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1362 Adam Witty on Authority Marketing : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1362 Adam Witty on Authority Marketing : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

2/25/2020 3:00:00 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 66
Adam Witty is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Advantage|ForbesBooks, which he has built into one of the largest business book publishers in America. In addition to his work with Advantage|ForbesBooks, Adam is a sought-after speaker, teacher and consultant on marketing and business growth techniques for entrepreneurs and authors. He has shared the stage with Steve Forbes, Gene Simmons of KISS, Peter Guber and Bobby Bowden. Adam has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, USA Today and more.

VIDEO - DUwHF #1362 - Adam Witty

AUDIO - DUwHF #1362 - Adam Witty

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Howard: it's just a huge honor to be sitting in the podcast studio with Adam Woody thank you so much for coming by he is the founder and chief executive officer of advantage Forbes Books which he has built into one of the largest business book publishers in America serving over 1500 members in all 50 US states and 67 countries advantage was listed on the Inc 5000 list of America's most rapidly growing private companies for seven years and named to the best places to work in South Carolina list for 2013 14 15 17 most recently advantage has partnered with Forbes to create Forbes books the first book publishing imprint for the global media company launched in 2016 Forbes book is the next step in Forbes 100 year history of distribution and innovation in the media business utilizing the Forbes multi-platform media network Forbes books offers a cutting edge branding visibility and marketing platform to business authors in addition the exclusive imprint gets books to market faster than other top business book publishers in addition to his work with advantage Forbes book Adams is a sought-after speaker teacher and consultant on marketing and business growth techniques for entrepreneurs and authors he has shared the stage with Steve Forbes Jean Simmons of kiss I thought I was gene Simmons of guess is that was that not me a Peter Gruber and Bobby Bowden Adam has been featured in The Wall Street Journal investor's business daily USA Today and more he was named a young presidents organization 14 under 50 most progressive and was named to the 2011 ink magazine 13 under 30 list of America's coolest entrepreneurs in 2012 Adam was selected by the Chilean government to judge the prestigious startup Chile entrepreneurship competition Adam Witte is chairman of the not-for-profit youth entrepreneurship South Carolina where they teach entrepreneurial skills to at-risk youth in every South Carolina public school he also chairs the Clemson University spiro on Vernor ship institute board and sits on the college of Charleston entrepreneurship center board he is an Eagle Scout sorry about that he closed down yesterday um 2012 Clemson University young alumnus of the year a member of the young presidents organization a member of the entrepreneurs organization Learning Officer for digital media and me I mean I could go on and on and on now we have a mutual friend when I first went to the profitable dentists seminar of Woody Oaks the main man the legend the Guru forever was none other than Dan Kennedy yes and that is your buddy that is my so welcome to the show tell us how did your journey of South Carolina end up running into Dan Kennedy who Dann Kennedy I mean he is just like the godfather of dental marketing yeah he's a legend you know direct response marketing a lot of a lot of reviewers are still in dental school in under 30 mm-hmm so will you explain um who Dan was what do you meant 

Adam Witty: yes so Dan Kennedy is one of the pioneers of direct response marketing probably one of the most gifted copywriters ever to walk this earth and direct response for people that aren't familiar with that term what that means is that every ad you run there is a direct call to action with an offer and an incentive to respond by a certain period of time if you open up a magazine let's say it's GQ magazine there's a lot of what you would call brand advertisements so it has a picture it has a brand name it has a logo and that's it there's no offer there's no call to action there's no prompt for you to respond to that advertisement a direct response is something that's utilized very effectively by small and medium-sized business owners and that is where every time you run an ad whether it's online or whether it's offline there's a direct call to action which means Howard you can measure the effectiveness of every single ad that you run and you can tell how you made a new customer acquisition or sale products from each ads so you can you can test what works and what doesn't

Howard:  so let me tell you how good Dan was I remember this is back in the day a lot of these people aren't here anymore on cute weathers who had a magic endow out of Griffin Georgia Andy sorta advertised ale and when they got the advertisement I loved him because the directories phone advertising for my type of walnut brain it was usually a two or three page letter right and I would rather read a two or three page letter than see you know some hot girl next to a car and Nike just do it or you know something and in that long letter you could intellectually decide is this for me or not but I remember one time I got that and I actually called it might have been the first time I ever talked to Kate weathers and I said I got first so I got one major question for you did Dan Kennedy write that letter for you and he's there giggling and then I get and then I hired in office consultant to come in my office her name was Sally Mackenzie out of the time she's in Southern California's I think she's in Ohio and I got this letter from her first thing I did as I called her and said uh did Dan Kennedy write the server because it was it was a signature it was like you say it was a it and I am I think dentist or more like that like I would rather read The Wall Street Journal or the investors business daily with a lot of content and then when you switch out to USA Today it's like a quarter of that newspapers just photos and it's like okay so the investors business daily or Wall Street Journal maybe got 2,000 words like a Dan Kennedy deference but then you go to USA Today and say well we don't have time for all the all the things you need to know because we got to get the hot girl in their picture and the big the big title so do you think that's a Boomer millennial thing is that changing or is that to the Millennials respond to that just like boomers  

Adam Witty: so I think that the principles of direct response are alive and well you're regardless of the generation the age that you are right so here's the biggest thing with direct response advertising it's very easy for somebody to see that mm word ad and say who in the world would ever read that well the person that would read that is the person that's captive by the headline and if the headline is a value proposition that's gonna solve the problem that you have you're gonna read it if you're interested in what that company or what that product has to offer the solution that it can bring to your life you're gonna read it now 90% of the people that flip through that ad or see it if it doesn't apply to them they're gonna keep going and those are the people that say who in the world would ever read 2,000 words well the prospective buyer the person you're trying to target if they're interested they're gonna read 2,000 words and that's what Dan Kennedy recognized that so many people don't is that good copy and the right target audience you know Dan Kennedy says there's three pieces to great direct response marketing and there's message there's market and there's media so the message is what's the compelling value proposition you have to offer your customers the market is who is your ideal client profile the more specific we can get as to who your ideal client is the better and then the third leg of that stool is the medium what's the most effective medium in which you can reach people so if you're a dentist is the most effective medium for you to rep - to reach your target patient is it online as an offline okay if it's online is it Facebook or is it LinkedIn or is it Twitter or is it Instagram well if you tell me the average age of your ideal patient I can tell you immediately which of those four platforms is gonna be a better media for what are the four platforms so the four social media platforms the major ones of course are Twitter LinkedIn a Facebook and Instagram now the the fifth platform that's a burgeoning platform is of course tick-tock Twitter Facebook LinkedIn LinkedIn and Instagram Instagram

Howard:  so Facebook and Instagram that's the same company Mark Zuckerberg that's right and you know his dad's a dentist right I do know that yeah he's been on the show great guy Twitter I'm always amazed how many people are not on turn they got Twitter that's dead it's like okay you know the only reason our president is the president is because of Twitter is Twitter because I mean it's simple math I know how he saw that I mean at night there's only 1 million people watching CNN and 3 million people watching Fox News and I always hear all these people saying oh snooze Fox News only 3 million people he had 12 or 15 million on Twitter before he even got in the race and now what is he up to Oh 2025 20s who cares what CNN and Fox together is four million there are hours he can send and then people say Gotti sent 12 tweet Saturday well if you could talk to 25 million people while getting a cup of coffee what why don't why not um so the so it seems like in dentistry if you own the dental insurance company the manufacturing that if you make everything Dennis uses you're on Twitter and LinkedIn yep and if you're a Boomer with an AOL account you're on Facebook that's right and if you are ammonia you're on Instagram that's right and tik-tok my personal problem with tick tock is that um so many times I get a security concern message pop up and I don't know what that is but it'll be like you know how to say your platforms not secure it gives me some warning that I should back out that that's having me twice that ever happen to you or not really 

Adam Witty: so I have not had that problem it's interesting with tick tock you know the primary audience of tick tock or teens right one of one of my friends is Dr. grant Collins he's an orthodontist in Rochester Minnesota and Dr. Collins like owns tick tock he makes some of the most incredible videos he's getting millions of likes and he has millions of followers on tick tock now you might say well gee an orthodontist you know teens well what does that matter well these teens even though they're not the buyer they are the end user of orthodontics and they're telling their parents which were that honest they want to go see and so for him it's had an incredible impact on his prac this the use of tick-tock right who would have thought

Howrad:  so um I believe that one of the biggest mental errors that people have is they always project themselves on the decision like if you're a grandma and you like the IHOP you know you don't want to hear about Denny's um it seems like um it seems like old dentists like direct mail and Valpak and things that but if you if you were born on Facebook and Instagram and tik-tok then then they have bad bye because they'll be like a retirement community trying to build an implant practice and they're on Instagram and Facebook and I'm like are you sure the people that have dentures are on Instagram and Facebook so so but you're coming at this at totally different where Authority marketing yeah uh your your book foreword by Steve Forbes how do you score that that is uh that is an amazing amazing man autographed by the author that's me that's you which means that book is now worth half of what it was so so um tell us about your journey what made you write Authority marketing you're a blueprint to build thought leadership that grows business attracts opportunity and makes competition a revelant 

Adam Witty: yeah so the  big idea is that people by people not businesses and the power of authority brands has never been more relevant in our lifetimes right in fact social media all the different platforms we were just talking about have helped fuel the rise of personality based brands Authority based brands and so our belief and let's use dentistry is a great example right so dentistry has all of these external pressures that are forcing it down you've got you know DSOs you've got the government you've got commoditization and so if i'm a dentist and I want to attract high quality patients I want to provide high quality pair high quality care and I want to be paid well for it one of the biggest things I have to think about as a dentist is how do I place myself in a category of one how do I not look and feel like every other dentist how do I not look and feel like a commodity because people buy commodities on price

Howard: explain the commodity 

Adam Witty: yeah so a commodity would be if I go into the Yellow Pages or if I go to Google and I type in a dentist in Phoenix Arizona and a hundred different listings pop up and let's say I go to the first five dentists web sites and they all more or less look the same very very cookie cutter then because they all look the same I'm gonna probably pick the dentist that's probably closest to my house or maybe the cheapest service provider right so a commodity is it's readily available and essentially it's the same anywhere you go that is a killer if you're a dentist because I'm gonna guess most of your listeners on this podcast they don't want to compete on price they don't want to be forced to this race to the bottom of what is the lowest cost service provider you can find they want to be paid at the top of the pyramid they want to do really great work and they want to be paid really well for it and certainly I realize that insurance can complicate that but  we don't have time to get into that but the big idea about Authority marketing is that you can strategically and you can systematically position yourself and your practice as a thought leader as an expert in your community and when you are seen as an authority a celebrity in some regards as an expert it helps differentiate you from all of the other dentists in your community that quite frankly look like commodities and if you don't think that authority can be created now you've got to know your stuff but you can create authority if you don't think it can be created then you can't answer me how Donald Trump became president because Donald Trump whether you love them or whether you hate them is a study textbook example of the power of authority marketing right he wrote a book it was titled the art of the deal in the late 80s  and then he started speaking for the Learning Annex and then as his brand continued to grow guess what NBC gave him a TV show called The Apprentice and then with The Apprentice and all of the other ancillary opportunities that came from it his name ID was so high there's been plenty of billionaires that have run for president before and they never had any success so being rich in and of itself doesn't guarantee you success running for president but if you walked into any schoolhouse in America and said to any kid named me the most famous businessperson you could think of at the time 9 out of 10 people would've said Donald Trump because he was on TV he was larger than life he was speaking everywhere he had books he had of course Trump University and all of the other Trump products whether it's Trump wine or Trump steaks or Trump hotels or Trump casinos he truly was larger than life and Donald Trump followed this Authority marketing formula you know over a twenty 25 year career so Authority marketing can be created and it can be strategically designed and the argument that I make in my book is that every entrepreneur every service professional every professional practice owner dentists included can create authority and thought leadership right in their local community

Howard:  we were saying you know you go Dentist they show 50th they all look the same any other one near me got it imagine me not worth it honest where you're competing with not even a human s DC come and get a scan it goes to artificial intelligence they mail the trays what would you how would you have rephrase that if you were talking to an orthodontist competing yes I don't know what he's give me gets a

Adam Witty:  great question you know electromagnetic radiation so it's funny that you asked me that question because I flew in today from Palm Springs where I gave a lecture on Authority marketing last week to 800 orthodontist so I'm very well prepared to answer that question Hayes and as you just said for donna's their number-one concern what keeps them awake at night is smile direct Club right now most orthodontists look at smile direct club as competition and it is but let's look at the positive of smile direct Club what smile direct Club is doing is its increasing the size of the market for the number of people that are now open to the idea of hey I can fix my smile okay now that doesn't mean that they're all gonna run to the orthodontist a lot of them are gonna run to smile direct Club but what smile direct Club is first doing is they're increasing the size of the market that's a really good thing now if you're a smart orthodontist you embrace this opportunity rather than resisting the opportunity and what we say to the orthodontist that we speak to is now more than ever being seen as the authority as the expert as the thought leader is increasingly important because what a smile direct club selling they're selling convenience but ultimately really what they're selling is a very low entry point a low cost to get your teeth and your smile fixed and so look one thing that I learned from Dan Kennedy is that there's only 20% of the market at any one time that is solely buying the lowest price 80% of the market they are not sold on it's got to be the lowest price 80% of the market is there sold on I want the best solution for me and so if you don't give them a reason to pay more well they won't they'll always go to smile direct club if you don't give them a reason to pay more

Howard:  I love your points because they're so obvious like um then I say well they'll only go because the insurance did your wife buy all the furniture at IKEA Southwest has the lowest price there are only 27 percent the market that's right um I am now food is different I prefer I only like to eat at restaurants if they have it the menu has a picture of the food I hop in the Waffle House so foods different but yeah they there's  no evidence that they always go for the cheapest price but all the dentists believe they do 

Adam Witty: it is the biggest misconception in marketing is that most people buy on price and nothing could be further from the truth

Howard:  I think the I think they go to price first cuz they don't know that the questions ask say if you see I need a root canal what am I supposed to say how many canals are in there or what sealer are you gonna use I mean how much is it that's right I know it's like when I take my car and this guy comes out he's telling me about my lifters or this or that and it's like I don't know what a lifter is but you're wearing a uniform I you've been here the whole 10 years that I've been coming here that's right I doubt they keep a sociopath for 10 years and when I first came here you were single now you just had your third kid I mean I mean I don't you  say though that there's four reasons Authority marketing makes growing a business much easier mm-hmm 

Adam Witty: yes so the first thing with Authority marketing is that it puts you in a category that your peers are not in so the more authority you have the more it puts you closer to that category of one right so if people are buying on price then they are making what we would call an apples to apples comparison in fact probably some of your listeners have had a prospective patient come into their office for an exam to gather information and they're gathering information because they're gonna compare you to one to two to three other dentists in their mind they're doing an apples to apples comparison well whenever you hear apples to apples comparison it means I'm buying on price and so the cheapest price is gonna win so with authority marketing when you position yourself as an orange instead of an apple well now you can't be lumped into the same category you have to make yourself uniquely and distinctly different so they can't compare you if you're an orthodontist let's go back to that example for a second if you're an orthodontist that wrote the book on it that's been featured on TV and in radio that writes articles and white papers that lectures all over the country I can no longer put you in a category directly comparing you to smile direct clone right now yes you still you do the same thing you help me straighten my teeth but what you do as an authority is leaps and leaps and bounds above what smile direct Club does right but if the orthodontist doesn't tell you about all of those things if they don't give you reasons to be comfortable paying more to work with the expert versus just walking into a strip mall and having photographs taken if you don't give them reasons then they'll go into the strip mall and have the photographs taken and most dentists most orthodontists because they don't consider themselves businesspeople you've changed that but of course you and I both know that most would much prefer to be scientists than they would business people a lot of worth Adonis a lot of dentists a lot of professional practices they resent the fact that they have to market right they almost think that it's beneath them right they think well I'm a great dentist so people should just tell all of their friends about it and my practice should thrive well unfortunately it doesn't work that way and so the most successful dentists the most successful orthodontist what they realize is that they're business people they're entrepreneurs before they are dentists or orthodontist and these are the ones that understand they're selling value and so if they can market and position the value that they bring to their patients they win 

Howard: I think the funniest thing when I hear northen on swine and I said well you know they're gonna wipe you out because you don't do anything at work all day I mean when you you go I mean you didn't do anything I mean have you ever gone home from work exhausted and they're like every day I work hard and I'm tired it's like exactly that's why you still have a job you can't do all that with a scan yeah I mean I mean if you didn't do anything all day then yeah maybe a droid will do it someday but you just can't sit there and work all day um you see the pillars of Authority marketing and the three outcomes they create

Adam Witty:  yeah so when it comes to Authority there's a formula you can follow and so if if we think of authority I want your listeners for a minute to think about creating an authority Coliseum okay and if any of you have ever been to the Colosseum in Rome it was built in 70 AD so it's almost 2,000 years old it was built in 770 AD 70 AD 70 80  so it's almost 2,000 years old and the reason I mention that is that if you build authority correctly it can last for the rest of your professional career it will stand the test of time so if we're gonna build your authority foundation far and above beyond anything else the one thing that will build your authority quicker than anything else is being the author of a book writing and publishing a book of your expertise on your topic will create authority very very quickly we say you can't spell authority without author and it's very true you've written books I've written books I know plenty of dentists who have written books many of them with us who are the leader in their community so the book is the foundation of authority from there the four pillars that support the roof structure of your Colosseum those four pillars are first creating branding and omnipresence so building your authority brand to make you appear larger than life and omnipresence is really defined as kind of being seen being heard everywhere that doesn't mean you're physically everywhere but it means you're doing all kinds of things from a marketing perspective where your target customer Howard will say I feel like I've been hearing a lot about you I've heard your name many times that's what true omnipresence is the second pillar in building Authority is content marketing now content marketing of course is writing and publishing a book that's content but beyond that it's articles it's blogs it's white papers it's this podcast we're doing this as content marketing it's speaking it's creating content that your target customer wants to consume in this case for dentists it's your target patient and so when people ask what should I write my book about or what would I offer my content on the answer to the question I always give them is what are the 10 most common questions that you get from prospective patients answer those 10 questions and that's your content in fact that can be the basis for your book you have to answer the question that's keeping your prospective customer awake at night and so if you answer those questions if you provide your prospective patient that kind of high-quality content they're gonna consume it and the more time they spend consuming your content the more engendered they become to wanting to work with you this was a lesson I learned from Dan Kennedy he said Adam don't forget a marketing principle CTI consumer time invested the more time a prospect spends consuming your information the more likely they are to buy from you and that's why being a creator of content even for a dentist is really really important the third pillar is PR and media remember this people don't believe what you say about yourself but they sure do believe what other people say about you especially the media so being featured in a magazine in a newspaper being heard on the radio being seen on TV these are things that people are really wowed by people are impressed by these are things that give you gravitas these are things that really build your credentials and the last pillar Howard is speaking right so when you're invited to speak even in your local community you're being invited to speak and share your expertise because you are seen as and viewed as an expert on whatever it is that you're gonna speak about and every dentist that we know that speaks in their community every time they speak they get patients as a result of that so you've got the book as the foundation you've got these four pillars and then what is the outcome that all of that authority can give you well these are the three outcomes that every business owner I've ever met cares about and deeply wants number one I want more leads I want higher quantity of leads and I want higher quality leads coming into my business number two I want to increase my conversion rate of a lead in this case to a new patient and number three I want my patients to tell their friends about me and I want them to get up on the rooftop and shout and scream so all of their friends will come into my practice the more authority that you have the more leads you'll generate both quantity and quality the higher your conversion rate of lead to patient and the more likely your patients are to brag about you and tell their friends about you and you called this okay

Howard:  so your website is advantage family com that's right and you call this what do you the said they call  the authority Coliseum building your authority Coliseum building your authority Coliseum okay I'm just gonna play devil's advocate yep here's my I know my homies no I mean my god they they're they're shy they're introverts they're engineers they they're more comfortable I mean they're the only guys in their village I know they'd ever seen a cosine and a tangent and they they don't like they just like attention and I think a lot of them to unwind they like to be alone right and it sounds like everything you're talking about is this extrovert TV guy they're like dude That's not me yep 

Adam Witty: so what do you what do you say to that guy well so two things number one is this introvert Ness to some degree has been beaten in to us by all of our mothers I'll give you an example as a kid my mom told me Adam don't showboat Adam don't act up Adam don't call sorry attention to yourself Adam mind your manners and follow the rules so as kids many of our parents really kind of taught us to issue the spotlight okay that's the first thing now the second thing as you mentioned is yeah there are a lot of dentists there are a lot of clinicians that are introverts right they're scientists look I'm not telling you that you need to go become the next member of the Kardashian family and I'm not telling you that you need to go become an extrovert what I am saying is this you know a lot you are an expert the number of years you've spent in school in dental school in fellowship and residency the number of years you've spent practicing you are truly an expert and if you are not willing to put the crown on your own head crown yourself king or queen if you don't do it one of your competitors will and in this free marketplace that we live in the best man the best woman really Dan Kennedy would want us to tell you the best marketer wins and so this really isn't about doing what you're comfortable with this isn't really about doing what makes you feel good and be in your comfort zone all day this is about how do I grow my practice how do I increase my net income how do I make business easier well marketing is a part of that and the more authority you have the more effect of all of your marketing does now again let me say one more thing to write and publish a book you don't have to put a big spotlight on yourself you can share your insights and your wisdom publish it and share that now marketing a book you might feel like you're shining that spotlight on you but again if you don't do it somebody else is and the biggest reason that people shy away from this is because every every one of us deep down inside we have this feeling to some degree that maybe weren't impostor that maybe we're gonna be found out that maybe we're really not as smart as we think we are and so a lot of us are unwilling to go down this path of authority marketing because that fear sits inside of us deep down inside of us well look you know the  world belongs to the aggressive to the to the entrepreneur that's willing to take risks to take chances and that's willing to shine that spotlight on them and if you want to have the most successful practice in your community you've got to be willing to do those things now if you're ok with a small practice with a mediocre practice if you're ok with a small net income then don't do any of this but what I'm speaking to are people that ultimately want to be a leader in their community that want to have a thriving practice and to do that you've got accept the mantle of authority it's part of the job

Howard:  or if you got divorced then you really need Authority marketing yes you do um you know what I always think about marketing I always think man it' sit's not as hard as you make it think because hmm I fell for the I think I was in I don't know I lived in route Anna which I was I think it was in the 6th grade but I actually paid money for the see-through glasses in the back of the comic book I put the money in the envelope and I mailed it in and I waited and uh turns out they didn't work and did you remember that out I do remember that and that was uh was that a would you say Dan Kennedy would have approved of that ad then can they would have definitely approved of that with without question well hey I'm guys um so what is your call to action where do they get authority marketing by Adam witty so foreword by Steve Forbes

Adam Witty:  so we've got we've got a great offer for anybody listening to this podcast they can get a free copy of the book all they do is pay $6.99 for shipping and handling and we mail them the book to their front door they visit Authority marketing and they can get away are you getting this cowl put on so they go to Authority marketing marketing that's right I love the fact how you you're getting a measurement we're getting a measurement so Authority Marketing and if they if you go to that website okay here Imus advance so that switches over to advantage family calm right so it's the landing page right it's a landing page and then and then what do they do there and then on that page there will be an offer where you can request a free copy of the book simply pay shipping and handling and we'll mail it to you I'm very very good and certainly Howard anybody that wants to buy the book on they can do that it is available also on Amazon through audible so if anybody prefers to listen so do you see a difference in boomers when to read and Millennials like an audio or

Howard:  or you see an audio over

Adam Witty:  soap audio is huge the power of the spoken word is like growing exponentially about thirty percent of our sales or audio book seventy percent or physical book or ebook okay 

Howard: interesting I'm I'm 57 my four boys turned into five grandkids and I still up with you I like the physical yeah I like the book thing and but um I know you have to run tell Dan Kennedy thanks for being a legend I I saw him several times um he built a lot of great companies like it weathers Indo magic comes to mind Sallie McKenzie comes to mind just an amazing guy but the dude dentists of the day learning how to do a root canals done enough anymore is it you know wear several hats and one of them's got that business on it doesn't it

Adam Witty:  oh my goodness if a dentist coming out of school today commits to be an entrepreneur and business owner first Ana Dennis second then the world is their oyster but if you're unwilling to do that and want to stay in your box and think that I'm a dentist and all the business stuff will just figure itself out you're in for a rude awakening

Howard:  final question um some people are saying that older people like myself they wanted to own a business of being honor operated but the next generation they don't want to be owner/operator entrepreneurs they want to be employees mm-hmm you believe that

Adam Witty:  I don't I think that there is a segment of people there's a large segment of people that will never want to be entrepreneurs they don't want the responsibility they don't want they what they perceive as the headache and the stress that comes from it but I'll tell you what I've done a lot of research on Gen Z and there are a lot of demographers that are predicting that Gen Z will be more impactful in a positive way than the greatest generation and the appetite that Gen Z has for entrepreneurship and business ownership is large and so I feel really like of course you know as a country but  entrepreneurship in general around the world I think our best days are still well ahead of us yeah

Howard:  one last thing on the tpodcast is a form of authority in it absolutely we had several s guests you know we've had this show for four years and I run into some of my friends who came on the show and they were talking about implantology or whatever well later some patients Google and friend plant ology and finds out that one of the guys from her town is on the this third person endorsed this national podcast yep and I I mean there's one guy and he's like dude I've had ten people in the last two years getting an airplane in flight in my office and they probably flew over a thousand other dentists who could do the same procedure just because I was on your show so just like you said so he was on the show telling you how greedy was he was on another show that was not in his town a national show which which showed us that he was on all that absolutely had he had breath right he's reaching people around the world and to your point

Adam Witty:  you know if everybody buys on price no one would ever get on an airplane to go to a dentist's but there are tons of examples of people that will get on an airplane to go to a dentist to an orthodontist a chiropractor a plastic surgeon you name it and it's because they believe that that person truly is the best and they'll do whatever it takes to have the best and

Howard: my ophthalmologist right here in Phoenix has a world map in his office he has I mean it just just pins everywhere because when people start thinking oh my god I'm gonna lose my sight he immediately get on a plane and fly across the ocean but I know you want to run so I'm gonna free you up but um thank you so much for coming on the show and if you're ever in Phoenix again and I want to do it again come back and we'll do it again 

Adam Witty: what a great pleasure this has been so much fun.

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