind of over putting in composites I mean nothing wrong with that and God bless it wants to do it but you know it's just we moved on to other things and what really you know cranks me now is getting these people that that most dentists can't help or don't know how to help and being able to reach out to those people and say hey listen we got a solution for you and they're so appreciative I mean these folks you really change their life I mean it sounds you know kitschy and cliche but I mean that's why I want to get out of bed in the morning is to help these people who really need it and don't have many alternatives and you know someone's got to do it and I figure clear choice can do it or we could do it and if we're gonna do it let's do it right and let's make sure we're responsible and we're safe and you know we're providing good service but we're also getting paid for it 

Howard: you know what makes me want to get out of bed in the morning I just want to get out of that van down by the river and so but again where where does she where does she go for training now where does she learn to place implants so so the system you would say go paladin Keystone

Dr Christian Yaste:  I mean I think the data it's a viable system sooner paladin I mean the same company but which which one do you like more the palatability stone more experience with with Keystone and I like the diversification I like the ability to go from a 3.5 millimeter implant all the way up to a 10 with the same internal you know structures and and not have to worry as much about as many

Howard: I again no money none of that but when that when their phd guy showed me this one experiment they do with the cleansing I haven't been able to stop thinking about it so when the water is running like 1 millimeter I mean it they can get it to zero point zero zero life formation colony units per centimeter squared whatever the hell once yeah water stops moving within a minute you get your first colony formation and I might I might so what are you saying and he's saying that when you take a little implant just one little implant it is absolutely impossible under any circumstance to have that not have any life form on it I mean I mean there's just I mean in in life just amazing that you can go through this 48-hour process of cleaning an implant and if you just do one thing like stop the rinsing to where it's still water that in 60 seconds a colony formation unit is alive yeah I mean life is life is I you know I always say that you know the implant the pyramids were 5000 years ago and you know we know are known owns and we know are known unknown so we just have no idea what our unknown unknowns are but I couldn't it imagine that were half the way towards understanding the  universe I mean III bet it's five thousand more years because just you just see something that bizarrely weirdly creepy so I'm so again we're so the implant system will say Keystone paladin but where were the training be

Dr Christian Yaste:  I don't know I mean I think Misha - it has always been highly you know respect respected and when Misha was alive you know I didn't I didn't ever have the opportunity to go to to his Institute but I did hear him speak several times it was really you know and you know I'm from I'm from Michigan so you know I I got to throw that out there but I think you know some sort of program or some sort of organized program where you have a practicing dentists it really understands what what's happening with the implants and the biology and the science and everything behind it but also as a clinician I just think that you need to be a clinician as well and you know we get we get dental schools great but you know a lot of the guys in dental school or women and men in dental school they're not really practicing and so I I feel like I learned a lot more when I got out of dental school then when I was in dental school and

Howard: you know is the who is the air pen or the air - Carl mesh I mean I mean as far as the greatest implantology saliva today I mean I I believe it was Carl and you know I mean it was Carl but you know who it is now who I think it is hmm yes I don't know I think it's little brother Craig okay I mean Craig Mich at that mission sir I mean that guy is a he's another level I mean it's not like he followed in his brother's footsteps and he's like keeping up with his brother I I think I think in 2020 I think most people at that Institute would say Craig Craig's gone on further I want to ask you one question as an adult that the kids are scared of is that when you do these big cases some people have really big expectations and when you're doing that extreme makeover and stuff just because I'm 16 I got a bunch of money and a portion of Mercedes and get a boob job and a tummy tuck and a face lift I mean sometimes they just go in there like I'm gonna write you a check and and it's just gonna make me I'm gonna have irrational expectations how do you handle the psychology of these cosmetic cases because a lot of cosmetic people are irrational would you do would you agree with that 

Dr Christian Yaste: absolutely I think it's all in expectations and you could easily find that out in the beginning what we're doing a lot of is cosmetic imaging so there's a lot of different things out there you can use I like a company called preview because it's online it's a really super easy software to use and it takes my team about a minute and a half to do it so I we used to spend hours doing cosmetic imaging with dentists image and then when that was not supported any longer when windows upgraded I had to find something else and so we we've got introduced to this Joanne with preview and I was sold because my team picked it up and they could do it within like I said a few minutes they were doing this so it's easy to use it's user friendly patients like it at the end of the day it's all about expectations and if you hand a piece of paper with a patient's before and after simulation on it a lot of times at that point you can find out like okay am I am I headed the right direction or if they pick that apart you know maybe  you think twice about that type of case I somebody told me a long time ago if the patient takes a hand mirror and sticks it right up on their nose that's the patient you want to send supplicants 

Howard: that is hilarious so so you talking about Joanne Villani yeah Joanne Villani great gal the co-founder preview software I use I actually use an etch-a-sketch but the problem is if the assistant walks in the room and bumps me I lose my whole image it's gone man it's gone so that's that's the only thing against yetsko so so the you don't ever fear some of these some of these crazy people with her incredibly bizarre expectations 

Dr Christian Yaste: I do but scarier yeah I mean you have to be careful you know you have to be careful if you're gonna swim into sharks you know but after years of doing this you you kind of develop a I don't know like a sixth sense sometimes about people and the other thing is I rely on my team a lot so it's not just me I've got people that interview my patients before they I ever meet them during that new patient interview a lot of times my team members will come back and say hey this one's uh you don't want to do this or this one really needs your help me

Howard: low hanging red flags that you look for in that I mean I got one that's never let me down and that is when they when they they talk to you like you're the almighty doctor and then they talked down to the assistant the receptionist they talk whenever you see them treating you differently than subordinates and you know they're out of balance out of whack 

Dr Christian Yaste: yeah those kind of folks aren't just cosmetic you you you have those kind of people sometimes in your practice and those are tough because you know what my team is more important to me because I got to work with my team every single day and that patient comes in twice a year maybe I'm sorry you know you got sometimes you just have to know when to kick people off the island yeah it's a sad thing but you have to do it but you know it's easy you just go and you say you know what I just don't think it's a good fit for you and I want to help you find somebody that's a better fit and so I'm gonna help you find a new dentist that will make you happy and a team that you know you don't have to worry about frustrating you and all those sorts of things and just sending my buddy down the street that you know definitely I promise you will make you enemies and

Howard: I want to get you kicked off the island at least one island you get kicked off of and we get this question by young Dennis's say hey I was told that all these laser bleaching things there's no there's no reason for and then there's just a household bleach on there's over-the-counter bleaching whatever I asked you earlier implants are you agnostic or implants say you said there's about 20 I like same question for teeth whitening because back to the patient wagging the tail some patients come in and say well I want to get my teeth laser bleached and then you got a dentist who's you know a biology freak who's in there and there's better and reading the biology book saying there's no research for this so then he doesn't want to be immoral and say why am I gonna laser bleach your teeth if it's I mean I'm not gonna drive up to Sedona and get a crystal start wagging it over your head so so help him I mean he believes there's no research on on laser bleaching he believes you know and this patient once laser bleaching what would he do first of all do you believe that any bleaching system is better than another are they all commodities did I have to say I do think one is better than the other and I have absolutely no ties just like you know ties this company all but you know you probably know rod Kathy down in San Diego yes and I do have a disclaimer for him he is my drinking buddy okay yeah great guy car guy yeah

Dr Christian Yaste:  and when he came out with the idea I mean I think he saw this hole in the market place I don't know 15 years ago or ten years ago and you know that was when zoom was it was the most popular thing and it everybody complained cuz it hurt their teeth and it's sensitive and burned their gums off and you know rod came out with Kor and that I I resisted that product for a long time and I finally had a patient talked me into using it and I invested in that and I've been really happy we have a lot of patients that have had wonderful results with core so I think there is some science behind that but you know you can go to the mall and get your teeth whitened to I mean we saw that happen about seven eight years ago and it's great if you want to put carbamide peroxide on your teeth and get the stains off again I think it really comes down to expectations I mean what does the patient want you want to help the patient get something where if the patient says hey I want my teeth whitened now what I Blaz are waiting or whatever fine help them laser whiten their teeth you know if that's what they want just make sure that the expectations are not that their teeth are gonna look like you know Chiclets after you do that unless you and want to invest in want to rot you know rods KOR products or something like that and then you can do something that's gonna be so what

Howard: I mean he's a good friend of mine I love to death I I don't quite remember all that he was telling me but was it refrigeration was it refrigerated or on the clock until was that was that his big secret sauce for the most part

Dr Christian Yaste:  I think that's most of they are a big part of it you know it comes to your practice in this you know a cooler and you open it up and like a cloud of smoke comes out because it's on dry ice but yeah he's real careful about his product and how it's handled and I think that has a lot to do with it but you know that they make their trayzell it's a high quality tray too that's that the people that are making those are doing a really good job and they're not you know they're not sloppy about it so you're not getting bleaching material up underneath the necks of the  gum into the sulcus and it's so the sensitivity isn't as high and it does great I mean we've seen tetracycline stained teeth a conversation this afternoon with a patient about this but we had a tetracycline stain teeth it just came up to a like a beautiful color one m1 or something higher than that even so yeah I think it works great and I don't know rod personally I've been watching him and following him for twenty years when he was doing what was it ear abrasion back in the day I think that was a big thing with rod and then he came out with the core and I think it's great I think it's great product

Howard: I love rod I think he says a great man but I'm I was trying to labs you know there's low-cost labs or high kosnov's I'm 50% of all dentists did a case with Glidewell last year and they did seven percent of the total industries about three labs at each do five four three percent of labs is the lab a lab a lab or what are your thoughts on labs 

Dr Christian Yaste: well my thought is you need to have a relationship with your lab you know it's just like it's a partner it's a partnership it's like part of your team and if you have a lab that communicates well and you're happy with your lab great and if they are fair with what you're your pain I mean you know I think your lab bill should be there the percentages of what your lab should be of your collections and as long as you stay within that framework so be it if you want to spend a lot less on your lab and then don't have as high expectations but if you if you're happy with that partnership and you've got someone who's servicing you and providing good quality product that's what you do that's who you go with I mean I used four or five labs at one time to do different things for me because I felt like you know this lab did a better job with this service this lab did a better job with that service but she just started it starts with a relationship you know you find somebody you can trust somebody that's fair and they're gonna deliver a quality product to you they're not gonna let your patients down so that's the most important thing I think

Howard: last question and it's gonna start with your first question and that is on your bio you said the thing that you were most proud of is that the team you created and whatever might meet a little stud puppy like you always got the most amazing team yet when they come out of school and I lined up a hundred kids at a dental kindergarten and I say what stresses you most the most it's gonna be the staff managing the staff and then second is gonna be the patients that's why I was asking about managing patient expectations so you're you've been doing this for a long time she's 25 she just bought a practice from a guy my age or so and she just she just coughed up blood clots when it comes to HR or people and she doesn't know what makes her more miserable her own staff or her own patients how do you go from 25 to 60 what's that new card show the advertisers in the Superbowl Kyle what's that um what's that a car show or they have like nine fast and furious yeah so so be fast and furious how do you take her from five miles an hour to 60 miles an hour and a Christian toothpaste Yates kind of way

Dr Christian Yaste:  first thing I would have that person do is sit down and develop their core values so actually the first thing I do is have you read a book delivering happiness it's the story of Zappos so I don't know if you've read that book Howard but that book changed how I looked at my team and how I looked at my business actually and it you know it defines what culture should be in a business at least to me so for me it was okay I had to define what my core values were what my mission statement was my vision statement was and we got all that down it was easy because people would come in and they could tell like is this a good fit for me well here's what here's what the division of the practice here's the values that we live by if you fit into that you're gonna work out just great and if you don't it's not gonna work out so it's really easy when you start doing that just start that culture and once you have a good culture people want to work for you they want to help you they it's so much more pleasant I mean I I've been at the worst I've been at the bottom and I've been at the top when it comes to this in in at the bottom it's miserable so I I get it I've been there I had a team that left our whole entire team - one person some 12 people walked out in about a 12 week period of time at one point in my career which is a whole another story in itself but right now we have 28 people and I tell you I love coming to work I don't there's no drama for me these people are my family and they know it and we have a real team one of my good friends Tony effect told me we don't have staff  and his staff is an infection we have a team so that's kind of how I look at it is you know these  people are part of my team I love them they really helped me grow as a dentist and you know I it reminds me every day it's not about me it's about the people that in the relationships I have with my with the people that work with me that's what's really important and when you get to a point where you have a staff muta name people walking off

Howard: would you say that it was because there was a toxic person left on the team too long

Dr Christian Yaste:  I would say that happens a lot and sometimes you have to look at that toxic toxic persons being yourself and that's what it's what it came down to for me was I was I was the one that was toxic so but yes there there can be people that are toxic but in a in a culture where you have all that framework put together those toxic people end up walking away the team gets rid of them you don't have to because the team will get rid of them

Howard: Wow and that Zappos book was the delivering happiness yeah for me that was kind of game changer that's really what got me thinking around 

Dr Christian Yaste: how my business could be more fun to come into and how I could provide more value not just my patients but to all these people that work with me and they you know they spent an enormous amount of time with us so they are the most frustrating things in our lives but at the same time it can be you know some of the most wonderful relationships could be with the people that you work with and you know we spend so much time together why not make it a good time and not have to worry about drama and stress and all that other garbage and that's that's what creates the burnout that we suffer from in dentistry ha that was really really profound and you're probably thinking that I'm gonna let you have to hook there

Howard: but I still have one last question patient magnet systems a niche marketing for dentists that delivers new patients with predictive and consistent results you're a big-time marketer a lot of kids might look at him and say wow he spends a lot of in advertising well he Warren Buffett says never go into a business if it's if someone else is setting your fee and when your mom and dad decided to join up that PPO they lower their fee 35% without blinking and they don't advertise and now this guy is keeping his fee but he's putting 7% and since you're an expert in marketing and because you're a rare bird almost everyone takes I mean 90 what is what is it 95% of the dentist take Delta Dental which is a PPO so don't it tells your fees 9,500 take it so you're a very rare bird and you're doing this very rare niche marketing for dentist with a patient magnetism patient magnet system calm patient magnet system tell us about that it's kind of the brain shop but 

Dr Christian Yaste: basically it's the brainchild of my my partner outside of my practice which I do some entrepreneurial stuff with you know one of the things we had to do is we had to find the right people someone came to me a couple of years ago and said what are you doing to get all these patients I said well we just kind of got this really pretty good group of people that were working with and  so I just said well Matthew you go tell him what we're doing and so we developed we came up with this patient magnet system and he pretty much runs that and I use it and it works in my practice so we're able to attract the right people and it's been successful and there's a lot of different marketing companies out there and you know Howard probably most you know you know a lot of these companies could do the exact same thing it's a it's a matter digitally anyway it's a matter of doing the right no amount of Adwords and having a website that's responsive and all these different things we're being in the social space whether that's Instagram or Facebook or both or whatever but there's not a lot of new Under the Sun it's who does it the best really depends on like you know the thing I like about patient magnet system is they hold themselves accountable so when I get on phone with them every two weeks they go hey how's it going let's look at your numbers let's see how you're doing let's you know measure this let's use science and not just go oh well you know last month you know the moon was in a different phase and so your marketing wasn't that great there's none of that BS it's just like hey this is how it went let's change course we need to course-correct we need to do this or that and I like that that that's works for me is knowing that my marketing company is actually paying attention to it and that they're concerned about it and if I'm not doing well they're  losing sleep so that makes me feel better about using that yeah

Howard: well I'm uh I'm mostly excited about that you promised me an hour and I was able to keep you on the phone for an hour and a half hey no really it's  just so damn cool that I can get guys like you to come on this show and talk to little kids coming out of dental school four and I mean it's the end of your day you're tired the bartender is probably calling the police right now saying is he okay did he did he wrecked his car is he there probably they're probably calling hospitals right now to see if you're alive but no seriously you're a legend and at the end of a long day to come on my show and talk to my homies I can't tell you what an honor was and thank you for sharing all this information and thank you for all that you've done for dentistry well listen Howard I want to I want to tell you something because

Judy Bendit  you know I wouldn't be sitting here probably it'll work for people like you it influenced me early on in my career because I remember when dental town had five people on it or whatever I mean I was one of the first people looking at that form going like what is this and that community helped me start to understand the power of networking and the power of communicating with Dentists outside of my own you know area and I mean it changed my it changed my career it changed my life so I appreciate so much what you've been able to do for dentistry too and I'm not just trying to butter you up here I mean I honestly mean that you've done a lot you've got a long resume a success but dental town was an enormous help to so many of us back in the late 90s and early 2000s we're kind of like what do we do you know young dentists so thanks again for all you do I appreciate the podcast and what you're trying to help these younger dentists and I feel that way too I'm proud to be a mentor to several dentists and that's what we need to do is support these people support these young dentists so that they can carry the legacy on and continue to treat patients the way we would want to be treated 

Howard: you said you weren't trying to butter me up but I do believe that if we quit using amalgam and only use margarine dentistry would be a better place hey but one last don't know what he said though so cool about dental town is um you know we started dental town in 99 Facebook was until yeah four years after 2004 and now it's just social media and some people are saying that you know tella dentistry is a big thing now but in five years it'll just be dentistry he was saying that ecommerce you know was a big deal now it's just commerce but what you said that's so important is that when you live on a planet with eight billion people it's not what you know it's what you know and who you know and the people who get the most done they go out there and press the flash run for mayor with their customers or value chain I mean to sit there on dental town and take chopped shots at Delta and you don't even know who the Delta CEO is you never even met him you never got I had dinner with the Delta CEO of Arizona it's  just the third day of February I've already met him twice this month you know when I have problems with something III go talk to my homies you know I mean and so get out there and press the flesh and you're right dentistry is the most amazing you can you can be stuck in any country in the world any country in the world ask me how I know and look up a dentist or walk into a dental office and tell them what's going on and you're immediately invited into their home they're taking you to dinner my sister's daughter lost her wallet in Ireland and it was a panic at my sister's house I go to dental town I just make a post my aunt or my niece told her what happened and posted her cell phone number she had she had like five dentists called her with an hour every one of them yeah you and your three friends just come stay at my house you don't need your wallet we'll get you money we'll take you to dinner I mean this doesn't Ireland I mean her three girlfriends basically stayed in his house for the rest of the trip and you know and you know dentists are just damn cool but hey thanks someday we should start the mutual admiration Club they'll just be two people and we'll just meet and admire each other all day that sounds awesome all right buddy thanks again for coming on the show if you have a rockin hot night thank you appreciate it you too all right buddy 

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