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Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran
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1305 Boost Your Case Acceptance with Brandon Barnum : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1305 Boost Your Case Acceptance with Brandon Barnum : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

12/4/2019 6:00:00 AM   |   Comments: 2   |   Views: 115
Brandon Barnum, CEO of Codebreaker Technologies is a seasoned technology executive who has designed, built and managed multiple tech companies over the past 22 years.  Brandon’s companies currently serve over 5 million business owners, entrepreneurs and salespeople in over 200 countries.  Everywhere from Antarctica to Zimbabwe, helping people create profitable partnerships and raving referrals.  Now, with the launch of Codebreaker AI - Personality Coding Technology, Brandon is helping business owners close more sales in less time, and is here today to discuss increasing dental case acceptance and completion by up to 300%.

VIDEO - DUwHF #1305 - Brandon Barnum

AUDIO - DUwHF #1305 - Brandon Barnum

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Howard: It's just a huge honor to bring Brandon Barnum into the studio today to talk about all things dental financing. First of all, Brandon Barnum are you related to PT Barnum?

Brandon: I'm not I grew up thinking I was I was told that he was my great-great great-great uncle but not so much.

Howard: I loved how many interesting quotes are tied to that man there's just a lot of interesting quotes I am a couple of what was about a week ago you and a couple your teammates came down here and I thought this was very interesting that's why I brought him back to the studio, why they buy and I love the way you use I'm cracking the personality code to achieve record sells in real well the reason I brought you in is because this is a unique situation if you wouldn't lecture to any group of people that they love sales if we went to a real estate convention they jump up and down selling selling selling. I feel like dentistry my oldest sister is a cloistered Carmelite monk I feel like dentist are monks when it comes to I mean it's taboo I don't think there's a priest in America who wants to sell and pass the basket and they don't have a thermostat up on the altar you know we're trying to raise this much money it's just taboo it's this kind of dentist just don't like sales and I was wondering if you could do this whole podcast without saying the four-letter word sale.

Brandon: I will maybe try I'll tell you what in my opinion the reason that why dentists don't like to do that activity now you've you've made it a challenge in a game for me to avoid that word and I'll see if I can but the reality is it comes down to their personality and how they're coded who they are engineered to be created to be and in our system B.A.N.K. what we find is that dentists tend to be one of two personality types either blueprint or knowledge who are both typically introvert personality types and so as a result they don't like to sell. Sorry I already lost the game right the the personality codes that really love to sell are more action and nurturing those are the two especially the action they love to close deals and win the sale but when it comes to dentists and dental professionals they're much more scientific that's how they're wired is to think scientifically and so to try and and guide someone to a sale is just in contrast to who they're wired to be so that's why when it comes to the dental profession we talk about case acceptance and case completion rather than the term sales.

Howard: I feel like I should be professional read your bio, Brandon Barnum is a CEO of code breaker technologies is this seasoned technology executive he has designed built manage multiple tech companies over the past 22 years. Brandon's companies currently serve over five million business owners entrepreneurs and salespeople at over 200 countries everywhere from Antarctica to Zimbabwe I've been to both of those places by the way, helping people create profitable partnerships and raving referrals. Now with the launch of Codebreaker AI personality coding technology branding is helping business owners close more sales in less time and is here today to discuss increasing dental case acceptance and completion by up to three hundred percent. When B.A.N.K. author and creator Cheri Tree was first starting out in financial sells she struggled to get ahead making only seven hundred dollars her first year in an effort to catch up she decided to learn everything she could about sales including several personality typing systems. Cheri found personality science compelling but difficult to apply in real sell situations. Cheri dedicate herself to reverse engineering the personality types to understand as much about her prospects as she learned about herself and the process Cheri created B.A.N.K. the first easy system that combined the proven brilliance of personality science with real-world best practices for the sales process, plus she made the typing itself fun simple and quick perfect for real sales calls with clients with Bank. Cheri grew her income from 72,000 over 500,000 in one year and brought her her income up to over 1 million in just three years. This massive being success didn't in there she was inspired to share B.A.N.K. with other selves professionals full-time nor successful viral she was invited to speak at national achievers conference in Europe, Asia and Africa sharing the stage of business Giants like Les Brown Robert Kiyosaki who lives here in the valley and Sir Richard Branson in addition Cheri lecturer at Harvard University UC Berkeley and accepted the American Riviera woman entrepreneur of the year. So back to science when I since we met last week I the few dentists I talked to the first thing they said is yeah that disc was a big thing in the cosmetic revolution which was Ivoclar and LVI from about 94 to 2000 everybody wants to go to LVI and do all these cosmetic dentistry cases and they were doing a lot of discs but over the years you know dentists have degrees they look at research they said I don't think there's a lot of research proving this would you would you agree with the discontentment war?

Brandon: I would Howard, I haven't seen a ton of research done we've actually conducted research on our methodology and we hired researchers from San Francisco State University to do the analysis to ensure that this is a unique methodology that it's replicable and that what the science and the research concluded was this is the world's only sales methodology that helps you predict buying behavior in less than 90 seconds and what that allows you to do what I often say when people ask about this cuz we're big disc fans to disc is great when you're hiring especially it's great in HR but when it comes to sales or for dentists dental case acceptance and completion that's where B.A.N.K. is so powerful because it helps you understand people's values and what we call their biology buy ology thus the book why they buy.

Howard: Yeah my Mormon friends say it should be BYU ology.

Brandon: Thats great, I'll tell you what it and if you're looking and seeing the video here we do have a white paper about the science and we would welcome and provide that to anyone who's interested they could just go to as they opt in they'll receive a copy that'll make sure we send that out via email.

Howard: Okay so explain B.A.N.K. I'm sure it's because it's a fun Akram and its B.A.N.K. but it stands for a blueprint action nurturing knowledge.

Brandon: That's correct that's correct so those are the four different personality types and if you try and translate that into disk for example there's there's no perfect fit because this is completely unique. So what it comes down to is the values that each person holds and really how they're created and wired as a personality type and based on these four different personality types of blueprint, action, nurturing and knowledge once you understand that about somebody you can connect with them quickly you can instantly build rapport and more importantly you can lead them and influence them into a buying decision based on what feels most comfortable for them what is best for them and there are triggers that you can say that will get a yes and there are trip wires that you can hit that will lead to no and when it comes to sales one of the greatest myths is that in order to get more yeses you need to get more what?

Howard: No's

Brandon: No's, total lie total myth if you want more yeses you need more yeses you don't want to hear no constantly who wants to hear that right the reality is in order to get more yeses you need to influence and guide people to say yes and to want we our product or service and so that's one of the greatest lies ever told but back to the B.A.N.K. methodology, there's really four unique personality types and the reality is we are all a combination of all four it comes down to what percentage or what's your your primary code so let's talk about each of the four. With blueprint those are people that are very much into processes, structure, stability, predictability, Duty, rules, credentials, these are the people that make great office workers right they also make great public servants teachers are often blueprint and so when you come to your dental practice you want to have blueprints working in your organization but you also need blueprints that are high nurtured as well so blueprint is the first of the four B.A.N.K. code styles the second is the a it's action an action or I'll get it done quick they want freedom opportunity spontaneity these are the exciting people the the movers the Shakers the millionaires makers they drink Red Bull for breakfast right these are people that say there is no box they're totally out of the box where the blueprint always stays in the box blueprints follow the rules for actions they break the rules there are no rules it doesn't apply to them so a completely different psychological profile of that individual right and so you have to know how to speak in code to each different personality to guide them to the outcome that you desire. The third is nurturing the N is for nurturing now these are warm people these are the people that recycle the box these are the people that care about people and purpose and cause, charity, community, harmony, ethics, these are the folks that just love to love and so that's why earlier when we were talking about blueprint I said for your office you want to make sure you're having folks who are high nurturing especially at your reception desk for example because they need to warmly welcome everyone into the office that's coming in. So you treat a nurturer very differently than you treat an action or a blueprint and then finally we come to the K in B.A.N.K. which is knowledge now many of your listeners are probably high in their knowledge because they love the science the facts the universal truth they research and development technology right that's probably what attracted them to dental is they had the opportunity to really learn the science and to make a difference in people's lives and they need to understand the why behind something before they'll buy in. When it comes to sales we teach people that you cannot close a knowledge personality they have to close themselves you have to give them the data the information the evidence so that they feel comfortable and confident in their decision knowing that they have analyzed the information and are making a wise choice.

Howard: So is your goal to take my introvert homie dentists who love calculus and physics and geometry and they became become a salesperson to get patients to buy or is this something that your carnal gut-level think no no keep keep the doc in the box and will train an office manager or a receptionist and assistant someone else to do all this?

Brandon: Yes and yes so the reality is that everyone is in sales people don't understand this and I know some of your listeners don't like the word sales and so just change the word sales in your mind with service okay or influence either of those two words can replace sales if people are uncommon early towards...

Howard: What are the two words?

Brandon: Either service or influence right you're really there as a dental professional to serve your patients so if you don't feel comfortable with the word sales think of it differently think of serving your patients and your clients and that's a different frame for the same word of sales, right. So when it comes to the dentist the reality is they're absolutely involved and engaged in that process of case acceptance and case completion so they need to be trained in B.A.N.K. they need to understand why their patients buy and how to communicate and connect in a way that leads more patients to accept cases and complete cases. At the same time you really want to optimize all aspects of your team and your dental practice so that everyone in your team understands B.A.N.K. and that they understand how to connect with each individual patient based on how they're wired. So what we do at codebreaker dental is we really teach and train dental professionals and dental teams on how to incorporate this into a practice it's a combination of both training and technology we have technology including our AI that is powerful and will help you instantly decode somebody but we also use these little cards and again if you're watching the video you can see these cards on screen and what we do with these is these can be used in a dental practice either in physical form like these cards and you simply hand them to a patient and say do me a favor read the information on these four cards and then sort them in order of what's most like you to least like you that will help me serve you better and save us both time and what's fascinating about that little 10 second sentence is that you're triggering all four B.A.N.K. codes with that sentence I started by saying read the information on the cards that triggers the knowledge personality type right they want to analyze the information and so if they're a knowledge type you've instantly created that dopamine rush right there they're feeling engaged because you've activated their analytical mind immediately then we say sort them in order of what's most like you to least like you blueprints love to organize and so again if their blueprint personality it gives them a task to complete it'll help you help us serve you better that's nurturing save us both time that's action so in that 10 second sentence you've triggered all four codes and that's the key to our methodology is to connect with every single patient in the way that feels best to them.

Howard: You say the 10-second sentence again.

Brandon: Sure, do me a favor read the information on these cards sort them in order of what's most like you to least like you that will help me serve you better and save us both time.

Howard: Now you're suggesting we do that to the patient?

Brandon: Well they can do it in a number of different ways so there's four different ways that we crack codes one is with these physical cards another is with an online assessment where they read the cards we call it B.A.N.K. Pass, they read the cards and they drag and drop and sort the cards in order of what's liked them and each of our clients has their own unique website address to integrate that into their new patient onboarding process. Some clinics will use a form when they're welcoming new patients and they'll have a printed form and just ask them to select and then of course we have the AI that does that instantly based on a patient's writing sample or speech sample.

Howard: So where are you having the most luck in dentistry?

Brandon: So in dentistry what we find is most effective is that form that physical form a lot of people don't have the time...

Howard: Do you have that form with you right now?

Brandon: I don't but I'll email it to you after.

Howard: Actually, I wish you'd post it on dentaltown there's if you just go to dentaltown so there's is two hundred and fifty thousand four hundred and seventy six registered dentists they posted five point five million times if you just do a search for a case presentation you pull up all these all these threads I mean I mean the first one pops up today I'm hi all I need to find a good mentor courses or coaches to train myself my team for case presentation and treatment acceptance I have a busy practice where I feel my whole team lacks this skill and it's not for me in the end I mean it's just I mean you know how many hours we learned in case presentation in dental school and it's really bizarre because when someone comes in with ten cavities and a thousand-dollar iphone/android drove a Ford 150 fifty thousand dollar truck complete with Dolby stereo to your office and dental schools just teach you how to take x-rays diagnose drill fill and pill but none of that happens if I can't sell you to do this so.

Brandon: That's right

Howard: To me you're not, you can't be a good dentist until somebody gives you a dollar and says fix my tooth.

Brandon: That's where it all starts.

Howard: Yeah you say what I'm the Albert Einstein of this GMA and I I know every it doesn't matter if you have a two phds in organic chemistry.

Brandon: Well it does to the knowledge personality types and this is the key each personality type cares about different things so blueprint totally value conscious like that's how they are wired to think and so when you're talking to an action personality type you're gonna talk about the sex appeal right what this is gonna do to help them get dated right more often or or have better relationships look better feel better right that's what they care about with a nurturing personality type you're gonna touch them on the shoulder right like they love to be touched blueprints knowledge not so much you don't touch a knowledge at all with Blueprint you may shake their hand but those two personality types prefer not to be touched and so you have to learn...

Howard: What two don't like to be touched?

Brandon: Knowledge and blueprint right right and so you asked what what's really working well and and if you can see on screen these are what we call our icons or kids cards these work really well in a dental office especially if they do pediatric dentistry as part of their practice because what happens is you can just set these on the tables and the kids will automatically pick them up and start playing with them and then as you teach your receptionist again that quick statement or just you know hey sort those which one do you work like best one of the best ways to do it especially with kids is just choose one don't sort all four which one do you like best Timmy, right they show this the first one Oh what what do you like next right and so now what happens in the office is the parents are seeing that you care about their family you've helped the parents you've educated the parents on how their children are wired that then brings in the parents in the conversation they get fascinated this becomes a game and once you hook in the kids then the parents are more loyal for life because they love the impact that this makes and the reason that I love the B.A.N.K. system and methodology is it's not just about sales it's really about relationships. When I talk about B.A.N.K. what I share is that B.A.N.K. provides instant empathy once I understand your B.A.N.K. code now I know how to connect and converse with you in a way that matters most to you my daughter and I for example completely opposite codes she is high knowledge wants to be a neurosurgeon right so literally last night we're having this conversation and she's in third-year Spanish I took two years of Spanish 35 years ago me espanol no es bueno right and so but she wants me to speak in Spanish to her and so last night we're having this conversation I make one sentence I knew every word except one word that I just used the English word and added an O at the end and she couldn't do it right if she needed to correct and criticize because that's how she's wired and so it created a coaching conversation and I said you know I know you want to speak Spanish with me but when you correct me then I don't want to play the game because I feel like you're judging me and rather than us playing together which is I know what you want you're repelling me and so once you understand someone's B.A.N.K. code their personality now you can connect with them in a way that's really deeply meaningful especially when you're talking about parenting or even understanding why your parents didn't give you all the love that you needed as a little boy or a little girl it's probably because they had opposite B.A.N.K. codes.

Howard: Hmm does that explain my mother?

Brandon: I don't know

Howard: You know the first thing you start time you started talking about knowledge worker it's funny cuz in 32 years I've know not one not two but three dentists who threw in the towel in Los Alamos next door because they said it wasn't worth it some some scientists guy from Los Alamos come in and they just gonna do an MOT composite and the guy has 17 questions about the ingredients the best GMA its the filler and they just said look it's not I'm not gonna sit there and defend this for an hour that's what I do a two hundred dollar filling and they just said I want to move that back to Albuquerque where people just come in and say you're the doctor you should you should go give this lecture in Los Alamos. By the way when did this inter dentistry who are your product champions who's leading this end to dentistry is that you?

Brandon: Yeah it's a great question so we partnered with performance partners Michael Bonanno who does case management and really what his firm performance partners is they do performance coaching and virtual support for dental offices, Michael is one of our certified trainers in the B.A.N.K. methodology and so several months ago he said this would be perfect for the dentistry industry and so we started building a program specifically for dental and that's why we're now launching codebreaker dental so.

Howard: He's in Scottsdale so why didn't he come today?

Brandon: Well he can I didn't invite him, I thought you were inviting me in so

Howard: Oh okay, yeah

Brandon: Yeah I'm sure he's listening in to her and I would invite you to have Michael back on it on a subsequent podcast and same thing with Cheri Tree she'll have to be remote cuz she's in Laguna Beach but...

Howard: That's my favorite hangout Oh since I downloaded the Airbnb app it's crazy you get like a killer house on the beach for three days for under a grand and because if you bought that stupid house you have to spend all your time taking care of it but yeah I've been a big fan of him for years near Michael Bonanno?

Brandon: Bonanno, yeah

Howard: Is he related to the bonobos great ape?

Brandon: Well we may all be right but yeah I can't speak to that what I can share with you is that his practice performance partners what they do is they assist dental clinics and and professionals and helping them grow their practice right they really get in there and then guide them through all the ways with performance partners all the different ways that they can enhance their dental practice and B.A.N.K. is a core element of that and so with the codebreaker dental program and you can see information about that at what we do is we teach and train dental practices how to integrate and implement the B.A.N.K. code methodology in their practice we also give them individual scripts for all of the repetitive conversations that they're going to have right setting appointments, greeting patients and guiding them through the office. The reality is you need to customize your conversations based on each different person's B.A.N.K. code right so when you're talking about your guy in Los Alamos who's asking all those questions wanting all of that research that data that clients that patient is high knowledge the way you converse with them is completely different than an action for example. The knowledge wants the evidence the data that the science the action just wants you to net it out.

Howard: and if you're thinking about doing ancestry 23andme we're talking about Michael being related to the bonobos I can save you a hundred bucks on 23 me obviously all humans are related to a single day and they call her Eve I think that's they call her mitochondrial Eve and so a woman a hundred and fifty thousand years ago was all Homo sapiens mothers the only debate on this is exactly where in Africa she was but so you don't need to do 23andme were both related they're on TV Oh today I guess Tom Hanks is in a movie with I'm doing the Oh what's that a morning show.

Brandon: Mr. Rogers

Howard: Mr. Roger yeah and they're on the news saying oh it turns out they're related did you take biology class today I'm sure every species has a last common ancestor thank you but I guess he's six generations away from Mr. Rogers and how many generations are 150,000 years so I know I'm at least within a hundred fifty thousand years relation of Mr. Rogers too. So do you know what I find so frustrating in dentistry is they always try to reduce their overhead by fighting the economics of supply and demand like they take labor your largest expense I mean in this town assistants make 20 bucks hygienist make 40 if you're if your idea to lower your overhead is to try to get assistance for 10 and hygienist for 20 you might as well just close your office, what do you think the luck would be if I call the SRP and tried to have my lecture bill lowered.

Brandon: Negotiate your rate I don't think you'll be too successful.

Howard: What about my tax rate?

Brandon: Probably not

Howard: Rent mortgage equipment build a computer insurance probably I mean I mean it's just insane. So if your overhead is $1 a month and all those all those prices are set by supply and demand efficient economics well then my dental offices $1 ivana percent overhead if I can get it to $2 so however it's 50% so I'm the type of person that's I don't know how you save your way to success I mean you just stop using electricity use flashlights I mean I mean they just keep trying to cut cut cut cut cut - they're dead whereas great companies like Amazon they grow their way forward.

Brandon: Absolutely

Howard: and when dentist tell me they don't like selling dentistry I tell them that you have to go figure out where this comes from because we're not selling I mean almost everything I buy for my grandchildren they don't need it's it's a you know movies and backpacks and what's that guy on the SpongeBob happen they don't need any of this stuff that's right but you know what they do need they do need to have that cavity removed yes and from the data I'm seeing of something that's non-controversial and interproximal lesion on an x-ray. When you look at the x-ray data my homies three cavities walk in their door they fix one so they're not a good dentist when two out of three cavities leave your office just like the attorney and I understand we can have debates about is this occlusion aren't you TMJ or I'm talking about a interproximal lesion on an x-ray that we're not even talking one a homo sapien right we're talking about AI his AI is most dominant in objects not text and math and the so the AI people are saying if you want to be a better dentist why don't you quit looking for a better way to do a filling because how do you measure the quality of the other two fillings that were never done right absolutely and so so explain it to me so explain to me the quality of the dentistry that was never done.

Brandon: Well let's talk about case acceptance because that's really the point that you're bringing is that dentists are trying to cut expenses rather than growing income right that's really the problem that we solve and what we often teach you the reason that we say you can increase case acceptance by up to three hundred percent is what we find is that people typically speak in their own code what I mean by that is if a dentist is high knowledge they typically communicate in high knowledge which if the client if the patient is high nurturing or high action repels them its...

Howard: You said there was an online test?

Brandon: There is yeah

Howard: Why don't you get Michel Banano

Brandon: Banano

Howard: Can we just call him banana?

Brandon: I do sometimes

Howard: Bonobos great ape Banano, on dentaltown when you start a thread you can start a what why don't you start a thread where they do the online deal yeah so by the end of the day we could have a hundred dentists in of which one of the B.A.N.K. they are.

Brandon: We'd love too, I'd love to Howard so yes the answer is yes. we receive your invitation.

Howard: and if he doesn't do it I know where both of you live you're Mesa?

Brandon: I'm in Chandler

Howard: You're in Chandler's right and he's in Scottsdale

Brandon: He's a scottsdale and then the other gentleman that we came in with Michael Keater from nobel Biocare is out in Queen Creek and so I want to bring in implants right because when we talk about your dental practice one of the ways that you expand your income is to do cosmetic dentistry and implants right some of the more high profit procedures that are out there well if you're gonna be sharing and presenting a case for a twenty or thirty thousand dollar case you better dang well know how to connect with that client to optimize your result and what we find is the reason that you're saying one out of three cases gets accepted often on average and we find that is true holistically on in the sales world because what happens is again people speak in their code and they need to understand how to connect with each patient based on how the individual patient is wired most of your dentists are familiar with the disc methodology and again we say disc is great for HR B.A.N.K. is for sales. So disc will never help you make another sale quite frankly at least not in the time that this takes this is instant immediate empathy you understand how to connect with someone based on how they're personally wired and once you understand that you can present a case in a way that's going to be most logical to them or quite frankly the action and nurturing types they make decisions based on intuition so they've got a feel that this is the right fit for them the knowledge and the blueprint personality types they make decisions based on information rather than intuition so for them they need the date of the evidence so that they can make a wise decision and feel comfortable with the choice that they've made completely different conversations and if you're dentists are only having knowledge blueprint conversations they're missing out on cases left and right.

Howard: Is it naive to say okay America is probably 25% each one of these personalities?

Brandon: Yes so we have statistics globally on all those codes that we've cracked now we're on a mission to crack the code of every person on the planet that's what I'm here for is to really expand the technology we've been a training company to this date but the proportion of B.A.N.K. codes and prominent B.A.N.K. codes are almost 25 25 it's pretty linear but they're like 23 27 we find that there's high nurturing that tends to be number one what we find first and foremost their...

Howard: Nurturing is number one?

Brandon: Yes

Howard: Like 27

Brandon: 27 percent right exactly and especially among women, women naturally are more empathetic they're more nurturing that's why you put them in the receptionist desk because people feel good typically but some women should absolutely not be in that conversation right like my daughter I would never put her in any position where our company's success relies on her communicating to another human being unless she's giving a lecture. Right so each personality style is completely different but nurturing we find 27 percent of the time knowledge is number two at 26 percent right and then we've got blueprint at 24 percent and action at 23 percent.

Howard: So nurturing is number one yeah number two was...

Brandon: Knowledge

Howard: Knowledge

Brandon: and then blueprint and then action and it's important to understand every single human being has all four codes in them okay so you're made up of every code like when I read you Howard I see you as action knowledge first and foremost right you're an action kind of guy you're gonna net it out you're always quick your your brain works so quickly and you can make decisions in an instant however you're also extremely high knowledge you want the data to prove the facts the evidence you're gonna ask questions and really understand why a thing works in addition to how it works. Right so my conversation with you if I were trying to sell you a service would be very different than if I were selling a nurturing or a blueprint personality type.

Howard: So you know III I say that so many times I cringe even I repeat on my own podcast because I am the only person who's actually listened to all 1,200 my podcast but I always bring up the fact that because they always they always think that it's not them it's the economy right and they say that as even the richest economy in the world so much opportunity I mean I mean I mean what is the GDP gonna be this year you know 17 trillion out of a planet that's gonna do 73 trillion and the average new car price in America is 33,000 560 the average American base 13 new cars 95% of dentists will never sell one case and they always say well if they don't have the money and I mean gosh they say that I was in a place the other I mean I was in Jerome Arizona and it's like okay but that guy's Harley Davidson was $25,000.

Brandon: That's right

Howard: and you're saying well he's retired he does any money he's on a $25,000 because you know that's not what he used to go to Walmart and buy groceries right that's a toy.

Brandon: That's an extra.

Howard: So he's got a $25,000 extra right and you can't get him to do his fixes teeth

Brandon: So this comes down to money

Howard: I mean should they have been luckier if they have been born in Bolivia?

Brandon: Well so I believe this comes down to mindset right because there are some people that don't believe that their patients are going to accept the case and then guess what happens their patients don't accept the case so a lot of what we do and especially with performance partners is work on mindset is helping people understand exactly how to have that abundant mindset and attract patients who are also more abundant in their mindset and in their money right so what we find is that people tend to attract others that are like them and so again in a dental practice you get high knowledge and blueprint which are quite frankly the hardest to sell because they require the most information where action nurturing will take action based on their intuition so you simply need to have the right mindset you need to present your cases in alignment with your patients a B.A.N.K. code because that will influence them to the greatest outcome for all,

Howard: I just said Bolivia and shout out to podcast 918 Dr. Liz Quiroz I'm sorry about everything going on in your country I hope you're fine every time I read your on Bolivia I wonder how Liz is doing but this sales thing is dentist... I want to say something that's really bizarre like I what I love about you the most is that you work with your hands helping people you're nurturing loving getting out of pain I mean even my all for my boys notice that I mean dentists they're just cool people but man if you can't switch from dentistry to psychology and and try to help people help themselves if you can't help them part with their visa I mean when they get a credit card they they they're all maxed out so they're all maxed out on harley-davidsons and big screens and an airBnB; like I'm talking about like I'll go podcast Cheri in person just to go stay in Laguna beach.

Brandon: Smart man

Howard: So everybody in Arizona and in fact I'm been across the street from the vet for all 32 years first a dad owned it then his daughter became a vet and took it over now it's third generation and my gosh I'm I cannot tell you how many times I present a dream to a patient they go I can't do that I just spent $5,000 on chemotherapy for their dog and then they show you a picture of your dog right it looks like a wet dead rat and it's like so no problem investing $5,000 into fido and when the end the last time I said I said well how old is that dog and she said it was 17 years old.

Brandon: Oh my lord

Howard: Okay what is wrong with this picture you're 35 and you spent all your money in a 150 year old dog.

Brandon: Time for some palliative care

Howard: Yeah so the humans they always had the money.

Brandon: That's right

Howard: Especially in the United States and Canada so abundant oh it's so abundant and I just have to break through to these people that they don't even measure their case acceptance, like you see them well how many and I don't like case except in some charting and numbers because like if you came in and I recommend that you bleach your teeth I mean if I came in to you and you said you know you should really wear a wig I said now well that's not a denied treatment plan acceptance rate I mean I don't want to wear a wig a lot of grandpas don't want to whiten their teeth.

Brandon: That's right

Howard: So but I look at dentistry as disease I mean it's carrio pareo and occlusion I mean you have cavities do you have gum disease and let's move occlusion off the table because I don't want to start treating occlusion well they got active decay and pareo and they don't get two out of three people to get their cavities fixed.

Branond: Right right

Howard: I mean we're not talking about some crappy stuff well pain is different right because if you're in pain you're at the door last Tuesday I mean I got to work and lady was outside and she had a big ol ice thirst Guster because she had to keep her tooth cold just to keep her out of pain but the bottom line is I'm we're just not going to active decay they they can't get in the mindset to track how many cavities they diagnosed and how many they didn't fill and in my team they'll give me leads like though you know I'll say a patient knows showed cancellation or I'm waiting for someone to get numb and they'll just say hey can you call Michael and on you diagnose three cavities on him and it's been 90 days he said and deal but I'll look at the x-rays and if they're all real small they're just barely through he's got a low decay rate you know whatever I'll talk to him when he comes to next time but it's like one of them's like a millimeter from the nerve and say hey Mike you know I've been doing this 32 years buddy I told you how to flossing cavity because you don't floss right now it's a $250 filling you told me you don't have insurance but you know what it gets in that nerve it's gonna go from a $250 filling do a $2,500 root canal build up and crown. So if you don't have 250 for the filling amazing how you'll always find the 250 to extract the tooth to get you out of pain that's right but dentists and I've always thought that success was tied to successful people are willing to have more uncomfortable conversations than unsuccessful people.

Brandon: Absolutely

Howard: They don't like to address the 4000 pound elephant in the room, dentist don't like to do that and so they like attracts like so they always hire introvert staff I can walk in a dental office and smell a million dollar practice instantly and then you go into the office next door and they have consultants in there writing them scripts on how to talk how are you...

Brandon: Right right

Howard: Did you see the meteorological report today we're getting precipitation I mean so and so my next question is very succinct, when you roll this out do you go into dental office and oftentimes say you know you got the wrong people?

Brandon: Absolutely it's part of the consultation that we do and the consulting and coaching work is really helping you understand who you have on your team first thing that we do is crack their codes of everyone on the team so that you understand who you have and sometimes they have the wrong people or sometimes they have the wrong people or the right people but in the wrong positions right. So it's really critical that you design your practice with nurturing blueprint personalities up at the front desk those are the types of people that you want to have especially nurturing if nurturing isn't one of their top two B.A.N.K.  codes then you've got the wrong person in that seat and you need to have somebody that's warm that's greeting that's going to make people feel good and the reason that nurturing is so important for the reception position is that nurturers are automatically naturally more empathetic they know they feel the other person they understand how to adjust their conversation and their communication and so that's why nurturing is so key for that front desk position. Now you also want someone that's high action that is in your critical positions where they're sharing cases and and maybe you have a case manager that's gonna analyze the individual opportunity for each patient that's someone that should have more action because they feel more comfortable asking for the sale, they see what's possible and and are more typically more positive optimistic and so they see that possible future that they can lead that patient into.

Howard: Nice, so what does if someone's listening this right now and say I I want to adopt this what would be what would be their...

Brandon: Next steps?

Howard: Yeah

Brandon: So go to there you'll see some information about the program I'd recommend that you opt in we'll be happy to send you the white paper so you can do the scientific research yourself I didn't bring it today but we were recently featured in Forbes for the AI product that we're rolling out and so we'll have to be happy to send you that as well so you've got the data and the information and then the next step beyond that is a consultation we don't take everyone on as clients we need to make sure that we can boost a clinics revenue and profitability and so we don't just take anyone on. So we just have a conversation to ensure that it's a right fit and that we've got somebody that's actually going to take action and implement the recommendations and the plan that we lay out for them.

Howard: So you have AI behind this artificial intelligence and they are when I got out of school we barely had natural intelligence talk about AI how are you using AI artificial intelligence machine learning whatever I want to call it how, first of all how do you even get into AI in and how does that part of your program?

Brandon: Yeah you bet so I've been in tech for 22 years as I mentioned earlier and I really want to commend you Howard because over the last 22 years I've built eight different technology platforms you've built one primary I know you've got some others as well but you've grown rich in a niche you've stuck to what's most important which is dentaltown and so I really commend you for creating an awesome platform that really empowers the dental community worldwide, so few people create something that really adds value into the world and that's what you've done. So how I got here is for the last five years I've been president of the world's largest referral network we have over 5 million professionals we help them grow their business by increasing their referrals and also creating referral partnerships with complementary professionals who served the same ideal clients. So I've been building that company and we just brought in a couple million dollars brought in some new executive team my equity is all vested and so earlier this year I had known about B.A.N.K. for about 18 months and Cheri Tree the creator called me up and said hey you know we're we're getting into a I'd love to have you come on board and so I did a consultation for 90 days to look under the hood to make sure this was the company that I was ready to lead and the beautiful thing on the AI is that we have brought an amazing man Neil Sahota on as our advisor in that area Neil was one of the creators of IBM Watson and so Neil has helped us develop our AI product and in fact Cheri Tree was invited to Geneva Switzerland in June and she spoke at the AI for good conference at the United Nations and so we're connected at that level playing at that level but what the AI really does is it allows you to analyze someone's B.A.N.K. code based on a writing or speech sample. So you could literally from your mobile phone click on the microphone button have a patient or an employee speak and talk about...

Howard: You did that to me.

Brandon: I did right, yeah so it's really powerful so that's one of the ways that we use that application on we're rolling out a new Chrome extent we haven't launched it yet it's in beta and being used by a few hundred people right now on a trial basis but that allows you to do a one-click code crack on LinkedIn for example and so instantly you'll have all of their contact information with a second click so two clicks in two seconds we save all of that data including their B.A.N.K. code into our BCRM our B.A.N.K. code CRM. So AI is the future AI is going to be ubiquitous it's going to be integrated into everyone's business over the years to come and we suggest especially if you're into science and you love technology come be at the head of the curve. What we say about B.A.N.K. all the time is we don't care if you join or not because the reality is if you don't your competition will so we always recommend that people incorporate B.A.N.K. into their practice because if you aren't your company your competition is.

Howard: Well it's funny on this AI where we both live here in Phoenix where they've been having that big old trial about the one person drove over and killed by a driverless car right and the average number of car accidents in the US every year six million and more than 90 people die every single day so here we are I've been having a year-long trial about the one driverless car that killed someone and everybody was saying well it was part the this person crossing the roads fault imagine that and so this AI thing it's like people are fighting it and resisting it's like come on we have natural intelligence we've had natural intelligence for 5000 years we got lots of world wars to prove that it works but this AI is gonna be so much better because it's just the facts it's just the data it's not all your emotions I mean there's so many trigger words for every like in where you live in Chandler in your own newspaper one of the biggest problems driverless cars is is people walking on sidewalk throw rocks at him Wow it's like why are you throwing rocks at a driverless car you crazy monkey that's right and the enemy and you've talked to them they say well they don't like him they don't feel safe it's like okay so when you're killed when ninety people are killed a day. So you'd rather get ran over by me driver than my iPhone and then when you compare cruise missiles which don't have a pilot versus pilots for every million mile guess which one has less crashes the cruise missile being piloted by your iPhone. So right now AI I find it very interesting because the AI entries of dentistry now are mostly object visual they're reading impressions a Glidewell dental lab and then so instead of a human holding it up and looking at okay use Emperurgum how crazy is that why did they use purple I mean it's a dark color doesn't reflect line I'm old I got readers on I'm trying to read this so the AI is doing that the insurance companies are reading the x-rays now because they're just looking for fraud now there was a lady in San Diego who used the same x-ray to bill for like ninety root canals and it turned out that of course it was the same x-ray these patients indeed did not get a root canal and what I can't understand is did the dentist think that a patient's not ever gonna see an EOB I know 99% of dentist don't look at EO B's and patients no but when it just takes one person look at eeob and say well you didn't do a root canal on me right why did you build a root canal but this is the first AI I've seen in dentistry that's not object-oriented or is it?

Brandon: Well so really what we focus on and you mentioned the word emotional right artificial intelligence and what we're really creating is emotional intelligence through AI and really that's our whole core here with with codebreaker AI is to create AI that creates emotional empathy and emotional intelligence and that's what our whole system is all about is emotional intelligence and so what are AI does is it really analyzes individual speech the words that you choose to use right so every single word has a weight and based on your personality each of us use a different set of words on a daily basis and those words have clues and that's what the AI is analyzing is the words that you use that define who you are cuz based on your personality that's what drives your word selection and so that's really what the AI is doing and it's helping create artificial empathy for the first time and what's so cool about this system Howard is we have so many different applications I know we're here talking about codebreaker dental right now but just yesterday we have a new elementary school that's gonna code every single kid in their elementary school. I was on the phone the other day with a Dean of a business school up in Canada and they're having their 3,700 business students all get the AI license and have a subscription to that so that they can customize and integrate and utilize that and then the University of course gonna use that as a certificate program so they've got something unique to offer. We have pilot programs going on right now and in mortgage and real estate in financial services there's so many different industries that need to close more sales in less time which is what we focus on at Code Breaker technologies but again I want to bring this back this is sales is not a numbers game sales is a people game and when you understand how people are wired and you learn how to connect with them individually then you influence them to the desired outcome that they have and that you have which is to get the care that they need you just have to learn to lead them past their fear and doubt so that you'll get more yeses.

Howard: Yeah and the best leaders are understand people I mean the best leaders aren't they they never put someone in engineering to be the CEO they never you know they don't put people in sales in CEO positions right because salespeople they over promise and under deliver

Brandon: That's right

Howard: and they get you all excited and then and then as soon as it's done they run and then who has to clean up everyone's messes CEO oh that's receive operations officers and you have to clean up all the messes but I have those um you know the greatest leaders were always the best storytellers I mean you know I'm in religion they always spoke in parables and show us because you'd remember that and take it back home to your tribe and sit around the campfire. Bismark, Napoleon the the the greatest kings were what they excelled in the most is throwing big parties with big meals telling big stories about great loves and great Wars and battles and accomplishments and getting everybody on the same tribe and the dentist I mean I cannot tell you how many times I've stood in the hallway the dentist's walk Center you're the patient sitting there and he walks any and then they... they open up bite open put and as I made eye contact you didn't shake their hands yeah I mean it's just like wow I mean he could that guy could be replaced by a robot.

Brandon: and you wonder why two out of three don't move forward with their case and complete it you bring up a great point about leaders and what we we love the AI cuz we run everything through it right every email that we send every marketing piece always runs through the AI to ensure that we're hitting all four codes or that it's it's optimized for the primary code that we're looking to attract we recently ran Martin Luther King's I have a dream speech in it and in that opening segment his the B.A.N.K. code that he was using was almost even across the board he was hitting all four codes because he naturally instinctively knew how to enroll all different personality codes and so for dentists we recommend you run all your marketing through it right you should analyze your website's. Part of what we do with performance partners as we take on clients and assist them in optimizing their business is will analyze marketing will will analyze different email follow-up letters all of the different communication within your practice to ensure that you're optimizing it for every single personality code.

Howard: Wow that is amazing I've never heard about MLK speech amazing speedy MLK Martin Luther King was Martin Luther the reason he took off so fast is because he was at the time when they invented the printing press so that was the first time information could be transferred.

Brandon: Information disseminate

Howard: All over the place and that's what started that's what into the dark ages that's right it was the printing press and speaking the printing press you got a book why they buy would you recommend they read this book first is it on Amazon where do they get it?

Brandon: Go to is a great way to to be able to access that and definitely so what I would recommend is that people go to code breaker dental if you're a dental professional if you're in the business go to read the information if it appeals to you just opt in and we'll send you some information, we'll send you our white paper so that you can read the research for yourself and get some more information and then if you'd like to we'd invite you to schedule a call a consultation request with performance partners and we'll have a conversation and just explore the fit for you and your practice.

Howard: So when they call for conversation is that Michael here in town?

Brandon: Michael and his team yes sir.

Howard: So he's in charge of the whole...

Brandon: He's what we call our client partner for a codebreaker dental so he is leading the coaching and in training service of this we have online training as well we have what we call the vault and so part of our dental program is both training tools and technology so we have online training that you can literally have your staff plug into so that they can learn about all four codes that's available anytime you want on-demand video training and a lot of dentists and other professionals will use that as new hire training when they're bringing somebody new into their practice. So we provide you training we provide you tools like these B.A.N.K. code cards everyone that participates also gets copier why they buy book, we give you tools like these to help you improve your practice and then of course the technology both the B.A.N.K. pass the way to crack codes online so that you can just automate that and systemize it in your business and then of course the AI where you can analyze both your employees as well as your prospects and partners so that you'll optimize your communication for each individual.

Howard: So there's even a there a PDF on this too.

Brandon: Yeah so we'll send you the PDF of the white paper.

Howard: Okay

Brandon: and then I'll also make sure that we send the PDF of the Forbes article so you can read about the Forbes article is titled the future of sales so Forbes has really identified that AI is the future in customizing communication based on each individual prospect. Tony Robbins says to let your presentation match the prospect right and so that's what we're talking about here when you talk about the dentist that barely has any eye contact and isn't really connecting emotionally with a client they tend to be knowledge and blueprint and so we're gonna teach them and train them how to be a little more nurturing and action and if they're not that's okay we're going to ensure that they get the right person into that case conversation and maybe the dentist is there being the technician and you've got somebody that's more nurturing and action helping close the sale and create case acceptance and case completion.

Howard: and you know this is um this Saturday is it as the Ironman this Saturday is Saturday or Sunday yeah I think it's Saturday but you know what um I am when I decide I was gonna do the Ironman I knew okay I lived 50 years that never happened so I got a personal trainer right and they said no this is a seven day we deal so she said I want another one and so I got two Ironman women one one done like nine one did like seven they always win their age group all this stuff and every morning at 5 o'clock see the Wendy or Jane knocking on the front door and I found out that the only hard part of doing the Ironman was the first step out the door.

Brandon: Right

Howard: because once you're out the door you know you're gonna go do it but you got to get out the door every day and I know you're a dentist do you think well this is the book I lived in a library for nine years I'll just go to library and check out this book and read it and we're all good and that's true if you if you're 25 maybe that'll work for you but dude when you're 50 and it never happened in half a century you got to get a coach and I've said it so many times I'm tired of saying it but I don't see the return on investment of $100,000 cad/cam versus your great lab man down the street or $100,000 laser versus my $1.15 blade I recommend those things if you think they're fun you think they're toys if it makes you run 20 red lights on the way to work you can't afford not to have that toy but my gosh when it's not getting done it's not getting done like like I remember you know it was the same thing happen when I was I think it was 52 or 53 I realize you know what I grew up in Sonic drive-in all they cook his hamburgers and steaks and hot dogs and so I hired a chef and my four boys loved it I thought I was you know it's like come on we need to learn to cook something yeah and two of the boys me and two boys we basically just watched and ate didn't turn out really well for me but one of them damn near decided to be a chef and he can cook just amazing and so if it's not getting done like if you're collecting 750 and there's a guy in your same building collecting 1.2 it's not because he has a better bonding agents not because he has a better bur he's got better people skills and it all starts with the funnel. You know for every 100 people that land on your website only 3 convert to call when they call your front desk they can only convert they need three calls to have one coming and when they come in they need three people with the cavity before they drill one one tooth it's like man if they fix anything along that funnel, like why do ninety seven out of a hundred people bounce off your website fix that when they call your office how do why do you not even record the phone calls and you can't even tell me at the end of the day how many calls went to voicemail yet you're gonna go home on dentaltown and say what do you recommend I do to advertise and get more new patients and blah blah blah. So it's just so you don't have to be a leader in dentistry to teach somebody how to be interested in placing implants or clear aligners you got to be a leader in dentistry to get him to focus on business.

Brandon: That's right

Howard: It's just not their natural intuition but I bet if I was Cheri and I was speaking to real estate conventions I mean that those people were born for Cheri.

Brandon: Oh they love it, they love it so Cheri speaks on the biggest stages on the planet I mentioned she speaks all the time for a company called success resources which does the Tony Robbins and has the Sharks and Gary Vaynerchuk and all of those guys so she's speaking on those stages all the time audiences of two thousand five thousand ten thousand. Entrepreneurs sales people that's the natural Apple they get this immediately you don't have to teach them those that are a little more knowledge and blueprint which tends to be dental professionals and other health care professionals quite frankly they need help and that's what we're here to do and and to guide them. I've had three business coaches that I've hired over my career because a coach helps you see blind spots I love the quote from Les Brown he says you can't see the picture when you're inside the frame and what we know is that there are ways to optimize and improve your business and that with a few small adjustments and improvements to your practice you can increase your revenue and your profitability substantially but you need a coach to come in from an outside perspective and help you see your blind spots.

Howard: Okay last question I always tell people if if this is about carrio pareo occlusal and I need to get a word that rhymes pareo carrio occluso... I tell him you know go talk to the solo practitioner but final question I always tell people if they come in like you and it makes business sense go talk to the DSOs because they get business first right and Arizona is ground zero for DSOs with the highest eighteen percent of dentists in Arizona work for DSO whereas the last five states don't even have one percent so my final question is do you expect this to be a bigger hit with dsos your Heartland your Aspen's your Pacific tunnels who will want to roll this because they get business or do you think this will be mom-and-pop dental offices?

Brandon: Yes so again we're on the mission to crack the codes of every person on the planet so for us it's an and I will tell you that we already have some executive directors of dental associations on a state-by-state basis that are seeing the power of this and that are going to be rolling this out they've already made commitments to roll out this training within their dental associations in 2020. I'm here launching this for the first time sharing codebreaker dental for the first time on your show just out of respect we've met each other a couple times over the years and I've been so impressed with the work that you've done in the community that you've built so we're sharing the good word here first but we have a massive go to market strategy that we'll be integrating in 2020 and so you'll be hearing a lot about codebreaker dental in 2020.

Howard: I heard when you went to the Arizona Dental Association executive director is Kevin Earle he's been on the show I heard him and Theresa Lasky they loved it.

Brandon: Yes sir

Howard: They loved it

Brandon: Yes sir

Howard: So good for you and thank you for bringing this dentistry because at the end of the day I would rather they just convince you to allow me to remove all your decaying infection even if I only filled it with butter let alone the best restorative composite I mean they're always worried about what is the best filling hell just get the infection out you you you can't get them to open up their purse give you their credit card and remove disease and that's gonna be good that's you're gonna improve that with more people skills.

Brandon: Thats right

Howard: Not more geometry and physics

Brandon: and comes down to emotional intelligence and how to connect and convert each individual personality style when you understand B.A.N.K. and you start using and implementing this in your practice you'll convert more cases and that you can take to the bank.

Howard: So should they go to for Michael Bonanno or should they go the whytheybuy?

Brandon: So I recommend Code Breaker dental is where they should start that conversation.

Howard: Code break dental

Brandon: Yes absolutely code breaker dental.

Howard: On that note, thank you so much for coming by the show today and talking to my homies.

Brandon: My pleasure thanks for the invite. 


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