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The Burleson Box podcast allows you to quickly obtain some of the most powerful, evidence-based advice straight from the authors and experts who have published their life's work in best-selling books.
Dustin S. Burleson, DDS, MBA

Episode 23: Linda Ginzel on Choosing Leadership

Episode 23: Linda Ginzel on Choosing Leadership

11/4/2022 5:11:00 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 104

In this episode, Dustin talks with Dr. Linda Ginzel about her latest book, Choosing Leadership: Revised and Expanded: How to Create a Better Future by Building Your Courage, Capacity, and Wisdom.

You'll discover why leadership is a choice and how to put the responsibility for personal growth and professional development in your own hands. Professor Ginzel explains the difference between choosing to manage and when to lead.

Choosing Leadership is filled with opportunities to answer tough questions of yourself, process your own lessons, reflect on your unique experiences, and create your best future self.  It’s more than a book. It’s a lifelong companion on the road to being wiser, younger.


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Resources Mentioned in the Episode with Linda Ginzel, PhD:


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