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Last Updated 7/7/2018 by howard   |   Views: 517223
Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
How to perform dentistry faster, easier, higher in quality and lower in cost.
Last Updated 4/3/2018 by Elevate Ortho   |   Views: 546
Elevate Orthodontics Podcast with Dr. Lance Miller
Tune in to listen to interviews with some of the most innovative and exciting minds in the orthodontic specialty! Covering a wide range of practice management, clinical, financial and technological topics.
Last Updated 6/17/2018 by Leon Klempner   |   Views: 132
Marketing Tips For Orthos - People & Practice
Get the latest tips and tricks for orthodontic practices to increase trust in your office before a patient even walks in the door. Increase patient conversion and replace lost referral sources with online marketing.
Last Updated 3/10/2018 by runningonortho   |   Views: 651
A first-hand account of my journey from residency, through associateship and attempted buy-outs, and into the adventure that is a start-up and partnership. Please join me as I learn while I go!
Last Updated 1/30/2014 by dr_curtis   |   Views: 395113
Straight Bytes
All things orthodontics! As an orthodontist, I love creating straight, white, attractive teeth. I have a passion for dentistry. I hope you enjoy!
Last Updated 6/14/2018 by OrthoAuthority   |   Views: 191
This blog will highlight all things Invisalign as it relates to an orthodontic or dental practice. This includes but is not limited to frequently asked questions, the latest public news and the Align Technology company.
Last Updated 3/7/2017 by amgortho   |   Views: 742
Gorczyca Orthodontics Blog
A creative orthodontic blog for patients, doctors, and the general public.
Last Updated 11/29/2015 by dentalopoly   |   Views: 2453
Dentalopoly is a new board game that bonds dentists, colleagues, staff, family and friends while injecting tongue-in-cheek-biting humor! Where else will you find Plaque Place, Margin Gardens or Root 66? Order yours @
Last Updated 11/19/2014 by Steelties   |   Views: 79402
Sharing my experiences in a startup practice
Last Updated 3/2/2014 by ssadek   |   Views: 103177
My Dentistry World
In this blog I provide my view on a variety of subjects around Dentistry.
Last Updated 1/23/2015 by rortiz   |   Views: 335
Blog related to the development and maintenance of all Farran Media mobile applications.
Last Updated 2/20/2013 by angief   |   Views: 1169
Last Updated 2/22/2014 by AlphaZulu86   |   Views: 54366
Progression of treament discussion - evidence
Paging all trainees and residents. Drop by here and leave your 'evidence-based' opinions to the next step or current step of treatment. Do your best as if I were a complete ignorant (common man) to convince me why you chose THAT particular approach.
Last Updated 11/16/2015 by drwoods   |   Views: 91
35 Years and Counting!
The everyday life of a Wet Fingered Orthodontist.

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