Orthotown Magazine - March 2013

by Benjamin Lund, Editor, Orthotown Magazine
by Gary Johnson, MBA
Gary Johnson explains that you can’t possibly improve certain aspects of your practice if you don’t measure it first.
by Daniel S. German, DDS
Dr. Daniel S. German outlines a “cookbook” that the clinical orthodontist and staff can implement to create and save the images obtained from 3D scans.
by Carolyn Friedman
Carolyn Friedman says the more your patients are informed, the more your expectations and the expectations of your patients will be met - ensuring a positive experience for everyone.
Dr. Donald E. Machen, Hollie A. Bernstein Machen, Esq and Michael Cohen
Dr. Donald E. Machen spells out how to eliminate potential catastrophic consequences that can occur from illegal or unethical delegation of duties.
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This case needs a TAD for anchorage to move UL3 mesially, but where to put it?
Getting the front-to-back staff proportion right can be tricky. What is your opinion on the ideal ratio?
An interesting pro-bono case for Orthotown. com’s Virtual Study Club.
In This Issue
by Alan A. Curtis, DDS, MS, Editorial Director, Orthotown Magazine
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