ClinchCM - Transform The Way You Practice
ClinchCM - Transform The Way You Practice
Simple, affordable and powerful insights to bridge the gap and improve the value of your dental practice.
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Bridge The Gap And Improve The Value Of Your Dental Practice

Bridge The Gap And Improve The Value Of Your Dental Practice

5/6/2020 6:48:38 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 42

Throughout this time there has been much concern regarding the valuation of dental practices. What is my current value? Has it decreased during the COVID-19 pandemic? Interest rates are at an all time low, if I maintain my goodwill will my practice maintain its value? It’s still a sellers market, will any potential dec15rease in value be balanced by the supply/demand ratio and reduction in interest rates?

At Clinch we suggest to focus on your asset. Every second spent thinking about something else is a second lost from what holds value to you.

Focus on dollars spent and how processes can be improved and made more efficient to save time, thus balancing off any potential expenses due to prolonged procedures or extended pre- and post-procedure time. 

Here at a Clinch our focus is on you, your practice and your team. The goal is to keep it simple, affordable and powerful. Keep our motto in mind going forward and you’ll come out of the races ahead. 

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ClinchCM - Simple, Affordable and Powerful tools to help dentists and their teams improve the performance and value of their dental practice. Transform The Way You Practice!

ClinchCM - Transform The Way You Practice

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