Sam Mittelsteadt

by Sam Mittelsteadt, editor
“I’ve found that aligner patients usually fall into two major categories: those who will do it for about a year, and those who will never, ever be satisfied and constantly require refinements,” says Orthotown editorial advisory board member Dr. David Paquette, who gives us a behind-the-scenes tour of his North Carolina practice in this month’s Office Visit.
April 2020
by Sam Mittelsteadt, editor
This Townie has opened three Atlanta-area practices, but sees a bigger future in “virtual visits,” in which patients share progress photos and videos without having to make in-office appointments. “There’s a change happening in our profession,” he says. “Our practices are going to have to evolve to meet the needs of our patients, and those changes will be centered around efficiency and convenience.”
October 2019
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