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1461 Dr. Joel Gould on the Root Cause of Sleep Apnea : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1461 Dr. Joel Gould on the Root Cause of Sleep Apnea : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

9/16/2020 3:00:00 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 113
Dr. Joel Gould has been practicing in Southern California since 2001. His General and Cosmetic Dental Practices treat patients of all ages and offer a broad range of treatments. Dr. Gould gained experience in pediatric dentistry, geriatrics and hospital dentistry in Vancouver, Canada, for 10 years before moving to the Los Angeles area. Dr. Gould was treating obstructive sleep apnea in Manhattan Beach for several years before he was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2015 himself. His research into the underlying cause of this strange new disease led him to create his new “Sleep Restoration Program” designed to change the public’s perception of the ever-growing epidemic of insomnia and sleep apnea.

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It is just a huge honor for me today to be podcast interviewing Dr Joe Gould who's been practicing in southern California since 2001 his general and cosmetic dental practices treat patients of all ages and offer a broad range of treatments Dr Gould ex gained experience in pediatric dentistry geriatrics and hospital dentistry in Vancouver Canada for 10 years before moving to the Los Angeles area he's been treating obstructive sleep apnea in Manhattan beach for several years before he was diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2015. His research into the underlying cause of this strange new disease led him to create his new sleep restoration program designed to change the public's perception of the ever-growing epidemic of insomnia and sleep apnea his new book the modern epidemic describes a new organic health paradigm regarding treating autoimmune disease and chronic illness organically without pharmaceutical medications this program the program focuses on sleep as an anti-aging as natural regeneration his ultimate goal is to transform the world of insomnia snoring and sleep apnea with his unique sleep restoration program he strongly feels that sleep disorders are both reversible and preventable which opposes what is commonly accepted in medicine approaching his 30th year in healthcare his primary focus is on treating and preventing sleep apnea this syndrome is not what doctors think it's not caused by obesity it causes it my new his new company is focused on simple organic common sense preventive healthcare

I’m so glad to get you on the show because when I think of vitamin d the first thing that comes to my mind is you and your gorgeous bald head because you've been harping on vitamin d for a long time and it took a pandemic before I started wondering what the hell's this deal but i have to admit to you when I got out of I got all the way out of dental school in 87 they never even mentioned sleep apnea I mean it just it just wasn't a thing and um why did I go all the way up through school without them talking about it and why is it such a big thing now that's a lot of great questions to ask um it starts to get complicated because we still we sort of need to back up and talk about what the root cause of sleep apnea is and once we understand what's at the root cause then we can start to think about why is this increasing everywhere and what would it have to do with  the coronary arteries it's a complex topic but that's what I’m here to discuss huh um  you know what most the thing on the minds of most dentists is right now is actually the corona 

I know they're going to want to know um number one uh you're in Manhattan Beach I assume you lift weights with Arnold Schwarzenegger uh isn't that uh where his gym is um but what  does this pandemic look like to you right now um for the international viewers he's base you're basically in la how far are you from l which is technically a suburb of Los Angeles it's directly south of lax so um it's an area that a lot of people don't really know about but it's basically considered just a suburb of Los Angeles and um I’ve been here for 20 years and we were shut down like most people we reopened in um may and that was we sort of just restarted again we've been open June July and now we're into September um most of my patients are very comfortable coming to see me for multiple reasons because I’ve been here for so long um they have a level of trust in what I’m doing I also created a video just to take the mystery out of this and I went out into my parking lot and filmed myself giving them the experience that they would have coming to my office since the coronavirus and I came in I showed them my entry there's a station hand washing gloves mask and different areas where people would sit and basically explain the procedure of so why we're doing it this way and what the advantages and most of my patients you know they've been hearing me talk about vitamin d for the last five years many of them feel very confident coming in because they understand the syndrome in a completely different way because of their vitamin d status and because of what I’ve been trying to do with my patients you know really educate them.

I’ve been trying to educate everyone on this you know and this is something that most dentists should know a lot about I graduated from dental school in 1991 and we may have learned about vitamin D but I don't recall other than probably what every dentist knows when I\ say vitamin D you think of milk um and then you think of calcium you think why I’m a dentist the teeth are made of calcium bone jumping of calcium kind of important but the question i have for you is have you heard of the name Dr Weston Aaron price does that sound familiar to you absolutely he's a legend uh wasn't he from Australia no sir no sir so 

Weston Price he's basically known as western price and he was another Canadian dentist that you and I should have learned about because his work came out over 80 years ago where he published a book called nutrition and physical degeneration so five years ago by accident I stumbled across this Canadian dentist who is a graduate of uh us dental school practicing in um in the us really for his whole career that we didn't learn about not mentioned in dental school not at all not taught today and the reason I bring him up is that he was the modern founder of a completely different paradigm called epigenetics for people who know what genetics are obviously it's your DNA your 23 and you your chromosomes epigenetics is the science of how you turn those genes that you inherited off and on based on the environments this is work that's been out there for over 80 years and I didn't learn about in dental school and if you're listening to this now as a dentist and you don't know who western price is I would pause this podcast and go google him because I have my hair what little hair I have left blown back by saying well wait a second

I’ve been around I mean I read I’m focused why would I not have heard about this guy before and to me this is actually quite scandalous because Weston Price said to the general population hey guys um i believe that the destruction of the airway and our general and oral health is related to the environment as in what you eat where your activities are how you conduct your life day to day and he discovered all this by observation alone he did his own type of studies but this is at a time before antibiotics were invented or unavailable this is at a time before we knew what DNA was and this smart dentist by observation alone was able to figure out that it didn't matter where he went around the world all of the tribal people who were still living more of an aboriginal life not yet fully in western society these people kept healthy they had beautiful teeth they had room for 32 teeth they were not getting decayed they did not get a cleaning every six months yet their oral health was impeccable so this guy was smart he was looking at his patients in the early 1930s in um Indianapolis i believe um and he instead of looking at the disease that he was seeing because there was a lot back in those days he wanted to find the populations that had great oral health and wanted to figure out what were they doing what was providing this immunity to the breakdown that he was seeing and we have to remember if you're listening to this you know I graduated 1991 I did a lot of full ventures and immediate dentures back in the in the old days extractions adventures that was the norm your grandparents had dentures your parents got dentures this was a completely different time in in medicine and dentistry and you know this is information that has been subverted and kept out of traditional medical and dental schools I really think it's kind of shocking and you know for  myself i suffered from chronic um disease my whole life until I discovered western price and it really changed my life that's why you're going to see me all over the internet because after discovering after 34 years of autoimmune disease that my personal health issues were nothing but environmental issues and they were really not genetic that i knew that i had to make a stand and really make a change and bring this information that that all dentists on this planet should know about everyone needs to know about this and that's

what I want to do that's why you're seeing my stuff on the internet so were you born in Canada because you went to a Canadian dental school practicing Canada so where were you born yesterday I’m from actually Winnipeg which is in the center of Canada and it was sort of Winnie the pooh that's where Winnipeg is named after and yeah seriously yeah Winnipeg’s named after Winnie the pooh yes sir huh I learned something new every  day uh that is amazing so are you um not change what you want you could ask me anything you wanted because people need to hear this this is interesting stuff so go on okay are is this basically  what's some price his book was nutrition and physical degeneration um and um what was the same as what yeah nutrition and physical degeneration is that the caveman diet not at all okay so this is something that so when I say western price nutrition and physical degeneration if you don't know right away it's nothing that you've seen this is something that again if you're a dentist 

when I read this book it's  mind-blowing the photographs in it are incredible and you know we have to think about um you know how can i explain like you know if you go to the doctor and they don't know that you have a heart they're kind of missing out on a big chunk of how your body's put together okay we did not learn about the value of natural chemicals vitamins minerals because they cannot be patented and they have been omitted from the traditional medical paradigm and this is something that happened a long time ago the issue is that these natural chemicals vitamin d vitamin k2 b vitamins these are mother nature's chemicals and tools big pharma doesn't care about them because they cannot make any money off of these so the entire medical paradigm is skewed towards our current situation where we're better in dentistry we're much more to prevention and caring for our patients we're much more into health care rather than sick care but traditional medicine is all about the training that the doctor gets I come in to see you you're the doctor you write a prescription to hide the symptoms of what's wrong with me and that's how our allopathic medical system works and it works really well for a lot of things if I get hit by a car 

I’m going to go to the finest most accomplished western medical doctor if i have autoimmune disease and I’m obese I don't know what's wrong with me I’m going to go find somebody who has a completely different perspective and those are functional medicine doctors and that's something that's kind of new um a lot of people listening to this may have patients who've gone to see a natural doctor and those can be amazing or they can be terrifying you can get somebody who's going to put an ear candle in your light it or you're going to get a competent educated medical person who has great experience and kind of research and really focuses on science but is not focused on the pharmaceutical medications that the paradigm that we all came up in is focused on we have to understand that that you know big pharma and you know the medical insurance in medical insurance industry they have not sworn an oath to do no harm they have not their job is to make money for their shareholders they don't care about you as a provider or you know at patients they don't care this is business and so we have a major mistake happening some pivotal information was kept out of all of modern medicine and dentistry and what you're seeing with the coronavirus is the fallout of this failed medical paradigm the concept that most people don't understand

 Vitamin d is they don't know and track their level it's terrifying when you understand what vitamin d is you're never going to forget it this is one of the most important things because it regulates so much in our bodies that we know nothing about our doctors know nothing about other than too much is toxic that's where we're at the idea that in 2020 when someone gets sick from the coronavirus and someone dies and somebody doesn't even feel it how could it be that we don't know what the root cause is i can tell you it's not obese people the obese people they're the low vitamin d people and you know we can go through some of the details but that's how it works when your vitamin d level is low your body thinks it's winter simple as that you know I always tried to match words with actions you say this but you do that and  remember when i got out of school it was troubling for me to watch the cosmetic dentist you know they'd start with the case of someone with like a mildly crowded tooth and the next slide eight teeth were filed down with the pencil sharpener and you're like yeah you know it was just so aggressive but then i noticed on their own kids um they made them do braces and you know they always do this and 

When I got out of school in 87 um you know I was born in Kansas and once uh Creighton in Nebraska and Missouri very midwestern everybody was conservative and holistic was just crap and the dentist that just like they just say it's crap until they get sick and the American answer is oh well big farmer's got a pill for you so just take this pill three times a day and it's funny how dentists um they don't until they hit rock bottom with big pharma they don't turn around and say okay I’m going to try to do this with diet and exercise well i want to make it very clear that you know all of my patients and all of my friends and other dead set up everyone's trying hard they're actively exercising and trying to eat right the problem is that we were never given the right rules and what people think is healthy is the opposite and that's the hard part now the other issue is that you know for someone like myself this was very obvious  

I was sick right from the get-go I had my tonsils out at age four I was a sickly child i started gaining weight in the fourth grade and I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease at age 14 and then I was placed on Vic’s pharma's medications because i was told just like anyone listening to this if you have a child or you yourself or you know somebody who has autoimmune disease not just Crohn's we're told that that's genetic and that's the biggest problem that we have these days when you go to a doctor these days if you're obese and you have something wrong with you it's your fault you don't care about yourself you don't exercise you're not eating right but if you're thin and fit and you have an issue then it's genetic there's never any talk that it could be the environment

That's what I found out so I followed my doctor's recommendations I took big pharma's medications over the years i tried all those different medications as they came out I worked with my doctor I was told nothing about diet doctors still don't know if you treat Crohn's disease you don't know anything about diet because that's not the paradigm that big pharma is interested in so for me when I fell out of the current paradigm

I mean I was a believer why wouldn't I believe my parents took cholesterol medication you know the  world that we live in we're being bombarded by these media messages that we believe in these things we eat less exercise more we believe that fat makes you fat we believe that red meat causes cancer um we know this is a bunch of nonsense and people need to understand even healthcare providers like dentists that we are being manipulated by the powers that be for nothing other than profit that's it and you're hearing about this now everything's plant-based humans are animal based I don't care about plant-based veganism it's dangerous vegetarianism wrong for the environment unhealthy for us but that's what you're going to see my patients feel guilty when I say do you eat red meat they're like oh well I don't like I don't have it very often

 I’m like whoa  how could the food that humans evolved on for 99.9 of our evolutionary history me have suddenly become toxic it's not the meat it's the bun and the fries it's what they're feeding the animal it's the anti-box they give the animal it's the corn grain and soy that these animals eat this is not their food that makes this unhealthy and red meat is one of the healthiest things in the world you can eat as long as it's grass-fed organic and is basically sustainable that's the best thing you can put in your body that's not the message that we're getting from our doctors they're measuring your cholesterol ridiculous cholesterol anyways on cholesterol standards I think it's the biggest mistake one could ever make i don't agree with it cholesterol is what makes us different than plants it's what holds us together really important so that's these are my opinions 

you know um I did the research and what I found was that we're being told all the wrong information and we're even preaching the wrong information I preached the wrong information I followed the wrong information if you go into my YouTube and you see over the last five years I look completely different I no longer have you know a big inflamed neck I’ve lost a lot of weight I weigh exactly the same weight I still weigh 210 pounds but it looked completely different my body composition has changed because I switched my diet I switched my eating I got off all pharmaceutical medications and I supplemented the missing pieces of what was wrong with me for my life and it's shockingly easy and so this is the world that I’m getting into and again you know as a 14 year old undergoing these medical procedures this is tragic um and it was completely unnecessary my Crohn's disease disappeared after 34 years without anything that's kind of that this is a like you know

 This is pretty interesting stuff and it's not just me you can google these diseases and vitamin d and you'll find studies you won't find big ones because big pharma is not going to sponsor any big studies they're going to discredit vitamins as quack every time um do you you know um I always look at um you know I try to see um you know if you tell me plus you know I know additions followed by subtraction I know multiplication followed by division I try to see the other side of that and I try to you know um I think all sapiens have you know we basically all have the same brain I don't think any rational person would look at an ant hill and say that that ant over there is smarter than that one over there this dolphin smarter than that one there and I look at the people 

In my 58 years um they've been fed so much nutritional change your mind I mean I mean every  every time a diet comes out the next you know like  butter was bad go to margin then it's like go back to butter and it's like um I mean how could we expect our patients to be anything but confused with uh all the mixed information um and changing your mind I mean when a when a politician changes his mind people go crazy like oh my god he changed his mind it's like take that lesson to dieting right how many diets have we lived through in our lifetime

 Since dental school well  i want to so I want to sort of I’m going to turn it upside down because here's what I’m going to tell you in 1939 Weston price published his book and this is it you don't even have to read here's what he said number one cut out bleached white flour refined sugar cut out and do not consume industrial seed oils canola oil corn oil margarine and take a therapeutic dose of vitamin d3 and vitamin k2 and these were foodstuffs and this is basically coming from an ancestral diet high in organ meats and fats and these are fat soluble vitamins and that's it he said this 80 years ago don't eat sugar and carbs don't eat industrial seed oils processed foods and make sure these two substances are enough in your body even before you want to have a child he said this it's in writing 80 years ago and then he took photographs of twins and showed you in one twin in an ancestral diet one twin eight a processed diet of cookies and crackers and it's so obvious so that information was kept out of everywhere so no one knew about that now over the years people have tried to bring this forward but we had the anti-fat crusade of Ansel keys anyone who doesn't know who that is may want to read a book called the big fat surprise by Nina Thai cults and she basically totally debunks the whole idea that was brought to us in the late 70s that I remember very well this whole low-fat paradigm fat makes you fat cholesterol is in your arteries don't eat it don't eat eggs don't eat cheese don't eat nuts don't eat red meat I don't know if this is uncensored but that's okay the idea that these natural foods could be harmful for harmful for us is sheer nonsense the foods that we made that we process that we chopped up that are unnatural that's what's making everyone sick not red meat okay so this is information that keeps on getting put it up put out there and then the powers that be who make money john Kellogg from Kellogg’s cereal these big companies that create these processed foods they will obfuscate they will pay millions of dollars to confuse you with fancy advertising you see pharmaceutical commercials they make having psoriatic arthritis look desirable oh gee I wish I had that then I’d be as happy as those people and those people are always outside swimming in the sunlight and our doctors are saying stay out of the sunlight so this information has come forward it came forward with actions but there was some missing information so Atkins was right high fat but what he didn't know is that it's not all fat it has to be organic grass-fed fat that is the difference so this information is bubbling up and you're seeing in the carnival Paul Saladin carnivore md you're seeing this Dave Asprey bulletproof coffee you're seeing these biohacking gurus say high fat low carb but it's not all high fat if your fat is high is coming from industrial seed oils if your fat is coming from an unnatural source trans fat vegetable oils this is the toxic fat and the reason is irrefutable because it comes down to the atomic structure of sugar in fats and it comes down to a chemical or an element called deuterium and so the real truth is that these fats that are unhealthy and sugar and carbs in general are very high in something called deuterium is a stable hydrogen isotope and hydrogen on this planet comes in three forms protium regular hydrogen deuterium and tritium hydrogen is the first and simplest element and not knowing what deuterium is kind of our downfall that's what makes high fructose corn syrup bad for you deuterium is what makes sugar pasta bread gluten carbohydrates bad for us it's loaded with this deuterium stuff and this is not natural to have that much in your food deuterium is a natural component in this environment on this planet and in this universe but too much of it makes you sick causes cancer and kills you and it's that simple that's why I had to speak up at this point in time because we're at this point where these guys are saying hey eat meat and the vegan movement is coming in strong plant-based everything so the entire scam processed food industry they are pivoting to plant-based and they'll tell you their trash bag is plant-based to make you buy it because we're being socialized to believe that anything animal is bad for you causes cancer 

fatty meat bad for you animals bad for the planet we need to be plant-based and eat kale it's called total plants are always our fallback food animals meat is our primary food and as we start to see the powers that be the James Cameron of the world who's a vegan these powerful people who have these media tools are going to try and manipulate your thoughts to make you believe that eating animals is cruel and bad to the planet when the opposite is true farming is cruel to animals and bad for the planting almost all farming but especially monocrop farming with agrochemicals so there's poisons being put on our food that we think is normal and literally we're all being poisoned by this toxic stuff the truth is so shockingly simple that again that's why I’m here I’m here to do the opposite of what these guys are doing I’m telling you the truth then you'll 

see behind me these cartoon characters this is part of my story because I’m not satisfied I was sleeping for 34 years with Crohn's disease anyone who has Crohn's or if you have a loved one you know what this disease is this destroys your life after 34 years to be symptom-free within less than three months this is a message I need to share with the parents of all the children who are suffering this is the message I need to share with people who are having their colons removed and don't even have a vitamin d level have never managed their vitamin d this is a little bit outrageous it's a little bit shocking to anyone who doesn't understand this know that you shouldn't this is not information that's out there this easy you write usually you see a lot of my stuff this is complex stuff but only because it's been kept away from us when you hear it my way when you see my cartoon characters to explain this that's what I’m here for I’m here to make sure that this information gets out there this one final time and stays out there this information should not be obfuscated any longer enough is enough the science is there sorry for that right but you know I gave you a lot of information one of the things um I love that study that was uh that came out today that well no the today is the September 9th it came out September 3rd and the faculty of science says humans not climate change have driven rapidly rising mammal 

extinctions where they basically it's a really cool study where they took all the um fossil evidence versus all the human uh sapiens anthropology evidence and basically they proved that in the last 126 thousand years that all the extinctions correlated with when humans got there so if you're wondering where a saber-two tiger went it's probably pretty safe to say we ate them and um and I and it correlates with another thing that drives me crazy is when people say that we're homo sapiens because why would you distinguish homo we all the other ones are dead homo neanderthal crow magnum I mean and I also assume we killed them all so I think I think we killed um pretty much uh all the uh the you know the animals that missing at 126 hours so isn't that kind of an argument that this is what we've been that we've been eating meat for 126 000 years so if you're against humans eating animals isn't that like pretty much that came out you know September third that dude we've been eating animals for 126 000 years because they're all gone well yeah we only started farming around 12 000 years ago okay so prior to that everyone was hunter-gatherers and we had lots of room but absolutely humans the more the population the 

smarter the hunters the more they can destroy the animal population look at what they do with whaling you know this is within our you know understanding that that prior to petrochemicals the whaling industry was massive and that's where we got our uh oil for lanterns is where we got all out of our products from whales there was factories that took every bit of a whale and used it but we um we almost uh hunted them to extinction this is what we do and even that I always try to see the positive and everything and I just think it's pretty damn cool that the 1800s homo sapiens was able to go out into the ocean that cover 70 percent of the world and kill 99 of the whales I mean even though it's a tragedy for the whales and all that stuff it's pretty damn cool that a damn walking ape who lo you know a monkey who lost his tail could go get 99 of the whales and uh so um upper the food chain that's what we became top of the food chain but you know but I want to I want to um bring you back down to vitamin d because it seems like since the pandemic came out I mean there's two or three studies a week um you know coming out on vitamin d why is vitamin d out of all the vitamins there are why is that one um the one uh most associated with the pandemic I can't think of another vitamin associated with the pandemic more than vitamin d though well vitamin d is not a vitamin at all it's a hormone it was mislabeled a vitamin because at the time that it was discovered they were discovering all the vitamins vitamin 

a vitamin b vitamin c they came across this substance and they said oh here's another vitamin d but vitamin d is different because it's not a vitamin most dentists listen to this will know that vitamins are cofactors for enzymes vitamins are often broken up and different chunks are used for different pieces and you know vitamin d is very unusual I like to think of this as a metabolic hormone this is made when humans are outside in the sun but not just any sunlight now as the sun rises in the sky and goes down and as we're supposed to be outdoors naked every bit of those wavelengths of the sun have different effects in our bodies right now we're focused on vitamin d but there's a myriad of other chemicals that are made by sunlight by the radiation and different wavelengths on our body vitamin d is made by hub radiation a very narrow band of uvb radiation right I think it's 280 to 315 nanometers um so this is something that as the sun shines on you the cholesterol in your skin which is our building block one bond on the b ring of carbon is broken and that changes everything because when you look at a molecule of cholesterol it's a two ring carbon molecule but and it's rigid once you break that one bond you change the whole resonance to the molecule now it can rotate on this axis and as it vibrates like everything does its resonance changes profoundly because you break that one bond and now you have this molecule that can rotate in all these different directions this is the molecule that life on this planet uses made from the sun this is our connection to sun just like melatonin is the chemical that all life on this planet uses in darkness so these chemicals that exist in animal life in our bodies these were a result of evolution the environment that we live in the sunlight the earth and the minerals we were custom designed by the laws of physics to exist on this planet like all animals and as we evolved we fit into our particular niche here and we excelled so our bodies were created by this radiation and now our doctors are saying to stay out of the sun humans are solar powered animals we take a charge off of the sun and it makes so much more than just vitamin d that's in the news now and 

I’ll tell you why I’ll give you the story but we make more than vitamin d you make nitric oxide when sunlight hits you and that is a vasodilator when you go in the sun your blood vessels expand out towards the sun if the sun was toxic our blood would be running away from it but that's not what happens and the reason is that the sun itself charges our body and activates our circulatory system so heart disease I know that people think it's caused by eating too much red meat and too much shellfish and maybe too much butter but it's not it's caused by staying out of the sun and eating the wrong foods simple as that like all modern chronic disease they all have the same root cause so why are you hearing about vitamin d well these are this is what vitamin d does vitamin d is a messenger molecule and what does it do it goes to any of the cells in your body specifically to the nuclear receptor and then allows you to transcribe different genes and your body will choose which genes it wants to upregulate based on whatever other chemicals are in the area vitamin d it doesn't act alone it forms a complex like almost everything in our body and it depends on what we need to be able to make it's called gene expression we all learned about it in dental school if we don't have enough vitamin d you cannot transcribe multiple different genes so how does it what does this have to do with the carotenoids well first of all you have to understand what this is this is not a vitamin so vitamin c helps with the coronavirus why it's a very powerful antioxidant it's critical for the production of energy in the mitochondria and the electron transport chain but it's a cofactor it's an antioxidant vitamin d is a messenger molecule which up regulates transcription of specific genes simple as that so when you go to 

PubMed and you put in whatever topic you want to put you want to put in pancreatic cancer you want to put in crohn's disease type in vitamin d pubmed and then choose your topic and you're going to see studies that come up and I started reading these five years ago and it didn't matter what group of scientists were experimenting with what they all noticed that when they gave people vitamin d whatever disease process they looked at got better and these guys were like oh my god this vitamin d this is like a miracle drug when we give it to people it doesn't matter what the disease is they get better imagine if you showed up in an emergency room 30 years 40 years ago nauseated passing out cold sweat cold clammy hands they oh my god what's wrong with this person um well let's give them water and they would get revived because they were dehydrated you'd say well this water this is amazing if we give everyone this water you know this water could work for everything every single person on this planet is dehydrated vitamin d except for someone like me and some people out there who actively manage their vitamin d so these scientists are scratching their head they're taking this population of people who have x wrong 

with them they give them vitamin d and they go oh my god they got better this vitamin d is related to this they don't know the big picture so how it works is vitamin d regulates two important things besides gene transcription it regulates sleep and the gastrointestinal microbiome as well as the oral microbiome the nasal microbiome and every microbiome on your body including your skin vitamin d regulates what type of microbes will be present anywhere any barrier cells are specifically tuned to be able to keep what kind of bacteria they want with them that's why you'll notice if you raise your vitamin d level your body odor will change if you have acne the acne will disappear this is a cure-all fix all because most of the syndromes and disease processes that we think are normal are nothing other than vitamin d deficiencies what's the big deal if you don't sleep right you can't stay healthy if you do not have the right gut microbiome you cannot make all the chemicals that we need to keep us healthy and that includes dopamine serotonin it includes Gaba it includes neurotransmitter it includes b vitamins it includes all these incredible things that our gut microbiome makes now their DNA the actual genes of our microbiome outnumber ours a hundred two one so we really rely on these tiny single cell creatures for their waste products we feed them and protect them and they give us the right chemicals and this is such a complex system to think that we can take some probiotics and be 

like oh I’m all good is crazy a healthy microbiome is diverse and the healthy microbiome will make all the right vitamins chemicals including anti-inflammatory cytokines that's it number one number two if you don't sleep how do you feel when you don't get a good night's sleep you feel terrible so this is a really profound driver of our health that has been completely omitted for modern medicine so what sounds new to you to me is like oh finally these guys finally figured it out anyone listening go to and you'll see all the studies there's some genius expert scientists with this group and I’m seeing their emails we've been talking about this for more than five years I found out about this only six years ago Weston price figured this out 80 years ago now the rest of the world is going to figure this out and you're going to see this that big pharma is going to continue to obfuscate they're going to be little they're going to qualify they're going to throw doubt into everything and all you need to do is understand that when you read those studies yourself on pubmed if they didn't take a blood level throw the study away it's imagine all kinds of studies on testosterone where no one ever got a blood test for testosterone would you rely on a study where they gave a dose of testosterone but never took a blood level vitamin d should be measured in your blood and anyone who's listening to this who's never had a vitamin d test it's about it's about time I hadn't ever been tested in my whole life until I was 48 years old was my first vitamin d test I called my buddy who's a physician I said hey dude what's my vitamin d level he says I don't care it's a vitamin you drink milk you're good so that's what's happening or that's what was happening I was screaming this for five years and nobody really wanted to listen until now that people are dying so um I didn't really want a pandemic but this is this is the right opportunity I’ve been developing my products about vitamin d my cartoon characters for a long time and I think people are ready to understand that our health isn't what 

people think it's completely different most of the things that people listen to this are doing are wrong you're avoiding red meat you're eating a plant-based diet I wouldn't touch beans or oatmeal with a 20-foot pole toxic to humanity wouldn't touch it that's my personal opinion please do your own research well speaking of testosterone since we're both bald boys um there's a lot of anti-aging dentists who are actually taking testosterone and other things like that and the big one actually was uh that started this whole movement that I was aware of living in phoenix halfway between you and me was palm springs there was a life extension institute of palm springs that a lot of dentists on dental town were going what do you think of the dentist doing hormone replacement therapy anti-aging and taking testosterone me personally I don't think that's within the scope of practice and I have a very broad view of the scope of practice okay so what I want to focus on is in my wheelhouse what does this have to do with craniofacial growth and development what does this have to do with the muscles of mastication what does this have to do with oral general health breathing and that type of stuff do I want to get into hormone therapy replacement I really don't want to I don't have that training what I do want to get into is hormone replacement therapy for vitamin d but I want to educate and anytime I can get something from a food product is much better than any pill could ever be it's just not always practical and sometimes no matter how hard you try you're going to need to supplement something now when 

it comes to anti-aging I was into anti-aging dentistry probably about 15 years ago when I was doing Juvéderm Botox and I still love that stuff and I think that's anti-aging looking what I discovered about sleep and regeneration is true anti-aging you can go and get stem cells taken out of you spun and re-injected into you but you have to understand what you're doing that's not natural I want to exhaust all natural therapies before I move on to something that's as um as serious as that you know that that's unusual I actually don't even recommend stem cell therapy for anyone who doesn't understand what autophagy is what a tophagee is autophagy self-eating okay if you don't know what that is don't get stem cells because you don't want to be doing that you have to understand that our bodies work completely differently than what doctors are telling us and autophagy is basically a cellular setting where your body goes and breaks down all the junk that's been lying around failure to enter into autophagy is how vitamin d and cancer intersect you cannot get into autophagy without a high enough level of vitamin d because you 

can't transcribe the actual protein structure called an autophagosome and that's literally how our bodies clean up all the cellular debris and all the broken down proteins the toxins and all that and this is a completely different way of thinking that is out there but you have to know where to look that's why I wrote my book to put all this together into one nice neat little package because as I’m telling you this is a dentist you should be nodding and saying oh yeah not like what what's this what's that I was so blown away that this is just not known or taught and my goal is to share the information and not just say you don't know this but to help people to incorporate this information into our lives how do you what do you need to get into autophagy you need two things you need a therapeutic or evolutionary level of vitamin d and you need to have time restricted feeding intermittent fasting and that's why you're seeing this come up and up you'll be hearing more about time restricted feeding intermittent fasting um because that's how we evolve feasting and fasting is what I call it you find an animal you kill you eat you may not find an animal for two weeks humans did not evolve to eat three meals a day with snacks this is so unhealthy because it overwhelms our body with deuterium back to that word and that's the character behind me this guy right here that's deuterium and that's why when I see deuterium it should mean nothing to you but now you have a cartoon character to link to that word so where's deuterium what's that where's deuterium this is deuterium right here so this is by this is 

deuterium this is vitamin d3 I call her your guardian angel and this is vitamin k2 so vitamin d3 and vitamin k2 you need to know about these dentists need to know about this orthodontist need to know about this we're healthcare providers this is this isn't right this isn't right you want to understand why children's airways are breaking down why are all these kids having um narrow palates why are they all have tongue thrust swallows why is there no room for our teeth anymore why are children having interceptive orthodontics at age six and seven where in the old days they wouldn't have you know wound treated until later it's a good thing interceptive orthodontist so why is this happening why so where do um did you is your um upcoming book the modern epidemic is that on amazon yet or is that published yet or not yet I’ll be releasing an eBook 

preview it's a hundred pages that's interactive that's going to show you all of the things that I have developed for this I have my cartoon characters I also have something I call the victims of the epidemic now the epidemic is the epidemic of modern living it's when humans have been cut off from their natural habitat right now I’m sitting in my office in this artificial lighting an artificial air my clothing these are the things that form the bars literally of a gilded cage that we built for ourselves for comfort and convenience but you know that animals in captivity get sick so you get into your car you have your coffee your car your windows are shut you got your sunglasses on you pull into your parking garage you go into your office you haven't even set foot outside you're basically telling your body all of the wrong signals humans are sensors for the environment we're taking in signals all the time and in the old days if you didn't pay attention to the sensory input coming into you hearing a twig snap seeing a shadow you could literally get eaten by a predator these days it's exactly the same thing except that if you're listening to the wrong information following your doctor's orders listening to what medical insurance is telling you to do that information is wrong and you're going to die just like being my predator except that you're going to die a long slow death from chronic inflammatory disease that your doctor thinks is your fault for not following his recommendations to eat heart healthy grains and it's your fault because you know they gave you the rules eat less exercise more I don't know why you're obese oh wait did we even check to see if you had sleep apnea no this is still sleep apnea and the syndrome that I describe is basically premature aging that's what it is so the 

understanding of how our health works is just completely upside down and backwards and I’m not the only one I didn't come up with this I found this out and I’m putting this together in a way that can be memorable because this is some complex stuff it's quite simple but you know this is the at the root cause of the modern health you know the destruction of our health the increasing cancer increasing heart disease increase in neurodegenerative disease does anyone out there listening to this really think that they're going to find a pill for Alzheimer’s they're going to take this pill it's going to be made of jellyfish or whatever be clinically proven and then you're going to take that pill I’m going to be fine it's nonsense this is a lifestyle disease these diseases of neurodegenerative diseases are the diseases of improper aging and they're what happens when you take a human animal that's supposed to be sleeping at night and you put a pillow over its face over and over and over and that poor animal is being choked and goes into the fight or flight phase where they're supposed to be resting and digesting that's how you burn out a human early chronic intermittent hypoxia causes brain cell death this syndrome is what everyone's coming down with now whether you whether you end you know you end your life through Parkinson’s

 Huntington’s or your genetic background plays a part I got sick I got crohn's disease you're Irish you'd come down with diabetes everyone is a unique snowflake but when you choke these animals and you starve them and you cut them off from one of the essential elements of life sunlight which you get is a sick person and I lived my whole life as that sick person until I discovered that I had sleep apnea and that was the impetus for all this change because it didn't make any sense to me I learned about sleep apnea I’m looking for some obese person who doesn't care about themselves they're going to have to wear that cap I’m going to make them an oral device I’m going to save them so sleep apnea is very different than what people are thinking and if you've gone and taken a weekend course you already know how hard this is and don't hurt your patients if you do and treat sleep happening you do not know what a morning repositioned is or an am aligner again pause this video now and do some googling you're hurting your patient 

I get so many patients who come here with permanent jaw changes because their dentist didn't understand about resetting the jaw after wearing a mandibular advancement device and that that's a little more detailed talking apnea but looking for those patients those obese patients that's not who has happened in your practice guys those are the people should be on the cap they're not for you the people who have apnea right now are the 39 year old the 42 year old and the 53 year old who don't even know they have it okay that was me I had no idea and you know when you hear the story of how I discovered it people are going to be like oh that's kind of what happened to me or someone I know this is happening all around the planet that's why I call my book the modern epidemic getting cut off from sunlight decreases your vitamin d the gut microbiome shifts to one that favors fat storage which was an advantage to our ancestors when we were hunter-gatherers of course in winter sunlight goes down now the gut microbiome shifts to one that's not making all the same stuff for summer it's making different stuff diabetes itself can help you make it through a long cold foodless winter so your fingers don't freeze off having that sugar in your blood your fingers will freeze you we won't freeze your fingers as easily how our bodies work has been totally twisted by the people in power for profit they're good people they don't know the depth of how bad this is they just want to make a good living for their family but every single person who is suffering from the syndrome they're being told by their doctor oh you have thyroid disease oh you have thyroid cancer all this total my crohn's disease is nothing it's not a real disease diabetes is not a real disease it's staying out of the sun and eating the wrong foods that's it um what I can't believe is uh since I started studying sleep medicine about a decade ago is uh 

how you just see it everywhere you go I mean you can be at a friend's house and they're seven-year-olds taking a nap on the couch and they're just their teeth are just grinding but what do you um what do you see the connection between sleep and bruxism root cause and bruxism is a primary vitamin d deficiency with a secondary b vitamin deficiency that's it it's not stress it's not anxiety you don't grind your teeth because you're under stress bruxism is a neurological condition it's a sign that the part of your brain that regulates sleep and breathing is badly broken and you better do something if you have a child that clenches and grinds their teeth within as little as two days of proper supplementation they'll stop if you have a child that snores within as little as two to three days they will stop once they get enough vitamin d okay and if you want if you're a scientist and you're scratching your head and you haven't stopped to look up western price yet you can look up someone else who's instrumental in this and that is Dr Stacia goanna ten years ago this woman came out and said hey guys I think sleep apnea is caused by low vitamin d and everyone said f you quack that's what happened ten years later I found her five years ago she saved my life you can hear my podcast with her on my YouTube station what's her name uh her name is stash goanna s-t-a-s-h-a Gomez nag she's one of the guys she says she's one of the only Goleman axe on the internet you type in geminal spell it anyway and sleep and she'll come up she is my guru and here's what she discovered she said and this is this is the one reaction that she feels very comfortable with it in the brain in the actual neurons of the brain if you do not have enough vitamin d those cells cannot transcribe the enzyme choline acetyl transferase enough these are active pacemaker cells that are pumping constantly and if you don't have a high enough vitamin d level you cannot make choline acetyl transferase what's the big 

deal well acetylcholine is the primary neurotransmitter of the parasympathetic nervous system rest and digest and acetyl co a is part of acetylcholine and the other piece of this is pantothenic acid b5 so she discovered that without enough vitamin d you can't make enough of this enzyme secondarily the b vitamins are supposed to come from the gut microbiome they're not supposed to come from food they can and we'll take them from food but this is made by our gut microbiome those microbes make b vitamins and we use those b vitamins specifically b5 pantothenic acid for our neurotransmitters not just for sleep for so many different things now as you become more and more vitamin d deficient it's most likely that other b vitamins start to mess up other disease processes and again I’ve got a lot of stuff out there you can google this stuff but it's a simple destruction of the homeostasis of our bodies because we do not have the chemical elements that we had when we were evolving staying out of the sun and eating low-fat food and low-carb cholesterol food not sleeping properly this is the root cause of modern illness and we have one more thing to add in and that's this guy this is the wild card this is my cartoon character of glyphosate okay glyphosate is in the um herbicide roundup you can buy it at 7-eleven but don't you can put it on your lawn and your children can be getting it all over them it's in your food it's in almost everything that you can't even you can't even get away with it this is the amplification this is why you're seeing you're seeing this more for a couple of reasons reason number one low-fat diets bad news reason number two avoiding the sun very bad news reason number three this glyphosate that's in every single bit of food that's processed except for anything that's grass-fed because if you spray glyphosate on grass it dies so if you eat grass-fed 

you get healthy all of a sudden because you lose this stuff why is this so bad because this interferes with the enzyme that activates vitamin d so when I say coronavirus and vitamin d you think well what about India what about brazil why are people vitamin d deficient in these hot countries where it's sunny all year round because all their food is loaded with this stuff this interferes specifically with the cup the sipe enzymes that activate vitamin d if you can't activate vitamin d your doctor can't test it so when people go to the doctor look I’ve spent a ton of time outside and their daughter goes you're low on vitamin d they may want to ask themselves what they eat if they eat processed foods if they eat vegan vegetarian oatmeal beans all these carbs are loaded with this this is toxic and how it kills us is shocking and this is spreading around the world so this happened here the obesity and epidemic of sleep apnea is all related to this villain and this is a villain because it amplifies vitamin d deficiency in multiple different ways the other thing that this stuff does is it interferes with some specific enzymes of the enzymatic pathway called the shikimate enzyme pathway now this is something that humans don't have but all plants and all microbes have it and if you destroy the shikimate enzyme pathway you destroy your ability to make dopamine serotonin melatonin you disturb your body's homeostasis because you put a foreign substance in there so this may be sound very confusing but it's very simple that's why I have cartoon characters heroes and villains these are the villains I made them cute because you're going to hear a lot about these guys that's deuterium that's glyphosate these two guys this is what's making everyone sick all right that's it now if you don't exercise you know sure people are trying hard they're doing the right stuff um you know and people are not getting better they're eating the wrong foods you're snacking all day long eating plant-based stuff eating fruits and vegetables whoever said that fruits and vegetables were healthy who where is that what sounds like music 

I mean the problem I have is um being uh a hundred percent Irish when people say you can't eat grains I mean I don't think they realize that you can only make alcohol out of barley hops yeast maize rice rye wheat I mean what are the Irish supposed to do well so first of all I drink alcohol um you just want to make sure that the alcohol that is being made is not from go crops because that's what's loaded with deuterium and glyphosate that's what monocrops does that's what high five fructose corn syrup does that's what omega-6 oils do these are not the foods that humans evolved on these were creations by technology in the early 1900s and these are not the foods that are right for our bodies you can eat them but you're not going to live a happy healthy life think about what death by natural causes is does anyone know what that means maybe you live till 120 you never get sick and you die peacefully in your sleep well why do you think you die in your sleep you die from sleep apnea when did people used to get sleep apnea a lot later in life who's got it now kids babies um so you know during world war ii um lots of inventions are made when governments decide to spend a lot of money on something I mean no one cared about Einstein’s paper until they had a reason they threw so much money at it um the Japanese um they thought during the war that um they would lose shipments of uh sugar cane from south America and the 

Caribbean so they um not only did they figure out how to take um um what is uh uh effete amphetamines to crystal methylamphetamine so they they invented that but they also invented a high uh fructose corn syrup that they could make out of other things um do you think high fructose corn sugar is different for the human because you know like you're talking about that we didn't eat that until the Japanese invented it but do you think that's affecting our body differently than say sugar cane so yes and no it depends is this does is this a gmo crop is this does this have glyphosate and again I’ll break it down there's two villains deuterium and glyphosate now deuterium is natural so Eugene was found in fruit but if we think about the food that we eat now that you can ship to so I grew up in Winnipeg so it's the middle of winter it's 50 below literally 50 below and I can go to the grocery store and buy blueberries that are really sweet or cherries that are really sweet they came from chile and they got flown in now I thought that'd be a good thing that we have this great technology

I’m getting these beautiful antioxidants fruit coming from around the world is so good for me but it's loaded in deuterium and deuterium is balanced in the environment the sun and the intensity of the sun will dictate how much deuterium comes up out of the oceans into the food fruit is loaded with deuterium but the fruits that our ancestors ate were not so sweet and not so big and not so fast growing we have 12 000 years of cross-breeding of fruits so if you're sitting in Edmonton or Winnipeg eating this delicious fruit and you're in your in your house um and you can't go outside this is not what mother nature intended mother nature in that environment intended you need whale blubber to survive so the amount of deuterium in high fructose corn syrup is massive and amplified and what's the source is it a gmo product how much how much glyphosate's in there and

I call like a one-two punish deuterium destroys mitochondria and glyphosate is a glycine analog it'll get taken up anywhere where glycine is and glycine is one of your 20 coding amino acids that's pretty important stuff you know I can just if you want to understand if you're still listening to this you haven't googled this yet but the entire gmo industry came up because Monsanto said we want to spray the crap out of our crops but we can't because they die why will that shikimate enzyme pathway we've got to go to that and what it is that one enzyme one specific enzyme of seven enzyme when that enzyme folds up as it's produced when it finally folds in this little extra piece goes into the active site and that extra piece is a substitute of glyphosate for glycine if you look at the chemical structure it's identical except that glyphosate has an extra carbon and phosphate and that extra piece is added on so glyphosate is a glycine analog your body doesn't know the difference so it'll kill this one enzyme specifically because when it folds that active site is cut off the plants will die in a day now we don't have the shikimate antipathy but our gut microbes do and bees and butterflies their gut microbes do and if it kills this one enzyme how does it kill it well it becomes incorporated into the structure of the enzyme itself and interferes with folding well how could that not affect every other enzyme in your body and the answer is it 

does it destroys the enzymes that activate vitamin d and that's why people in India are vitamin d deficient because their entire environment is loaded with glyphosate they're drinking it every day in their tea so one of the pro one of the questions I get from patients for 30 years out here is um you know they go to their doctors and you want to try something I mean some people have you know America is a big country when you when you got 331 million people markets are going to segment and they segment on price distance convenience but a lot of it's psychographic and behaviors like um I trust this person I like this person I think he's an authority and they come to me as a dentist as a neutral party and they say okay my nutritionist says I should be getting at least 10 15 minutes of sunlight a day for vitamin d and all this stuff and my dermatologist says stop doing that and cover yourself with cream and do not go out and because I live in phoenix 

Arizona it's a desert and they're told during the summers that you know from 10 am to 4 p.m. that's not when you swim go out so I i have I have like there's like two groups of people in phoenix there's the there's the vampires that don't come out because they're listening to dermatologists there's a nutritionist where they're laying out um how do you how what would you tell your patient I mean they both have an a doctorate degree sure so that's a very complex question but I want you to understand a couple of things okay these dermatologists they're all kind good-hearted people they've been given the wrong information they don't know what vitamin d is either any sane dermatologist so I sort of want to leave this out a little differently before I answer that specific question when you find out what vitamin d really is in your body and when you see that you're not going to find anyone on this planet not one person with a vitamin d level of 50 and cancer go find me that person who doesn't supplement and didn't have cancer first okay when you understand what vitamin d is and you go into your general practitioner if the first thing they don't say is last year your vitamin d level was low have you been supplementing are you taking vitamin k2 if they don't say those things then they just simply haven't looked into the true root cause of our health and I don't blame them they're not being taught that 

I found this out I don't know if it didn't happen to me that I would have believed it so for the listeners I was a sick person I was obese I had anxiety I had depression I had every single thing wrong with me and I had untreated sleep apnea when I raised my vitamin d level from below 20 to over 60 60 to 80 range my crohn's disease disappeared my anxiety and depression disappeared every single thing that was wrong with me just disappeared just like that and then I found all the peer-reviewed studies to support that this isn't magic there's a real mechanism of action there's a real biochemical pathway so this is the question I want to ask you this do I need a single randomized control study to tell me that I probably shouldn't be running around with a loaded gun or sharp scissors do you want to see some rock rats no common sense says that look we don't need to study this stuff now humans evolved without clothing hats and sunscreen and naked and barefoot in equatorial

Africa if you want to stay out of the sun for your entire life you can do that but don't expect to be healthy there isn't anyone on this planet who's going to live a long healthy life who stays out of the sun doesn't matter what your dermatologist says it doesn't matter how many studies they're going to show you they can irradiate a mouse with uvb radiation and say look it suppress the immune system and cause cancer it's not how we work everything's multifactorial if you want to believe your doctors that think that anything that mother nature makes like shellfish or red meat is harmful then you can believe that if you can be fooled by great advertising by the companies to make sunscreen and facial creams if you can be you want to be fooled by them that's great but ultimately what this comes down to is what your body is understanding but you cannot fool mother nature mother nature literally is the laws of physics and her rules don't bend for anyone I don't care if a million dermatologists tell me to stay out of the sun it's still wrong it's not natural can I survive outside of sun sure can

I thrive no way when you learn about all the important things that sunlight does in our bodies from the minute the sun comes up until it's gone and the absence of light when you understand how our bodies really work you won't even ask that question it's just it's silly now there's no reason to put your face in the sun it's out there enough don't lay on the sun with your face exposed cover it okay but if you have a job in office jobs wear clothing go outside expose your body now can a human being live in Scottsdale or phoenix without air conditioning on their own without having complex environments maybe who did it the native Americans what did they do they had an ecosystem they had their water sources they weren't out there when it's 120 degrees out in the sun running around like morons hunter-gatherers are smart people who have common sense are smart so yeah you live in Arizona it's 120 degrees a lot of the year and you have a pool in your backyard don't go lie out and keep your face in the sun sure that's too much sun exposure maybe even lying in the sun is wrong go for a hike take your shirt off wear a long sleeve shirt take it off for a while what I say to people who insist on wearing sunscreen is go to the beach take off your clothes set a timer for 15 minutes and then put your sunscreen on at a minimum you're going to let your body take in the unadulterated rays of the sun and if you think that sunlight isn't instrumental into our health and evolution go back and take a look at some of the stuff that I posted sunlight is instrumental to health and happiness you're not going to be happy without it I don't care which dermatologists agree with that I’m not interested they can do that for themselves and I’ll see them in my office for a mandibular advancement device or a cap if they do not supplement their vitamin d you do not need to get all your vitamin d from sunlight but that's how we were designed to get it from sunlight you can get food so what is your practice like 

I mean are you doing cleanings exams fillings root canals I mean are you doing a full spectrum or how much of your office is sleep and diet and everything that you're talking about well you know practicing general dentistry um what I found is that so I know I started screening all of my patients for sleep happening when I found out I had it clicked I saw the symptoms they're plain as day scallop tongue bruxism red throat but look at your look at your 42 year old look at your 47 year old these people that have it um I did all these beautiful makeover cases where I had all this cosmetic dentistry where I had this idea in my mind that this people's occlusion was wrong and they ground down their teeth I went back to all those people they all had severe apnea every one of them because that's what it looks like we grind down our teeth so I don't know that you can separate dentistry from apnea because when a patient hears about me and they want to come and see me I’m the guy that a lot of people come to who've tried a cap who've seen another dentist and they've failed is that those patients come to me and once they see what I have to say that it's a whole body thing they look around and they kind of want you know if they're close by they want to stay in and have their teeth cleaned they want me to do their restorative if I’m going to make an oral device I want to make sure the teeth are sound so it's really hard to separate the juice so the answer to your question is at this point in time my book is not launched my products are now selling around the world my major product called soul candy is not launched yet when that's done

I hope to move exclusively into sleep restoration and I don't want to do any more dentistry but until that happens I’m still a boots on the ground in the trenches dances because part of what we do you know when I see sleep patients I know they come from other dentists and my goal isn't to steal them my goal is to look into their mouth and go you know who's your dentist your looks good whatever because I’m fixing sleep I’m not fixing teeth unless they say how do my teeth look and if there's fractures and Frankie I’ll say I think that you need to go back to your dentist because there's a lot of untreated teeth and usually those the people who kind of know they've been neglected and maybe want a new dentist but it's part and parcel I don't want to do dentistry this is I’m in my 31st year I graduated over 30 years ago and I love dentistry but I’m fascinated by sleep apnea I’m fascinated by the entire syndrome and that's really what I want to do and until 

I have enough people coming in I’m happy just practicing dentistry I’ve brought in a lot of different um associates and mentors mentored them over the years but I would love to back myself out of this profession but still stay in sleep apnea I want to maintain who I am and my um my facility here but I want to people are understanding that medicine and dentistry they have to work together that when I started treating apnea I went up to my meet my physicians they slammed the door on my face they thought I was like a solicitor and half of them already had apnea they were not open to it where I did go was to the functional medicine practitioners who already knew what vitamin d was and they were very open to sending me patients in fact 23 year old female petite comes in my door dark circles under her eyes she got referred from a naturopathic doctor and she tells me her story of how the last five years no one knows what's wrong with her she has cold hands and feet she's never had a vitamin d test and she's certainly never had a sleep study but she has an apnea high property index of like 26 more than I had when 

I was initially diagnosed petite 23 or a female she's not fat she's not under stress she has apnea why will she with severely vitamin knee division her doctor told her for three years in her own she didn't think it was important that's it that's why she has apnea so the other thing I want to i want to tell dentists that if you don't believe in this stuff if you're an adult male over the age of 50 and you have not had a sleep study what the hell are you doing what the hell are you doing have you had a colonoscopy if you've had a quality not a sleep study what are you doing if you can't be an example for your patients if you don't know your vitamin d status if you don't supplement vitamin d if you don't know if your sleep is healthy how can you be a health care provider I’ve produced hours and hours of material to help dentists and the general public get their minds around this because this is a tough disease this is our future coronavirus is just a symptom of this so um I can't believe we went well over an hour but um if someone's listening to this and they want to learn more I mean they you do recommend they join the American academy of sleep medicine or the American academy of um you know there's all kinds of groups there's um you know any of those groups um part of your journey that you recommend or how would you you recommend someone learns all this okay so every person has to fall out of their current paradigm and discover a new one in their own way some people are good with listening to podcasts some people have to go to a lecture some people want to read a book when I started to discover this I traveled around the country

I’m Canadian I live in the us and I went to all these different camps there's different camps every one of the people treating sleep apnea are good people I love them all some of the nicest people that I met I approached each and every thought leader with my information and was rejected they were not open to what I have to say because they believe this is structural every dentist out there right now wants to do orthodontics they want to widen your airway sometimes it's indicated but please tell me how a 40 year old woman slept normally her entire life and one day she can't sleep anymore what happened to her airway how did it change she's not 70 it didn't get all dried out she's 40. or she ran out of vitamin d there's no structural component to the disease other than a small and narrow airway lack of nasal breathing these all amplify they're not the root cause this is a neurological reversible preventable condition that most of my colleagues want to blame on structure I think they're all great

I’ve done the aids and there's a lot of truth to everything they say there's great diagnostic skills there's some really smart leading people I have my own school of thought my own paradigm and I encourage anyone who wants to see the world through my eyes to go to my YouTube channel look at some of my videos I’m actively in the process of working negotiating with companies who treat apnea to be their person I’ve pitched this all around the world and nobody wanted to listen because it seems crazy that a simple vitamin deficiency could be the root cause of this but unfortunately that's the way the world is so I pitched this to um you know all the big sleep apnea compass pro psalmist they kind of laughed at me but I’m going straight to the public because that's what I really care about and if there's apple companies out there who want to work with me 

I’ve got a great system I can reverse apnea can it be permanent I think ultimately I think that you can't fix or repair something unless you understand how it truly works and why it broke down in the first place I don't believe that any of the guys out there right now aside from Sasha gonane who's not a dentist I don't know any guys out there who are doing exactly there's a few guys who understand a little about vitamin d and that but this is my work this is my discovery this is my 30 years this is my story of how I basically had 34 years of illness it was really bad I have a completely different life now and I literally suffered so badly and the part that hurts the most it was all for nothing the only good thing that came out of this is what I’m doing today and the people that I can reach and I’m talking to every dentist listening to this bruxism is a vitamin d deficiency 

I know you'll be in denial this forever but that's the truth if you clench your teeth during the day you're really low if you just clench your grind at night then you're low potentially for the first time in vitamin d and if your vitamin d level is 60 or 70 and you still clench and grind then you're b vitamin deficient simple as that I can't make it any you know more obvious but it's a lot of information there is no one place to get all this except for my website my book I have not geared my materials towards dentists yet I have a whole sleep restoration program you can see my company's modern sleep solutions um but um this you know I have people who follow me I have patients who contact me from around the world who contact me say I’m wearing a cap and 

I still can't sleep well what are they supposed to do what kind of surgery is that person going to get they come to me and they go I had a guy he literally is in tears saying I’ve been wearing my cap I don't know what to do you know he's on a testimonial on my website so this is something very different as a dentist you're seeing this every day that scalloped tongue go to my Instagram feed you can see a little baby whose tongue is doing this wagging motion that's sleep apnea that's what sleep apnea is it's a misfunction of the part of the brain that's supposed to be controlling the airway that's it and there's um a great study um on pubmed the association between vitamin d deficiency and sleep disorders a systemic review and made analysis and that that's what their conclusions uh but I love um my favorite quote about you um my gosh uh let me get it right here um this dentist is basically a mad genius a high speed high energy idea factory and a true artisan and uh my you can't you can't get a better compliment than that that's if that's the worst thing they can say about you well they can say something some bad stuff you know what people can smell sincerity and honesty and all I really want to do is help most my patients my colleagues and my compatriot human animals around the world to let people know there's a better way and that literally you see the local behind me that represents the sun and the red blue green and yellow air earth fire and water humans need to reconnect to the elements of life we are literally separating ourselves out like we're something special we've literally forgotten that we are a part of mother nature's environment and that if we do not give our bodies what they evolved to have in abundance we're never going to reach any kind of level of health and you're certainly not going to age well 

I’m 54 years old I only wish I would have had this information 34 years ago and the question you may want to ask yourself is why don't we have that now people who have heard about western price you heard of the movie called root cause right well that's a movie that's based on western price's teachings it's just a terrible piece of disinformation that's telling people to have the root canal teeth extracted and that's a very bad bit of advice even though western price became an anti-root canal crusader this is information that was published at a time before antibiotics existed so try doing a root canal without antibiotics or gutta percha or rubber dam or hypochlorite think about what root canals were like in the 1930s there were no antibiotics Westin 

Price's only son died of an affected root canal turned him against root canals and he went a bit crazy kind of like me but hopefully not in a bad way I I’m not going to go down a dark rabbit hole um this is really great information it's organic it's natural anyone anybody gets mad at me I’m one of the good guys here I want to help my profession to stop mutilating people I want to help my medical compatriots stop taking out tonsils if you have a child with chronically swollen tonsils and you don't know their vitamin d level they don't supplement go do yourself a favor and just google pubmed vitamin d and tonsils and of course you're going to find that tonsil size is inversely proportional to vitamin d status the lower the d level the bigger the tonsils of course not a surprise to me yeah and uh things change so much because I have two older sisters three younger sisters and a baby brother the two oldest sisters and me mom believed all the commercials that the new formula was better than breast milk uh so the first three of us didn't get that and we also the first three got our tonsils and adenoids taken out the first time we had a cold yep yeah and sometimes 

I think sometimes and now the Germans are saying that to about the American oral surgeons they say you guys just remove wisdom teeth because they exist whereas they like to have criteria they the German oral surgeons claim to pull about a third less wisdom teeth right but the reason we pull wisdom to so I’m from Canada and it's really standard to remove impacted and misaligned wisdom to where there's no room if you knew western price was and you had your vitamin d3 vitamin k2 you'd have proper jaw growth and you wouldn't need your wisdom teeth extracted mother nature created a perfect animal that has 32 teeth it's what we do in our environment that messes all of that up if you want to hear a concise explanation about vitamin d3 vitamin k2 and something called long face syndrome you can google my name Joel Gould long face syndrome and Suzanne Bennett on I heart radio she's a naturopath we did a short interview about what is vitamin d3 what is vitamin k2 start there listen to that podcast and ask yourself if you think it's okay that this information is not being taught in dental school I called the dean of my dental school personally he did not return my call I called that dental school multiple times said I am a graduate of that school I want to talk to somebody about this they never called me back university of western Ontario London call me yeah and it said you know you know I get um we should wrap this up but the um I mean the comedians um everybody on late night says they quit going to uh comedy deals uh you know you say one joke and you offend a butterfly and she freaks out and has a panic attack and it's like my god free speech is uh I mean it's a crazy times we live in but hey um I love your passion I love um everything you're doing um my gosh thank you so much and this shows the kids something that um you know when there are 331 million 

Americans and the average dentist only has 2 000 patients and factoring in the 20 richest countries and all the poor countries there's a dentist for every 6 000 people I mean if you learned anything today it's that he he's he can do his own thing he's following his dreams he's following his passions you don't have to sit on a mod amalgam assembly line your whole damn life if it's not making you happy but I do have to make one final question I’m sorry my last final question is um lots of people are saying that depression has gone up you know several fold since the pandemic um yes what do you think of that and what do you think a dentist should do if it's affecting them sure so people when they were walking from their home to the car to the office to the mall that's when everyone was getting their vitamin d exposure just that that little bit on lockdown everyone's staying indoors the vitamin d level is dropping now you're in your basement that wi-fi and Bluetooth is affecting you it's causing stress on your body at no time in evolutionary history could you ever be irradiated without being out in the sun making more vitamin d so people are staying at home they're misunderstanding lockdown from going outside they're already being told by their doctors that the sun's dangerous they're already wearing sunscreen so what's being amplified is that as that vitamin d level goes down anxiety and depression kick in this is a result of low vitamin d choking in your sleep lack of dopamine serotonin normal neurotransmitters and then we have the actual reality of what we're under dentistry is a profession that got hard hit I get this when I saw this coming I was like oh my god are you kidding me 

I guess my vitamin d stuff is going to get new life because I knew immediately as soon as this happened I told my closest people vitamin d and they're like oh yeah sure Joel you think everything caused but it's caused by low vitamin d when you understand the paradigm it makes sense so to those of you who are dentists who feel anxiety and depression if you haven't had a sleep study and you don't know what you're doing in your sleep don't expect your patients to be taking advice from you when you look in their mouth and you say hey um I think I see signs of apnea if you haven't gone down this road yourself don't be giving advice when I mentor a dentist I teach them I’m like look you're in the mouth there's the x-ray drill some of the decay out look at the x-ray look at us how sticky is it what does that decay look like in here I became the best dentist that I could be by getting a root canal myself it hurt like crazy what did my dentist do let the hypochlorite in didn't rinse it out with anesthetic all my root canals I flush them out with anesthetic get rid of the hypochlorite my patients don't have pain after that so you're in the process where you like I was could literally be suffering this if you clench and grind your teeth you're wearing a brux guard you're already high risk for apnea it doesn't mean you have it yet until you understand this we're not going to get any further forward if our own people our own dentists are not unified in understanding where we went wrong and if you don't know how your own body works you're not going to be able to advise people to get treated for acne properly there's a lot of knowledge that you need to take in and some of it's very well done by the aids and some of those groups and some of it I don't believe in but I think every dentist should have the right to do what they want justified especially if they get good results I think it's great so my my new and last final question is there um is it low cost for a dentist to measure vitamin d i mean we have pantographs cbts lasers um could you have that in your office or not only is there no well there's so there's a brand new immediate vitamin d test it takes 10 minutes i don't find it reliable it's also not it's more for information rather than for diagnosis because it's not an fda approved test you can order a test on

Everly well and i would get a four pack because you're going to want to test your vitamin d more than once and do a finger prick and send it in or you can go to your doctor and get a blood test unless you're actively doing blood for um doing implants when you're taking someone's blood out and spinning it and putting it back in for implants i forget what it's called um that's a very big up and coming uh thing as well um the dentists don't take blood we we're doing enough stuff but yeah you know we're legally allowed to scope of practice can i draw blood you better believe it am i out of practice yeah i haven't done it for 30 years i don't want to do it if i had a business practice now if i switch to all apnea I’ll hire a phlebotomist to come in here and have somebody who's taking blood and getting those d levels um I’m in the process of getting you know different types of testing that can be more rapid but you know

I’ve had a harder time because people don't necessarily believe what i have to say but just watch for more self diagnosis testing you know i had a constant glucose monitor one of the most fascinating things i ever did in my entire life is seeing what food that you eat is doing your glucose on a second by second basis self-diagnostic self-testing that's the future of medicine biohacking because uh me and my uh girlfriend Elizabeth Holmes who started uh therians uh I’ll just tell her to start vitamin d testing if it was true or not and listen it doesn't have to work i mean she i mean Elizabeth Holmes proved one thing you can uh raise 9 billion without even having a prototype but hey again thank you so much for coming on the show and uh talking to my homies and i hope you have a great evening all right thank you very much well if anyone just see if anyone wants to find out more my name is Joel Gould i have a vitamin line that i design for dentists to sell to their patients i take orders i go through a specific company it's all on the up and up because i spent the last five years developing these cartoon characters to make this easy for my patients i retail these because when i say you stick vitamin d they walk out and they get busy and maybe they'll remember maybe they're going to amazon this you know your food chain this is actually the real deal and i designed this i pitched this to henry shine i pitched this to Patterson they don't think it's important but i do so people can order this directly from me which website because you have

Dr Joel Gould so Joel like Billy Joel and g-o-u-l-d you also have sol sleep you also have modern American dentistry um which one would you recommend they go to well so if you want to talk to me as a doctor you go to Dr joe Gould it's actually modern American dentistry that's if you want to know about me as a doctor now i have a fun site where i don't give medical advice and that's my mug modern hunter gatherer because humans evolved to be hunter gatherers but we're living in the modern world so we need to be modern hunter-gatherers that's my website where you can buy my vitamins website what one was that you said um nag modern hunter gatherers or my name so the website is www modern hunter modern hunter gatherers my cartoon characters you'll see my vitamin line you'll see my quantum physics machine and this is my fun site this is where I’m promoting health wellness and you know natural organic health yeah let me see if that opens up modern hunter gap there it is there she is uh modern so mug may she that's my brand and all right you know and this is what i want people to understand is that i showed you those villains those are the gmo villains when you as a person choose the right foods and lifestyle for yourself you invest in the companies that know their food chain you invest in the companies that are sustainable that respect the environment they do not use toxic chemicals so when you do that you're actually saving yourself you were literally following a paradigm where you could have the greatest health and if you do that and support those actual companies that have that philosophy you'll literally be saving the planet so that's where i came up with my catchphrase save yourself save the planet and that's how it works all right on that note thank you so much for coming on this show you've been amazing have a great day
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