Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
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1465 Howard Speaks with Dr. Eric Block about the Dentist as a Business Owner : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1465 Howard Speaks with Dr. Eric Block about the Dentist as a Business Owner : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

9/22/2020 3:00:00 AM   |   Comments: 1   |   Views: 112
Howard joins Dr. Eric Block on the Deals for Dentists Podcast to talk business, dentistry, and navigating the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Welcome to another edition of the deals for dentist podcast and you're in for a treat he needs no introduction he's the hardest working man in dental show business the James Brown Dr Howard Farran DDS and big thank you so much for joining the deals for dentist podcast and it's an honor to have you hey it's an honor to be on your show how are you doing I’m doing great and this is actually surreal right now for me to be interviewing you I’m so excited and I had so many questions I want to ask you and mainly I wanted to ask you some questions about you and your practice and also how you can help the young dentists out there um and I have so many questions one of the first questions I wanted to ask you first the first time I’d ever heard the word comptroller was when the ex-disgraced governor Elliot Spitzer um you know got caught with the whole uh socks on and prostitution scandal and then he resigned from governor and then he uh campaigned to become the New York uh state comptroller um that was the first time I heard the word and then I’d hear you mention that you have a comptroller um for your office um is that a specific job that you have one person that controls all your finances and can you explain how that works yeah and you know first of all um you know the you have to know your costs I mean you know you have your you know your cost uh your price minus cost equals profit and what dentists try to do is they just try to do what they do their cost and then add some profit that they deem they're worthy of because they're just worthy of that you can justify anything and then they arrive at their price so they arrive at their price but it's not cost plus profit equals price it's the price that will move the product and service minus the profit you need to stay in business equals your budget and like I was at the delta dental of Arizona board meeting um election uh um a couple days ago I think I think it was last Friday uh where I lost uh by a hundred votes that make it onto the board and I listen to all these dentists complaining to the CEO of delta Alan Alford they're going well look at all my write-offs I mean I charge this and you only pay this and I have to write off that I’m just sitting here thinking like what a joke well why don't you drop delta and go try to get the American to pay that but that you can just tell they're entitled they're like well this is I did a crown and this is my cost and this is my price and you didn't pay the whole thing and I had to write it like Allen’s the problem it's like well there's eight billion people I could walk up to and say hey I got a Lamborghini for three hundred thousand dollars and they say well I don't have three hundred thousand dollars here and you're like what you have to buy this so you need to know the price that moves and that's what we call the equilibrium clearing price where you can raise your price up and as you raise your price up price has an elastic effect on demand and the sales start going down I mean you start with a 300 000 Lamborghini but the number one selling car in America is a thirty thousand dollar car and the number one selling car in the world is a ten thousand dollar car and I have to this day um take away the dsos no one knows their price you could walk into any dental office that's had a hygienist for 10 years doing the same thing she's always in room one she's got a little bell around her neck because they always need to know where she's at and she walks out of the room she just did a cleaning uh a recall cleaning exam and bitewings and I’ll tell the doctor how much was that and he'll say oh I don't even know or if he tells me the price you know he'll tell me the price but he sells it for 12 different prices on these insurance plans and um and you know you always tell me a price and it's usually um you know isn't even one of the 12 prices he sells it for and I’ll say well how much did you net on that did you net eighteen 5.18 after taxes or lose nine bucks he doesn't know so you know in the very beginning um my president Laurie zalowski has been with me over two decades that was her first job I was ordering my own in-house bookkeeper um because you know you need a cpa um you know the statement of cash flow is what I need to run a business a balance sheet what balances your assets balance with what you owe your equity versus I mean what you have paid off the equity versus your liability and that's good if you're you need that if you're going to go borrow a loan or something like that and then the other one that everyone is obsessed with is as a statement income your p l your profit and loss but that's only prepared for a tax collector of the irs unless you're publicly traded the sec it's got artificial numbers depreciation deferred taxes all this I can't manage a company off of that so one's for the irs one's for getting a loan and I need a statement of cash flow and so the most astute business people bring in a bookkeeper and I think I hired Laurie for like 12 an hour two and a half decades ago and I and she said what do you want to do I said well here's where I set and there was three of us back there there's a couple of dentists and I said um just get yourself a chair and a terminal and I’ve just got some real um simple questions for you I want to know how much net income after taxes do I make off a cleaning exam of filling a root canal that's all I want to know and then she starts uh working and digging deeper into and she's like holy moly we were on soft which was the kingpin back then now it's Dentrix and she's like well it's so hard because you have this dental practice management system which has everything you do but it's not hooked into your accounts receivable your payables your banking and so we had to um do everything with making excel spreadsheets and notes we even had a pegboard system with a flip and pencil and I have to tell you it's not any better um to this day because um I too I mean I beg Stan Bergman I mean I flew all the way to Melville New York or whatever I begged him for half a day and he was a good man and he said I’ll tell you what I’m going to do I’m gonna take one of my MBAs and I’m going to put her on this project we're going to look into it so she flies out she meets with our whole team really sharp lady NBA and she goes and does a survey of a thousand Dennis just like this delta vote I lost on this weekend to dennis that I mean one of the two of them don't even have a website and it's like I don't care I mean it's not my way or the highway but dennis never cease to amaze me how every time they shoot a bullet the first one goes in the right foot and the second one goes in their left foot she surveyed a thousand people a thousand dentists and asked them I had all my wish list and she had um asked them what they wanted changing the font size was like number one changing the color of their notes voice activated perio and I read that list and I just said to myself Howard you've got to keep lowering your expectations of what you expect your fellow colleagues do because in the day they're just humans they just want supper they want to go home and eat some pizza watch a ball game I know I take this serious as can be and um and people and uh you know so dentists are they're crazy they don't want they don't want a dentist with an nba sitting on the delta board 300 people voted for this one person and 200 voted for me it's like all right you know I hope I hope they serve you well I’m not saying anything's wrong with anybody but I just come with an astute dental business that's the fork in the road I mean dentistry in my mind has two components it has business and dentistry and if you take away the business you don't have dentistry I mean um you know I could go out there and sell a root canal billet and crown for one million dollars and no one would have access to oral health so you gotta find so there's a lot of moving parts in this thing and I would start and every dentist I know pays all this money to a cpa and they're like oh this guy's the best guy ever he's the best in fact he specializes in dentistry that's the best move is get someone that only does dentistry but even those guys all say okay well you just did a crown uh in that room you're in there an hour and a half how much money did you net they had no idea and it could be solved in eight seconds um I switch from um soft end to open dental only because it's open you can actually and that was started by a dentist in Oregon who could not believe that Dentrix wouldn't let him uh access his own data and then they told him it wasn't his data he's like I’m entering all my patients names and addresses and all that and it's not my data and they said no it's not and they and they programmed all these firewalls to keep them out of there so that was the birth of open detail and I only went with that because now um you know if anybody is going to tie quicken QuickBooks pro and turbo tax I mean every dentist wants to know how much taxes they owe well that's called turbo tax it's owned by intuit and into it and by the way Microsoft tried to buy into it and bill Clinton you opened up with a joke about the attorney general in this process bill Clinton blocked Microsoft had Microsoft word excel and PowerPoint and he needed accounting for American business that would have been the most fundamental foundational earthquake in all of small businesses of the world and bill Clinton blocked it because I don't know maybe Jeffrey Epstein told him on the island uh that it was I’m not dead serious I mean the guy is the guy I mean everybody talks about one political party being corrupt I mean the other one I mean it's like a binary star of just complete grotesque corruption but I mean that was the that was my saving grace that Microsoft would buy into it so I could finally know my cost so here it is 2020 and I got open dental and I’ve got um you know my accounting and I’ve got um Lori’s moved on to the president Stacy’s comptroller suzette I mean I got and then I have an auditor coming in once a month because you know we're going through a million bucks a month I mean you need an auditor to make sure everything's going right but it's in it's in no better shape Dentrix oh my god they'll never invite me to Utah for one of their users me when I got the invitation I’m like does this they must have hired someone doesn't even know I exist because I cannot stand them more than I mean they're all they're so bad and I went there and I thought whatever I’m going and I sat in the front row and the guy he opens up for the first 20 minutes things no first of all we know that 80 of all of our features are never used so let's just um but we're going to go over them anyway and it's like imagine if Hyatt regency had that you go to check in and a lady opens up a screen and there's like 4 000 buttons and all this crap you know you need to be able to x out if I don't use it you need to be x out all that stuff because it's overwhelming to some person that gets on there and I and then you decide at Hyatt regency that there's only eight things you exactly want done and that's the only eight things that's called a process a workflow so like they call you up what is your name what is your phone number what you know whatever you decide you need to know and then you open up Dentrix and when dennis tell me they love Dentrix I mean you might as well just tell me you have a head injury you're not smart you're drunk you're young you're green but you couldn't be heartland dental running a thousand offices I mean look at stephen Thorne he's not even a dentist his dad's a dentist and he realized well why am I going to go to school eight years to be a dentist when I can hire one who had eight years of school for 300 bucks a day in an hour and he went and he bought what he thought was the best one at the time but he told me says it's [ __ ] it's the best one out there you're like the you're like the least drunk guy at the bar so you can drive me home but I just want to take it and have all the rights to it because then I’m going to hire my own programmers and fix it and he's been fixing it for 20 years so those dsos they know what's going on and my homies don't know anything and that is the achilleas tendon that will kill fee for service private practice dentistry because what they want to do is they want to believe they live in this bubble that they can just do really good work like they do on their mom and then add a nice profit that they're entitled to because they're a dentist and here's their price and we're in the middle of a pandemic we're in the middle of um it's beyond a recession this looks like a full-blown depression you've lost 40 million jobs um of those 40 million people 38 million had dental insurance we know the number one variable that associates um going to the dentist is dental benefits um you're broke uh you know it took 246 years to go from zero to 19 trillion dollars in debt and now we just passed 26 trillion the dollar's fallen all that money is going to have to be paid back um I’ve never seen in my I turned 58 this is august 25th so I guess Saturday I guess this is Tuesday this Saturday I turn 58 I’ve never seen America with this bat of a hand in my entire life and you're not going to come through this by not knowing your cost well I know what I’m going to do I’m going to blindfold myself put q-tips in my ears and I’m going to go forward with no awareness of my cost my prices I mean it's just it's just and you can't fix stupid you can't fix it but you tell a dentist all of this and he and he's not even listening he's thinking about tmj's thinking I wonder where the condyle is and that's why I love my homies I mean they went to school eight years to work with their hands to help me get out of pain god dang I love them but the one thing they're not is business people and they even tell you well you know I’m not a salesman I don't want to sell dentistry exactly you don't want to sell nothing you're i love you but you're a dentist but you know they're a challenge it's so true you need to know your numbers especially right now when you know we're going through this pandemic and you just you have to be so careful and know your breakeven points and now has your have you and your team been happier with open dental is it oh yeah and absolutely um is it does it integrate with uh QuickBooks or not quite there yet well the first thing I have to say about dental is um my gosh forget about any feature whatever the thing never crashes I mean my I cause remember I got five programmers I hired a programmer in 98 to start dental town so I’ve had five programmers for you know 20 some years ken angie nick larry great people um but um they're just like whoever built this it's a it's a robust son of a it's never crashed yet that's something else um but yeah it's completely open anybody can do anything but you know when I’m doing my podcast and I’m um love your podcast and it's so smart to do because everyone knows when there's eight billion people it's not what you know it's what you know and who you know and if you have no social network you're not if you're not out there running for mayor in your own town you're not going to build a practice and if you're not out there networking with other people in dentistry you're never going to be knowing what's going on and every person I’ve ever networked with an i.t person open dental is the first thing they're aiming at because it's open and then if you want to work with Dentrix whatever you got to get these apis and you got to get all this [ __ ] as opposed to just being open and I think that's such a good idea you have an auditor that that comes every month to review your finances and just make sure everything is uh all the eyes are dotted and the t's are crossed that's such a great idea well you know um in buzz and when there and when the economy as it gets worse and worse and worse you're gonna have to uh like you know you think you're a holy night I mean you're thinking I’m eric I’m so uh I’m perfect yeah well if you're if your plane crash in the mountaintop and you were freezing to death you might be a cannibal I mean I mean you and I might be looking at each other thinking oh you know who we gonna kill now let's get that old man you know whatever but um as it can as economics uh deteriorate there'll be a lot more pressures to take money and you gotta remember when I was little basically to steal money from you had to steal a check and you had to forget you had to take it to the bank now it's all digital they come in to pay the terminal and you can debit you can move all this money around and when people go to um consultants when they get a consultant to come in their office obviously their business isn't doing too well so when those consultants go in the office half the time it's embezzling half the time and I’m and this is another reason I love dentistry they're so funny because you know I post all the ones that make the news because if they're already in the newspaper I’m not outing a dentist some people say well aren't you embarrassing it's like dude is on the front page of this newspaper in a big town I’m sure the last person he's thinking about is dental town or Howard’s twitter account but I mean the this I mean they usually are stealing like a hundred and fifty thousand a year this one just the other day stole eight thousand dollars over like three years it's like how many businesses can you steal eight hundred thousand I mean if you got it wouldn't got a job at your local you know dairy queen or your local uh subway shop do you think you could have stole 800 000 in four years I mean it's big time money it's loose as a goose and these dennis show they'll bank with chase but they don't have the chase app on their phone and the um so what you got to do is break these things up so you know where everybody's embezzling and it's oftentimes the wife I have to admit the dentist is I mean I shouldn't say the wife I’m that that's bad I should say the spouse even though I don't have any examples of male spouses doing this to female dentists but I have you know 20 of women doing this to male husbands is um the marriage ain't going too good so she starts moving three four five thousand dollars a month always out of the country it's always the Caribbean Australia somewhere it's either Caribbean um grand Caymans in fact grand Cayman is getting uk's under a lot of flack internationally because that's where all the thugs are hiding their money and she starts moving five thousand a month that makes the marriage a little better you know I can put up with you uh being you for five thousand a month on the side and then by the time the dentist finds out she files for divorce and but anyway so in in the dental office um they're moving this around so what happens is she gets the mail she makes a deposit then she makes the deposit and you know she's getting the mail to make the deposit she's paying bills every time you add a function to her she can do it all and uh my gosh um you gotta break that stuff up so you know the checks the canceled checks are mailed to the doctor's home uh the cash deposits or whatever any receipts I mean there's just there's just a big checklist and then on dental town it's hard for me to get people to make courses on how to uh prevent this because the opposite it's a training course and I remember when I put my first course up and uh my god it wasn't even um it wasn't even I think it was six months later and some guy was like thank you Howard for training my receptionist on how to do this right and um so um so what all I say is this it's really easy to do if you just break up the task you gotta make it so it takes at least two hopefully three in my office um it's gonna take Laurie Dawn Stacy Suzette and my auditor and uh and me if I can embezzle against myself  I could probably get that drunk to where I am start embezzling against myself but you know so for me but we're a million a month operation so it's gonna take you five people to pull this off and uh so um so just break up the task and then one more little caveat remember your wife's your lover but half the marriages fail and the other big red flag in the dental office is you got a mom working up front and the assistant is the uh is her daughter and so now we got a family in there so it's one try and then what do they do to uh play their odds well you know if I’m stealing from you and that could go bad but if I’m sleeping with you I only stole 100 000 but a divorce will be a million or you know I like to party if you wrote me a script for Vicodin and we had some fun one night or whatever so they try to get you so deep in the quicksand that when you find out they've sold half a million dollars from you you'd pay him another half million dollars just to go away just to make sure so yeah so I always tell dennis you know if you're going to sleep with one person on earth other than the one you're supposed to sleep with go to another continent at least the other side of town but really eight billion people you chose the monkey in the same business as you are I mean it just it just you can't make some of this stuff up it's just crazy so you're so right you need to know your numbers but you also have to protect your numbers where you've created a system where there's you're splitting up roles so the same person isn't opening the checks and depositing the checks also they all know that there's an auditor uh that's part of the mix so that creates uh you know um like a fear um but you're right during hard times it creates some people to maybe look for more opportunities to embezzle um so that is and I’m sure a lot of dentists think this can't happen to me um and it sure can so it's definitely um something you have to be careful of so I like the fact that you that you have all these people doing these different roles and you have that auditor um coming in uh just curious uh do you so how many days a week do you still practice um you know everybody that owns a thousand this was a tough thing for me um everybody like rick workman owns a thousand heartlands he hasn't touched the pace in 25 years rick kirschner owns 350 comfort dentals he hadn't touched pace 25 years steve thorne's not even dennis so it's always been a personal battle between the love I mean my favorite procedure in the world is always an extraction impacted wisdom teeth my second favorite is always muller and oh I really don't like the cosmetics if I’m not that type of touchy feely guy um into veneer because when I when I’m looking at veneer case I’m thinking god you should leave all that enamel on your teeth don't touch it do some Invisalign and some bleaching I don't want to peel all the enamel off your uh teeth and all that kind of stuff um but I’ve noticed in my 32 years the more time I do clinical dentistry that slows down every other project and so um I so I’m always the backup you know so like um you know I was in there three months uh just this year um our 2019 Monday through Friday eight to five because um we were down to dock so I’m a great bench uh I’m a great firs a sick I like to do a little bit um but I you know I’m getting old I’m 58 and um there are one I just uh podcast the CEO of den slice cirona uh and dawn casey says there's one million dentists on earth so if so if there if you're pushing a lawnmower this is the thing it's tough you come out of school and you went to eight years of school to push a lawnmower and you're pushing I can still remember when I was 10 my dad went to sears and it was 87 he loaned me the dollars bought me the lawnmower and then I had to pay him back and then for the interest I had to mow our yard and then that was my lawnmower to go mow other yards and back then a yard was three bucks and um but you start realizing it's all fun at first I mean fire that thing up I mean it was it's the coolest thing in the world when you're 10 and still cool at 11 or 12 or 13 but eventually by the time you get a car you're like I don't want to push a lawnmower so you know if um we you see dennis they did that with hygienists it's like okay cleaning the first hygiene cases were amazing but eventually you say I’m gonna let someone else do that I’m gonna move over to fillings and crown and bridge and what's so crazy about dennis I they're they remind me like my sister I love my five sisters more than anything my mom is the greatest person in the world but she's the craziest person in the world and you love them anyway the dentists are fighting dental therapists I mean I mean like you love mod comp you know the thing I hate the most about clinical dentistry is when you look on the schedule and I got to go in there and see eric and he needs a mod on two three four and five damn dude that's just an hour of sit down bust ass hard work do it right no shortcuts and then when it's over to walk out of the room and go in the next room and do it again and then you're telling me that it's exhausting and you're telling me you're against dental therapists well what else are you against toilet paper I mean my god I’d rather have the hygienist doing all the cleanings the therapists doing all the fillings uh my gosh in fact the biggest offices i've seen is the oldest guy just does the recall exams and the new patient exams because he can talk and explain and then he'll convince you to do the treatment and then he lays you off over to someone that's been out of school a couple years because they got great skills but they couldn't sell any dentistry you know and then they could only diagnose one tooth the first five years before they could move to quadrant and then after you know another five they'll go to right side and taking like 20 years just to sit down and do the whole mouth at one time uh so um yeah it you know it takes time you know to hone those you know your clinical skills and your verbal skills it it takes a lot you have to do your ten thousand hours for clinical and uh on how to uh present uh you know case presentation and how to talk to patients you know um now um uh I wanted to ask you um so you're did you find that you're decreasing your your chair time in in clinical dentistry because you have so many other things going on or was there any did you have any injuries or any um you know no injuries no that you know the first 10 years it was just you know the first five was getting my fagd the second fight was getting my MAGD my diplomat international congress oral pontology fellowship the mission zoo for the first 10 years it was for me it was just learning how to do dentistry I mean every time I turned around to panky and sue ross nash spear koice whatever so for 10 years I was overwhelmed and overjoyed just learning how to do dentistry but as I started um I got into the media side um backwards because I started lecturing because I knew I knew one thing more than the others that is I grew up you know my dad owned nine sonic drive-ins and I did all the franchise stuff with my dad and I knew the business side but I knew if I would go show them the little part that I knew maybe more than them the business side that they would tell me what they knew and they were sending me so much material here's another thing that that is um what dennis saying what they do um so they always complained about all the magazines because they were advertising they called them dental rags so I started the firing report in 1994 30 pages black and white no advertising 10 dollars an issue because this is what they want four years I had 4 000 subscribers at 10 a month and then when I change it to okay I’ll send it to everybody and you um have ads and now it goes everyone and like on dental town I will post a link to a dental related article from the new york times never replies like uh you have to be a member uh can someone cut and pace us like okay you're a doctor you know that overhead the building and the people so dentists want free journalism they want people on their delta board that that are dentists without a website or an mba or whatever they're always um they're always doing stuff like that you know I mean and it's like they don't want to pay for new york times wall street journal new york times but they'll be the first one to say oh these dental rags you know they are filled with advertisement so they say one thing they do another and I was out there lecturing and all these dentists were coming up and telling me the stuff I’m like dude that is awesome because you're a real dentist real world this isn't beverly hills key biscayne manhattan stuff this is middle day ohio America and they'd write it up and I lectured about once a week so four weeks of lecturing I always had about 30 pages of real people like you sending me stuff and uh but the dentists are like well I I’m not gonna pay why would I pay ten dollars a month uh for unpolluted true from the mouth here's the guy not sponsored and owning a dental magazine I can tell you I don't throw my competitors in our bus but I mean it's just advertorials I mean you can see here's the ad here's the article here's the ad here's your the funniest one ever was when someone sent me supposed to on downtown I went through a scout he's actually my friend he actually his article was the instructions from the bonding kit I mean it was just his whole article was the instructions and then his name I mean it is just a taste so they don't want ads but they won't pay for journalism you know they uh so the deal is but yeah but going back to the original deal is um you know um if you don't know your business if you don't know your cost and you're going into a pandemic and if you don't know macroeconomics because if you don't if you think 26 trillion dollars it doesn't mean anything then I’m sure it doesn't mean anything to you but it means 26 trillion things to me you know what I mean so are you are you still very involved with the office with the staff and like the office meetings and the schedule uh or do you have a an office manager and a team that that handles all that um so you know like the office manager at today's dental dawn I mean she's been there 20 years my uh Laura her she reports to dawn Laurie’s been there 20 years I mean so when you get um I always say my they turn into brothers and sisters after five years like when they've been with you five years and they're and they're you know they're first class people I mean they're always there they're always dependable every time you meet them it's the same person they're not moody high and low they don't do it one day let you down the next after five years of they just know what they're doing and I have to admit everybody in management ends up being a workaholic and that's why bonus systems don't work because when you take a dental assistant making twenty dollars an hour well she really cared about money she wouldn't be a dental assistant for twenty dollars an hour i've had several dental assistants go back to school and become hygienist I had two dental assistants um go off and become a dentist so when people are attracted to money they go chase it and then you decide that you're gonna do a bonus system for people who showed you no evidence it'd be like you coming over and bringing me a big fresh plate of kale what evidence have I shown you that I like kale I mean you know I’ll take a beer and a snickers bar I’ll take some popcorn and a hot dog but these people have shown no interest in money and bonuses don't work so when people make it to management they're workaholics like you know you always tease about him like um he'll never retire he loves what he does so when you find people like that and you know that because like you'll send them an email on a Saturday and they'll answer on a Saturday even though you know the protocols do not you don't have to answer it on Monday I mean they love work and they would rather answer that email than go watch you know um some you know tmz or something and they're well-rounded they're balanced they have family whatever but they like to work it doesn't mean that you work 160 hours a week but they love the work they love the challenge they love the game they people love things they're good at like if you were really if you could shoot scratch golf you'd probably play three times a week uh but you know so um so basically when you gotta it's all hr like right now you know um sports are rolling out again and my gosh if you own a basketball team you just want the five best players on the field you're not talking about the stadium the marketing the name the branding your social media you know when dennis are sitting around talking about tick tock I can't think of anything less important than trying to get to know more about tick tock I’d want to know about your office manager who's answering the phone I’m data driven how many incoming calls do you get a month how many are converted to an appointment uh if you have three people answering the phone is there a variance there presenting treatment how many if you present a hundred fillings how many get filled I don't like to track Invisalign and bleaching and bonding because I’m a real doctor real doctors don't think you need to have your hair tinted and your eyelashes extended a real doctors do you have diabetes heart disease or cancer so on the real doctor stuff that's non-debatable um you know you know just data driven and and in all this data can you deliver dentistry faster easier higher quality lower in cost and a smaller more succinct way and that that's the game and that's the challenge and I’d rather play that than monopoly or chess uh the game I hate the most with my sisters was risk I swear to god those games could go I mean you'd start them like friday after school at like 3 30 and you're still going at one o'clock in the morning I mean um you know what's that yeah those get risk took hours to play and you know ace is gonna win when it's over anyway so why don't you just if you're not Asian just quit so now um like you were saying hr. is so important um and hiring the right people and the people that love to work that's not so easy to do right higher finding the right people does now it sounds like you have a great team that's been with you for a long time did that all start with you and the culture that you set and the setting your expectations um how did you create such a a great and and dedicated team so like when you're in a race like uh shout out to Usain um Usain bolt he's uh he's the only person I met that can run faster than me and uh he um but you know he's faster relative to the person he's running against right I don't think he's faster than a cheetah or a flying eagle so in your team it's got to be open and transparent and so in the team who turned out to be the best I never made the top three on treatment plan presentation I never made the top three on hr and so I’ll go into a dental office and the dentist is really struggling with hr and the re you know he's had his office 20 years and all kinds of problems and I’m just sitting here amazed thinking you know when I found out I suck in something I didn't I mean I wasn't thinking 20 years later that I’m still a really good golfer I mean I knew at a really young age I was really no good at golfing and I knew I just had a feeling I’d probably never dunk a basketball either and so if you really suck at something and you got five people on the team why don't you let someone else do it but I think what dentists do is since they always made a sincere doctor since they're always the smartest person in the room they just think they could do everything especially if it's intellectual they know they can't run faster than seeing them they know they can't golf better but if it's intellectual they're thinking dude I know physics I mean I know you know I can do this I I’m that smart well evidently it's art and a science just because you're good in geometry and math doesn't mean you can know uh people and some people are better than others i've watched several dentists do uh interview for a new staff and I swear to god the entire interview the doctor talked about his journey his office and I’m sitting there like how long is this gonna go on and then and then when it was over I mean he just sat there smiling and he loved her because he was talking about himself so he's creating endorphins for himself and also um I also think in healthcare with hr like we already know I’m in Arizona where a quarter of the state is as Indian reservations right well they already know that a native American Indian doctor or dentist will diagnose you better than someone who's not of that ethnicity they there's tons of research like if you were a female and look how the market drift that you know when I was little all the gynecologists were men and although all their customers were women well now they're matched up level and um you know it's just obvious and so if you're so if you're a man and you're an office with 12 women I can just tell you that just the fact that you're not even a woman you could not be as intuitive to this tribe of 12 women as good as a woman could and there's just people that have a sense for it and knack for it and i've got a lot of people that have that because that's um you know we've honed that so what happens is as the founder my motto is we're going to have a home here in phoenix and then as far as vision my vision is okay we're going to go to la as and we're not going to Vegas Denver Albuquerque or Tucson so we're going to go to la but once we decide we're going to la I’m not going to be the one that decides are we going to walk fly rent a bus are we going to get a hotel you got operational logistics so my job is the vision and then I have to realize that every single human being dies no one has escaped death on earth so you have to know that you're gonna die so then if you don't know your transition to death you don't know where you're going so the founder has to take his vision and transfer it to the founding team so that when he dies the team still has it so now 32 years later there's a bunch of people 20 years plus that we all agree on the same values and you know what we want to do what we don't believe in and it doesn't mean it's right or wrong uh your office might listen to country music and we might like rock and roll you might go to bowling alleys and we go golfing miniature that that doesn't matter but your core objectives have been met and now um I I’d say after 20 years um you couldn't get hired if you didn't fit that deal so that's why someone like Sam Walton can die and it goes on sole price a price club can die and it goes on I mean if every I mean if ray Kroc died and they had to close down all the McDonald’s he really didn't add value he just made a bunch of noise so most of us are just making a lot of noise beating our drums making noise getting through this 100 year thing we called life but for long-term increases in productivity you got to be a part of something that lasts longer than your life and that's I think the the great challenge and the great value add I was very grateful when I was born I tell my boys at all time whenever they're bad-mouthing America I say yeah but I never heard you bitching about all the freeways and interstates and national parks and Disneyland in fact I kind of thought I could I could hear like a thousand times or you screamed yay I love this so now you're getting older now you're 30 28 26 24 and don't ever tell me uh that you think we should that you should move to Canada Australia you stay here if there's something you don't like with America take your damn gloves off and fix it just like your forefathers did I mean America is a piece of work every person's a piece of work when people look at these outrageous things that politicians doing I don't know one honest dentist who can't tell me some outrageous thing he did in his lifetime in his youth and some of them it might have been last year so we're all humans we're all animals we all do stupid stuff uh but um but the long-term trend is um you know just stick to it life is a marathon not a sprint so you're you know you're finding good people you're setting the culture and the vision um with these with this team that you've assembled you're delegating uh because you can't do it all yourself you know we as demons well you can't do it when you're dead you can't so when dennis say I can't delegate I’m like well how did you learn how not to die oh you mean you're just gonna oh okay so you're gonna die and then it's all I mean do you think any name a dennis who dies and it makes the news the day remember that song when we were little the night the music died uh what was that about buddy holly died okay and everybody's like music died I mean buddy holly went down an airplane well buddy was a hell of a guy and I loved his glasses but he wasn't music and it's still going on and I when carl mitch died dental implantology didn't blink when um brain mark died dental implantology they didn't it didn't even blink in fact the day ray kroc died I’ll never forget the stock actually went up for the day there wasn't one wall street investor that thought that thing was living on his hotels I mean he made the perfect system what I loved about ray is you know um the first uh McDonald’s 10 to 20 you know what he would do he would go out there and lay the concrete foundation floor flat get all the employees from the first ten all the architect the architects have to come out and draw the plans that they designed and then he wanted to see what the 16 year old real kids thought of this and they'd sit there and say yeah and that's why every time I get the mold and I turn around dumbass bumps into me running a pair of fries up and that's why it always we all the food spills are right here and ray's like exactly and he got him all together he did that on 11 12 it's all a game about logistics it's like checkers and chess same board same number of pieces but a different process rules and dennis they don't have job descriptions they don't have processes Dentrix can brags at 80 percent of their [ __ ] software is never used but they sure leave it there for clutter and give you no way to x out of all that stuff so you can take someone off the street and ramp them up to be able to answer the phone check someone in check someone out easily you know I mean you if they're on Dentrix or Eagle soft I’ll bet you my Lexus I can walk in there find the oldest person that's used it the longest and point to one button that she didn't even know what the hell it is yeah and then you can go to the report generator and it'll prove to you it's never been opened and then tricks will clap oh we're doing good and then they'll get all these people that are dentists to write glowing articles for it and that's why I did the foreign report without advertising so you wouldn't have to listen to their hot air [ __ ] and the dentists are like well I’m not paying ten dollars but that guy's talking [ __ ] okay you know yeah you know you want your cake and you want to eat it too um so I wanted to go back to one of the things you said about um uh bonuses and um now did with your with your staff such as your high your hygienist um are you do you recommend more of an hourly wage or a production adjusted production system um do you think that's changed now in a lot of offices because of covid because we need to be as productive as possible in that hour of time and you know like in our office we've increased our hygiene time but our staff has the same wage we haven't dropped their wages so our overhead's up our costs are up our chair time is down but the wages are the same do you find that a lot of offices are going to a from an hourly pay system for hygienists to a more of a bonus uh production style of system okay that those are great questions and the first the first the person who's already demonstrating the most intensity that they want to have a good living is a doctor who spent eight years of his life trying to get this certificate because he knew you know that it would be a better financial future for his family having that than a job at subway so he spent eight years so you pay them on a percentage but you can't pay him on a straight percentage you got to pay him versus the base because the whole media world is aware of all these um people that you see a lot in air conditioning and mechanic shops where the person are only paid commission so he doesn't want to tell you it's your car battery um he wants to tell you it's your alternator and then they have undercover spies that know there's nothing wrong with the alternator and sure enough the guy charged you a thousand dollars to replace it and sometimes in any places so that is a really bad pr baseline motive in a world of internet social media so you pay him a percentage versus the base pay for the doctors now that the hygienist we tried this and we tried paying them bonus an hourly but their variance is too small so go back to statistics I can have half my morning fall apart but in the afternoon I get a toothache and it's a root canal building crown for 000 and the next person's a bridge or whatever the hell the variance is huge I i've had several days where nothing happened in the morning and I made goal in the afternoon and um so the hygienist if they lose a recall cleaning exam and x-rays what is she going to do with the rest of her schedule that's all just recalls there's no variance to make up so she has a loss she can't make it up and it's very demoralizing I i've watched it on dental town we've talked about it for since 1999 so we paid them hourly now as far as the bonus still that that's a great question a bonus do you bonus the assistance reception yeah a light one for you know like uh okay I’ll give everybody a Benjamin if we collect this and I’ll give him two Benjamin’s if we collect this and three Benjamin now think about this for a minute this is Benjamin’s these are cash these are things if you give a dental assistant a a paycheck and she has to deposit her bank maybe her husband's going to be aware of it maybe they've already decided he's got to go when you give someone a hundred dollar bill or a 200 bill or a 300 that's fun money that's play that's morale lifting she loves it but if you want to do a and we don't take taxes out of that and people always say things like well how do you legally take taxes out well maybe you shouldn't be obsessed with all the rules the mob plays uh to shake you down and steal all your money I mean if you're if your um best idea is to cooperate with a mob then why don't you go work for the model I don't I see the government around the world from the beginning of time as the source of almost all the problems never the solution and so then when you want to talk about a serious uh bonus system that would be to my president my office manager uh in dental town magazine the sales people in today's dental the dentist producers um I would rather I would rather give the whole bonus to one office manager who just makes [ __ ] happen and it gets done because if I have one person that's just man loves her job making bank I mean my gosh I’d rather have that one person than throwing a bunch of ding-dongs and twinkies at a bunch of assistants and hygienists or whatever and um you know yeah I could see that that system could cause uh competition and resentment let's say a hygienist schedule fell apart and yeah another hygienist is crushing it in her schedule and it just could create unnecessary resentment between her competition between the and furthermore these dentists they always talk about bonuses and wanting to build up their hygiene system and they still can't even tell me how much net income they make after a cleaning exam buy one in fact I did the math for one dentist and I did and it took me like all day because he was asking if he should go from one dentist to two and his data you know is all in charge and it's all you know all this stuff and it took me about the day to prove to him that at his fifth hygienist he would finally declare bankruptcy you know so you know he wants to expand you know usually when you're in a pit you should stop dick digging you know when you dug yourself in a hole stop digging and get out and uh dennis don't even know how much you're losing on this procedure so they they say well hell I don't even know I’m losing ten dollars of cleaning so let's get two hygienists and this is where the dso is I’m in Arizona so they does the governor pass law that they'll accept any professional license from any state so Arizona is ground zero for dsos 18 of the uh dsos are in Arizona and uh and um my gosh five states aren't even one percent and I can obviously everyone can see they have better locations better signage better marketing tv radio locate I mean they're just doing all of that the best and um I think um during the pandemic um they're the only ones hiring so you know dental town had a thousand offices for sale in the classified last 20 years now that's gone up to 2000 because a lot of old people just say you know that enough’ s enough I’m out of here and the 5 000 ads for you to come get a job are now only 1 000 and it's only dsos so the dsos are um you know at first during this economic crunch you're always worried about who's leveraged and who will run out of cash and that is still at the front of my mind because um the federal reserve uh printed three trillion dollars in march that's the whole meaning of your stock market bubble uh if you think it's real and has gravity then I’d like to two words for you Buffett index uh where the value of the Wilshire 5000 publicly traded stocks should be the same as the GDP it should be about an even par and a lot of times the stocks will get down as low as seventy percent now it's at one point seventy seven this the five those stocks are worth 71 percent more than the country that those companies exist in now everybody I loved it when uh warren buffer was selling airlines and you had you know your typical um financial clowns on CNBC and all that saying how or his day's over you know is he too old for a new oh shut up you know just he and now it's already he's going to bury them but um these are going to be rough financial times and they're going to get much more rough uh before we're fastest and go back to the last one Lehman’s day that baby was 2008 and it was a setback for a couple of years and this one is far worse than that it's far worse than that so going forward without knowing your numbers without knowing your cost without making cash king quit your stupid spending quit eating out quit doing all this stuff and uh start growing your business yeah it's so important especially you know now more than ever to know your numbers and uh and to live below your means and save cash um uh do you know have you heard that a lot of dentists that were close to retirement or you know we're getting you know you know towards the end that they just said I’m just going to sell to a dsl oh my god I’m hearing this from practice broker in fact they're so smart it was back in December um why what was the deal so December I spoke to a group of 100 practice brokers and uh they were already um they were just looking at the math about how many old people were wanting to sell and there was just going to be this huge uh number of people wanting to sell the practice then comes the pandemic and it all comes down to this if you never got divorced and you're a 60 year old dentist in the richest country in the world you can you can retire now every time you traded in your wife and split all your money in half and rebuilt it you know that pushes back your retirement but I know so many 60 year old dennis on their first wife and they're like I’m not gonna go yeah do all this crap and then they put up for sale and if you don't want to buy it a dso will so the liquidity in the urban areas is pretty much spot on now the rural areas are illiquid because the dsos won't go there because the millennials won't go there they don't have a workforce but I take that same stat where the dsos have already shown they're not going rural because you got to look at when a person says something what is their framework what is their age where they come around when you walk out of school 24 and you and someday and you want to get married and have kids well you're not going to move to a town of three people when you could move to a town of three million so finding girls are far less like they're two-thirds of the dso workforce but when you pick them off one by one what do they say well they're a girl and I say well if I go to an implant class and I meet the love of my life and he's already got a practice somewhere I want I want liquidity I want to be able to move and if I found the love of my life I’d move to capman zoo Katmandu uh Nepal to go there so they don't want to be they don't want to they want options and that's another reason they don't go rural because they want more options they are meeting other doc look at how girls marry versus boys girl dentists always marrying equivalent their husband's a dentist doctor physician lawyer then you go to the meet the male dentist um where did you meet your wife oh the strip club have you ever been to bourbon street on the you know you know it's like they're they just fall for the uh the peacock optical illusion every time the girls have a brain and their husbands can carry them through three kids in early retirement whatever and that's why I tell people in dental school that everything you learn about financial planning they don't even talk about financial planning they talk about all this numbers crap it's like well if you never get married you'll never get divorced never have a kid you'll never have to pay for college it's pretty simple uh that if you never got married never have any kids you're gonna be a shitload richer than if you marry someone have kids and then when you do marry someone well if the average person has two I don't know what the official stats are but in phoenix Arizona I bet the average lds woman is somewhere between four and five I mean so if you're going to marry a stay-home woman that has six kids then why are you buying this dental practice that only does 750 000 a month and is only going to spend on this when there's this one over here that's doing 1.4 million and you got five kids buddy so why I mean you wouldn't buy a smaller house with the bigger family but dentists do I don't know what they're thinking I mean if you got a really big family you need to buy a really big house and a really big practice to pay for it all and if you're a bachelor you could live in your car and you could buy the smallest practice work two days a week but I’m always talking about income streams and these dentists who either for some reason just want to make a lot of money or they've married a stay home that's going to have a boatload of kids you shouldn't be looking at any dental offices under a million dollars because you've already made a lot of decisions that you're going to burn more than that in cash yeah and I would say you know to the you know the ones that are in school or just getting out of school that rural is if they I would say go where the work is you know find that job whether it's rural where they have to drive an hour and commute an hour you know do what you have to do work weekends work nights you know especially when you're coming out with this much debt you need to you need to get a job and pay those bills and sometimes rural is the way to go um although it's interesting that you said that most of the dsos are the ones that are hiring but they're not rural um because of the lack of workforce so it's a little bit of a and that's why I use the same math to predict their lemon I mean I look at them they can't keep anybody five years so if you've got six thousand graduates a year for five years they got a 30 000 work pool but then you listen to their speeches and they're linear thinking that they're just gonna we've gone from this to this to this and they start telling you the date that dsos will be more than 51 of the workforce it's like okay well you can't even show me a smaller version of that today what I see is she's been out of school five years you get two out of three girls and every year she changes jobs because she's not happy and um and so if you can't re if they think they're going to be the next Walgreens well I know why they can be the next Walgreens I remember when I was lecturing in Paris France and I realized that when you go to the doctor on your national health insurance and he writes your prescription he loads it into your debit card your card and then you go to an atm machine stick it in there and a bottle comes down the pills come down a label and look at this machine and it's made right here in Scottsdale Arizona I’m like no way and they say yeah well it's illegal here because that's all that trade unions do all the only thing the Arizona state board of dental examiner does is keep your uh prices propped up um if they um if they went away uh you'd have dentists moving in here from Mexico Asia India the whole nine worlds and the price of dentistry would plummet so all boards when two you know Adam smith even said it when two or more men gather in the same place it's to conspire about how to rise raise their prices against the populace and he didn't have any really good things to say about governments or large business everybody thinks he's the father of free enterprise he didn't have pretty much any respect for the business or ethics of anyone they just they just say they just attributed his whole book to the invisible hand and I swear to god he only said that one time in all of his work uh but um my gosh orthodontist of course they would be automated today if it was legal it's illegal to do that so they will going in a mouth and getting you relaxed and having you trust me to give you a shot while I’m touching you and then and then do all the work so you got to trust me I can't hurt you it's got to look great if you think that's going to be done by a wham bam thank you ma'am uh throw em out uh assembly line of dennis you're out of your freakin mind and you don't know anything about dentistry is a really tough job and my dad warned me about this when I told him I want to be a dentist he looked at me like a dentist what the hell would you want to do that for he goes you see how happy they are when they come into sonic he goes when they order a foot long chili cheese dog and onion rings I could I couldn't beat the smile off their face with a crowbar you tell anybody they're gonna go to the dentist and they're scared I remember one time I felt so sorry for one of my boys I don't remember which one it was it was this kindergarten but the parent had to go in on career day and I said um I’m a dentist and one kid started to cry and the teacher had a jump of no no he's not going to hurt you he's not going to touch you and then I’m looking at my kid and he's all confused like the hell does my dad do I mean oh my god and of course you know you follow the firemen the policemen you know all the people with cool jobs and here's crazy man so I’m a dentist and the kids are already crying so uh so actually um you know you mentioned the legality um and dentistry being such a you know a hard profession um a question for you do you think that dennis will ever be able to form a union and um you know create such things as like a you know a good health plan for dennis or um because right now you can't you know you're not supposed to be able to talk to your colleague down the street about what they're paying or what they're getting paid for you know a procedure for delta dinner dental because it's considered collusion competition um oh yeah I mean I even posted I even posted uh the delta meeting uh the lecture nines out and um the slides were but anyway so here's the CEO and he's showing you how he that you make nine dollars out of every hundred the most with delta versus the other 23 but all the other 23 there's no names on them it's just x you know number one number two there's no transparency whenever there's no transparency you know there's a good reason they don't want you to see their hand and I when I’m able to see their hand a lot because there's like 39 different deltas i've had some of them on the show and when you're a journalist i've been a journalist since 1994 a lot of dentists don't I don't know if they understand that but I have a media company i've written a monthly column so people send me stuff all the time I have sources I things like that you know it's a serious deal but yeah um well anything's possible I mean France their dentists are have unionized and gone on strike if you go to dental town and type in union yeah all kinds of people start I’m not saying I’m believing that or I’m for that but that stuff's absolutely happened but the it already is the biggest union like so when Americans talk about unions uh first of all they have no idea uh what they're talking about let me um first of all when Americans talk about unions they have no idea what they're talking about um the biggest union is for pilots well those guys make 150 200 the old ones 300 000 a year or more they always think of the working man they're out there with hammer and nails the poor people don't have enough money to pay union dues so they don't have any hands all the unions only represent the richest workers in their class and the biggest union in the world in America is the health care union where they went to each state and they got the state dental board to be able to be the judge the jury and the executioner where we're gonna we have to license the school when you come out we have to license you and when you're practicing we can take your license away and that's what keeps out all the foreign trained dentists that keeps the schools to a minimum now today look how upset that the dentists are when they violate that um uh right there um it's on the pr newswire that George’s school of orthodontics receives approval to double class size celebrates second graduating class of orthodontic residents so here is um this guy saying we feel very strongly that the public needs better access to more affordable orthodontic care we will now be able to educate and train more orthodontic specialists who can provide exceptional in-person care to large patient populations said Georgia school orthodontics board chairman Dr randy blunder now he comes from that school on the same board is Gaspar Lazarus who was the founder of orthodontic centers of America and when Gaspar did his ipo for that he spent a ton of money opening up three other ortho schools because he knew if he's gonna employ orthodontist well I don't wanna just if there's just two of you you're gonna raise your price so these guys have been now I guarantee you the um the American association of orthodontists out of st louis do you think this is good news to their union or bad news yeah it's not good yeah so see they're already a union the doctors have the biggest you and then look in Arizona it's tough for me because uh um you know I’m across the street from the Guadalupe Indiana’s face there's 25 000 people there there's not one dentist there it's 5 000 Indians and 20 000 illegals whatever the hell that means um because I know that my I did my family tree I I’d never let my boys talk ever [ __ ] about immigration because um we were all part of the Irish diaspora and I worked that all the way back showing my boys you weren't invited and you came here that you came here before there even was an Ellis island and you weren't invited and you did a lot of nasty things when you got here talk to the American Indians uh talk about slavery in the south I mean you know you know this um this country you know the history is full of stuff but um but yeah but um the dental dunes um when they catch someone from Mexico operating in Guadalupe they will come out there the police the mob they'll kidnap him something your mother told you not to do they'll put him in a cage I thought that was wrong and they'll deport him if not put him in jail and what was he doing a 20 filling on some little girl that that can't afford to go to a board-certified pediatric dentist because she didn't have 500 see it's one thing to say the board has determined that eric is appropriately trained and qualified he passes all of her deals and eric is an approved licensed dentist in the united states of America and then the consumer can say I want that and then another consumer say well eric wants 500 and I don't have a dime and he doesn't speak my language and I see someone over there and he'll do it for 20 pesos and then eric says oh well I just got out of church and I just got done reading the bible and we shall kidnap you and throw you in jail and arrest you and kick your ass out of this country because anybody treating a child for disease from a good dental school from where this girl's family used to live 20 years ago um it it's very immoral and they owe it and it's just so the whole thing is it's a it's a joke all right so and a scam I wanted to ask you one final question um and I wanted to do it in in my impersonation of Howards voice [Laughter] here we go i've been i've been uh listening to a lot of your you know hundreds of your podcasts and uh all right here we go she's 25 and she just got out of dental kindergarten school she's just opening up an office and doesn't know her numbers her staff wants a raise every time the earth goes around the sun she's thinking about buying that hundred thousand dollar laser she's about to marry the guy with the big biceps she met at waffle house and she has to keep one eye on costs and one eye on the patient just like sam walton and southwest airlines wow that was awesome that was awesome now have you ever gotten a call from the president of waffle house and have they ever asked you like you know what's the deal we have great people that come here too I took my I went to dinner with a guy that owns uh eight of them out here and the boys the boys thought it was the most fascinating because I was thinking if you're gonna go to dinner why not learn some of the boys and he was talking to the journey about how um because I asked the obvious question what the hell happened to denny's was the biggest thing and it faded away in white wolf house and he was talking to me about how they focused on quality and green ingredients and the management Adam you know denny's and things like that kept trying to save money on the food the food the food next thing you know a waffle tastes rubbery the eggs you think they're fake and he said the waffle house we have the Mercedes-Benzes ingredients and that's why you come back and we sell food but I love the waffle house first of all um and that's another true thing have you realized the best food always has a picture on the menu if you're at a restaurant and there's not a picture of the food on the menu you're going to pay 10 times more money for a bunch of [ __ ] only go to restaurants with pictures on the menu and you'll get the best food for the lowest price that's right uh well thanks so much for joining me that was on for the deals for dennis podcast it was it was a pleasure um such an honor to have you any last final nuggets for advice for those young dentists out there that you want to finish up with yeah easy man just work hard and hustle you live in the richest country it's been the richest country for two centuries it's got a third of a billion people they're not gonna go away or just get lost in the desert for 40 years and not know what to do this country's got a lot of smart people but the people that um spend more than they make from age 25 to 65 they're still buying cars and house on mortgage so you got to draw the line someday where you say I’m going debt-free on consumption now if you want to borrow a bunch of money for investment uh it's the same I’ll even show you how that doesn't work in investments like some people will go by land and they'll say well that's gonna be a good investment okay well every month you're sitting on that land it ain't giving you any dimes but if you would have bought an investment of say a bond or you bought a business you know so um go buy an asset that makes money and quit spending all your money on consumption houses cars eating out and then hustle I mean hustle it's absolutely goes without saying that the people who work the most hours make the most luck I mean Edison it took him 30 000 attempts to make a light bulb and everybody says oh he's a genius he discovered the light bulb well what how many geniuses how could you be a genius if it took you 30 000 tries I think we have enough evidence to say Edison was a hard-working normal man I mean Einstein when he got his Nobel prize he took the million dollars and gave it to his wife who was his cousin his first cousin and said just go away I don't want anybody to find out I mean they're just hard-working people who hustle there's nothing magic about them so get out there and work and if you can work like no dennis has for 10 years you're going to live like no American has for 30 years so you're a doctor in America work hard hustle if you spend money it's investing in yourself your business it's not going on vacations and travels and if you need a and if you need a Mercedes-Benzes uh you somebody didn't love you know you need validated I love you I’ll validate you um you have been validated on dentistry uncensored and it was done on deals for you got validated for half off just because you went for deals for but you don't need validated with Mercedes Benz and all that stuff just get out there and work and hustle and feel good about what you're doing and if you don't feel good about what you're doing then stop doing it and just do things that make you proud to be you work on a better version of yourself every day I mean you imagine how excited walt Disney must have been proud of himself seeing the kids getting so excited that when he opens his gates they run in imagine how exciting it is when you can get someone out of pain and you can you know you can this kid can sleep with a pulpotomy just uh feel good about what you're doing only do things that make you feel good and just work hard and hustle and here's the last thing I’m going to say that you know when you look at someone who's been um alive 80 years they've had good years bad years some decades are better than others but you know what this is um 2020 and if you were ever gonna pick a year to be at your best it's gonna be from right now to the end of 2021 this isn't the time to go find your navel to give up to be depressed to be sad I mean if I if you were ever gonna be the best version of yourself it's right now you're in the middle of war baby you're getting shot at by a virus the economy inequality every sin America America’s ever done from the Indians to slavery to inequality and police brutality and the [ __ ] show is going down right now so the best time to wake up early and be the first one to bed and the first one to rise and give it all you got is right now just do it now we can we can get drunk and be lazy and do stupid things five ten years from now but right now I need your best you need to be at your best so give it all you got for the rest of this year and all of next year you this game's got 18 more months to go and when this game is over and you won you're still gonna have a couple of black eyes and a missing tooth when this is over that's so true well thank you so much for joining us on the deals for dennis podcast it was it was such an honor Howard and uh um I think you've just you've helped so many young dentists um out there and uh just keep on doing what you do because it's awesome uh eric I want you to know that my oldest son is named eric and he was named after you so thank you for being the role model that I named my son after you're welcome all right have a great day buddy okay you too take care
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