The Burleson Box Podcast
The Burleson Box Podcast
The Burleson Box podcast allows you to quickly obtain some of the most powerful, evidence-based advice straight from the authors and experts who have published their life's work in best-selling books.
Dustin S. Burleson, DDS, MBA

Episode 6: Julia Galef on The Scout Mindset

Episode 6: Julia Galef on The Scout Mindset

6/4/2021 2:18:00 PM   |   Comments: 0   |   Views: 4

In this episode, Dustin talks with Julia Galef about her book, The Scout Mindset: Why Some People See Things Clearly and Others Don't.

You'll learn about motivated reasoning, what Julia calls "soldier mindset" and how to hold your identity lightly, so that you can create a more accurate map of your world and embrace the worthy pursuit of intellectual honesty. Julia and I discuss Darwin's "golden rule" and how to express uncertainty. Julia gives practical tips on how to decide what to believe and how to seek out evidence that will make our maps more accurate.

Julia says, "Over time, our beliefs about the world adjust to accommodate our track record." Instead of doubling down on soldier mindset, you'll learn how to see more clearly, make better judgments and enjoy the freedom and thrill of discovery. The Scout Mindset doesn't just show us how we fail to think clearly but helps us understand why we do it and practical steps we can take to improve our rationality.


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