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Howard Speaks: Let’s get back to the pre-pandemic mindset.

Howard Speaks: Let’s get back to the pre-pandemic mindset.

9/9/2021 9:02:00 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 75

Let’s get back to the pre-pandemic mindset

Let’s get back to the pre-pandemic mindset. If you’re double vaccinated you know this pandemic is over. Let’s get back to fight mode in building a championship dental office. What do champion dentists do more of that their colleagues don’t? If you go to a UFC middleweight championship fight, every singe middleweight contender in existence is in the audience live to study their colleagues. Dental conventions are opening back up. Their are so many amazing champion dentists available to show you all their latest and greatest new dental moves and techniques like the amazing Jared Pope DDS teaching practice management in Phoenix at or listening to T-Bone Speaks 3-D dentistry in Raleigh at You need to get back out and hit the road hard and check out all the greatest dental championship moves, live, in person and on display. You need to stay humble and learn from your dental colleagues whether that’s Nash, Spear, Pankey or Kois, learn from the best. You know what kind of dentist scares me the most and usuals ends up a stressed out financially disaster? The egomaniac dentist who thinks their IQ is 150 but it's really 120. You know which dentist I’m gonna put my money on? The humble, hardworking dentist with an IQ of 150 who thinks it’s 120. I want the dentist who understands their limitations instead of the doc in the box who doesn’t. I want the prudent dentist that can create a culture of hardworking, humble, honest people busting their ass everyday try to serve their patients with exceptional dentistry. 

Happy Labor Day. 

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