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Howard Speaks: Dentists could learn a lot from Costco

Howard Speaks: Dentists could learn a lot from Costco

9/27/2021 9:10:06 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 176

Dentists could learn a lot from Costco

Dentists could learn a lot from Sol Price (1916-2009), the founder of Price Club in 1963, which became Costco, which pioneered the membership, absolute pricing authority, warehouse store retail model. The membership model is currently one of the hottest trends in retail. A store that tries to be all things to all people will end up being nothing to anyone. A retailer reflecting honesty, credibility, and a definite direction that can be understood by its customers and vendors will have a good chance to make it. Costco’s 3 Business Categories: Personnel, Product & Facilities. Costco’s 6 rules: Have the right kind, in the right place, at the right time, in the right quantity, in the right condition, at the right price. Costco counts on very significant productivity because they pay high wages and benefits. If you buy into the concept that Costco is the low-cost provider of goods and services and also pay the highest wages in retail and have the richest benefit plan, then we must be getting better productivity, because of every dollar that we spend on our business, $0.70 is on people. There’s a categorically false notion that the only business model in the service industry is the minimum-wage business model. Costco people work for years making great money plus health benefits. 87 million people have a Costco card because they have absolute pricing authority meaning if you see it at Costco, you’re sure it’s the best price you can find. Advertising is cost. The only secret to lower prices ins lower cost. So, if you spend 1-3% on advertising, you’ll raise your cost which will raise your prices. Advertising is like heroin, once you start doing it, it is very hard to stop. Word of mouth is the lowest cost most effective type of advertising. Costco saves 2% a year in costs by not advertising. In 2017 Amazon spent $6.3 billion in advertising, Target $1.4 billion, Walmart $2.9 billion. The average markup at Costco is just 11%, Walmart is 24%, Supermarkets 30%, Home Depot and Lowe's 35%. 
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