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Let's Talk Infection Control and Sterilization Compliance

Let's Talk Infection Control and Sterilization Compliance

5/14/2020 4:37:05 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 86

Infection Prevention and Control is a hot topic as practices rush to work on re-opening plans and procedures. Every State/Province has their own guidelines, which in some instances have remained the same post-COVID and others have drastically changed. Many practices are investing in a short-term future of uncertainty in that they are unaware if additional protective measures should be taken and uncontrollably spending by following suit as to what other practices may be implementing.

When it comes to Infection Prevention and Control, PPE and equipment upgrades are the hottest topic. Many practices are procuring supplies and purchasing equipment, while not placing emphasis on the compliance regulations involved. Did you know that many autoclaves hardwired with smart readers still require manual checking, logging and approvals to ensure compliance is met. Check with your State/Provincial regulatory board and your suppliers to ensure when any purchases are made that additional procedural protocols are in place to ensure they are being effectively used.

The last thing you want is a failed compliance check after making such a large investment of time and money.

Here at a Clinch we focus on cost effective ways to implement procedural protocols and bridge the gap in your dental practice. The goal is to keep it simple, affordable and powerful. Keep our motto in mind going forward and you’ll come out of the races ahead. 

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Let's Talk Infection Control and Sterilization Compliance

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