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The Burleson Box Podcast
The Burleson Box podcast allows you to quickly obtain some of the most powerful, evidence-based advice straight from the authors and experts who have published their life's work in best-selling books.
Dustin S. Burleson, DDS, MBA

Episode 3: Jacinta Jiménez on The Burnout Fix

Episode 3: Jacinta Jiménez on The Burnout Fix

3/5/2021 1:52:00 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 7

In this episode, Dustin talks with Dr. Jacinta Jiménez about her book, The Burnout Fix, and core resilience practices to help you operate from the "inside out" versus "the outside in."

You'll discover how to identify and prevent exhaustion, cynicism and inefficacy in the workplace, so that burnout doesn't occur for you and your employees. Dr. Jiménez shares 15 scientifically-backed recommendations for building resilience and replenishment, like a periodic table that readers can mix and match.

Dr. Jiménez says, "while the world of work is changing rapidly, we humans are not productively adapting alongside it." You'll see why it is so important to address the six mismatches between a person and a job that can lead to burnout:  workload, low levels of job control, insufficient reward, low social support, absence of fairness and a conflict in values.

On the program, we discuss why 60% of employees report being stressed all or most of the time at work. Then, by addressing how we behave, think, nurture our physical reserves, relate to others and manage our emotions, we discuss how to build out a solid set of personal resilience practices (i.e. a steady personal pulse).

"Working 'harder' or 'smarter' isn't enough in the new world of work. If you aren't also investing in resilience skills to navigate our increasingly complex world, your efforts to work harder or smarter will be fleeting."

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