The Digital Orthodontist: Live!
The Digital Orthodontist: Live!
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Season 6, Ep 3: Dino Watt - Team Culture, Relationships, and Sales

Season 6, Ep 3: Dino Watt - Team Culture, Relationships, and Sales

3/3/2023 10:57:08 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 98

On this episode of TDO: Live!, I'm joined by Dino Watt, a business, leadership, and relationship expert who speaks to standing-room-only audiences in the Orthodontic world. 

He joins me in Memphis to discuss how to create and maintain excellent team culture, how to make the best use of our time, how to get the most from our relationships, how to sell through a screen, and lastly, how "languishing" could be the hidden syndrome that’s dragging your team down…

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