The Digital Orthodontist: Live!
The Digital Orthodontist: Live!
Dr. Kyle Fagala, an Orthodontist and digital marketing expert, hosts this podcast with interviews and interactive games. Learn and be entertained by top Orthodontists and industry experts. Join us on FB:

The First Annual Orthodontic Awards
With 150 nominees, 20 categories, and 1 incredible profession worth celebrating, you won’t want to miss the awards event of the year. Hosted by Drs. Kyle Fagala and Jonathan Nicozisis, filmed live in front of a studio audience at the AAO Annual Session in Chicago, and sponsored by inBrace, The...  Read More
Season 6, Ep 4: Personality Tests w/ Drs. Grant Collins and Andy Sarpotdar
I’m not gonna lie, I was shocked at how much two orthodontists knew about personality tests... On this NEW episode of TDO: Live!, I’m joined by Orthodontists Grant Collins and Andy Sarpotdar to discuss personality tests and how having your teams and loved ones take these tests can make a big...  Read More
Season 6, Ep 3: Dino Watt - Team Culture, Relationships, and Sales
On this episode of TDO: Live!, I'm joined by Dino Watt, a business, leadership, and relationship expert who speaks to standing-room-only audiences in the Orthodontic world.  He joins me in Memphis to discuss how to create and maintain excellent team culture, how to make the best use of our...  Read More
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