The Digital Orthodontist: Live!
The Digital Orthodontist: Live!
Dr. Kyle Fagala, an Orthodontist and digital marketing expert, hosts this podcast with interviews and interactive games. Learn and be entertained by top Orthodontists and industry experts. Join us on FB:

The First Annual Orthodontic Awards

The First Annual Orthodontic Awards

5/2/2023 6:51:42 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 35

With 150 nominees, 20 categories, and 1 incredible profession worth celebrating, you won’t want to miss the awards event of the year. Hosted by Drs. Kyle Fagala and Jonathan Nicozisis, filmed live in front of a studio audience at the AAO Annual Session in Chicago, and sponsored by inBrace, The Orthodontic Awards is the first ever Orthodontist-voted Awards Ceremony. Join us to find out who takes home The Golden Molar!

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