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1364 Cosmetic Orthodontics & Dental Photography with Dr. Marina & Elliott Ambridge : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1364 Cosmetic Orthodontics & Dental Photography with Dr. Marina & Elliott Ambridge : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

2/27/2020 2:00:00 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 80
Dr Marina Ambridge, is a general dentist in Peoria, Arizona, whose practice offers cosmetic, orthodontic and implant dentistry. Dr. Ambridge is also currently a lecturer at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a co-founder of eMotion orthodontic and cosmetic dental courses together with the current president-elect of AACD, Dr. Salvatore Lotardo. Dr Ambridge is a former professional model. She is also a professional photographer - she actually prints creative photos of her patients on canvas and showcasts them on the walls of her dental practice; She is also an avid traveler (she visited more than 48 countries so far), and a painter.

VIDEO - DUwHF #1364 - Marina Ambridge

AUDIO - DUwHF #1364 - Marina Ambridge

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Howard: it is just a huge honor today to be sitting in the podcast interview with two doctors we have a doctor of law we have Elliot Ambridge and we have Dr. Marina Ambridge who is probably one of the most up-and-coming best people in cosmetic dentistry and I'm honored I practice in Phoenix you're next door in Peoria which is on just how long did it take you to drive here 30 minutes there and when you left Peoria and entered Phoenix did you have to like pull out your Glock or get a weapon I know I know when people come down to the studio that if they have to leave Scottsdale  they're like really I have to drive to Phoenix can I have a bodyguard dr. marina Ambridge is a general dentist in Puri Arizona whose practice offers cosmetic orthodontic and implant dentistry Dr. Ambridge is also currently a lecturer at the American Academy a cosmetic dentistry and a co-founder of emotion orthodontic and cosmetic dental courses together with the current president elect of aacd dr. Salvatore latardo did I say that right yes okay look latardo dr. Ambridge is a recipient of multiple awards such as Alpha Omega best overall achievement in all four years of dental school award top dentists in Peoria Arizona award pop doc award and world's top dentist 2019 a world from leading physicians of the world organization dr. Ambridge has also selected as a featured dentist by a GD impact magazine and has been featured on NBC radio she's a former professional model she is also a professional photographer she actually prints creative photos of her patients on canvas and show cast them on the wall of her dental practitioner she also is an avid traveler she's visited more than 48 countries and you're a painter that is amazing so um so tell us about your journey um oh you got to tell you the truth about the a CD when I came out here there's another guy in our class from UMKC Steve ace and he went to Scottsdale and he loved cosmetics and all that kind of stuff and I I I just I just thought that would be the worst having some pretty girl come in and my twos crooked I went wider on her like I want someone with a toothache and I want to pull that too I think that's the most fun and then after that'd be saving that with a root canal but me and like if you came in my office I mean you know a pretty girl you model and you're like telling me all these things you want your front tooth I quit I just go wash dishes at the IHOP because that's a very competitive I mean everybody wants an easy laid-back mellow patient yeah and the people that go to the AACD folks there none of that their their high demanding and usually what it is it's always some 50 year old lady that just got divorced and she's on that the the the rebound so she wants her you know her cosmetic stuff and because she wants to look like she's graduating high school again and it's just not gonna happen so how are you attracted to that crazy patient

Dr. Marina Ambridge:  well I mean I guess I feel like I understand them a little bit maybe I'm but you know when early in my dental journey as soon as I graduated from dental school I went to the ACD meeting they were is held in Toronto that's where I lived and I was just so blown away by the dentistry there so you were you know you were scared off of it but I was really inspired and just seeing all that dentistry I was thinking you know I want to be like these people there and so I you know worked on myself trying to learn and doing continue education but when I first graduated from dental school the type of practices that I worked in were not very cosmetically inclines though one of the early offices that I worked in they only had one shade of composite and it matched nobodies teeth right so can you do with that so you know all really early I was always thinking about how can I do more of that kind of Dentistry that really did inspire me and I started going into a lot of orthodontics I took a lot of orthodontic continuing education as well I think orthodontics has a lot of the principles of cosmetic dentistry you know you're thinking about smile design how you're gonna fit Heath in the patient's face and that was really interesting to me and you know now that I have my own office and I can you know do the dentistry that I want to do more freely I realize how important orthodontics is for restorative cases because it really you know makes those cases easier and you can please that if you're old better you know what would scare what scares me is the

Howard: what scares me is the  person who doesn't get all the AACD training and like and they don't know worth o so she'll come in a bunch of crowded teeth and they'll just they'll just crown you know ten teeth and row and on the lowers after they get done prepping the crowd a tooth it looks like a rice see yeah it's terrible it's like terrible but you know if I want to go learn Indo I mean you're in Peoria the great Senate honest in the world is right upstream from you bread gentlemen you know I I can go watch periodontist I can go watch oral surgeons I can go watching us right here in town and learn the greatest but but orthodontic education if you're an orthodontist and you start teaching non orthodontists continue education you're dead yeah I mean they they your black vote so you're down till we got Richard Litt who was the chairman University of California San Francisco and Detroit he teaches general dentists and he's been blackballed from the entire with I'm sorry and the other ones in our backyard Harry green another board-certified orthodontist and those two guys tell everybody in ortho well you know if you want to teach the general dentist you know you won't have one friend in the orthodontic community is that still a thing or you're from Canada is it was it different there or how do you learn ortho and for some reason that work that honest don't want to

Dr. Marina Ambridge: yeah I know I don't think it's necessarily that different I think I guess for whatever reason do not you know want general dentist do you agree without us angry yeah

Howard: yeah I mean this is dentistry uncensored and and the orthodontist they they don't want to do so so when so when someone wants to beat you when they grab you know she's young she's in dental school and she says when I grow up I want to be just like Marina and not be like Howard where'd she learn ortho

Dr. Marina Ambridge: I went to progressive orthodontic seminars and they have a very comprehensive course on orthodontic so if you want to do you know comprehensive orthodontic Sai think that's a good starting point yeah yeah Richard lid is amazing so does the progressive Worthen I do they bring in or tonnison from other countries usually those mostly their general dentists who just went through their program and you know they do a lot of ortho they're essentially orthodontist without the degree I think they have some orthodontist me from other countries that you know got retrained in the US so is that website Academy GP ortho comm appeal Pete so what is Bo Oh progressive orthodontics seminars okay so that would be your your recommendation yeah I would I would have a look at that there's a couple they academy of GP ortho you know there's another option there well it keeps coming up to UM progress or 

Howard: so their website is a smile stream yeah oh that is your website I think okay so they must got any website yeah so so you'd recommend Richard lit and POS yeah so so that I think that's one because when I was in school you know you talk about one shade of composite when I was in school it was a malcolm see his crowns that the new thing was porcelain fused to metal and  then it's really changed but when it first came out i have to tell you truth another thing I didn't like the cosmetics is that the amalgam was metal mm-hmm is replaced by a plastic yeah the metal we know we're in biology we're all gonna get eaten by bugs and viruses and fungi and it was half mercury bugs just hate eating mercury and the other half was silver zinc copper intensity lasted forever even in this crazy environment and then we replace it with this inert plastic yeah that you know bugs weren't repelled so everybody called it the aesthetic health compromise and the Holy Grail is still to try to make a tooth colored filling that has some active ingredient you know some  type of bug killer weed killer or something for termites or ants to make it last longer but do you still feel um it's an aesthetic health compromise I mean like if I imagine I went into you and I said I am short fat bald I'm ugly I make my teeth perfect hmm and I got 10 veneers well your filing teeth you're doing veneers does that do you think that's a compromise or do you think not so much as it was 10 20 years ago so 

Dr. Marina Ambridge: definitely not so much as it was before you know if you know let's say you have worn teeth you don't necessarily have to file them down you've already done that yourself you know by grinding your teeth so you can get veneers that are more minimally invasive you know just more do an additive wax up and then you know use that as your guide so when you know you have a patient that's whose teeth have been through you know a lot of wear and tear they don't necessarily have to grind their teeth so much to get though you're just building them up to what they were right 

Howard: I got to tell you the funniest thing though I'm so a friend of mine is the late Bob Gibson the founder of den mat and the founder of Rembrandt and he passed away he was on show 193 I've had five guests that are no longer with us just just a classic like him and Karl mesh and Bob Wilson used to say to be concerted he did no print veneers and I remember these dentists would always say well you can't it's not gonna look right if you don't wrap you got a prep got a prep  and Bob would just laugh and say what about this girl looks normal she's got red lipstick on she's got a wig she's got fake boobs she's got fake everything he would always laugh that that that that beauty everyone knows it's not real I mean everybody knows when you see someone really hot on TV they probably got Botox surgery you know Selleck on things I have so my question is I'm is is Beauty still need to be natural like people are wondering is that all you or do people just know come on your lips couldn't be that red without lipstick you I mean blush even comes from the word blood rush when you blush do you think there's a strive for make it look natural or is fake fine I mean just to go out there and I think depends on the

Dr. Marina Ambridge: I think I mean personally I think that fake is as good as long as it doesn't look fake you know you I think you should probably you know there's a lot of available things on the market like you know the Botox and I think it's great to use that if it's gonna enhance you a little bit as long as you don't look ridiculous so you know not everyone wins the genetic lottery and is born with perfect the other thing so I don't think there's any there should be any stigma to get a little bit of enhancement I think you should just be careful when you're doing the enhancement that you don't want to look ridiculous basically you know even you know with lipstick or with fake boobs you know you want it to look kind of real 

Howard: yeah by the way these are real they are but you know what I just learned so much you know you don't I still think the greatest education I've ever did with my four boys they say it all the time is taking around these countries I mean you've been to how many countries you say 40 something yeah and my boys they steal I mean they're like 24 26 28 30 they still say the greatest things they learned was seen all these countries and it's not until you go to a country where you really sit-ins now but I remember when there that you know in the 80s and 90s when you go to Europe they would giggle about how  white Americans want their teeth in the Europeans are like yeah yeah you still yeah but it wasn't until the there's someone that once and why during some Italy since cuz if you're a woman and you're all covered up and the only thing you're showing is your teeth wholly and explicitly against all black yeah nobody wants whiter teeth and in Saudi yeah I mean they just so not the money for it yes the bunny I mean I I would set up a whitening bleaching veneer clinic in UAE let's team up and it's amazing if that's all that shows yeah you you gotta really make it a nicer um so in dental school everyone  graduates always had the same complaint no I only did you know one word canal one implant we didn't do that you know and I I don't listen to the whining because I would never want to be responsible for a hundred kids off the street and four years later turn him loose and Phoenix I said you know it's such a deal but now she's out and I tell them when they get out I said look you need to learn you know if you're gonna play football you need to learn at a block tackle throw a pass catch a ball you know go work on simple endo a crown of filling your people skills you know all that kind of stuff but now she's been out two or three or four years and she's decided she wants to be like you and she grows up and you started teaching with these emotion dental courses where did that come along on your journey how do you go from marrying a lawyer having a baby deciding you want to start emotion dental courses

Dr. Marina Ambridge: so we started this course with Dr. Sally Tardo from the ACD and I've known him for a couple of years through the American Academy of cosmetic dentistry and what this course is about is about marrying orthodontic so just simple orthodontic tricks that can make your aesthetic dentistry your restorative dentistry become really easy and very predictable what type of tricks did you say orthodontic yeah orthodontic tricks

Howard: so these so you're these courses that you're doing with Salvatore  there's mostly orthodontic

Dr. Marina Ambridge: yes it's orthodontics basic orthodontics for restorative dentistry and you know we talked about progressive orthodontic seminars and major ortho courses but you know it's fair to say that maybe not everyone knows that they want to invest you know two years of their life into ortho continue education take something so big so this is something where you can do very simple kind of cases where they really help your restorative industry

Howard: I'm looking at his picture that has to be the most handsome man I've ever know is he naturally bald or did he shave that his I'll ask you don't want to be fake Baldy because a lot of those guys I know they look at you shave their head like dude I know you shave you're not all natural

Dr. Marina Ambridge: so um so it's more like short term ortho because that's a term exactly you got six months aligners you got short term ortho what woody what are you calling that type though it is yeah exactly so short term limited ortho for restorative cases so let's say you have a patient that wants a full mouth of veneers or you know crowns and they've got a lot of wear on their teeth right so let's say you're not gonna do orthodontics and then to get the gingival levels to line up really nicely for that divorced 50 year old you're gonna be doing a bunch of crown lengthening and then you're also gonna be shaving down the teeth right because they've super erupted but if you do a bit of ortho you can intrude those teeth get the gingival levels lined up and the patient has already done the incisal reduction for you so then you can get really nice veneers on there that would be very minimally prepped very conservative of the tooth structure right so that's you know one example of something that you would learn the other thing is you know for implants right so for implants you know if the patient's been missing that tooth for a while a lot of the teeth tend to tip into that space the roots may be in the space of where you want to put your implants you got to get those roots out of the way right what if you have a tooth that's periodontal e compromised and needs to come out for pareo if you take it out it's very unpredictable to try to graph that right but if you do that you can extrude that to slowly with orthodontics and then as you do that it's gonna grow some bone so then you can do that and then you're gonna have lots of bone to put an implant it's gonna be a slam dunk right so that's another type of thing that you would learn taking this course also for Invisalign let's say you're doing a liners you're doing or Invisalign and lots of you know you can get complications like posterior open bites or tracking issues and putting in braces for the patient for you know just you know a few months that can save your case rather than you know returning the money to the patient sending to the orthodontist so that's another very helpful thing that you can do

Howard: when you're into short term ortho all the patents expired on these clear aligner trees and now I've tracked 40 different clear aligner companies around the world it's turning out like the big three are gonna be Invisalign 3m oral care the Unitec clarity liners the big purple smile direct Club Henry shines got the got one out are you clear aligner are you agnostic or do you like a particular brand I mean I like the brands that are dentistry that so I mean not you know smile direct Club or something like that but I think that if you know what you're doing with the clear aligners you don't have to use Invisalign you can use you know clear correct or I think Sirona has one and everybody has everyone has one so you can hear my pockets

Dr. Marina Ambridge: yeah are use the friend clear aligner system

Howard: there's 400 implant companies now right now at the cologne meeting and there's over 40 clear aligners so yeah so so to a young kid he doesn't want to go through 400 implant companies and 440 aligner companies what advice would you give them on picking an implant in a clear aligner

Dr. Marina Ambridge: I would it doesn't really matter which clear aligner company you're going to do it does you don't have to use Invisalign you can use clear correct or anything else you can print your own blueSky bio has a clear aligner planning software and then you can send it to your own printer so it doesn't really matter what old system you're gonna use as long as you know what you're doing so you can't just you know take Invisalign fundamentals necessarily and you know be taught how to order on the website and just send it and have someone else plan the case for you need to know what you're doing and take the necessary continuing education that's what I think

Howard: so you're saying no matter what clubs Tiger Woods is using he's gonna beat me in golf so um do you always bring your lawyer with you to do has she broken any laws yet no not really no it's kind of interesting conversation I called him a doctor when he walked in he said you know he's not a doctor but you know I think it's been a real disservice news media is equating doctors with physicians because he gets so frustrating when you I would see like the Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke who had a PhD from MIT none of the journalists and  those Fox News could even got accepted into MIT and his thesis was on the Great Depression and they just call him Mr. Bernanke and then there they're saying what they disagree and a sight dude you only have a high school diploma and you're anything so there's this whole doctor being with a physician is so dumb because in the era of fake news if someone's talking about the history of Belarus III kind of like to know that a PhD in history from you know this just because it's your snowflake opinion I don't really care and in the age of Google when you're sitting there watching a national program and you can google something every five minutes that's incorrect you know and it's like okay but um so when you look at coming from the doctor a law to the doctor of dentistry that's too pretty diverse doctorates so which one of us made the better decision me and your wife or you

Dr. Marina Ambridge Spouse: I think doctor of dentistry is much better actually right now because I actually had a conversation with my grandma once and she always tries to support me and saying that you know legal profession is great you have made a right choice and then I actually asked her well how many lawyers have you dealt with throughout your life and she couldn't name one right and then asked her how many dentists have you seen throughout your life and she could name a whole bunch so that's why the profession of law is different from dentistry because lawyers are considered last you know when everything is burned down maybe you're gonna go to a lawyer maybe you still won't go to a lawyer right but when something hurts or when you want something to be lit to look really great 

Howard: you go to a dentist right there's really no other profession that can help you it's now there's small direct club to will ever use a lawyer in their lifetime to stand on that no um because like I'm it is true like a couple of my really good friends or chiropractors and only 5% of Americans go to the chiropractor but most of the research you see on humans if you live a full life you'll you'll have seen a dentist hmm so everybody's got it too even if you don't have any teeth you still got to go to a dentist and but not everybody needs a lawyer not everybody in Skye right but that's I never thought of that in the legal profession so do you um back back to the orthodontist still um do you do do you only do clear aligners or do you do band and bracket I do everything so do you do all your ortho I do a lot of it yeah like what percent of your ortho would you say you do ninety percent so is that because you like it because I love it because you love it yeah and and in when you talk about ortho and implants those are two things that don't get to go it's it's my understanding the human nature by me so on these are like me they're like blood and guts when they do it now they're apical barbarians I want a puff a sealer and everything you would do it right you just love stuff like that or you don't yeah and you like bleaching bonding veneers all that kind of stuff I don't really know anybody who likes um pretty soft and fluffy bleaching bonding veneers and blood and guts yeah do you do you like one or the other or both I mean I think I'm always saw myself as more of a bleaching bonding veneers kind of person bleaching bonding veneers but you know then I you know I tried some surgery and it does give me an adrenaline rush and it's fun so I like that as well but you know if I had to choose one you know

Dr. Marina Ambridge: yeah I'm more but you know I like the artistry that really inspires me I think

Howard: I like the instant gratification of blood and guts I mean they I mean I I just I'm sure a fireman gets excited when he pulls up and he's on fire or you're a policeman running down the street you see the bad guy running with her purse you know you're like I can get that guy and man when they come in when they're holding their face or they're drinking something cold to keep the pain down and then and then you know then you you you're removing it's done whereas like an ortho case I mean yeah that's two years is like you know

Dr. Marina Ambridge: I love the planning you know I like the planning you know and then seeing my plan come to fruition you know that excites me 

Howard: is this all planning on digital digital software yeah and you know just using traditional methods as well yeah well people are always talking about the the digital revolution the digital smile makeover all these digital digital digital what do you think are the fundamental requirements of digital I mean I personally think you know when people ask me do they need a CBC T or do they need a laser or they need chairside million cam cam I tell them what you need is a damn camera mm-hmm because what I have seen especially from a lot of people have done this on podcast where some guy oh come on he'll talk about implants and then you know the shows for years oh and they'll say god thing the following year I hate for different people flying from another city to come me do their implants but but they go on a website and they're like you know I'd like to get veneers I'd like to I'd like to replace this mistake and you go there it's like a stock photo there's nothing but the but the people who take pictures and load them up onto the website and say this is my work done right here in Phoenix Arizona holy moly that's I think that's the most valuable piece of equipment do you agree or disallow implement then you know if you're getting an intraoral scanner or any other pieces of digital equipment that you would need but a camera I think it's important whether your digital or analog

Dr. Marina Ambridge: I don't think you can do dentistry or at least interior dentistry without a camera anymore are you a jeweler analog we're in the process of converting more to digital so we have a lot of things that are digital and we're still buying more equipment but I think the camera is absolutely critical whether you're doing it digitally or an analog I don't think you can really communicate the shade any other way to your technician

Howard: yeah but I noticed you taught you're a doctor so you're talking about your technician yeah I was on best sales I know dollar sales page I mean they just now just don't like sales they can't even say the word can you say the word sells but it's like so this is a way to personal of a case and I I shouldn't share but I'm gonna I'm gonna share because it's kind of weird but I'm a very close friend of mine wanted right here in this town wanted breast augmentation and she had she had kids and all that kind of stuff and she told me if I recommendations I said no I work with dentists I you know I worked with some rheumatologist divers but no one in plastic and um and but anyway then she come here and she got mad at me she said hey when I need you Bubba she goes I ain't I want you to get involved with this decision because it's really stressed me out so she went to two places so I went back with her to follow up and you're right you walk in there the guy has no pictures of his work he's got brown carpet you're seeing their hand me a brochure and was made from the American Association of what plastic surgery or whatever the hell and I thought my god I wouldn't let this guy touch me so after I went back to the two with her because she wanted me to go back to follow-up question I just said I don't trust this so then I came back and I thought and I thought and I thought well who would know this more than anything well where's the biggest strip club in Phoenix Arizona so I called I called it Bourbon Street and I asked the manager and then they thought if someone's illegal something's wrong the lawyers a police and I'm like no I'm a dentist in Phoenix and the guy gets on the phone so I told him my dilemma knee goes look he goes I'm everybody gets him done the first time on price then everybody goes and has Lawrence Shaw redo it for twice the price he doesn't take your insurance the only once a cashier's check so I went over there and we went over and we saw Lawrence and he walks out there and he puts down these carousels of slides and just starts ripping through his own work and and she was like that's it I'm sold I'm sold I'm sold and you know I I don't know what it's like to have normal breasts than AB you know she's got natural I don't know what that's like but I did lose all my hair now when I lost all my hair I actually thought it was really really cool because you lost your blow dryer your brush or comb you know you lost all that crap and but but people thought it was negative until the sons played the Bulls in the championship playoff and you it was Charles Barkley do you member they played ok it was Sir Charles Barkley against Michael Jordan and it was two of the most gorgeous handsome bald guys in the world next to Salvatore and and for seven games the whole country was looking at these two gorgeous bald heads and the next day it was cool and people started the comb-over stopped people started shaving it and I told him I told Charles that in a bar in Scottsdale and he he said he'd been told that several times that series made baldness cool but so I don't know what it's like to lose something but I do know that and when it's fear of the unknown you've never done it before and I'm gonna risk you with all my front teeth of my smile and guy and if you had a botched boob job you can cover that up with clothes and you know no one would even know it but your teeth it's right out there but I think chewing your own work and I think putting it on your website and saying this is my own work done in my office with my own hands I think that's the most powerful thing a dentist can do mm-hmm 

Dr. Marina Ambridge:absolutely so you definitely want to document your cases and then the other thing is you know I'll tell you a little secret right so when you know as Dentist yeah all right so as Dentist when we're talking to each other you know we're looking at each other's teeth right so you know that's the first thing that we see but with patients when they're talking to people they look at their eyes right so if you're gonna communicate your smile makeover I think you need to get you know the entire face in the shot right and have the eyes communicate how happy the patient is

Howard: yeah I know I think going back to beauty I think the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is far more beautiful than anything in these magazines you know I don't want to see someone's liver and kidney and all that kind of stuff like that and when you see cosmetic cases of my dentist it's like a close-up of the gums and bleeding it's like dude yeah like we're we're so excited for that for the bleeding but you know patients are turned off by that right yeah I mean I mean most dentists when they show a picture if it doesn't have at least one tonsillar stone sticking out of the the tonsils they you know they they want to reshoot the picture but and but just get a overall feeling so you teach is it's a two-day hands-on course uh-huh know you there's only in New York are they in Phoenix too or so it's not in New York actually

Dr. Marina Ambridge: so we have a we're gonna be doing it in Phoenix in October and Halloween right before so you ready for Halloween as well as in Nashville and in July in Nashville yeah  

Howard: Nashville I love I love just senator so uh whatever you where you're staying the Opera in USA I call the front desk at least four times to hear the girl answer opera line USA my help ya to call back again and do it like five times so would it would

Dr. Marina Ambridge: it's a two day course it's a two day course so it's it's a great course whether you have orthodontic experience and you're doing complex cases or you have no experience you're not even doing aligners it's suitable for everybody it's hands-on so you're gonna learn how to put braces on a type of daunt which you'll be able to master during the course and then do it back in the office when you get back we're gonna show you all the techniques that you'll need for your restorative cases and it's a great value so the price of the course it's nineteen ninety five but for the first ten people that registered we're gonna give an additional five hundred dollars off so it's a really great steal we're trying to get our name out there 

Howard: all I can say about it is um didn't young people who aren't financially sophisticated always look at balance sheet numbers they always sit there a dentist say well Richard let's cords is five grand say well how much is your first orthodontic case sixty-five hundred so if you pay him five grand and do one case you got your money back I see it all the time with Steven Buchanan's like yeah you said of course are there but it's like two grand I said well how many more root canals how many more root canals do you refer a week two or three okay there's three grand a week I give me cash flow numbers so that emotion then of course emotion is the orthodontic motion exactly

Dr. Marina Ambridge: aesthetics and motion that's or aesthetics emotionally

Howard: wow that is that is a really cool name I assume your attorney invented that name that is a really really cool name so do you so fear when you tell some young kid you should go learn implants that they'll be honest with ya I'm afraid I don't want to do that I don't want to flap that overnight hit a nerve do you see when you see kids see this course and it's I mean come on it's  too grand and their first Invisalign case will be six grand so if they they're not doing any Invisalign they could take this course for two grand and do one course and get their money back threefold what do you do you think holds them back is it fea

Dr. Marina Ambridge:r I think potentially fear I don't think that fear of the lawyers or orthodontics it's not necessarily thought that well in dental school it's kind of a new field so potentially

Howard: they are a little dazed the strange way I've ever heard anyone say not taught in dental school know they're the orthodontic community blocks them from any education of that stuff yeah I mean in the requirements they have to do molar endo extractions fillings denture everything and then there's a wart on us in there like so they say graduate they pay a hundred thousand dollars a year they come out four hundred thousand dollars student loans debt the American Dental Dental Education Association telling people routinely that the average Nelson graduates 284,000 debt knowing that in that number twenty percent of the students had zero debt because their dads adenosine they didn't have any debt so they they averaged that all down to 284 which is which it's four hundred thousand well if you borrow four hundred thousand dollars of other people's money you're gonna have to come out and do some four thousand dollar Invisalign cases to pay that back so what it what would be holding them back 

Dr. Marina Ambridge:so I think like like we mentioned I think potentially fear fear of the unknown but orthodontics when you're doing it just as a short-term ortho you're not doing complex mechanics it's not not complicated I think you need to you know have a look and try it but because I feel that people they do have that that fear you know when they hear ortho so with with the course we're gonna be offering free mentorship for the first five cases so if you do have that that fear you can know that we'll be there to help you so and one how do they mr. for that course so you can go on the website it's emotion and there's an info form there and emotions so yeah TSA dental that's your that's my practice that's your practice and so if they go to emotion dental mm-hmm and then down to the bald guy again so oh I see so you got a course coming up July yeah actually oh so this one is gonna be a Nashville yeah and then in Phoenix in October yeah and then there's a contact form in the bottom as well so you can get in touch with us  

Howard: by the way is this commercial did you pay me money to come on the show think it's a bill I mailed it a week ago there's no money changing hands I said but you did say you're gonna give my problem with that well yeah yeah but um my gosh it's um one of the reasons I started in 2004 sort of the online continuation because I have to tell you in in my 32 years of practicing right up the street here looking at a lot of dentists coming out of school all the way to retirement now if I had to look at all the ones that I thought had the most fun made the most money just just look like they're having a good time and had to relate it to one variable it was always hours of seee mm-hmm because if you like you would go to an implant course but the guy sitting next to you is telling you about an ortho course or this or that or that of that and and if you if your five best friends are from dental school and they hate dentistry and they ate their wife and they ate their kids and they hate it if those are your five best friends you're gonna be miserable but what I like the most about them getting my FA G DM AG diplomat implants all that stuff had nothing to do with the education it was the people I met who had a fire in their belly for dentistry yeah and  then and now you're game and now instead of people just tearing up your game and tell hi it's horrible now you got people like oh dude you can do better than that try this do that so your five best friends are gonna drag you up to their level because they're gonna drag you down to your level exactly and so I I still so that was way in 2004 we started to online see and and the online TV was obviously Dentists work with her hand you need to go to a course you need to see over the shoulders but I always figured the one-hour online sea was just a really good digital introduction to say do I really want to fly to Nashville and are you having it Nashville just because that's where smiles direct club is headquartered you know there might be a lot of people that need some some help from I actually think smells very clubs gonna be the best thing ever because I think I think it's I'm gonna get a it's when the when you lower the cost from 6500 to 2500 you're gonna get a ton of people to enter that and then you're a cosmetic guru when people go get faster easier cheaper cosmetic work how many times like oh it's perfect yeah we're all good how many of them are going to come back you say and and right now like say when I was a baby those big Catholic families would be like the the most disaster occlusion got ortho I mean it was a girl where if you didn't do braces she'd have to enter the nunnery no one's gonna marry her no one's gonna and now they sighs the family came down to - so now everybody gets braces and now it's any adult that I see in my practice getting braces they're already get a the second time I mean every every woman that got divorced I was looking at him designed so I think that um if we fast-forward 25 years I think the average I'm the average American will have had braces one and a half times yeah so a low-cost instrument I hope I hope they all get in because it's low cost and they start looking at there's another phenomena I've seen with humans you either own your own bowling ball and have a bag or you haven't been bowling in ten years right here in Arizona we got the four lakes I think of the word scar saguaro cactus Apache Roosevelt you either have a boat and I can go there all the time or you haven't been there when's last time you went skiing in one of those four rivers boat Leakey nurses waterskiing why just have never been waterskiing but my uh I have a friend who's bowling I was

Dr. Marina Ambridge: I used to live in a condo and we had a bowling alley

Howard:   don't Bowl or boat or they own their own ball and boat in same with their teeth man I noticed it was an 87 when I'm it was 89 the first bleaching came out and it was from Arkansas it was what the hell was that bleach name but it was some Omni bleaching and it was just car Bama I remember talking my pharmacist Brad about this and he goes dude that's curb a my peroxide temperature neutral pH and then he comes over and gets me a bottle of some canker sore medication and it was the same  exact stuff but we had to pay $900 for six bottles and I didn't really care because it's so sold but what I loved about it is every person that bleach their teeth started a new relationship with their teeth and they're like well what about that what about this and and what was sapien is the same thing reason my four boys not my five grandkids getting them interested in it is everything if the kids interested in it you never have to you have to worry about anything and I just think low-cost bleaching s smiles direct anything that just gets my hate don't forget me you know forget the mouth and then they're off and running so so you got two courses at Nashville and Phoenix and it was Nashville because that was the home of the SD smiles direct Club and white Phoenix it's a great place to be  well it's actually you know what

Dr. Marina Ambridge: it's in Scottsdale you know nice resorts are there but y

Howard: eah it's pronounced not still so um so it's gonna be a two-day course um back to photography yeah since I think um you know the you you always meet a kid in there I was like shy of a laser and say okay you just ask me a hundred thousand dollar question have you posted one picture of your own work on your own website and they say no if you were talking to a young kid and they said I'm okay I want to start documenting my work I know you you you the circle you run would do it because you guys got to document your work for the AACD and all that so like that but if it was a young kid and she said okay I see the value in documenting work where would she start where would she learn what camera would she get what would you advise her

Dr. Marina Ambridge: so on I did do a course a twelve twelve lecture course for the ACD website so going there she can look there and the whole ECD website it's not quite up yet we filmed it and it's not there but you hope that it you filmed it in a Phoenix right yeah yeah yeah he told me all about he's like yeah very very impressed and I I've known that guy forever so so it's gonna be on the AACD yeah so it's available for members but you know I think it definitely makes sense especially if you're under the online education so you got the a a CD virtual campus exactly the dental xpe and the restorative nation the virtual campus 

Howard: so the virtual campus oh right there yeah are you remember this site uses cookies I love cookies oh there's another thing typical government they passed the law so why so now on every website the rest of my life I have to accept the cookies thank you government everybody I mean HIPPA passes one law and raises the price of health care 10% and they pass OSHA so I just why do millennials every time they say okay I accept the cookies I wanna thing realize that's the government breaking their leg with a with a sledgehammer again and then they're gonna run back to that guy every time everything gets more expensive but so the virtual campus very very cool so are you learning a lot of the implants I see they had the on the virtual deal they had dental XP

Dr. Marina Ambridge: mm-hmm so is that where for members they have a partnership with dental XP where you can go and and learn take courses for free it's included with your membership government accept button again 

Howard: yeah thanks  for making me do nine steps to do anything so what is the restorative an inter restorative nation is that ain't nothing it's another partner and that's another great resource that the ACE oh by Glee and breeding members yeah oh that's right but I thought she was with pinky now she is but that's where she has that website that's also nice I think that is so cool how you know we're we're here for the dentist I don't care if they with the pinky Raj Nath spear III don't care like like you know people I've asked people come on the show before they are you sure cuz I write for another magazine it's like dude we're both writing for the same person we're writing for these kids and what would you say to the class of 2020 who say Howard he got out in the eighties he was he that was he got on the right time 2020 getting out of school today with $400,000 student loans that's a bad idea what would you say to that kid who's second guessing a doctorate in dental surgery in the year 2020

Dr. Marina Ambridge: he's already in dental school so it's too late to do that to get that money back I think I think they should make the most of their education first of all during dental school go to your classes and try to study because after you graduate you're gonna be paying to relearn what you missed but well the same thing to the cheaters exactly we laughed at that all the ways they see dental school cheating was a plague you know like do you not realize you're gonna be in your own office hmm you're cheating yourself right yeah yeah yeah and the other thing is there's so much free CE for dental students so a lot of dental students they'll want to if they're gonna study they're gonna study the minimum that they need to pass the test right but they need to realize that there's so much dentistry to learn even beyond dental school and a lot of really good CE is available to them at really low costs because they're a dental student or a new grad I mean I think I don't know if it's still true but I think on dental town a lot of the webinars are free for for students is that still the case 

Howard: yeah it's free for students dental students and the  I don't like calling in third world but do you cut the  developing world hmm I walked into dental schools and Katmandu and in Africa where when the Dean found out it was made they just burst out bawling I mean this one the one in can't mind she to take a knee because  they were so poor that all their books for twenty years old yeah and  then they they found out all those courses were free on dental town and  then I mean it's and then also on Google you can open up dental town but if your browser is Google and different languages it converts the whole thing so they can open that up dental town and at Google browsers or to be Polish or what have you and yeah the I think that and when Steve Jobs stuck the internet in this phone I would say Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 69 and humans didn't arrive on earth until this boy right here 2007 and this is what Neil individual Armstrong now as opened up has the entire universe on there it's the biggest game changer ever I have found I was talking to a woman dentist in Somalia and I would let her do a molar economy in Somalia and she watched a thousand YouTube and we were time I mean it's just amazing before her Android smartphone she had no you only knew what your tribal leaders told you what your local dental school told you and you see all these paradigms coming down because of this you saw so I was born in 62 and when I in 72 when I was 10 my mom bought us our first encyclopedias that were printed in 52 so my first my first wikipedia was when I was 10 and it was a 20 year old set of books yeah and now this guy gets born today and he's got 75 million pages of Wikipedia that have been updated so the so knowledge is zero cost is just your motivation and time is really changing the world right oh I 2007 to 2107 will be the finest century we've ever had it'll make Neil Armstrong standing on the moon look like a warm-up pitch for what the individuals gonna do and so so if she's um so again I'm gonna go back to my target audience my target audience from send me an email Howard at dental town comm tell me who you are where you're from what country leave comments in the in the YouTube a quarter and we're still in school and the rest are all under 30 and they're scared they're $400,000 in debt and so I want to ask you succinctly if she got out of school she's $400,000 in debt my gosh what advice would you give her because there's there's the cosmetic people there's the implant people there's the snore guard people there's a sleep apnea people there's endo there's a silver diamine fluoride pediatric people I mean she's kind of standing there thinking oh my god there's 10 specialties there's tank there's ten ways to go but $400,000 a debt is weighing on her um and what I tell him to do is just first first go marry correctly go find preferably someone about 80 90 years old with ten million dollars and after they met huh but um so would it would it would you give him $400,000 in debt with ten different directions to go

Dr. Marina Ambridge: well I think first of all I need to figure out which direction you want to go into and you can you know start taking maybe watching free webinars or low-cost webinars and figure out what you're interested in also I would join academies like the American Academy of cosmetic dentistry if you're interested in cosmetics or their similar ones for all the other different disciplines and going there you can meet a lot of people that are gonna inspire you and you can figure out if that's where you want to go and even though you know four hundred thousand is a lot of money in the negative I would still spend money on CE because as a young dentist it does cost you a lot less than if you were already established and you're also losing production and when you're young you can do more and use it more –

Howard: so I'm gonna ask you a question that you're more qualified to answer than me or your husband that is uh being a girl versus a boy a lot of women when I'm am I'm lecturing an 80 still again and this I think this month or next month in March um a lot of young girls are very stressed because they're like um you know I want to be that amazing dentist I don't want I want to be a bad mom that they they want to get an A and mom and I am dentist and when they look at that down that when they're looking down the barrel of a double-barrel shotgun and here's an a and mom and a a in dentist they don't know would it be better to get a mom if I was an employee at a big DSO so that five o'clock I can just come home and totally raise my baby or would you say

Dr. Marina Ambridge: it's better it's easier to be a mom if you own your own place so if you want to go to the recital tomorrow you can just cancel your patients what do you what advice would you give us someone struggling with that I think to be to be honest I think if you want to be an a and mom and that's the only thing that you want to be probably it would be easier to just for a corporate and you know not have to worry about the business aspects of Dentistry you know potentially yes but you know if you do that are you gonna be hating your life and hating your job right because you're not doing something that you're really passionate about you're just doing that just to get by so I think it's important to balance it I think as a professional woman you definitely need a lot of help you can't do it alone and you know I'm very lucky because my husband is very supportive you know he's doing a lot of those

Howard: thanks for raising the bar buddy yeah my god Jesus for nothing

Dr. Marina Ambridge: he's doing a lot of the men's stuff at the office so I don't have to worry about that otherwise and stuff admin admin administer admin sorry you're saying men's stuff yeah it's the administrative so you're saying you need a supportive spouse exactly and I think you know having your own office it's actually I think it's a lot more difficult than being an associate you have to be up for the challenge because it doesn't get easier from it I think you have to be passionate about being your own boss and being that kind of person where you can't really work on there's someone else to take that plunge 

Howard: I want to ask you another question this one is incredibly sexist and bad and shouldn't be asked but since its dentistry uncensored some people say that I'm well when they look at data where DSOs two out of three of their dentists are female yeah so you you you you get no matter what Theory you have on anything you gotta count for that fact that two out of three people work for DIA so I'm some some people say that um women are less likely to want to be owner-operators other people say it's not a woman thing it's a millennial thing do you

Dr. Marina Ambridge: think women or Millennials are any different in their desire to be owner-operators than say all the girls in my class from from then I don't think it has to be specifically I don't think it's specifically women or Millennials for Millennials I think what's really driving their likelihood to be the Usos first of all their age and experience and the amount of debt that they have it's a lot easier for them to first work as an associate get a job at a DSO and then own their own office it's a lot it's a big commitment to right off the bat as you're just graduating to open your own office so they want to probably pay off their debt first so that's why they're going to the DSO so that's personally why I think Millennials are overrepresented there for women you know as we discussed I think that it has to do with you know raising kids you know it's easier to be working working for someone else when you're a mom because you don't have to bring work home go in you're done you just do easy stuff that you're very comfortable with you don't have difficult cases you don't have to worry about the patient necessarily leaving a bad review or leaving you or anything because it's not really I guess your office when  we asked about which area you went into you I agree how much when you said

Howard:  you know when people say to me well should I specialize in pediatric dentistry or endo or should I go to this is like dude it's your life you're gonna do this from 25 to 65 and then die why are you looking at me I mean if I had to be a pediatric dentist or run the dishwasher at the Waffle House I'm going to the Waffle House you know it's you know I'm not to be an pediatric dentist it's the same thing with them do you think it's the same thing with a photography we're talking about to documenting cases on us stuff like I never got into that I always had my assistants do that and do you do you think the doctor has to own that and the doctor needs to be a photographer or do you think back to your course in Nashville at the SD see headquarters of Smiles direct Club headquarters is where the course is gonna be and then in Phoenix at my house it's gonna be at my house oh is that a

Dr. Marina Ambridge: yeah do you do you think they got it own that and do that themselves or do you think you can have your assistant be your photographer so for you know general cases I think you should have the assistant do that it's not necessarily a good use of dentist time to take all the photos however I think the dentists should know how to take them there themselves it's just like you know I think with x-rays you know you're not you're not taking x-rays yourself but if in a pinch you need to be able to do that yourself you have anything that you learn you have to be able to teach someone new because your staff may leave or you need to be you can't be the worst one at that task well that's funny you know I because

Howard: I think that you know when someone says molar endo then when they say Arling molar and I was thinking what's the hardest thing more and oh for me it's actually just finding the MBTI you know that when you look at an extraction and so well what if a root tip break off I you know but when you hold dentists and and I've pulled more desks cuz a lot of people say well you know two out of three donors think that I say oh I haven't seen that can you give me that and they never they never have any math it's always just fell right out of there and but on dental town when you start a thread the first post can be a pole so there's thousands of poles on dental town and we even have a polling button but whenever you ask hundreds and hundreds of does and by the way in dentistry since you I mean when you're trying to predict the next president of states that they'll survey a thousand people in a country that has 331 million people I've been looking at polling data on dentist for 32 years on my own website and after two hundred the horse the winners of the horses never change you just fortify the number from one placements it to you play you used to make it more fortified but the winners and losers don't take place but when you ask him what stressed you out it's always it's always the people it's either the patients or the staff you'd see the patients stress them out their own staff stresses them out and it's one of those things where we started this deal where I I don't want some high expectation person coming buddy so would stress me out but yeah what would advice would you give to someone listening on the way to work that stressed out by patients or staff so you know both of these things you can control okay so if your staff stresses you out they're not doing what you're asking them then maybe 

Dr. Marina Ambridge:you should look into changing this stuff and seeing what the patient you know you say you're uncomfortable with a very demanding patient that's looking at their tooth um you know you should maybe you shouldn't treat that patient maybe you should refer that patient somewhere else because it's not first of all it's not worth it for your health and then if you're not comfortable treating that patient what happens if your they're not happy with your result - so you're gonna be in a bigger mess than you started with so you need to take care of the things that stress you out and just change it I fired my best friend for my practice I remember one time is that estab me I had no idea you know how some people will treat you different than someone else you know they'll be really nice to you but mean to the other neighbor on the other side or whatever whatever and 

Howard: I had no idea he just drove my staff insane and blah blah blah and I was listening to it and they I said well why didn't you tell me and they go I didn't tell you he's your he's your drinking buddy and I'm like well that a we don't drink at the dental office you know unless you considered liquor Listerine and out a beverage but so so I I fired him yes that was the right move to do he told me when I fired him he goes he's this come from Judy and I said yeah he goes well and then he said she was an ass I thought oh my god I said John you can't do that you can't you can't be like that but uh but yeah so when you do things you don't like to do for money it never ends well yeah whether that's alcoholism substance abuse whatever it's  never it's never gonna end pretty I I would what is there is there anything that you wanted to talk about today that you were hoping I would bring up and I was didn't remember or too dumb to if

Elliott Ambridge : I might just had a you're not allowed to talk at the very end now you know as a business developer for marina and her other businesses what I what I noticed is that what everybody needs to be concerned right now about just like you mentioned about the phone that most of the Millennials and Generation Z the way they share information right now is through social networks right and what if you are at you know an up-and-coming dentist how would you get your name out to potential patients right through the social networks those are the biggest places where everybody goes to get information nowadays but as we seen right now Facebook is going is going down 

Howard: okay why do you think it's going down

Elliott Ambridge : well it's  mostly because it's old right it's quite old so and it's quite old and it's quite filled with a lot of garbage and information that is not always correct and true right so Facebook kind of lost its way there that and now there is a lot of junk and a lot of news that is not actually honest news for example so nobody is really trying to get people who only started with Facebook are still sticking with it and I see that new people are moving into Instagram tik-tok is the new way of communicating for Generation Z means people and what's interesting why I'm mentioning all of this is that the way to communicate through Instagram for example is no longer text of any kind it's images right so people are like to look at pictures you can you can get a lot more information much faster through an image then through a bunch of text right and just connecting it to photographs for example a lot of dentists are still advertising their work just showing the teeth right well they can be showing the whole patient and the way you know if they are correctly taking the hope you know portrait photo of a patient and the patient really likes that portrait they'll be sharing it for you right so they really like the way you have done their work and you know if taking a whole picture of their whole face they'll be posting it on their social media right that's how they will communicate that you're great dentist right and your name will be getting out so you have to remember that nowadays you have to employ  for example you have to think about ways to communicate your work through social networks and have other people comment on it and share it and the only way to do it I think right now is to show the whole patient not just the teeth this tick tock 

Howard: concern you that let's be honest it's Chinese a lot of countries are blocking the 5g do you think that is and when I say that I was born in America and I'm the biggest critic on America I mean America has been at war from 1776 to 2020 it's been at war every year except for 20 years when the president you know campaigns on being isolationism Wilson one minute after he got to the White House the the military convinced him and were in World War one after World War two it was it was immediately Korea then Nam that Iraq I mean America during the whole eight years of Obama we were not declared war on anybody but our military killed people everyday in seven countries you know so so when I hear things like that I always think Oh tick tock said Chinese well you know I don't even know who's more evil the Chinese are the United States but does it concern you that tick tock is Chinese not really

Elliott Ambridge:  no because as long as you communicate I mean on our level I call our level on the small business medium sized business level I don't think that's very concerning because they will not be censoring any kind of photographs 

Howard: any kind of information that you'll be sharing and the United States there's more people more information I mean look at Biden I look at snow man all these people I mean when people start thinking the United States is this little virgin Catholic school boy none it's like now you don't even get your own country um when when I show you this I'm sorry I'm going to move this out to show you but right right now the Silent Generation is uh you know people over 75 they're down to 20 million I'm in the Boomer 73 million it's going down Generation X to 65 million Millennials 70 million and Generation Z is 86 million succinctly what I want to ask you since you're the you're the smartest cosmetic guru I know definitely in Arizona and what is your amazing my

Dr. Marina Ambridge: think when you see millennial genex baby boomer as far as cosmetic needs is um does anything come to mind and these Millennials just Invisalign and boomers more all right what do you think so I think for example Millennials they're very very much on social media on Instagram they're looking at different filters they're following plastic surgeons you know they want fillers they want Botox at 25 and I think Jen Z is more like almost a protest against that like Gen Z is very natural gens ease more about you know loving you the way you are you know they have more like Gen Z they have ads for you know let's say I don't know Aeropostale are all these brands that are for targeted for those kids where they have you know models with crooked teeth or with weight so that's more about Gen Z whereas I think Millennials are more about so gen Z's gonna be more all-natural yeah yeah I think which makes a lot of sense because when I think of all-natural I think of an entire you know galaxy being sucked into a black hole I think of two neutron stars extinct ting everything in a thousand light years but they really like that word natural I don't know if it came from yeah hepatitis AIDS the corona virus but anyway all natural but but Millennials genetics yeah Millennials you know it's like the Kardashians right gen Z's more like Greta thern burger you know that girl about the climate change oh so she's a girl from Sweden I think maybe oh yeah like with you Trump an argument with Trumper yeah so she's you know you know at her young age she's becoming you know a big name for climate change so those I think are the people representing Gen Z yeah baby boomers for example you know they're you know they haven't had fluoride growing up they have a lot of wear and tear on their teeth so they're gonna be the ones coming in for complex restorative cases right you know Millennials a lot of them have grown up with fluoride they don't have that many cavities and I guess um you know Gen X they're known as the forgotten generation the Gen X or the Silent Generation what was it you said Generation X they're the forgotten generation Oh like the silent yeah every time everybody's talking about you know an NBC or wherever about all the different generations they always forget Gen X yeah and then Gen X will post memes all about that 

Howard: huh yeah I all I like is that you know I published I post a lot of stuff about the Harvard Business Review where you know I like research stuff and the research stuff from our res review says that there's um that this was all you know that there's you're just picking a when they were born but as far as the research from one to one they said there's there's none existing it's just it's it all has to do with how old they are not their generation is special then you know 20 year olds at another time but anyway I just um I just think it's funny that um the only thing I see in there that's a class is that the young millennial genex dentist they hate direct mail phone books yellow pages all that stuff so they're doing all their instant all their advertising on Instagram and all that and I said well what kind of practice you have is it all like is all I can busily know is I wanna do a lot of implants I'm pretty sure the implant people still walk out to their post office you know get their Valpak get their direct mail so just because you bring to the table your personal bias of your hatred towards something never can be I still think your own self is your your biggest bias your whole life you're always filtering everything through your noodle and projecting that on to everyone else and when I see my friends I give you name of a half-dozen practices that collect three to four million dollars a year and it's either a dollar bill sized ad that says home of the $999 implant so they all come back from there donna's prosthodontist oral surgeon these implants are twelve hundred fourteen hundred dollars apiece and and that's the one thing you going you you could go log on to every periodontist website in Phoenix Arizona not one of them will show their fee no price transparency but I can log on to some of these websites tell me the cost of every hotel room possible every airplane flight or things like that and so the affordable dentures got to 200 locations off one trick home of the $99 extraction why because whenever you work out of your dream land you know the extraction are gonna be over a hundred but affordable then she's like have you ever known anyone who needed one extraction I mean if you need every teeth do you need extracted right now I don't I don't think any tooth extracted thrown away they do I need pareo cavities gum disease implants oh my god if they need more than three teeth extracted you know they're a lawyer every time they're just so a lawyer and so the bottom line is um the bottom line is there's no price transparency and when you give someone this big old treatment plan that they're gonna need implants in each and not one person is transferring their prices document your own work say I did this right here in hunky-dory Phoenix and this implants 999 because if you ask an economist if you like something what should you do and they say if you like it you should lower your price why the winners are always the lowest cost provider Southwest Airlines does 27% airline flights Walmart IKEA the lowest cost always wins and everybody I know that's doing four million or more has the lowest price implant it's if they keep it at $9.99 and it's on their website right next to the show they're doing it because no one really well Millennials might need one implant hmm but boomers don't need one implant boomers if they need one implant they need at least four you know I mean but anyway at a time it was an honor that you drove all the way from the rich and luxurious Peoria Arizona down here to Phoenix Arizona to hang out with the normal people quite an honor watching your career best like I love what you're doing for my homies thank you so much for coming to such an honor and know and how this interview went and our Nate now do you think you didn't need to bring your lawyer who just said it really appreciated well we're on Eliot Road I mean here my god I couldn't ask your husband but thank you for coming down will you serve me papers or how I know when I've been sued thank you 

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