Orthotown Magazine - July/August 2011

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Benjamin Lund, Editor, Orthotown Magazine
A Modern Modelmaker
Benjamin Lund, Editor, Orthotown Magazine
The A.T. Still University’s Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health (ATSU-ASDOH) recently expanded its facility and opened up a brand new space for its orthodontic residents.
M. Thomas Wilcko, DMD & William M. Wilcko, DMD, MS
Drs. M. Thomas Wilcko and William M. Wilcko present a technique that can make the treatment of very complicated scenarios more routine, make the treatment of routine cases extremely fast and predictable and provide a new “orthodontic patient population” for the practitioner.
Donald E. Machen, DMD, MSD, MD, JD, MBA, CFA
Dr. Don Machen has had the opportunity over the past 25 years to consult with more than 200 orthodontic practices. In this article he reveals a list of characteristics found in some of the most successful orthodontists.
Jessica Lynch
Jessica Lynch helps orthodontists make small cuts to their budget in order to improve their bottom line.
Jay M. Geier
Jay Geier talks about some of the simple strategies that will help you achieve the level of engagement you need in order to achieve your practice goals.
Sebastian Baumgaertel, DMD, MSD, FRCD(C)
Any clinicians placing TADS should be aware of these general guidelines provided by Dr. Sebastian Baumgaertel that will tip the odds for success.
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What is your stance on clear versus metal brackets?
Do you file insurance paperwork or have your patients file for themselves? According to the message boards, both tactics have their frustrations.
Townie Clinicals
Sometimes cases aren't so black and white. How would you treat this one?
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Wm. Randol Womack, DDS, Board Certified Orthodontist, Editorial Director, Orthotown Magazine
Taking the Heat
Dale A. Miles, DDS, MS, FRCD(C)
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