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1496 Whitney Rose DiFoggio, RDH, BS, the "Teeth Talk Girl," on Being Your Authentic Self : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1496 Whitney Rose DiFoggio, RDH, BS, the "Teeth Talk Girl," on Being Your Authentic Self : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

11/9/2020 4:00:00 AM   |   Comments: 1   |   Views: 550
Whitney is a dental hygienist who is often known as the "Teeth Talk Girl" on social media. Both her YouTube videos ( and website articles ( focus on educating the general public on dental health. With her background in acting, she also enjoys creating dental office skits and parody videos to entertain dental professionals. In addition, Whitney has recently co-founded a company called "Happy Teeth" which includes purses, bags, and accessories. The most exciting part is that for every item purchased, a dental health kit is donated to someone in need. Whitney lives, breathes, and dreams about teeth and is happy to be sharing her journey on social media!

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AUDIO - DUwHF #1496 - Whitney DiFoggio

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It is just a huge honor for me to be podcast interviewing Whitney Rose Di Foggio RDS BS she's a dental hygienist often known as the teeth talk girl on social media both her YouTube videos she has a YouTube channel just forward slash t-talk and website articles on t talk girl focus on educating the general public on dental health with her background in acting she also enjoys creating dental office skits and parody videos to entertain dental professionals in addition Whitney has recently co-founded a company called happy teeth which includes purses bags and accessories the most exciting part is that for every item purchased a dental health kit is donated to someone in need Whitney lives breathes and dreams about teeth and is happy to be sharing her journal on social media and seriously i invited you to come on the show you didn't ask me to come on and I’m a um I’m a seriously I’m a huge fan of your YouTube channel because it's people like you i mean we got all these consumers and the stuff they think is just crazy and um and then the new York times throws us under a bus with oh there's no research on floss and all this stuff like that but what i like about you is um i mean you're entertaining you're adorable you're right on point you're succinct i mean it's just an amazing channel and my gosh do you have a lot of subscribers um what are you sitting out here's uh 64 000 subscribers uh 64.6 uh my god you're coming up on the number 69 which i was teased my oldest two sisters that are nuns that 69 is my favorite number and you know oh i hope there's a good reason because that's how old mother Teresa was when she won the Nobel prize i mean what what else were you saying i don't know what else you could be thinking of uh but gosh your videos um my gosh uh i mean dental cleaning when do baby and adult teeth come in i mean just i mean you have so many videos and you you there you're always funny i mean you always crack me up uh so so i what i want to get you on is um how did you end up going from Whitney the hygienist uh to Whitney the t-top girl and how did he get 64 000 i mean you're like a rock star i mean really there's rock stars that don't have 64 000 subscribers on their YouTube channel so how did this journey start and how did you get so um successful thank you thank you for your kind words by the way that was very nice I’m happy to watch that's so cool um no yeah it all started so i graduated dental hygiene school in 2015 and i was i think i was the last graduating class that had to wait for their license in the like post mail like the actual mail like everyone gets it like email to them i feel like in a day now but i had to like keep waiting for my life i was a dental assistant at the time long story short i was like so eager to become a hygienist you know i was like oh cause i was like working for my boss I’m like assisting on root canals I’m like i just want to be high agenda she's like you don't have your license yet anyway so i was like i got to do something so i made a video about like dental health like dental health education because i was like well because that's what i was always doing too fun fact like during a root canal say I’d be like so flossing like i like i was talking about things when people do not want to hear about things they just want to like fix their teeth i was like sorry I’m about to be hygienist whatever so that was like you know what maybe I’ll make a video I’ll post it online that'll get my energy out so the first video i made was what's the best mouthwash which is like i know we all know there's like not really a bust i don't think but you know explaining like the differences between like a fluoride rance and a antiseptic whatever and so i made that video and it just kind of did really like it was i think i forgot about it for a while you know i made the video and then like all of a sudden i was like whoa people are watching this and people are asking for more and i think the rest was kind of history i was like and then i got my dental hygiene license and then i didn't like really think about it at all because i was so excited to start working you know i was like okay I’m a hygienist now i don't need these videos but then when i started getting comfortable being a hygienist like clinically enough cleaning teeth and i was like shoot i kind of missed that was fun making that video I’m gonna make some more so i just started making some more and literally i don't know five years later i think last year maybe two years is when i started really making them consistently and i just started adding like i used to do like one a month then i did two a month then i did one a week now I’m doing two a week you know what i mean so that's i think maybe how it grew um because the consistency is a big deal and and it just it's been cool it's been a cool it's been like an organic genuine journey so i i can't i can't be more thankful for the people who watch and for the people who message me really kind things so at first i thought it was only the general public the non-dental professionals watching because that's who the videos like we all know what about mouthwashes and whatever how to floss us dental people but the non-dental people but then i started finding out that more and more dental people were watching especially new grads because they were like looking for help on how to do patient like education like how to talk to patients on like a easy level and stuff and so when i heard that was happening i was like what i didn't accept that so then i was like okay I’m gonna make some videos for you guys too i mean I’m still new or I’m only five years in but i was like i can definitely help the new the new grads and the students and then you know hygiene school and stuff so started like doing that so now i do one a week for the general public and one a week for the dental people or to talk about dental if you want to careers your YouTube channel that and you don't need to i mean you've already got 64 000 i mean you're on my show and i've only got a uh what do i have uh i have 14.6 000 and you have uh um 64.6 000 i mean that is just in crazy numbers but um on when when you make a post on dental town there's a YouTube icon and you know when you on your YouTube channel when you hit um copying it just gives you a link but the next button over is embed and shows you the link so you can click that YouTube uh button drop the link in there then your your YouTube video which still gets the views and all that stuff is in dental town and then everybody who does that says their YouTube channel explodes with dennis then you could go to hygiene town and put it in there and expose so it's a great uh uh what do they call that back link but but you made me think of something but you made me think of something else um first when you're talking about that and you said you were a dental assistant for five years before you became a hygienist right so i've been a dental hygienist for five years but i've been i was a dental system for two or three i i did i was dental assisting during dental hygiene school so i got my dental assist you were a dental assistant during hygiene school but were you already a dental assistant before you applied to dental hygiene school no okay so i did my undergrad first i got i have a bachelor's in biology and chemistry and i thought i was gonna be a dentist that's a whole nother story and then i when i got to you know i was about to take the d.i.t and i was like i don't think i want to do this and i like freaked out and i didn't take it and i didn't apply to any schools and then i applied to be an actor on Chicago pd which is NBC’s whatever it's a show i mean you know what Chicago fire she got all those shows and i got a gig on there so i started working for NBC full-time for a while and i was like I’m just gonna be an actress so i still got my degree i did biology chemistry the whole thing and i did some acting for a while and i loved it and then i just i had teeth in the back of my mind I’m like should i go back to should i take the dat and i freaked out i was like you know what how about i just do the hygiene first like that was my initial that'll be a segway like it'll be a transition we'll see if i really want to do this or if i want to be an actor it was like a real hard thing for me and then when i got in you know i did dental hygiene school and i was like i don't think I’m going to dental school i think i love this like i started because i was like i could still do high g like it was just really comfortable for me i didn't have to like work too hard i don't know dental hygiene school is very hard but it was nothing like being in dental school obviously so i was like wow i could live this life i could do both acting and teeth perfect so not to say that some dentists can't be actors too but i just you know what i mean it was just too much i didn't want to be like a business owner the whole thing so yeah what was my answer yeah so that was it i had no dental experience nothing um other than like shadowing a pre-dental club you know how you have to in your undergrad but um yeah so when i was in dental hygiene school I’m like wow i should probably get a job because i was like cocktail waitressing so i was like maybe i should like do something in the dental field because i was just acting and i couldn't act anymore in dental hygiene school like full time you know i could only do gigs on the weekends and evenings so whatever so yeah i started the teeth stuff when i was into the teeth stuff well you know that that actually makes a lot of sense because i mean um you know you have you know you can tell there's something special about your YouTube videos i mean they're not i mean i mean really they're they're they're they're a superior quality level i mean they're just um they really are they're off to charge i work very quickly thank you you are totally you were born to be on tv and YouTube i was i have a face for iTunes and uh uh you know you should only hear me audio uh but i i want to say one thing i i want to say one thing about um what you just said that the young kids in a dental kindergarten school might not um cop but my gosh when you're in hr i mean obviously um i think one of the rarest things obviously is a nfl quarterback so you can say oh my quarterback sucks but of eight billion people on on earth there might only be five or ten people that could step in and do the job better it's just very very uh rare so in hr a lot of times um you're looking for a dental hygienist and you only got one application after three months and um but if but if you can get someone who's a dental assistant first here's what's gonna go down when you get a dental hygienist who's never been a dental assistant sorry to pardon my french but um they're they're pre-madonnas and it doesn't work because they'll get a no-show or a cancellation in my office they were all dental assistants first everybody in my front office has to get x-ray certified i mean if the receptionist can't take you in the room and take an x-ray uh I’d rather have a damn robot but here's what happens a hygienist gets a cancellation she used to be a dental assistant she'll triage an emergency it's like hey you're 10 o'clock cleaning cancel but we got a toothache coming in and she'll take the pa the bitewing she'll do the whole workout and then when i go in there and they decide that he just wants to extract it i mean i cannot believe how many four-year degree hygienists say well i i can't assist during a filling or a crown you're gonna have to move the patient to another room because this is my room and I’m a dental hygienist so you want cross trained and man when it's to make everything flow really easy you need at least one emergency room where no one's scheduled to walk in overflow room all the endodontics oral surgeons have two so rooms are not your costs it's the 35 reduction on your thousand dollar crown that you agree to with blue cross and blue shields ppo um 35 of the nation's overhead is just the adjusted production from dental insurance next would be 25 labor 10 lab 6 supplies who gives a crap what the dental operatory cost uh just put them in there and i love dental um hygienists who were assistants first and and by the way two of my um two of my dental assistants are now dentists and the third one um she's just about uh i i think she's just about ready to get into hygiene school um so uh my gosh uh that was a big distraction from what you're talking about but um so what is your um what is your goal what what are you trying to do um on your YouTube channel is it a b2c business to consumer where you're trying to educate them on brushing flossing what's your goal so i have two things i want to say one more thing before my goal so having said that i do agree it makes it way easier to be hygienist and like go with the flow and be a team player when you've been an assistant but i have a video that's all about that because there's a lot of girls that strut and boys men and women that stress in dental hygiene school like i wasn't an assistant person am i gonna be okay and i always tell them it's okay you're gonna be like it literally you can learn on the job how to take a pa in triage you might be more nervous to do it but once you do it you'll be fine so i just want to say that because i made a whole video about that so but um my goal like right everyone's different it depends on the person i do believe but my goal is so when i first started i thought oh like i read about like i don't know not even read about but so i was a big jenna marbles fan jenna marvel she's a youtuber and lily singh and i was into all these girls that were like getting acting gigs because their YouTube channel blew up and so like at the beginning i was like oh my gosh like maybe this is the way because becoming an actor is like really hard right like every actor knows that you're either starving or you're male streak and winning oscars like there's like not really too many middles so i feel like i don't know that was always my goal like oh my goodness if i get enough subscribers I’ll become an actress people will want me in the movies whatever there's nothing going anymore now i truly am just like because that's you know i didn't know what I’m doing now that i know what I’m doing i feel so just i want to continue i feel empowered and i feel like I’m in the right spot to just keep making dental hygienists and people in general feel good about their teeth feel comfortable about their teeth i feel like it's just like youtube's free and i feel like everyone deserves free edu like to know how to take care of their teeth they shouldn't have to pay for an online class to learn how to floss correctly you know what i mean so i just felt really good about like let's give the people information to make it healthy having said that i just want like free oral education for all right that's kind of my my goal there and i understand that not all communities have internet so that's when i kind of got into happy teeth and i realized i need to find another way for those who don't have internet so um you wanted to be an actress i want to talk about that what did that was that before hygiene before assisting when did you yeah what was the first thing you focused on were you like in grammar school and you said you want to be an actress or what was that so it's funny enough i always want to be a dentist that's why i was telling myself i loved going to dentists as a kid i want to be a dentist but my whole life i did acting right like yeah i was in plays i was in theater everything drama short films i was doing it and um i decided in college kind of when i was pre-dental i was like shoot that's when i realized i think in my heart i want to be an actor like i was doing all these pre-reqs physics you know it oh my goodness and i it was fine but i was just like i think i want to be an actor and so yeah that's when i graduated um when i graduated from my bachelor as my undergrad that's when i started doing acting kind of full-time and i loved it but then in the back of my mind i wanted teeth still so i think it's just always been a dueling like can i be an actor can i be a dentist i didn't know so then i figured out like that's when i did my like i said um earlier about my transition i was going to just do dental hygiene school as a transition but i fell in love with it and here we are so I’m happy to be a dental hygienist and still be able to do get my acting energy out now in my videos when we do parodies and stuff that is so fun for me i still do some short films here and there as well when i have the time so what where um where does that come from and like like what's the goal in acting is it is it the challenge of becoming a character is it overcoming uh fear of speech or you know everybody always says uh i i can't believe how many really successful dentists have said I’d love to come on the show but that's the scariest thing i can think of you know public speaking and some one of them is like the smartest endodontist i know and he's just petrified of coming on YouTube so was this something you had of overcoming fear of public speaking or where did this come from good question no i've always been very comfortable in front of an audience like too comfortable i feel like i i still when i have something prepared i guess i get nervous because i don't want to ruin the information you know like if you're doing like a ce type thing um I’m always like oh i hope i say it right but public speaking in general if i just get to be myself is really relaxing to me i don't know i just i love the energy i love connecting with people and connecting with a crowd i love it so much my videos are really fun because i truly i look into that camera and i just like i know I’m talking to the people that comment on my like i don't know how to explain it's always been something embedded look i don't know i never had i loved speech class that was like the easiest class ever who's your favorite mentor I’m a big meryl streep fan for sure i love all the new natalie portman emma stone I’m into I’m into almost everyone who's better jennifer what was that who's better uh Meryl Streep or Kathleen bates oh you know she's the one in American horror story right i don't i don't know her that well so i feel like every actor has their own their own well i wanna i wanna i wanna give an acting business deal um um you know i remember you know there's only about five or six guys in world history that made more than 60 films and most of them are dead but Oliver stone's still alive and he was talking about actors and he said something and i heard um the owner of uh Saturday night live uh say the same thing and then i keep hearing it you know you see patterns and they said um they asked the guy on Sunday live uh who's who's that guy that owns the top yeah lauren Michaels they said Michael who who's your favorite um Saturday night live comedian of all time he said oh he said will Ferrell hands down and i said why is he the funniest he goes has nothing to do with being funny it has to do with utility if i i would all these prima donna actors have so much pushback and will Ferrell’s like um blah blah blah you just give him the part and he's a professional and he goes and does it and then Oliver stone said the same thing about Meryl Streep and Kathy bates he said those were his two favorites and it's why and he says Meryl Streep you could tell her to be a crack addict living behind a dumpster or a queen she doesn't care she just wants to be the part and if i tell her you're going to be a crack addict living behind a dumpster she wants to be the best crack addict living behind a dumpster so she has no ego involved and it's just utility and that's what i was talking about the dental assistant the hygienist i mean utility is the greatest compliment you can have i mean okay you're a 40 an hour hygienist but we have a cat cancellation now can't you do the job of a 20 hour assistant and triage is patient and if i have to do a filling and you can't assist me during a filling then I’m going to drive you back to phoenix college and ask for a refund i mean how how the hell did you get a dental hygiene degree and you can't assist me the unfortunate thing is they do not teach you that in dental hygiene school you have no idea how to hold a high speed section you know what i mean so i feel like sometimes you you have to learn on the job for that and that can be stressful right but once you learn how to assist i think assisting's way harder than hygiene for me there's so much to know um and things change i work right at a very progressive office there's always like a new etch or a new whatever and so i i don't know i feel like i don't know i don't want to be so hard on those girls a good leader is tough i mean you're not going to win the super bowl if you don't know they will learn they will learn but just because they don't know it they just didn't learn it right like well a lot of a lot of that is the doctor's fault because they have two problems that they can't figure out one of them is uh you know they always they don't know how to get rid of cancellations and no-shows and i said well it's it's really easy all you do is take the planet earth and throw it into the sun and there'll never be a no-show again but as long as there's eight billion crazy monkeys trapped on the surface of earth they're gonna be i mean look at the ten commandments from 500 bc lying cheating stealing i mean nothing's changed except for we've added like 10 more really good ones that were actually better than the first ten and um my gosh so um you know you just uh uh need that diversification you need to be able to uh uh put a different hat on you need to have utility um to do that but here here's here's the other thing i want to go with that acting thing first that is uh so many um and this is more common i hear in girls than than guys i mean just from my little small sample size of um you know they they got out of dental school they went work for as an associate for this old man and he ran the five women in a certain way and then he sold it to her and then she says she gives the same order like hey get me a cup of coffee and and go pick up my dry cleaner and they're like what am i what i look like you're slave i mean you know i mean it's a little little uh different deal and then sometimes they they say and um the most important thing about being a dentist is your treatment plan presentation because if you know i got four boys turned into six grandkids and you look at the transition like what is dentistry going to be like for my six ring kids and um my gosh if my granddaughter evelyn goes to two dentists and they each tell her she has ten cavities and one convinces her to get them all done and one's like i don't even understand it or whatever and didn't get it done well i don't care if you have your f a g d m a g d and you do the best fillings in the world and you got ten lasers um you didn't do anything because you can't present it and so many women tell me they go yeah but you know i I’m I’m not the the leader type I’m not the sales type it's like well do you think meryl streep is really a crack [ __ ] i mean you know she can play a murderer without being a murderer you can walk into uh your dental office and just but i i say just put on your hollywood hat um you show up you're shy you're introvert uh you don't like to sell dentistry your happiest uh when you're alone in your closet um and but now it's time to put on your hollywood act and you're gonna go in there and your team needs a leader and when you stand in front of that dentist in front of that patient you need to put on your meryl streep hat and you you need to go all hollywood and man your YouTube channel you could pick up a lot of acting and i mean just the way you flow i mean it's really um it's really interesting to watch thank you i i mean i just so so is acting done are you is it over now or what's the story so like i said i still am able to do some short film gigs on the side super busy with like the two companies now plus i work clinically so unfortunately it's just hard when you like so many things i like so many things so i have to really figure out what I’m doing what i need to spend most of my time on because i love them all but um I’m slowly I’m part-time clinically now so that's helping a lot but um i do it on the side a little here and there but i get most of my energy out in my videos so that's what so did you um in your acting did you cross train i mean did you um like if you go to the tempe art center and uh the deal they have classes on improv comedy and acting did you ever do comedy or improv to learn different skill sets yeah i went to second city for a little bit i don't have any like if someone's listening from second city like i did not get any degrees i just took some classes here and there but that helped a lot improv is great for everything in life um i believe everyone should take an improv class i actually speaking of everything relates to a video but um i have a video on how to be confident at work for new grads and my one of my tips is take an improv class like it just helps you be confident in life so that but um yeah i've done some acting classes drama comedy but i it's mostly um i learned so much from chicago pd um working on that my gosh like being in it like i know that sounds wild but it was um working with real actors that are in hollywood was really really cool so that was my big i always put that on the resume and it helps a little but no I’m not like a formally trained actor just hearing their little things I’m a formally trained uh biology person though i got that degree so what is that um what is that speech uh association that that lecture association club that's in all the cities oh my gosh toastmasters and you just said something very very very profound so you know the problem with dentistry is you know you're not going to get accepted to med school or dense school um if you get a c or a d in um calculus applied math is physics you can't get a c or d in that applied physics chemistry and then apply chemistry's biology and you and those are the four horsemen of all science and knowledge and then of course you're a homo sapien so our whole world's in applied biology with dentistry and all that kind of stuff um but it attracts people uh that um the craziest party they ever went to in their life was in the library i mean dentists are usually they don't have enough personality to become an accountant so when when you can't present treatment when you can't talk to yourself when you're not comfortable in your shoes like if you're in phoenix i've told so many people they've done it i said go down to the tempe art um institute or whatever and it's a real low dollars evening and weekend classes and they have improv courses they have acting courses they have comedy club toastmasters toastmasters is amazing most of the people that go to toastmasters um if they didn't go on to toastmasters their next stop would have been like a shrink you know a psychiatrist or something and you just have to get over that i mean i remember um when i went through the comedy club i mean um people would go up there and bomb and come back and just break down and start bawling and I’m just like dude that was your grandma sitting out there she thought you did great and she's already posted your picture on facebook what you know where do i i don't know where this fear comes from but and i also told dennis that um you know you need to learn how to hustle and what they do is they come out of a school four hundred thousand dollars in dad and they get a job monday through friday eight to five oh whoa full-time 40-hour job um you know the uh the number of hours per week in most rising countries is actually 48 hours it's uh six eight hour days a week but they can't talk and i say well go get a job on friday night at a bartender you might make a couple hundred bucks tips or a waitress or whatever but um if you're really shy of people start with drunk people at a bar and if you can learn how to talk to irish people at a bar uh you're going to be good and um and you're not going to be a good dentist when no one accepts the treatment plan and no one's going to accept a treatment plan when you're sitting there saying you have an intraproximal lesion on number three you need an ammo it's a mesioclusal composite uh do you have any questions and the patient's like i don't even know what you said what what what the hell is going on i always called him a flossing cavity you know everywhere you brush you've never had a filling but i noticed you have 15 fillings or all in between your teeth you know one glance your mouth looks like you haven't flossed three times in your whole life and uh you know so just putting it in terms and that's what comedy does i love comedy more than acting because acting you can do another take cut you know where's broadway like Broadway’s a skill set higher than acting because it's live and uh my gosh um um you go in there and it's live and you're standing in front of the patient and and um there's no props with comedians i mean you just got a microphone that's the only prop you have that's why i can't stand carrot top because he went into comedy and brought a box of props out there it's like carrot top that's what comedy is no props and it's the same thing in dental lectures um the best dental lectures i ever saw was the dentist uh 15 minutes for the presentation is like literally half i watch this one guy very famous guy have a complete breakdown at the Chicago midwinter because they lost his uh carousels of slides and i said dude i said if you're if i went to your mom and said can you give a three-hour lecture on your children and she said not without my slides i would think you had a very abusive childhood um i mean you're a dentist you love this stuff you have no props go up there like the comedian i mean Eddie murphy doesn't have a slideshow presentation and the best dental lectures in the world no props no slides they just own the room and they're just you know talking directly to the people so learn your social skills because I’d rather a dennis is going to make you notice who makes all the money it's never the a students it's always to see students in dental school that now own five offices and are just crushing it know the people skill stuff and uh so i i think that art form is much needed in healthcare i agree communication is huge bedside manner is huge right I’m just always so careful I’m very very sensitive and i I’m very like i stand for and I’m with everyone who has anxiety and is stressed to talk to people because i get it and i feel like my whole life is acting I’m pretty genuine now and i can talk to almost anybody but i was probably one of those people as easy as it is as easy as it is to talk in front of a whole crowd of a thousand people or something it's not easy for me one-on-one in the app so now it is but at the beginning it took a long time for me to be comfortable on how to do patient education one-on-one so that's what i hope my videos help those who are like me and just are like how do i talk to patients and be comfortable and um i know when i say this people are like they don't they won't believe it they're like yeah right Whitney you're saying that but no it's like true like i will give you the numbers to my bosses and my co-workers and they'll be like wow Whitney has grown she didn't even know how to explain what a deep queen like she was like srp we're going to school i was i was kind of one of those people so i get it it's hard but it's i think it's something you can work to learn just because it's not embedded in you it might be really hard and you might need you know a lot of help but you can get there um the first time i ever got threatened to be sued and here's another thing you gotta think of why uh 32 years why do i not have a suing problem and then the research is very clear that when you look at dental and medical malpractice all the claims are going to the same five percent doctors over and over and over and they started and realizing it didn't make sense because when they're sorting it with algorithms they're like well they got board certified they you know it seems like they're doing everything right and then they found out after years of studying these people that indeed they were just [ __ ] and i see it on dental town all the time where uh so a patient will leave a really nasty message on the phone and and doc's best idea is to call his malpractice attorney and ask his satanic attorney uh what he should do and of course they just want to start a big war and bill out 400 an hour and i always pick up the phone and I’ll never forget when i called that guy he was so damn mad he wouldn't come to the phone i signed his wife and i said well hey um I’m uh my dental office on the way home can i can i just stop by I’ll just stop by I’ll be on the curb come on you got your dock on the curb i just trying to understand what this guy's but it was over he went to the hygienism and um she said she needed a deep cleaning and uh he'd been going to some place you know every six months and it was a perio mess um and that that's tough because you know maybe he moved from texas and thought that guy was the best dentist in the world and that's only because the guy was a dove hunter you know and it's uh so if they trust um the last guy and the last guy um was not having your clinical standards um you got to establish trust how do you think um in your acting skills um when you're a comedian i mean you get like maybe one joke and by the way i've still got a hundred comedy clubs uh uh in my career that was my my side hobby i i actually think i gotta became a dental lecturer just to get my kicks out and and comedy stuff and it's been all my complaints oh yeah because uh it's funny because uh you know all the complaints like he was rude and foul mal i said what did i say they tell me the words i go okay in Hollywood that's pg-13 uh you know so if you want to get butthurt over a pg-13 movie and then i start naming off films did you ever see this film oh that's rated r uh Kathy bates how she had a nude scene in a jacuzzi with uh jack Nicholson it's like i never had a nude scene at the Chicago midwinter uh but um so people are their mind is thinking they're going to church and a dental convention and and it's it's tough context is everything but when you go to a comedy club it's Friday night you've had a few drinks and you know you can get away with so much but here's what i noticed with lectures over the past um you know you go to a lecture and um and then the um you'd stay over and then the the uh the weekend uh you guys you'd say it has a house and go fishing at the lake or in the bay or whatever and he'd be telling you about his lecture and i just sit there and said dude your lecture you lost half the audience didn't come back from lunch and by the end of the day it was like me and three other guys i said if you would have gave your lecture like this you would have killed it you would have people leaving other lectures coming years how come you're so painfully boring to listen to when you lecture and you're just funner than more than hal in a fishing boat catching redfish in the bayou and it's it's just about getting them to be themselves be comfortable in their own skin don't try to be someone else um i i just uh i i don't understand uh i i just think it's the most important skill set um but what advice would you give a dentist because we sell the invisible i mean when i go to sell you an iphone you know the difference in iphone android you know the difference in Coca-Cola and dr pepper i mean you know that Wendy’s has square burgers because they don't cut any corners and that burger king [ __ ] is round i mean you know all this stuff but I’m selling the invisible i just told you have four cavities and what are you gonna do i mean you can't google it i mean you have to trust me so when you're with everything you've learned in all your videos how do you think doc like your committee he walks in there you can have a bomb but you can't have three bombs in a row they'll be on the stage that dentist walks in that room and he has to establish trust out of the gate and what it what does my homie do he walks in there doesn't even establish eye contact doesn't touch the person shake their hand or fist bump them just start to look at the fmx i see a deal a three and a half one four and then can you lean back please i mean how do you get them to walk in there and in 60 seconds or left establish rapport and trust yeah that's a good question i have a pretty strong opinion on that i think being genuine is key no matter if you have social anxiety or not like if you are genuine and tell them what they need to know i think visuals are great to explain it on their level they did not go to dental school or dental hygiene school so i think an intraoral camera is helpful you can show them if you can see it if it's in a proximal and you can't see it i i always show the x-rays and i say do you see this right here this is your enamel you see that and I’ll show like a little dark line and it'll be like usually if it's right here we'll watch it if it goes past then it's into the dent like i explain it and sometimes I’m like did that make sense and they're like not really but thank you for trying or something I’m like that's fine let's go for it one more time like i you know i just try my best to really show and then i have then the dental still come in and do the same exact thing and it's really i think very important that the dentist and the dental hygienist are on the same page um so consistency helps for the patient to understand and know that you're not just saying whatever you're saying and so i think visuals are great i think re-explaining twice is great and having two different people explain things that's how we do it I’m really thankful to be in an amazing office i think we're all really really focused on patient education and being genuine and we're in it to help people you know so that's what we do we're all about the entrepreneurial young kids remember you know young kids they just have a big heart and um and very small brain or experience then by the time they get as old as me uh their heart is jaded and broken and and you know people are crazy monkeys and i just want to remind you that um the supreme court uh does not believe in patient education because and i can prove it to you when dennis say well i i bought casey and i educated my patients and I’ll say okay which one of your patients in the room here is the smartest one oh that's betty lou in room three and i walk in there and i just pull out a painter this is back in the day and i pull out a painter and i said my god this is why we take panos and then i point down the right metal frame and do you see that cyst there if we don't cut out that cyst you'll lose all the teeth on the right side and she's like oh my god and then i say and you know how i can tell this is genetic inherited from your mom on mitochondrial rna not from your father look at it bilaterally it's in the same place on the other side that means you got it from your mom not your dad i i got her totally convinced to have her two mental foramens extracted which is totally baloney which is why the supreme court uh did 100 years ago they said look the asymmetry of the information healthcare is so asymmetrical that the dentist is not innocent until proven guilty the dentist is guilty with the exam the diagnosis the exam and the treatment plan until doc proves that he's innocent so your patient didn't go to four years to become a hygienist eight years to become a dentist and you you can you need to educate them enough so that they're motivated to follow a leader and brush and floss and take care of their teeth but when [ __ ] goes south there's no educated patients you're guilty to till proven innocent and and i get it i mean uh i grew up with five sisters i can play barbie dolls 40 different ways i mean i i you know i was the barbie king and i i never changed a transmission uh you know I’ll go to the mechanic and they'll say well do you hear that noise that's your lifters i don't even know what a lifter is but i know that you put vaseline inside of a barbie doll boot if it's more than like two inches long so it doesn't tear uh when you slide it on her foot so so so everybody can be a genius in their one thing like if you're an electrician you really know electrician but notice your electrician will not do your plumbing or electrical uh so you know when you stay in your lane you can be a genius but when you get out of your lane you're to be lucky if you understand it like you're explaining it to a five-year-old how did you how did you push back on new York times saying there's no research on philosophy well we were supposed to just kidnap identical twins and uh you know send one to a family with no floss and one to a family with floss and control for every i mean you know so how did you handle that one so i really i i am such a like i find someone who i trust like a mentor and i hear what they say and it works if i don't know what to say like to make it sound good and quick my boss the way she was saying it i was like yes she was just like just another way we were we were just honest we were like literally the research i mean when you read the research it's showing that there's not enough research to prove that flossing is effective so they want to pay a bunch of money to do the research just so that's effective even though we already know from the little research we do have because it doesn't need a huge clinical trial to show that food is stuck in between teeth and when the floss moves it off obviously there's not gonna be a cavity as if you were you get it whatever the point is so i tried to say that in like an easy way to patients like it's probably a money thing don't worry about it keep flossing it's crazy and you know what's what i did actually to be funny i said i saw that Steve Harvey did like a little excerpt about it and so i was like you know watch the Steve Harvey clip i know that it's like not scientific based but he said something so funny he was on tv and he was like i don't care he said something like i don't this is definitely just uh in summary but he said i don't care if people are telling me flossing isn't working or whatever they're saying he's like when i see what that string looks like after i get it out of my mouth i know that i want to keep doing it because i don't want that crap in like between you know what i mean like i think it's like a no-brainer and so when i kind of say that to patients and just be serious like my normal self and they'd be like oh weird you know it was like no big deal but of course there's going to be those patients that are like well no they said it's not important I’m never doing it I’m like well you got to do something if you don't like flaw since you're not listening to what I’m saying you know what i mean i was like what about inappropriate what about water flossing like i would still talk to them i was like you still need to clean in between your teeth if you don't believe in floss right now like my job is to tell you um yeah so that's how i handle it how did you handle it well my my deal is you know it's your own personality you know you gotta you gotta do what your own personality is and they're uptight and they're scared and they're nervous and my first go-to is just always make a joke and i think there's something about comedy or laughing or whatever and it's never too soon for me i mean even when there's a horrible tragedy I’m already testing my jokes like they're like dude you know the the person is still on fire in the ambulance truck and you're making a joke but um and that's why i jumped on joan rivers the instance she died because i knew joan if you said well how long should we wait joan rivers should have said shut up and start ripping me a new one so so your t-talk girl um you didn't want to tell what you said about what the floss no i i just said i just said it was a great it was a great um it was a great piece because it shows that everything is not black and white everything is binomial i mean there's up down left right and i i i don't know i i wouldn't even know how to conduct an experiment but i know it would cause a lot of human rights atrocities like I’d have to kidnap me to identify the birds you did say and when you and when you steal two identical twins at birth usually their mother gets pissed off and uh you know so i i don't even know how i would do that but uh on your own I’m good i like that that's funny you're funny so so you got the t-talk and then you have and then instagram uh your t-talk girl with another 18 000 followers on instagram so i want you to talk to the old people right now um what's the difference because you're obviously um you're probably younger than uh uh my my my boy's 30 are you are you even 30 30 yeah i was born in 1990 oh wow yeah eric was born 89. so what's the difference explain it to an old person what's the difference between your following on YouTube uh versus your website um versus instagram in fact let's just start with YouTube to instagram what is it the same people following you on instagram that following on YouTube or is it a different different good question so I’m really I’m not really into the numbers anymore I’m really lucky to have a team that helps me so i i don't even know I’m pretty sure that the instagram people are not the same people as YouTube i mean i don't think because obviously there's more on YouTube for me than instagram so I’m assuming a lot of those instagram people are also following me on YouTube but then i started learning like no i think these are totally different people by the statistics that my one of my business partners gave me so i was like wait i would i just figured like the YouTube people you know they're not that interested in instagram they'll just be on YouTube but I’m starting to learn that these instagram people are like a whole nother they don't even know i have a YouTube sometimes so i don't really know how you're supposed to find that out but i i I’m pretty confident in my case that most of my instagram people are not even aware of having YouTube and all the YouTube people aren't aware i have uh instagram even though i say it a million times that you know that just doesn't always well i i love i just love numbers i love the math because i i think that yeah and i just humans are well the reason i love what's interesting is is because um people are so disconnected from reality that everything they say there's no there's almost no data for and a lot of the things that data can't find but the things that jump out of me is youtubers is uh you know that's 70 72 percent boys whereas your facebook and instagram is a 50 50 split i mean uh uh the last on instagram was that it was 49 um 49 uh mail 51 female so you know it's kind of like a lot of people say a lot of people talking to my digital marketer before that didn't even get up on my side well it's it's um i i don't know what it is but like say my four sons and me i mean we we're just youtubers i mean if i was gonna watch jim cramer's on the deal well if i go in and watch it on a cable it's gonna be like a 15-minute commercial every 15 minutes and but if i go google the same jim cramer cnnbc you know today's date uh i just love YouTube i mean uh you know you pay him 15 a month there's no commercial i pay my cable like 300 a month and i don't even have an option of getting it without cable i mean cable is just for i don't know how desperate you have to be for information to want to watch uh uh cable because the commercial is just insane but youtubers are boys why why would you guess uh youtuber i mean seven out of ten it's 72 74 uh are men whereas all the other social media sites are 50 50. why do you think youtubers uh are men that's mine no no no on for all of you oh i was like i don't think that's right I’m pretty sure i have mostly female audiences you're saying in general yeah on instagram so many guys on YouTube you're 18 000. okay cool it's not my number instagram yeah that be like what might oh Whitney okay oh that's just a general question yeah interesting i have no idea what do you think oh no idea i i i i don't like commercials i don't know i i think it might be the um girls like commercials i think it might be the algorithm thing like if if you um are watching a video on um you know the uh the philippines uh you know um independence you watch one video i mean they'll serve you up every damn YouTube video known to man uh where on um i i don't like social media because you know it's just last in first out it's just you can tell the whole design is just to keep you on the site as long as they can oh for sure none of these work it's just entertainment and if it's more shocking and crazy and all that kind of stuff um but so so let's let's go to um feel good gear for health pros yeah and you got all kinds of your rock and a happy teeth and all this stuff like that so tell us about your journey there yeah so thank you for asking I’m so excited so it all started with my the people all my followers on or subscribers on YouTube were always asking make a t-shirt make a teapot t-shirt make some merch blah blah blah i was like i don't think that's my thing i don't know and then one day i had like an epiphany and i because i was googling i was literally searching for my own i wanted a purse in the shape of a tooth because i currently have like a cupcake purse i have a taco purse i have a hamburger backpack i love that vibe i think it's cute um so i tried to buy myself a two person it didn't exist so i was like i think we need to make this so uh we made one and we started i was telling everyone i was like i made this for myself do you think you guys will want this is this something fun and everyone was like yes i was like okay so I’ll make more so after we perfected my tooth first for myself i was like okay we'll sell them but i didn't want to just sell them i wanted to do something good with it so that's when i was kind of talking earlier i was like the healthcare for all thing i was like let's let's figure this out i want to you know like tom's shoes like they don't have a pair of shoes for i want to do something like that and i was like would i want it to be dental related so i was like for every tooth first purchased we'll donate a dental health kit to someone in need so that's what I’m kind of in charge of that's my big part of the company and i love it and so i organize different like women and children shelters like homeless shelters whatever whoever needs the dental health kit for every item purchase so then we changed it to every item purchase because it's not just a toothpaste anymore it's every item purchase because we made more than one item because i learned you can't just sell a tooth purse and like that won't be sustainable forever because someone's going to knock it off very soon now that you know what i mean like someone's going to make it with crappy material very soon so I’m like really excited for my beautiful purse but i knew people are going to knock it off so i made some more we have luggage tags we do have t-shirts just with the logo name we also have a canvas toe we're working on a backpack right now for dental professionals and healthcare professionals nurses are like a really awesome group that i love to be a part of so we're working to like make a great backpack for work you know anyway long story short again um for everybody purchase we're doing the healthcare kits to someone in need and that's when i was like i want to really combine this to oral health i don't want to just give these dental health kits to to groups that you know and just be like bye enjoy so we that's what we're doing right now because of covid everything's kind of like ooh we were supposed to do them in person i was going to do presentations so every time say i go to a women in children's shelter i donate we give all the goodie bags and then i would do a presentation this is how you use the floss that's in your bag this is how you brush your teeth this is how you you know what i mean so i want to give an actual presentation so that i don't just give it and i have this database of hygienists that want to do this with me and want to volunteer and give their time and help those in need so that's we're making we're currently in the process of making it a virtual presentation because we had it all set up for in-person presentations so we're working on that right now and I’m really excited for that to start so that's what happened teep is it's purses and bags for healthcare pros we're making we're trying to make it easier i've never found a backpack that i like to bring to work so I’m really we've been working since last october on a perfect backpack and like a work tote but until then we have all the fun things the toothbrush the tooth luggage tag and the canvas toe and the t-shirts so the the non-profits are really really suffering because when you're rich and you and you're having a good economy um you throw some money at these charities and we just had um we just had the guy on bill blazing charitable dentistry during a pandemic and he and uh he's the uh um uh what's uh he he's the executive director of america's dentist care foundation which does all the behind scenes whenever you see the the media show up and there's a convention center and there's you know 50 operatories all the dentists are volunteered and they said we did you know a million dollars with a free dentistry well that logistics well who brings the compressors the chairs who does all that and it's uh it's that that guy and and their their their money's uh obviously it's plummeting during times like that so uh this is gonna be uh strange times for all the the b to c people so when you're um looking at a purse um i've never had an urge to buy a purse um i don't um but i the one thing i did notice about purchase that was pretty interesting i saw another pattern when laptops came out um everybody you know michael dell his dad was an orthodontist and his brother was an ophthalmologist and i remember when dell went public and i was lecturing tda i mean you know you get a lot of inside information about dell maybe i remember his dad whose north house was telling everyone that um you know people keep telling them i want a lower weight computer and they just like freaking out that they want it lower weight but michael wanted to build a computer that dumbass can drop because you know they're they're humans they they he wanted durable he didn't want some flimsy stuff but they kept doing studies and um you put this briefcase uh this uh dell computer in your briefcase but then you add a can of pop and this and that and all that and so they would weigh all these briefcases at airports and like they get off the the deal and your your briefcase is like 18 pounds and two pounds is the computer and your first idea is to um you know make that less weight and with purses holy crap i mean if you just went up to the average person turn it upside down dumped it on table at least three mice would run for their lives uh so uh um i am it's crazy but is this happy teeth is this more um what in a bag is that more hygienist is it more assistance but is it all girls so no no so it's it's for all health care professionals we started with dental professionals dentist hygienist assistants even i have um lab techs that have reached out to me and said they love it so it's just kind of celebrating all forms of dentistry and we're we're slowly like working in to include nurses next and i want to do i want the whole healthcare world to be able to enjoy these so that's kind of it's open everyone but we started with with all dental people because of course I’m a dental person but yeah I’m i you know my my co-worker i have a another dentist at my office he's a man he is a man and he loves the canvas coat like a lot of them are unisex so the t-shirts you know boys and girls alike so i think it's really I’m all about including everyone so I’m you are also a very vogue person um when you uh what that means on the cover of vogue is that some girls i mean their high school graduation uh picture their wedding picture and their funeral open casket funeral and it's just like the same girl with the same three haircuts half of your pictures um i i've had to ask some of my co-workers is that her and i want to ask you in that white dress with the long red hair standing in front of kids is that you and yourself oh yeah on the tooth fairy is that that's the tooth fairy i think it's the pink hair yeah and the tooth fairy i would need a dna analysis to know that that was you know you are scissors thank you i no i it's all about acting right like i love playing different characters so it's so fun i just yes i used to dress up well i still would but it's just copa times i dress up as a tooth fairy and go to all the like schools around me and i love to just but that's a really bad message though the tooth fairy and should be stopped i mean you're going around the schools teaching these young kids to uh sell their body for money uh you know right it's a bad message that leads to other things being uh yeah i just think it's gonna stop you don't wanna tell my grandchildren you can sell your body oh my goodness i knew i knew from your instagram like i your personal one i was like this guy's gonna he's gonna be witty i know this just from looking through i like your photos all the time by the way i think you're super funny I’ll never forget the coveted one where it says like covet tests giving being given there was a sign it was like in the rear and you were like i didn't think that's where the test went i thought it was yours i want to tell you i want to tell you something about that that's that's very very scientific and true and that is you know um we're in the middle of the election and i don't want to go into religion sex politics and violence all that i said but you know a lot of people in journalism they always complain you know why do why do people care what wooly nelson thinks i mean he's you know why why do people listen to to actors like you want to be like why should i listen to some some stupid actor about some cause well let me absolutely tell you the us government has had an 11 approval rating since i got out of high school in 1980 that means 9 out of 10 people are giving both birds the deal and when they have a tie around their neck usually americans when a politician shows up in a suit and tie you just assume the tie is to keep the foreskin from going up over their head and as soon as their lips start moving they're going to start lying so they they have no trust so when willie nelson's already told you in the interview look I’m stoned i didn't pay my taxes I’m probably going to jail why would that guy lie he just told you three things he shouldn't tell you so when you are inappropriate when you like like liars would never want to drop the f word because you know it's like they're so worried about the perfect lie and when you're being inappropriate and you're being off the couch not only is it funny because they weren't expecting it uh but they trust you more i mean you know some some people their their whole body language is just like okay that guy's that guy's a politician he's not going to say anything trivial so i like to be off color just because you know if i can say that off color joke uh and by the way it's kind of funny because my program is actually anti-dental town i mean i can't tell you how many advertisers we've lost uh because i said a joke about their product or i said the truth i mean i just i say no you know i say you know that thing sucks or oh you want to buy that that's funny i i know i've podcasted a hundred endodontists and every one of them um would never buy that product should i ask them the question and then i get an email uh they're an advertiser in dental town magazine and they just put in their cancellation slip i don't even care i mean i i really don't even care but you do you so so who are you giving these uh these bags to um the dental kits i mean and what is in the dental kit and by the way um by the way homies listening to this dentistry is the number one disease in the world there's eight billion people more people have a disease in your category and then well let's go to oral cancer yeah interesting about oral cancer it's the only one that has an its five-year survival rate since i was born and when i was born the dead sea was just merely sick and when i watched sesame street uh big bird was a pterodactyl and they haven't made any progress since then uh so uh you know what up with that so so what i do believe birds were once dinosaurs I’m all about that hashtag jurassic park anyway yes no i we are starting with so again kovid kind of made this all so what's in the bag is one year supply of toothbrushes one year supply of floss and a large tube of toothpaste that i don't know will last a full year but it's very large so it might um you know i haven't tested it yet but I’m hoping it lasts a year is it very large anyway so um we're that's in and then there's going to be there we have all adult kits and we're doing children's kits too long story short my first one was supposed to be we had the national dental hygiene conference in new orleans was supposed to be in june but of course it got canceled um so the national highway new orleans oh you means knowledge kentucky i do say that right i got that but i didn't know i see i've never been in new orleans yet so no one told me how to say it yet because i didn't get to go i was supposed to go anyway we had a women and children shelter there that we were all ready to go and you know obviously do the whole presentation and things like that so i i just that was like going to be my launch first place you know what i mean but since i was going to do it every time we go to a conference because i was traveling two or three times a month like doing different um state conferences dental hygiene you know different board review classes like i just wanted to travel and go to a bunch of different places wherever i am I’ll reach out and find somewhere that needs it you know but since I’m not traveling the whole timetable has turned and we're making a virtual program so i made this database where dental hygienists dentists assistants whoever just teeth enthusiasts if you want to do this like you're welcome um we have a database so you can sign up for somewhere in your community that you think needs it you know what i mean or like maybe you volunteer somewhere or whatever so i have we have this cool database of people that you know say they volunteer at their local homeless shelter or whatever their church or something so they sign up and then we're gonna start up the virtual presentation so we send all the product to them and then they get to set up their virtual presentation with that group so any organization there's also a link part on the page on for organizations to sign up so then that goes directly to me if a random organization is like hey Whitney I’m interested in this and i can get that's how I’m getting my ones you know directly just from organizations finding the website but everybody else is their personal community story so money is the answer what's the question you can have the greatest product in the world but if it's sitting in your garage you're not going to sell any but if you get walmart to carry it and 90 of all americans live within an hour of a walmart um you have your distribution take care of so who is your um well you know you were talking about earlier you have a business partner um what is um what is your uh do you have any um um manufacturing relationships uh uh who would who would it be and would you be targeting a dental manufacturer who's more b2c consumer like colgate crashed all that or would you be more interested in b2b uh with people who sell to a dentist and hygienist uh who's your uh how do you uh think of that yeah so you're talking about the bags like or the the goodie bags and stuff the dental kits not the tooth purses how i made those right i just don't really know they're doing everything I’m assuming since you said cards go get all that stuff okay yes so that's currently in the process as well everything covid we all know has like changed everything you know like some sponsors you know how it goes like want you to be in person and since it's not in person it was kind of a halt and a pause so we have a partnership lined up but i don't think i could say it yet but it's with um it's with um a company that i've made videos with and things like that so like it's just you know there's so many nice companies and i just want to find the best company to work with personally so um we're kind of just choosing the one who we want to work with i want to be inclusive that's the thing i don't want to be exclusive i don't want it to just be this i don't know i don't want to see any product name so um let's say hey i don't want to be with company a only because one of company b offers me a great floss pick can i use the toothpaste from a and the floss pick from b because the phosphates will be great for the little kids and you know what i mean some very like a lot of companies want to only give their stuff and not be allowed to no other donations are accepted I’m like oh but that's not but no we purchase them usually you know we'll be purchasing them at a like a cost to a dental office you know what i mean like um so in bulk but um what will you definitely want diversity i mean if you want you want diversification so you wouldn't want to have a sponsor i mean there's been so many people in the past where something happened to their one sponsor and then they're they're gone so diversification is good um but i do believe that there's good products within a lot of different companies and I’m not all about the all and you know no non-competes all at all i i don't like that so i i just want to give the people the best products that i feel for are for them and if it if two companies don't allow their same thing to be in the bag i feel weird about that so we're trying to figure it out we're figuring it out right now stay tuned well it's um it's kind of um interesting because um you know if you're a research junkie like dentist r i mean that you know they lived in the library for a decade um like the the um the research on like toothpaste is I’m is that you don't even need it it's dry brushing what they're trying to get you do is brush for two minutes and just do it uh on the difference in a manual brush electric toothbrush dude you haven't brushed your teeth in a year i don't care what you brush your teeth with uh when they say to me do you like hard bristles or saw bristles and I’m like i just wish you would stick something in your mouth and try to clean it i mean i just blew a ham sandwich out from underneath this partial and you're asking me what mouthwash to use so i think it's um with the the best hygienist i've seen it's the same ones that excel in grammar school where they can uh you know the little girl doesn't want to learn how to play the piano she's afraid of playing dodge ball but there's some teacher there's some coach that gets her fired up and brings up because with humans it's all or nothing like you either own your own bowling ball and bag or you haven't been bowling in 10 years in arizona we got four lakes they spell scar uh saguaro cactus apache roosevelt you either own a boat and you go there all the time or you've lived here 50 years you've never been there once so with humans that's why i loved bleaching the most because uh i got out of school in 87 opened up my practice it came out and uh the first one that came out with it was omni international at arkansas and uh david keel was the arizona rep and i jumped on that because i knew uh that this person doesn't look at their teeth in fact when they smile they might cover their mouth they're not they're not into their teeth but as soon as they see some some motivation they got whiter they bleach their teeth and they got whiter that's why i love orthodontics you don't need braces for health reasons hell one in three americans are morbidly obese myself included you know we probably ought to have the only good thing american teeth is for is if you had them wired shut so you could not you'd have something to hook the wires to so you couldn't eat so with americans with humans it's just about getting motivated and if you can lighten their teeth do something fun like like i was against that on that um they threw out that sparkle thing um a hygienist friend of mine she found those blue sparkles and one was under the gum and and everybody just about lost their [ __ ] over and I’m like well maybe the blue sparkles the only thing that's going to get my granddaughter to want to go brush her teeth and well we have to throw it away because you know it it had an ounce of fun in it you know so i um so motivation is everything and and so if you make kids feel bad uh they're gonna hate their teeth you you can't make them feel bad and they want to know why they don't join your your values so how do you um when you're a hygienist who was your most when you're doing clinical who's your most fun patient is it five and under is it old adults um what what what do you have the most fun with good just review about this and my favorite is my age and younger so I’m not you're 30. you said you're 30. so i love the 20s i love the teens i love the kids so i i am not against the older the 30s and the 40s and 50s i think i have some of my personal favorite patients are and they're like there's this one lady who's 90. i love her so that's but generalized like right of course there's other people i like and they're nice and normal but if i want to have a lot of fun it's usually younger people i love it's just conversation wise i am super awkward usually maybe i always am but um i know what to talk about with uh the younger people like in college like how many credit hours you're taking like i know what to say like if they're in there did you just graduate are you working like i don't know i just have things to talk about i don't have kids I’m not married so like when it's like so you don't have kids and you're not married correct okay i gotta jump in there well don't screw it up you already made it to 30 single don't but you know you'll never you'll never get divorced if you don't get married and you'll never need financial planning if you have kids if you don't get married and have kids you're a millionaire there you go so see but yeah i it's just so funny i just never i again if i don't know i don't think my patients will be on this one i think this is for dentists and hygienists if they ever heard me there's people i love in their 40s 50s but I’m just saying i love hearing most about like how school's going like what are you gonna be for halloween like i love talking to little ones i just think it's a cute and i feel like they soak in what i say so much more than adults like not everyone of course there's always exceptions but like yesterday i had this little boy and like sometimes i don't know you can just feel the vibe is this kid gonna listen to my he needs help with his home care for sure it was just pla i like cleaning plaque off so like i think plaque is more fun to clean than tartar i just love seeing it like the gums get all i love it anyway carter's kind of like oh whatever so it was just like his teeth were just i was like feel how smooth they are whatever and i was like really like i know you probably don't want to listen to this but like can you please try to listen this is so important like i just i don't know i like talking to the little ones instead of i i don't know how to say home care appropriately to older people as i do to younger people because i feel like I’m talking down on like I’m con you know though like when someone's older than you i feel so weird i i have a problem i need to get over that that different dynamic of when someone's older than you and you're telling them what to do i think that's that was a long way to get around to that yeah i don't know about that is great and and um and and those are your niche like like i could never be a cosmetic dentist because if you're like you know it seems like all the cases are you know um when i was in dental school i thought all the people that wanted cosmetic dentistry was like young hot girls that just wanted to be a percent higher and then you find out you know they got divorced they're on the fix up remake thing and uh you know they come in and they start telling you all the problems with their teeth and i mean i just can't have empathy and sympathy for that i mean it's just a rich world problem uh so you you should um just try to too much i bring it home with me well donut on that fiance guy god don't ruin it man as soon as as soon as you get a contract on that guy the courtship is over he's not chasing he's not trying to make the sell i mean just keep him hanging until he dies and uh never ever get him um but there's a lot of different audience like what i want to tell you is that um you know twitter um a lot of people think that twitter is uh crazy but they don't realize that the president of the united states is addicted to twitter and twitter is huge for old people um YouTube is 72 percent boys but when you're in dentistry and you're looking for millionaires if you want to find every dentist who's a millionaire 10 millionaire or a billionaire uh they're on linkedin so dentistry is where the money is so when you want to get uh sponsorship when you're looking for aids well that guy's not gonna be on instagram i mean if you put a gun to my head uh i wouldn't download tick tock or uh what's the other one what's the one where they send you a photo and then it disappears what is that one snapchat yeah i mean it was designed to send nude pictures and then they asked and then they said to me uh well aya i i messaged you on facebook like 12 times dude I’m 60 with diabetes and erectile dysfunction just use the damn howard at you know i mean it's uh you got to know your audience but when you're looking for sponsors um when you're looking for money uh those cats are all on linkedin that that's that's where all uh the rich people are so if you're looking for sponsors so you so if you're on um uh YouTube channel uh my gosh every time you're on YouTube channel you should be thinking uh you're talking to a thousand boys and when you're on linkedin you should be thinking you're talking to a bunch of old rich people and when you're on twitter uh you um you know you know so they're all different markets uh but um i think that um i i think these beat it i think what you got to do and you're doing it really neat you got a a b to c strategy um with uh the consumer the the b to b business to business with denison hygienist and you're doing videos target on them and then you got a b2c and that's why when you look at these uh companies like ivaclair well they have a marketing department for patients trying to build the demand for cosmetic dentistry um but what i would shoot for if i was you is uh colgate because um first of all I’m working with them right now on on a video i love them a lot they're being really nice well they're just a monster and i can tell you how monster it is because first mover advantage is huge like the only reason we're still growing a thousand new dentists a month to this day is because i was five years before facebook so i had that first mover advantage harvard was the first university and it'll always be the greatest school no one knows everybody knows the first guy he landed on the moon but they don't know the second guy who landed on the moon and um and and when it becomes like coke only started like 11 years before pepsi and they can't catch that over a century uh but when you you lose your trademark if it becomes and now like like when you say make me a xerox copy but the person's taking it to a canon copy or making you a copy and says here's your zero copy you no longer xerox no longer owns that word and kleenex you say hand me a kleenex I’m authentic i actually have real kleenex the brand but most of them are a tissue but they don't say tissue say how many kleenex and if you travel the world there's 208 countries and at least 100 countries there's no word toothpaste it's colgate just like you say hand me a clear knife make a xerox copy yeah and so the kid the kid will be squeezing some crazy toothpaste on there but mom will say make sure you put colgate on that make sure you put colgate on that they don't have a word just like just like your grandma says hand me a kleenex uh make me a zero so um they'll always interesting i just made a really fun video with colgate we had so much fun i wish i knew that fact but it turns out you don't need toothpaste i mean dry brushing for two minutes will remove the plaque mouthwash um you don't need mouthwash because mouthwash is kind of the nuclear bomb of the military a nuclear bomb is the dump bomb so you want to you want to go kill some guy in phoenix and you drop a nuclear bomb you killed 3.8 million people to kill one it's a very dumb bomb whereas like a sniper or as russia does it with poison they get the exact guy they need and mouthwash just kills everything kills the good floor the bad floor just it just kills everything and uh it it'd be you know it's just uh it's it's just not targeted um it's dumb but my god colgate colgate can throw away more money in a year than the ada's total revenue i mean the 88 looks like 100 million i mean a colgate is just a monster organization i mean it's just monster and they can they can take your videos and translate them to 64 different languages and all that kind of stuff my gosh numbers numbers are not my thing that's why we got well okay well let's let's talk about let's talk about that like like dentists um you know um if something's not your thing well what's the first rule they ate which if you're irish they teach you this when you're one at birth is to admit that you have a problem right and uh i i teach you someone to do it for you yeah so I’ll go into an office and the guys and I’ll say what do you what do you hate the most about dentistry nice oh the staffs drive me crazy i say okay dude you're 50 I’m looking at your employee turnover ever no one works here for more than two to three years you know if you were in the nfl and you were picking players they would have fired you 30 years ago so when you're not good at something it's most likely you hate it you have no interest in me again like people say that i hate math well when's the last time you took a cosine and a tangent i mean they they don't like math um i hate crossword puzzles i don't even know i hate scary movies at halloween like really your best idea is just to be miserable for an hour uh you know i i i i i i don't get it um last night it was very good it was the it was the aftermath of the shining whatever yeah that house in colorado that's a cool house next time you're in uh boulder or uh yeah go see that house have you have you been up there i my family actually have a lot of family in colorado but i've never been to that to the to the what do they call it's not the overlook and it's overlooked what is it called in real life i don't even know but no i've never been to it but i go to colorado all the time because my family's there so i would i would have a very targeted message on linkedin you know if you'd like to sponsor if you'd like to do this and and the 401k people are just they're going to have i mean the ada i mean i mean like the arizona dental association is laying off employees because the non-profit sector knows that they got the extra money in good times and now that there's a contraction uh your your donations just just plummet um so um i mean um it's it's gonna be tough times for him so uh um you know get get dialed in on that my gosh um i could talk to you for 40 days and 40 nights were you thinking and that we were going to talk about something that i was too dumb to bring up or didn't bring out no no I’m sorry we got to talk about happy teeth and how teeth are girl happened and we got to go back and forth about dental assisting before the hygiene i think it was good we covered some bases yeah and uh and again um my gosh um you know if you're gonna go lecture you know like say start at the toastmasters then start at your study club uh but watch pros do it and i didn't know when i saw i can still remember your first video it just didn't even seem right it said this is way too good for the little b2c dental market yet she's got 64 thousand subscribers and what i mean by that is you know there's only um one dentist for every six thousand people on earth in the rich countries it's a dentist for every two thousand for the planet it's one for six thousand and the ratio i like the most in the 20 rich countries you have five mds for every dentist and then in the 54 countries you have five dentists for every md because when you're living in the congo you're never going to get treated for prostate cancer but if you have a rock and hot toothache maybe we can leave some comfort there but i so the beast the b2c market is infinitely more enormous and what i like about um your potential is only five percent of americans have ever gone to a chiropractor once but everybody brushes their teeth everybody on earth will see a dentist at some time in their life and so that b to c market you got eight billion people and then if you got goals into acting and things like that what i would target on is be the most rocking hot um YouTube channel hygienist and then make sure hollywood and the linkedin people know that there is actually a hygienist so when they're screening apart and they're like oh this is a dental scene uh oh my god we should get the t-top girl to do that would be so funny so it's always target marketing and uh and young kids that um they come out of dental school and try to build their whole practice on facebook and instagram um you know i always remind them i like i say well what are your goals well i like to do a lot of implants okay people who are missing their teeth aren't on instagram okay they're old people that still walk out to their mailbox and look forward to junk mail i mean my mom she's 82. 90 of the emails she sends me is forwarding spam and telling me howie oh i thought i thought you'd definitely want to read this i mean just you know crazy so target market um i would i think um if you broke into acting uh you should do it in dental i mean my gosh i always joked with um chicago pd because now there's a chicago med there's a chicago law i think it's called I’m like where's chicago dentistry because hello can you talk to dick wolf that's joking obviously i don't know him dick wolf is like right is he the big guy for that no chuck lorrie's a comedy dick wolf is a serious yeah yeah yeah i would I’m i i would bet your buddy i mean when you're old it's easy to spot success because you just see the patterns and you're just um you own it you're unique you're you you're just doing everything right and it was just an honor that you accepted the invitation to come on the show i wanted to talk to you uh yeah all things Whitney you're just crushing it um you're in the end and then you're in chicago so you have two ins two major institutions you have the american dental association and you have delta dental okay um whereas the american dental association might have a million dollars of cash delta would have a billion with a b uh they give away more money they throw it away and and you have to get out those old people you have to get out there and run from mary you got to go out there and press the flush like i talked to dennis in arizona when i got here in 87 um the first year i opened up i looked at my into year numbers and a delta dental of arizona gave me four hundred thousand dollars so i called down there well who's the ceo they said ed judd and i said well I’m taking you to dinner i mean [ __ ] you're the only guy on earth that ever gave me 400 grand my dad wouldn't even pay for my college because i was a boy he paid for the girls but i was a boy and i don't know what that has to do with anything but uh he said you got to be a self-made man so I’m not going to give you a dime and i call it that i said ed man god you gave me 400 1000 my first year thank you so much i want to take you to dinner all that stuff you got you got to press fish you people your generation they'll always say this I’ll say well you should not work with us this company they're in your backyard well i i sent them a message on instagram and they never replied oh i don't know dude he's 68 he's a multi-millionaire um have you thought of going down there i would go down to delta dental of arizona that's the franchise parent company they got like 38 franchises but oh my god do those boys have money they have money at a different level i mean they could throw away more money each year than the american dental association collects so a network network network and the executive director um of the american dental association kathleen laughlin female den just call her up and say I’m looking for a strong female role model in dentistry i mean she would just she would just absolutely deliver so it's not what you know it's what you know and who you know and nobody's gonna be able to network with more people than t-top girl with 64 000 YouTube subscribers and her instagram is i mean you're just killing it everywhere you go uh t-top girl instagram i mean you're just crushing it but uh again thank you so much Whitney for coming on the show it was an absolute pleasure and fun to podcast you thank you for having me and i need to say i truly believe it is all because being genuine and just wanting to help people is like where it's at you're if you want to like make money there's no reason to do things you got to do it because you care i learned that from leslie jones a community do it for the right reasons and the money will follow do it for the wrong reasons and everyone will know it so thank you for having me all right thank you
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