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The Burleson Box Podcast
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Dustin S. Burleson, DDS, MBA

Episode 21: Gabriella Braun on All That We Are

Episode 21: Gabriella Braun on All That We Are

9/2/2022 7:00:00 AM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 55

In this episode, Dustin talks with Gabriella Braun about her book, All That We Are: The Hidden Truths Behind Our Behavior at Work.

We examine how work does far more than occupy our time and provide our livelihood. It provides an outlet for our intelligence and skills. It’s part of our identity, a source of belonging and exclusion, of pleasure and pain.

Listeners will discover why the dynamics of different relationships in the workplace, giving rise to issues of power, status, equality, camaraderie and competition, touch every one of us and every part of us. Much as we may want to, we cannot leave aspects of ourselves outside the building or virtual space when we go to work.

Gabriella explains what it means to work while being human and how we can learn more about the hidden motivations that drive our behavior at work. The book will move you and awaken a new respect for your colleagues and employees. It may force a rethink of many of the attitudes you hold about others, especially those who annoy or intimidate you at work. It can help you build a workplace that is more creative, inclusive and humane, where people and their work flourish.



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Resources Mentioned in the Episode with Gabriella Braun:

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