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1510 Dr. Steffany Mohan & Leah Roling on Being Mentally Prepared for the Challenges of Dentistry : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

1510 Dr. Steffany Mohan & Leah Roling on Being Mentally Prepared for the Challenges of Dentistry : Dentistry Uncensored with Howard Farran

11/30/2020 4:00:00 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 399
Dr. Steffany Mohan has practiced dentistry since 1996. She completed her undergraduate work in agricultural biochemistry before earning her Doctorate of Dental Surgery at the University of Iowa. Since then, Dr. Mohan has built and sold several dental practices and currently owns five practices where she employs nine associate dentists and forty team members. 2020 has been life changing in many ways for her! Leah has a Bachelors in Econ/Finance/Health and Alternative Medicine. She has a Masters in Exercise Physiology and Sports Nutrition. She is also finishing a PHd in Natural Medicine and has her holistic health practitioner license and is certified by the board of American Association of Drugless Practitioners.

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It is just a huge honor for me to bring back to the show for a second time i almost never ever did this in the first 1500 shows Dr Steffany Mohan was on number 140 so when we started this show it started with my Mike Ditola and i i was trying to get Steph on the first out of the gate so she was show 140 now she's coming back as show 1500 something but Stephanie lee Mohan DDS and to the left her is uh Leah rolling so Stephanie lee Mohan DDS who practiced dentistry since 1996 complete her undergraduate work in agriculture biochemistry before earning her doctoral dental surgery at university of Iowa dr Mohan owns and operates plaza dental group west towers dental group she has bought and sold several dental practices um she currently owns five practices where she employs nine associate dentists and 40 team members and i can't wait to hear how 2020 has changed your life but over the years i just want you to know that there's a lot of people who uh looked at her um and wanted to always know her thoughts um when um i mean for me personally when headache therapy and sleep apnea came out replacing a cpap machine Steph was the first person i called is this a fat is this real headache therapy with true denta you're the first person you you know that use uh newcomb for fear i mean uh core whitening with my man rod kurt i mean you have always been an entrepreneur from the word go that just happened to be a dentist and um so then next to you is Leah rolling as a bachelor's in econ finance health and alternative medicine she has a master's in exercise physiology and sports nutrition she's also finishing a PhD in natural medicine and has her holistic health practitioner license and certified by the American board American association of drugless practitioners she also has the following coaching certifications nlp practitioner nlp advanced masters hypnosis practitioner hypnosis advanced master's quantum coach life coach health coach spiritual coach conscious coach meditative conditioning hormone profile certificate chakra cbt personal training strength and conditioning and don't worry i already asked her for the show she recommends just straight jameson you have any problems just drink straight irish whiskey and that's her uh that's her number one alternate medicine by the way i want to say something about alternative medicine because i'm not naive to sit there know that all old dentists or old conservative guys and anything alternative is a trigger point for them and they start freaking out until it happens to them and then once the doctor tells them oh you got high blood pressure you got to go on a pill and i uh well i'm not gonna do big pharma i mean everybody knows polyphasia by the time you're on five different prescriptions you're dead and it's so funny how they all get holistic when they have to take the big pharma pill and then they start changing their diet and some dentists last night was talking to me about magnesium and he didn't have enough magnesium in his diet so i said omg get it zero magnesium i thought it was funny but the bottom line is the bottom line is the market didn't go to eight years of college and they already lost trust in and big pharma and i mean even in this last election i mean it was a it was a tight breakers is 50 50 you know they've all been so close but i'll tell you what they've only given the united states government an 11 approval rating since i got out of col high school in 1980 i'm basically 89 percent of all Americans think their government sucks i mean they're 23 trillion in debt and dentists they always come out of school like uh uh chiropractors and naturopaths you know the that's not dogma yeah we know we know but wait till it happens to you and you're the first guy who's gonna go all naturopath on me because you're i mean i mean it's just the way it is and the American people are already there and i already know um i've had several people on the show that said my god we put um natural just the word natural heal you know anything alternative on our website marketing and people are driving an hour and a half from the other side of the golden gate bridge to come to my practice because they just don't trust i mean i i don't trust i mean look at this vaccine i guarantee you money's the answer what's the question all they want to do is shoot you know a billion people with something that cost 10 bucks each and and that that's all it is so i'll shut the hell up so Stephanie the entrepreneur who just happened to be a world-class dentist you're not afraid of anything you try everything how the hell did this pandemic hit you i mean did it come out of nowhere and just knock you upside the head well that's actually like the best question you could have asked because 2020 had the ability to just take me down completely right and not physically or or my practice or anything like that but mentally and because it'll mess with people if you if you let it right and so um that's how Leah and i started off 2020 was okay this is going to be a rough road for people and we knew it wasn't going to be an eight-week shutdown and we knew it wasn't going to be a short-term thing we just knew i mean it was kind of obvious the way that we were you know treating the virus the way that we're we're you know working with it the way that we're putting it on the news the way that we're having a relationship with it if you will i mean like what we're doing with it we knew it wasn't going to be a short-term thing and so really the only difference that we the only difference we can make and the only thing that we can do and you know this you'll immediately get this right is the only thing we can do is change the way we think about it so that's what we did and we changed the way that we thought about all of it and we really decided this is what dentistry needs right now it needs a different way to think about all of it it needs a different way to understand what our you know what what we can control what we can't control what our thoughts are about all of it and how what we do with it and that's going to guarantee our success if we if we have the right thoughts and we have the right um you know the right relationship with it and so you know Leah and i spent a ton of time talking through this you know we never want another dentist to take their own life we never want um anybody to you know their business to fail we never want because it really is largely in our control based on how we're thinking about it and i know that you're right the older you know there are a lot of older dentists that are going to say no that's not true and and they can that's okay but honestly we know that it's true i know that it's true i'm i'm actually very lucky i've never had a dentist disagree with me and when they just whatever i say they go all right but you know that was so profound stuff because you just said um i mean you're always keeping it real the first thing out of your mouth was you don't want to ever run another dentist take their own life there's a suicide threat on dental town that's four pages long when i um i was really surprised when i um podcast interviewed the president of the American dental association i said well you know what what's what's the biggest thing on your mind now and the first thing he said is i i i just want them to quit killing themselves and some of these cases i mean i mean there was one girl who just the American girl husband farm three kids in a barn and a practice that looked like you made it and boom it's over and i just had one in my backyard uh last week but i just want to say one thing about the dentists who immediately want to brush that off and say well that that's not even encouraging me i mean i don't have that issue dude it's not simple it's multifactorial so and there's usually lots of things and the pandemic can be a big straw that broke the camel's back i've noticed in my the ones i all know of uh there's can be love involved substance issues or it can be very multifactorial but a lot of times um yeah it's a love relationship that got wrong and and you're instead of eating carrots you're eating vicodin or or jameson or lots of goes in the sauce but you never know when your whole world is going to turn upside down so you should really think about these complex issues like not taking your own life when you're not thinking about taking your own life so that when you get in that situation uh you kind of know what to do but my god it's just uh it's just so sad that they're like that um but um um are you seeing any suicides in in the midwest over by you and i was so there was a young woman in our community community that had five kids that she yeah a pediatric dentist and it's just it's heartbreaking and i mean what what i didn't realize and what and and Leah can explain this better than i can but when i started to really like contemplate what was going to happen this year i started kind of spinning out of control with all of you know the possibilities and everything that could happen and so you know we sat down and we said okay how can we make sure that we can you know we can we can really ensure that this is this could be a great year right and so we started talking about that not like Leah kind of take it from there because i think that it's really she just is so much so much more articulate than me but but i think it's really important that we it's and thank you so much for letting us come and address this but i think because it's certainly not all about suicide there's a lot of people that are going to just just think that it's 2020 is just going to be the worst year they're ever going to have and Leah can explain why that doesn't have to be the case well you know i was born in wichita kansas and went to uh uh but um do you know why the dentist in kansas and Iowa are so bummed out um because missouri loves company missouri loves company missouri but uh yeah so these these are well um um go ahead um how do you see this Leah and i i i really um i spent a lot of time on your website things like that but i'm what i really wanted to hear from you is uh i mean me and Steph we drank the purple kool-aid decades ago we're dentists even if we sold our practice and retired we'd still be dentists people still call us doc your fresh set of eyes from the outside world where you've been very successful how how did dentistry look to an outsider like you with all your education when you you took a peek and said oh dentistry what's behind that door and you open the door and there's dentistry what did what did it look like to you well it looked similar and different and i can explain so it looks similar in that humans right human behavior is um people that's how people behave right and so it doesn't matter what profession you're in it doesn't matter if you're a teacher you're a dentist or you're a chiropractor it doesn't matter we all have struggles okay but it wasn't until i got into dentistry and talking to dentists and talking to the people in dentistry the teens right that i realized that their the emotional and physical struggle that they deal with on a daily basis is tolling it takes a toll on them and i try to think about like why would that be like why would that be why is why is dentistry why does dentistry have the highest um uh suicide rate and then i thought what is people's perception about dentists how do people feel about going into the dentist okay and we are all energy that we're all made up of energy and when you go to the dentist or when you know other people go to the dentist you're going there probably not feeling excited probably not feeling um awesome or happy ooh yes i i see i get to go see my dentist today it's i get to see her at one o'clock right like i'll go because i need to go twice a year to take care of my teeth but it's not anything that most people are looking forward to doing and you bring that energy that kind of obligatory energy into the door and that's what they get that's what they receive patient after patient after patient after patient day after day after day year after year after year and i just think about that versus like the massage therapist right or even the chiropractor right there's an immediate almost benefit that you feel when you get adjusted there's an immediate benefit that you feel after you get off of a massage table okay you leave the dentist okay so you came in with negative energy you're coming out with negative energy because your mouth is swollen you can't eat or drink anything for 30 30 minutes right or more um and and i think that has to take a toll on your profession probably more than and it would indicate so um than any other profession and i think the work that i do the mindset coaching that i do is important for all humans but specifically and most importantly probably this profession yeah well you just gave me the best idea ever i'm going to start the first national dso of massage therapist from coast to coast and i'm gonna um personally interview each one of them i just want to say one thing about the suicide stuff though is uh i know a lot of dentists especially the older ones um believe that dentistry has the highest suicide rate and there were some years of that in the past but ever since your 19-year war with afghanistan uh which you haven't paid for which you put on a credit card um you got 26 soldiers taking their lives every day and nobody ever uh because sometimes the firefighters the policemen there's been a lot of occupations battling out but a 19-year war with afghanistan guys stop it knock it off how many soldiers how many American boys have to take themselves out every year before you realize you have no business being afghanistan for coming up on 20 years and russia was in there it took russia 10 years to figure it out how long is the world going to take to realize that you don't mess with humans on their own territory they'll they'll give they'll do whatever it takes to get another human off their territory you don't fight on someone else's lawn you just keep you know stay in your own business but um so enough of that but i'd love to see that that uh that that war stopped but here's the one thing i got to tell the kids it took me a long time to figure out she's right my father told me this my father had nine sonic drivens when i told him i want to be a dentist he looked at me like what the hell would you want to do something like that for i mean he couldn't even get it and he goes uh and i remember taking my boys at disneyland and the guy the little kid in front of me was so excited jumping up and down he messed his pants and had had his diaper changed i mean how many people have ever crapped their pants waiting to get into the dental office to have a root canal and and so you'd be working on someone and i would sit there and think like oh why am i so stressed why my heartbeat why why do i i mean i'm sorry is something bothering me you know and then you realize yeah you're a foot away from a human who's scared and painful and hurting or whatever and i don't know esp and i don't know any uh that's all above her comprehension but i know when you're right next to a human who's not happy and suffering it totally affects you you cannot be in there in that environment and not have it affect you and you don't um it's kind of like the boiled frog dough where you throw a frog in boiling water jumps right out but if you put in cool water and slowly bring it to a boil he doesn't get it and he'll boil and you're in there all the time and then the other thing is bad is um my gosh my um my second best side it was dentist and then it was dermatologist and then it was ophthalmologist and i could have gone to creighton med school too and all that stuff but um those um those things um like take an ent you know most primates are killed laying on their back why a carnivore has got them around the neck so what did you do you picked a job where hey let's lay on your back lift your chin up expose your throat and then i'm going to go in your mouth and and and and i was telling a doctor about this one time when one of my kids being born and goes oh howard i totally understand this he goes watch i can do q-tip is here he's examining the whole baby he's doing this the ten test or whatever he goes now now watch me just try to get in his mouth and he just tried to get in his mouth that baby's flipping around and it's like i don't know what it is about humans but they don't want you on their mouth they don't want to lay on their back and they don't want to expose their throat so my homies best idea was to be a dentist what the hell was your next best idea i mean that that was the worst eye of all the body parts we were so close to ear nose throat and it's it's a stressful job so it is what it is but here here's the bottom line reality my homies they make bank and if they quit dentistry what job can they go pick up where uh buck 50 175 a year 220 where where can they go make that kind of money if they shred their dental diploma yeah they can't is the answer generally so we're stuck and i'll tell you when Leah and i started working this year i felt very stuck i felt stuck physically i felt stuck emotionally i felt stuck you know i just i felt like i didn't want to be in the dental planet anymore i didn't want to have anything to do with it and and i can honestly tell you what eight months later or whatever i don't feel like that anymore and and the interesting thing about it is it wasn't while it was an earth-shattering process for me like 2020 could have gone either way for me right but what i found out was we can change all of it by changing how we think about it and and it sounds so simple right it's been a full eight month process to figure that out but i mean your you probably have great examples that would make a lot more sense than me talking about it because you do this you know all the time um but as it relates to dentistry i think it's super important to listen to what she has to say well let's listen to what you have to say well what because they do they're they're they're stuck and some dentists have it worse than others i mean when i think of Iowa i feel most sorry for jared johnson a pediatric dentist i mean that poor guy i mean i don't see a dentist he's a pediatric dentist the hell was he thinking i mean picking dentistry was a bad idea jared johnson what were you thinking wanting to be a pediatric dentist but they're stuck so yeah where do they go you have kids that go to the dentist that haven't figured out that they don't like it yet and then the kids that have i mean it's just a matter of time right right right yeah so what uh so how common is it for dentists right now to be filling the blues more post-covered than pre-covered i think it's i think it's so much more common because i think we feel like everything's out of our control we think that it's all you know gonna happen the way that it's gonna happen and there's nothing we can do about it and when you feel like you're out of control that's when you kind of you get stuck and that's when you can get into trouble the people measuring the stuffs are saying in dentistry it's three times higher three times higher sad depressed suicidal i mean this so and i want to be really clear this this is like what we're talking about the kind of and there's an algorithm to it which is really exciting because dennis love cookbook you know step-by-step instructions or whatever there's a step by step to it which is that was that's what hooked me i was like sign me up if there's a way for me to figure this out and to actually have like a repeatable formula for it sign me up that's what i want and so you know a lot of people are like oh no this is counseling this is hocus po this is whatever no this is like scientific formula so that's what's exciting about it to me and i think it's important that we give it to your listeners and and let them then understand okay so the scientific formula is for what exactly what's the algorithm for yeah so the algorithm is for getting out of your own way so it's thinking about what you're thinking about and so the algorithm is a coaching algorithm right where you have to break down and differentiate the situation from your thought about it okay so when we can do that right we can create we can figure out what the s is and sometimes i call it right because that's that's the part that you really have to look at right you have to differentiate the s the s line i'll call it in the model which is the situation from your thoughts about it okay i like to use the weather or weight loss as an example because it's a really easy um example and most people are familiar with weather traffic or weight loss so it's it's less uh um less emotionally right it's less emotional tax so if we talk about the weather okay we can say and the situation is very factual so it's something in a court of law that can be proven okay so if it's something that somebody said it goes in quotes because otherwise we like to extrapolate well this is what i think is what they meant by what they said okay so the weather the weather here today is what 42 degrees okay so that goes in the s line okay now i can have a thought about that okay that thought could be wow it's really super cold i'm gonna stay in today i wish it was warmer i wish it was summer um so i'm gonna stay in all day and i'm not gonna get any sun and it's going to be an awful day okay so that's my thought about it now thoughts trigger all emotion okay and every time i say that it's not any less fascinating because without a thought we just don't have an emotion um all emotions are our vibrations or frequencies in the body created from our thinking brain the sentences that we create in our brain okay so we have a thought that creates an emotion for us so if i have a thought like it's 47 degrees and that's bad okay i feel bad i feel sad i'm not motivated okay now all feelings motivate everything that we do and i know a lot of times people don't want to talk about feelings okay but feelings have to be first because think about it everything that we do and everything that we don't do is to feel a certain way or to not feel a certain way whether or not you're a feeling person or not this is human behavior friends this is just the way it is so everything that we feel motivates our action now if we're motivated by a more positive emotion we will have better action if we're motivated by a not so positive emotion we won't most likely have a most empowering action so in that model if we stay with the weather okay it's 47 degrees i don't like it it's cold i'm mad i'm upset about it my actions can be i'm going to stay inside i'm going to feel miserable and my result is going to be i'm not going to have a very good day okay your results are always proof of your original thought and today i've not been challenged so that that model doesn't come true so again the model is we have to differentiate the situation or the ship from what we're thinking about it okay because what we're thinking about it will create the results in our life okay so if we want a different result in our life we just have to change the way we're thinking about it you can plug and play any scenario in that model so you say your results are always proven of your thought original thought yeah so your results are always proven by your original thought yep so in the weather example right my thought was this is bad okay my result was i had a bad day yeah and mine was more um i have an mba from asu and i immediately thought well today in phoenix is 90 degrees so Stephanie just sell your damn office and come be my associate instead of having nine move out here where it's 90 and just work for me um but it's true i remember i remember um i went to uh uh creighton and um dr betty dahl was the um head psych of the psychology department and her husband uh was another one in but she i remember one day she walked in class and he said okay everybody close your eyes completely just empty your mind just close your eyes see you're are you thinking something you're just sitting there you're waiting you don't have this internal human that's talking to you all day she goes you're talking to you you're telling yourself the beliefs if you just sit there and lay down in your bed and close your eyes and they're thinking there your body's not telling you anything yeah and then you decide i'm uh gonna do whatever so yeah it's it's all you're like i don't even understand the motivation books like like people go by all these motivational books i'm like well dude if you're motivated to go to the damn store and buy a motivational book and you're motivated to read the day of motivation why don't you just do what you originally were gonna do i mean if you got all that motivation just just do your damn thing you don't need to go to barnes noble's buy a motivation book but um so um sorry um so you know everybody that's measuring this stuff whether it be vucac the ada or whatever that you know this this mental stuff and this depression this sadness it it's exploded it's three times bigger and and and my god if it can happen to Stephanie you're gonna happen to any damn dentist out there i mean you are the you you are so cerebral successful family fork i mean you're you've crushed every category there is so if it can if it can affect you it can affect anybody listen to stuff um so what is this test you do or what is this algorithm you do um how what would you advise to measure it snap out of it and you know what right so the so then then we would take a situation in dentistry you know i mean a lot of the time it surrounds the team right well my hygienist is being a pain in the neck and she's you know whatever and and that so Leah says the situation has to be something that's provable in a court of law i mean because otherwise we give emotion to it already and we're not just having a situation so you could say you know my hygienist didn't show up for work today and i don't know what to do about that i don't know so if your thought is positive about it like okay that's fine no problem we'll move on to tomorrow then you have a different result then if you make it a big thing she didn't show up for work today and you know that's the end of the world and it's all downhill from here and and so then you have a different result with it and anything that you plug into that situation and think about it how many times do we do that in a day you know mrs jones shows up and she's i hate working on mrs jones so i don't want to do those two crowns that we had planned so i'm just going to tell her that those teeth are fine and then you know next week i'm going to do the same thing on several other patients and then i don't want to do dentistry on people because they're a pain in the neck and so those results that we're getting are because we have thoughts about things that may or may not be true and anytime we make it means something i mean and and we see that all the time right i mean how how do how dentists perform five times you know more dentistry than than another dentist it's how they think yeah and the other thing that was fascinating that when we were talking is that dentists seem to generate the same amount of money month after month after month right and i'm just like well why is that all they want to make like is that they just want to make that much and no more or are they wait i want to hear i want to get howard's side on that because i mean why do you think that is why i think they make the same amount of money wait why do they produce the same amount because they they have uh they set up their initial capacity and then as soon as they tell a person i'm sorry you can't come in and give me money today you need to stand in line and wait one minute i mean one day or more and they um they feel security for cash flow that they're booked out a month in advance and that's the minute you say i can't accept your money today stanley i mean i could i could get off this show right now we could all go to costco and buy a 2 000 refrigerator we could buy a computer a laptop a car a ferrari a boat a house we could go buy anything we want but right now in phoenix arizona uh if you had to get your teeth cleaned today it'd probably be easier to find a pound of cocaine and an ak-47 fully automatic i mean uh and on a sunday you'd find a mermaid riding a unicorn twice before you found a dentist open and so they go home at five and this sounds so bad to say and normal people wouldn't say it but since uh i'm uh dr abby normal um it's it's mostly a problem for people born in america like when i go to san francisco all if you're born in america oh san fran it's too many tennis is too crowded and they tell you all the population ratio everybody who was born in africa south america and asia they go well you know all the Americans you know how they just go home at five and then at six o'clock my iphone starts ringing with toothaches i go in there two thousand twenty five hundred dollar root canal build up and crown on a visa card and then they'll tell me that sometimes if they keep answering their phone on a sunday they'll do 12 grand just by themselves and an isolite doing root canal built in crowns because all the Americans are at home so the reason they all plateau is because every last one of them says well i i can't get you in today and it's just it's crazy and a lot of that has to do with that's what they think yeah that's what that's those are their thoughts and they also think they don't have enough room for an operatory but when i lectured in tokyo where land is one million dollars a square meter i i saw practices that had nine dentists yeah and they were in a three operatory space that was 300 square feet and you know some would work uh six to noon somewhere noon to six i'm i mean seven days a week but nine dentists are working out of a three operatory deal and in america if you don't want to do all the extended hours all the specialists especially endodontics and oral surgeons have not one but two emergency rooms because they're 80 20 rural they make almost all their money off like 10 docks and the last thing if stephanie's giving me oliver moeller's and Steph calls down and says oh my god my friend lee is she's in so much is there any way you can see her and i can't squeeze her in you're gonna call another endodontist and i may lose that whole cash cow so those endodontists they'll they'll work through lunch they'll stay at the day they're they're referring guys but dennis uh you know they're you know they're financially leveled and someone's like well you're 11 o'clock canceled and you've been sitting back here on facebook for an hour um would you like to see her during lunch no i'm going to subway i have to go to subway every day and i have to leave at five because my daughter gets out of school oh so you're the only human that has a daughter getting out of school i'm sorry i thought eight billion other people have dealt with that issue but you know the emergency rooms are 24 hours a day firemen policemen but all dental staff is entitled to subway at 12 noon and they're all leaving at five and they all do 750 and take home you know buck 50 bucks 75 but the people who like lunch is a luxury i'm not leaving i'm not going to go home and watch monday night or thursday night football you know i'm not going to go home and watch monday night football when i know this lady's in pain i'm a doctor that's why i went to school years we will see her and we will do you know when you have that attitude you keep growing yeah yeah no you're absolutely right yeah it's i mean and it's all proof of the thoughts that you have i mean it which is exactly the point but we don't see it that way no because we think our thoughts are true yeah right yeah all of them right and one of the first things that you know i like to do when i'm working with clients is to remove that notion right that our thoughts are true or or we think that all of our thoughts are true yeah and you can mathematically the most sacred thoughts to him you can prove are suspect like my oldest sister and i have just had this argument since we were in college um she's uh left high school and went straight to the nunnery and she's my older sister so i'm 58 she's 60. she's been a cloistered carmelite monk nun her whole life and i always tell her i said okay that but you know if you would have been born in rihad saudi arabia you'd be islamic and it just it just i mean when we would talk about that 20 30 years ago she she couldn't even breathe and but now that she's 60s at least she realized that's true she would have been born in kathmandu she'd be buddhist and which is the best one because whenever your god is a bald fat guy with a big belly i mean that's gotta be that's gotta be the best religion any religion that looks like that guy is a good one but so you're born into your religion your language your food your like when you say well i can't eat that dude if you'd have been born in new delhi you'd be eating curry yeah i mean um you're you you're only you only say you can't eat that because your mom didn't shove it in your mouth from birth to 10. but yeah i mean but there's i mean and i almost the the where i almost lost it completely i mean when i'm drinking i'm doing good but when i saw what those hong kong and chinese dentists were eating at the restaurant i mean it was it was live stuff it was still moving i mean i mean so it's all in your head yeah and if you just look at something wiggling in your plate and reject it you're probably you might even be born into it so not only might your thought not be true might not be proven in court it might mostly correlate with most human activity is distance to origin of birth and that's that's a serious one like like you'll meet a dentist and he'll always injure his wife oh this is love of my life number one girl in the universe don't don't tell me don't tell me you're born in parsons kansas and out of 8 billion girls this girl also was born in parsons kids would she yeah she was there she was born on the same block as mama yeah right so i mean and that is why was taking over the world until the smartphone came out and it was a match it was a dating site called tinder that put the gps locator in there where you can dial from zero to a hundred and most people um you know at a certain age and income don't even have a car transportation so you know they're not gonna walk 90 miles for a date but they might walk a mile all right but that destroyed all the other business models so distance is king most of your patients come from the same area so yeah so a lot of your thoughts in your head yeah were are in your head right now because of where you were born and that is that is the most provable well i think and i think the most important thing to remember is that the healthier practice the health of your business the health of your dentistry is directly relatable to the health of your brain if your brain's not healthy none of it's healthy your relationships aren't healthy none of it so i mean you know more than anything i think we're students of the brain because it's fascinating and it's fascinating because you can take one you can take the weather and go either way with it you can take anybody's practice and go either way with it and it's it's so interesting and it's all malleable it's all changeable it's all all of it and you know that i mean like just what you said i mean if you if you're in a different location i mean there are always successful dentists in every market always there are always unsuccessful dentists in any every market the reason for that is how they think and how they think determines how they show up and how they show up determines their results and i'll give you some other macro examples like um i love china i i don't care what a any other buddy in the news the the chinese people they're so sweet and they're so happy and they're always i mean smiling working i mean i mean my gosh they are just i i think they're just some of the coolest people in the entire world awesome place to go too and my gosh um they um a dentist won't um suggest this treatment because it's not covered by insurance the chinese when i go there they're just like well if you eat chocolate and drink coca-cola all day and get 10 cavities why should your boss or your government be responsible you should pay for these 10. if you don't have the money you should get an extra part-time job and maybe all those hours of working you will stop eating chocolate bars and drinking coca-cola and start brushing and flossing your teeth and and they call it and they're they're educated they've got same science you do they they call it correctly moral hazard they think dentistry is a behavioral disease and i'll give you example france passed a deal in their infinite um craziness where if you had lower back pain that disabled you to where you couldn't work your previous employer had to maintain 80 of your um wages um that was uh right and within an hour 10 of france had such severe lower back pain that now 10 of france couldn't go to work and it's like and then and then you say okay so incentives matter but then you go to uh canada up north where they have long lines for health care and you say okay she's getting a 50 000 hip transplant why can't she cover 10 percent of it because when you tell her she's got to pay 10 percent five grand she's like oh i don't need it that bad oh so you wanted everyone else in town to pay taxes to pay 50 grand when you wouldn't even pay five for yourself i mean i mean you know i mean you just these are obvious human behaviors measurable that you know if you don't believe in then we have to throw away two centuries of economic theory and people just they choose to believe stuff yeah that there's just no you know there's no reason for any of this like you're just you're just thinking that's that's not real so how do you show someone in that mood that dude what you're thinking about is and it can be in really successful scenes steve jobs had that i mean the whole biography on steve jobs is that he lived in alternative universe i mean his key people are saying you know we'd all be there there'd be an event and he saw the event entirely differently than everyone else in the room so so when someone's in this bad way and they're and they're um is the glass half empty is it half full how do you get them to see straight or how do you get them to see the glass half full when they're seeing it half empty yeah well we start with their results pick what's what's going on right now on your our line like how do they do that is there a website they go to to take that algorithm test or is there a link for that or yes that'd be a great oh that's a great idea no there's not i mean i mean it sounds really simple but it's kind of complex and i wish it were more simple because i think we could help a lot more people a lot faster right um but of it's almost like a it's almost like going to the gym you know it takes a while to build the muscle and it just takes a while to kind of build the skill with it but yeah and answer that well i mean to your point i love the muscle analogy because the brain is a muscle and it's neuroplastic so you can get it to change but you can't it's it's not as simple as a formula you can't just go to the gym and lift like a bicep curl and the bicep has two heads so you have to work at different angles you know there's there's sequencing and programming as it relates to it same thing with our brain so currently um we're doing just like 20 minute mini sessions to get them thinking about what they're thinking about to get them thinking about okay if these are the results that i have in in my life and if just if maybe they're maybe i could be wrong about this maybe they're wrong but but if what you're saying is true and my thoughts are causing this let's back it up let's do the model in reverse so these are your results what are your actions they're motivated by what emotion what em what thought are you thinking about that's triggering that emotion because once we know that once we figure out what that is we'll be able to have the missing link to then like swap the thought to create a more intentional model um this might be totally unrelated and off the record and i shouldn't ask about another thing that i'm flagged to is you go to the doc's home and he owns a landing building lives in a nice three four thousand square foot home and it's just a lovely place to be and you you know you hang out there and watch the game but then you go to his office this little thousand square foot dingy thing that he rents and leases and there's no break room whatever and you think yourself hell if you put your dog in the dental office he'd want out of the cage to go home and when i was building my dental office i thought well if i'm asleep eight hours a day and i'm up 16 so i'm at work eight home eight my home and house shouldn't be that much different i own the land i own the building about the same size same amount of luxuries i couldn't believe how many consultants saying well you know this this is a bad idea this is too big you could have got you know said eight ops you could have put 12 and it's like well dude i'm irish i need a break room i have to eat a cookie after a root canal and then and then um one of my patients who just passed away recently at bernard wells um he saw me always coming out of the room you know doing my shoulder thing and he ran to home depot came back and installed a pull-up bar and he said when you when you're sitting there with your 10 pound ball bowling ball head hanging over when you stand up why don't you just hang on to that thing and do one pull-up um i looked at so many dentists that had carpal tunnel syndrome and you know they've never done a push-up in the last decade and i thought to myself did you really need answer what about after a procedure if you're having a hand issue you put your hands flat on the ground to do a push-up but my direct question is do you think that the physical design or the space that they live in affects their mental health and thoughts about their work environment absolutely yeah exactly it's hilarious that you asked that because we've been talking about that all day we and we haven't been talking all day but we've been talking that's been the topic of conversation today so the clutter that we have in our physical space and the clutter that we have in our brains are directly related right because if your brain is clear and you're thinking clearly and you're performing clearly and easily everything's coming easily you probably don't have cluttered physical space either right yeah and vice versa right i mean i know it sounds it sounds kind of simple but when i as i've done this process of clearing out my brain and you know like making room for higher thinking and you know just really functioning better on every level i've also cleared out my physical space because before then it was it was it was all it was it was there was clutter everywhere it wasn't just my brain it was it was my physical space too and i think we think that they're totally directly related well i i got a follow-up to that because um you know i'm living in ground zero for dsos because arizona passed law governor ducey that if you got a dental license and then all through the states you can work here you know that so um 18.6 of all the dentists in arizona work for dso and um having worked across the street from the major dsos for my whole life i in the eyes of the consumer they love the location the convenience everything they love everything about it but they don't like the doctor employee turnover i mean when they come in they you say well god dang every time i go in there it's a different dentist so then i flipped it around i'd look at the dentist i said well why did you quit that and a lot of them say just that well you know what you know in between patients the only place i go is stand in the hall it's like why why don't i get a room where where do i go when i want to you know have some privacy or whatever and i'm supposed to go in some cattle cage with uh you know that they just wanted they're a human they wanted to go into their uh their mouse hole or whatever and then the other thing is and i want to get your specific answer this because um they overuse temporary staff they're like well we don't need a full time this we just put in ten percent and these young dentists who didn't get to do 15 canals of endo on a live patient you know they're in a pandemic they did two on a typodont and they're they're going in to do their molar they're scared they've been watching all this online see and youtube they're all pumped up and they think they're gonna do their girl friday and and now it's girl stranger it's like where where's my assistant oh you know she's sick or whatever but we brought in an attempt so he's like so i i got to do a muller rook now with with somebody i couldn't pick out of a police lineup so the patients don't get a relationship the the dentist facility isn't privacy but do you think the uh love affair that dsos have with temp agencies is a i know it's an awesome short-term fix for the emergency today but like you gave that example the dennis dress because his height just didn't show up so would you call in a temporary hygienist what's better to say hey girl friday ain't gonna be in today or come on down we got girl stranger she'll be in here all day long i mean so it's so complex the way that you i mean the relationships that you have they're going to be directly proportional to what you want i mean you know so if they want temporary help they don't value relationships so you know and and so i don't understand why people wouldn't want long-term help i mean that you know i it might be a short-term solution to a short-term problem but it's never going to be a business model right it is their business model the dsl is just they just love it i mean some of those eso's go to their i mean go to their management deal you know how many people are in recruiting and temp services and temp agencies i mean it's anything but i mean it's an issue i mean i i i think there's probably always going to be a market for quickie dentistry and and you know no relationship dentistry but there's always going to be a market for relationship dentistry too i just named my next office um that might not have been the right one yeah but um Leah you do think that um the physical office that they work in i mean if they're gonna buy something they buy you know they'll make fun of someone buying a chairside milling machine but they'll buy 150 000 bass boat they'll make fun of someone buying a lenap laser uh but they'll go buy a cabin or this i mean they buy the same number of toys or more for their home stuff but a lot of these guys that all their toys are at home they don't want to come to work and play and the one thing i've noticed 32 years that a lot of these dentists that are still crushing it and having fun at 60 and 70. i talked to dennis i'm talking to one this morning on the way in here 75 in fact the greatest story i ever had ever and i can't believe he disappeared in the crowd i was luxury in la and it was a 92 year old dennis he said he was the only dentist he was the only dentist living from auschwitz he survived auschwitz and was and was alive and so practicing and he was um he just bought a cbt machine he was telling me how he placed his first dental implant at 90 and i'm like oh hang on here hang on a new short guy a little just adorable but the bottom line is i mean he's still playing he's still loving life and so um this facility thing is um i i just walk into a lot of dental offices like where i just think god dang it suck to spend half my waking life in this hole uh but um and then they don't know why they they're burned out and fried and want to quit yeah yeah well i think so to to answer your question i think i think we think that when we leave our home and we go to our work that we just leave our personal life on a coat rack right and that's not like we are energy so when we energetically leave our home we energetically go into our office it the identity has to align with what we want and so it's it's not a shocker to me that the people that invest in their office in their practice and they make the same type of investment in their practice as they do their life are most likely more successful because we have relationships with all things we have a relationship with ourself we have a relationship with our home we have a relationship with our practice and so if you inherently care for take care of acknowledge each of these different relationships as they are right that will create the results that you have so yeah i don't know if you no absolutely and i mean yeah 100 of course everybody wants to work in my nicer offices right i get it well so um Steph you were um i was hearing you with the term dental selfology is that a thing or is that you know is that a where they can take this test what is dental selfology yeah dental sofology is the the basis for what this this coaching model is and then really what we did is we rolled it into dental coaching school which is how to learn to apply the algorithm to anything and that's that's the basis for the whole thing and and the idea is that when we when we aren't true to ourself when we aren't um in line with you know our own energy then things go awry right and that's when people fall into these these bad spots and so dental selfology and dental coaching school are all about learning more about how you can consistently show up in your life the best way you possibly can right so so my homies listening to you right now um where are they gonna go to follow up on this do you have a website or is it coming soon or where should they go uh where should they go if they want to learn more about selfology yeah the easiest way is facebook or instagram really because we're kind of a social media society frankly um so we have you know dental selfology lives there and so do you have the link to that what is it dental um what is it forward slash dental selfology yeah is that what it is yeah see and you thought i was the dumbest guy in the room i figured that out uh dental okay um so so you have that on facebook under dental selfology yeah you can find us there and then in the post you can find out more about the dental coaching school and whether or not it's um it's it's for you or for your practice or you know what not i do think it's fascinating how we came up with the dental coaching school yeah because dental selfology means that you're going to be doing sofology it's it's not a real word so don't look it up but it is the study of self and to your point we were like i just don't know if there are a lot of other dentists out there that want to take the time to know about themselves they want to know how do i inspire a team how do i create something bigger than myself how do i leave a legacy like these are the things that these dentists want to know about and i want to be able to coach my team my my practice on these tools and techniques and so you're like i think coaching school will be better because not only if they want to do learn about coaching for themselves and awesome they'll learn how to do it but more so they'll be able to learn how to do it so they can inspire their teams to be better and to create the results and the successes the profitability and all of that that they want exactly you know if someone else has done it it's probably possible you know what i mean so i mean uh you know like i never had an original idea i mean um i um i had my father loved my life and he was amazing with sonic drive-in and but my next-door neighbor was kenny anderson who's still practicing dentistry which i think says a lot about my first mentor i mean he's been i had 32 years he's at 52 years and um you know i mean my dad was making uh foot long chili cheese dogs and kenny was taking x-rays through teeth and i mean it was just it was the big technology of the day i mean we didn't have computers and instagram and facebook and all that crap um you know that was the coolest technological thing i saw and it was just love at first sight and um and like say you'll go into a dental a medical dental building like you know some of these medical dental buildings like you know like hell they're 6 200 south and clinton's had 20 dentists in the same building and i just thought it was so amazing and just like you said there's half a dozen of them and never done 700 and then there's two or three that have never done under 2 million and um and then and then think about this this is bizarre so the i always say the stat because i i just think it just blows my mind um and let me uh uh pull it up just to uh uh so i get it right but um and as far as cars go the average new car price in america is 33 560 according to kelly blue book and usa today and on average Americans will buy 13 new cars before they're 76 years old and you go in that medical dental building and one or two of those dentists will do a 10 to 25 to 50 000 case like every friday for for 40 years while six other dentists say well you're gonna pay more than your money where they're not gonna ever have it down because nobody's gonna ever spend their own money on their own body dude they bought 13 cars for 33 000 i mean aspen just bought clear choice you know why because about 18 000 Americans a year are going to go in there and drop 25 000 on an arch while all the Americans i will know and if delta doesn't cover it they're not going to cover because well who pays for their weed and jameson i'm pretty sure they find money for pot and liquor and 13 cars but if you believe that if insurance doesn't pay for it they won't believe it even though all of china which has four people for every one of you believes that the only person that should pay for your lack of brushing and flossing and eating sugar is should be yourself so i mean it all starts with your own thinking and if you disagree with anything i said well then ask shelf well why are you disagreeing me in english instead of german or mandarin chinese i'm i mean you know if you're arguing about with about me in mandarin chinese i'll listen but if you're arguing with me from the language you were born into and taught from your own mom i mean you just don't have any legs stand on so you can see the glass half full or you can see the glass half empty that's right yeah yes so uh um my guy so what um what else did you want to tell them are um is that the crux of your message or what is there anything um i mean we do this all day you know if you can take any scenario any situation you know give us a situation that you've struggled with i'm curious well i know um i know my homies and they're introverts i mean in order to get um a's in calculus and physics and chemistry and biology i mean i mean at creighton if you got one c in in math physics chemistry and biology it's over it's time to go over to the business school or whatever and um so they the people who love staying in library like lawyers they all love to read well go in your life who's the readers who's always it's a bookworm it's a quiet person in the corner so they're always stressed by people whether it's their staff or their patients they just don't they're just not at their best in front of people and they find people exhausting and draining and to refuel they want to go away from people and that's why you can't find them for three days on friday saturday and sunday so my question this is how do you take someone who's a natural-born mathematician bookworm and make him want to go out there and be a conductor to a bunch of people on his team and a bunch of patients coming in like i always i'm like you know half the time i see you Stephanie you're on the local news program show and you're on the couch on the morning news show and that's where you're home i mean you you you look and sound like you're on your own couch at home you were born for that lifestyle and all the other dentists in Iowa weren't so how do you make someone how do you how do you make them more comfortable around complicated people well i mean if we're talking about introvert versus not introvert i i would challenge that thought um because you can't go to your doctor and say you know what i think i'm an introvert can you test me see if i test positive for that right so introvert is a thought and a lot of it is an identity focus and a lot of us like to hold on to our identity like forever i thought i was impatient because people used to tell me i'm impatient okay and then i realized that that thought is not serving me i'm just gonna set it down okay and now i'm not going to be impatient anymore now i'm going to be patient and i'm going to have patient thoughts and when i started telling my brain that i'm patient guess what i became more patient okay so again i and i'm not even suggesting that an introvert introverted dentist is a bad thing i just want you to question as to whether or not you really are and in comparison to who okay so you might be you might be more introverted than Steph but are you more introverted than my husband i don't know right that's going to be a challenge and then see how your introversion shows up in your result line it all goes back to the model every single which way so if you're introverted and that you self-isolate and that you withdraw it's because you have thoughts generally which is ironic enough but most of my introverted dentists that i've talked to to date have thoughts of self-isolation and withdrawing because of insecurity in like in confidence and i'm like like you have to be super super smart you just said it to be a dentist otherwise go to business school or really anything else okay so how are my introverted people showing up with some insecurity and i think they're coming up with insecurity because they have this identity they're not as extroverted as other people maybe the hygienist or maybe other team people or maybe even their own patients that they're trying to offer up confidently this is what i think you should do and because people are challenging and and whatnot it triggers them to be like oh well maybe you shouldn't do that and so they they question themselves they self-doubt themselves on what they offering um to to the patient so again i would i mean i'd question all of it i would question whether or not um introversion is a thing if they really are introverted if they want to hold on to that identity and how that identity is serving them kind of like a smoker i'm a smoker i've always smoked well that's why you always smoke right because because that's your identity because who are you and on that note i mean i love what you just said i mean you know or are your thoughts serving you i mean it's that simple are your thoughts serving you are they productive why do you intentionally decide to act in a negative unproductive way so i have two friends and um one of them um both of them their dad was a very abusive alcoholic drunk who put a lot of violence on them and their siblings and their mother and so one of them uses that excuse to do the same damn thing and the other one is as old as me and has never touched the the the alcohol um but i mean but in all due respect he's not irish so there could he could have some genetic anomaly thing maybe he was born that way but there there's there's example why are why are you being negative ah my mama did that why are you not being negative because i watched my mama do that i'm never going to do that again so you're just reacting to the exact same thing i always think that's really interesting where everybody sees the exact same thing and everyone reacts to it differently and what you're suggesting is that come on man you got a's and calculus physics i mean if you know the difference between a sine a cosine and a tangent you have the skills to rethink this right absolutely yeah and you know i love bruce lipton's work he talks about the biology of belief and you were talking about belief do you believe that you're a person right that can be extroverted yes yes do you know anybody that's an extrovert okay if the answer is yes is that person that's an extrovert a person yes are you a person yes well then you can be a person that can be extroverted okay you can believe that you have to take your brain along the way because you've been thinking however however old you are right for decades that you're not a person that is extroverted you can be whoever it is that you want to be you just have to change your thoughts and you have to you have to nicely and kindly move your brain in that way because otherwise it's going to stay stuck in the past so you are quoting uh bruce lipton harold lipton who uh he wrote books on the biology of belief tons of books but biology of belief is a really good one because it what it does is it informs us that we are not destitute by our dna right we're not genetically programmed or wired to be any certain way that there is a certain thing to the beliefs that we have and we can create our results based on our beliefs yeah powerful stuff um so they can go um there's a facebook um you said go to facebook and um and enter yeah instagram just go to go to facebook or well here i uh um so on instagram is it called dental selfology yep yep oh the nice so there's dental selfology Leah rolling and dental selfology coach Leah rawling and uh so which one i'll follow them both uh sorry okay so instagram or facebook just go to facebook and and by the way if you follow me on facebook i know i got 300 000 followers on facebook and i haven't been there since the pandemic uh um during um when this thing came out um hit the fan and i started you know getting more podcasts and things that but um i only have so much time in the day and i'll tell you i'll tell you um and i have to give credit for this to um the founder of intel um my gosh um he was uh um oh my god what was the name of his book what was the founder of intel's book robert under intel uh book i can't believe it um um only the paranoid survived by andrew s grove where i mean that guy was so that book just slapped me upside the head um he was telling me about you know um basically he was uh start out in his childhood um and he was um and the third reich was coming to power and lots of really bad stuff was happening and his own mother was telling him well we can't leave because this is our only house and it took him a long time and a lot of really ugly events before his mom realized there were more important things in her damn house and they got the hell out of here so then he shows up in san francisco part-time jobs anyway and then creates intel and everything but one thing he said to me was uh never stuck he's so some he always knows who the leaders are because when the hits the fan the first thing they do is they they clear their desks they clear their calendar and they say this is this a deal and when i finally realized in february that my god something something very very big is happening and this is not going to be the same i decided i had to clear my desk so what i did is i always have a gazillion emails i control all deleted everything in my inbox set and and um and trash or just cleaned out everything and then i looked at where i was spending time and um i didn't have any grandchildren on follow me on facebook so facebook even with 300 000 followers said goodbye to that delete the app have not been back since still have instagram um but for uh grandchildren reasons i kept that one but um what i don't understand is when a dentist is you know they're really troubled by all this stuff and i look at their calendar and they decided they're going to be the uh the coach for their child soccer team um or or they want to be the the toastmaster or the kiwanis club or the rotary club and i'm i just i just when when something's really bad the first thing i want to do is i want to see your calendar and if your calendar looks like a normal dentist calendar dad whatever if the calendar looks totally normal i know either there's not a problem or you're sure as hell not spending any time solving the problem so if it's really a problem then get rid of all the time you're spending on a lot of that's not a problem or a less weighted problem until this problem is solved and when andy grove when he realized that um the government of japan was gonna subsidize ram chips and ronald reagan the president believed in free trade whatever that means i still know what free trade is so it's free in america but all the asian players the governments throws money at him in briefcases he cleared the fan and then he shut down his ram division and put all of his eggs and microprocessors and and every time he was at a fork in the road he cleared his desk he cleared his calendar and he sat there and um became the problem until he successfully solved it so thank you for that andy grove and uh thank you for coming on the show and uh dennis there's nothing in this thing that you can't solve i mean anybody that can get into dental school how anybody that can just get an a in physics and calculus what percent of the planet would not even i mean when people say they're bad in math i always ask well when's the last time you did a math problem well i've now i i haven't done one since the sixth grade i i tried to find the area of a circle and i couldn't and i suck in math really so you couldn't find the area of a circle in grammar school and so now you're still mathematically challenged uh just just i love it are your thoughts serving you yeah are your thoughts productive yeah if they're not why are you thanking them thank you so much for coming on the show today thank you so much thank you nice to meet you and it's 90 degrees so i can call u-haul right now started it u-haul started in phoenix i can send him straight to Iowa pick up all your stuff and you can be my associate yeah they'll just like fan the hot flashes howard all right well have a great day ladies thank you so much for coming on the show take care

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